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Friday, December 23, 2011


I refuse to believe that Kyle Kendrick is the best anything, even swingman!

But seriously, Kyle is due for some love. Let's all give him a nice ovation on opening day. Otherwise I can see him ending up as one of the longest tenured but least cheered guys at the 08 reunions. We'll all be asking "Where's Halladay? Wasn't he on that team?" as Kyle is mistaken for the trainer or bullpen coach. Poor kid. Next time you're at GiGi tell him good job.

Kyle will get recognized with his salary this year he'll likely be pulling down around $4 million.

He's earned it.

Speaking of bullpens and inepititude:

I was listening to MLB radio yesterday and it was amusing listening to Linebrink really rip Fredi and his handling of the bullpen. Said at one point this season he warmed up 17 consecutive days & that everybody in their bullpen was shot by Sept.

As much as I criticize Cholly for his bullpen bumbling and crappy feel for when to make a pitching move, I would take him any day of the week over Fredi who borders on 'incompetent' when it comes to handling a pitching staff & making in-game moves.

After getting a chance to see Fredi a fair amount the last few years as the Fish/Braves manager, he has to be one of the worst managers in recent memory at handling a staff. Torre was up too.

Yeah the Braves have a ton of younger arms in their system but they will lose Linebrink/Moylan/Sherrill this offseason & you have to think that the insane workload catches up to one of their better younger arms (Kimbrel/Venters/O'Flaherty) this upcoming soon too.

Kyle got hisself a cutter that worked last year. Wonder who taught'em that?

I refuse to believe that Fredi Gonzalez is a bad manager.

I still would love to see Madson back to add the bullpen, that JW is already describing as a strength.
I know that would be an expense, even an extravagance, but I hate to see career Phillies leave. And, I am a little less optimistic on the current BP mix than is Jason .

I think the Phils are going about business the right way in the pen. Whether or not it works ... we'll see ...

"AWH~ Yes but we had a better rotation and a Howard was in better health, albeit still nursing a high ankle sprain."

DomP, argue the minutae all to your heart's desire. You complained about the "ifs", and the point I made is very simple and, frankly, irrefuteable:

There were also A LOT of "ifs" at the beginning of last season. Period.

NEPP - It will be interesting to watch Fredi manage that staff next year especially if they move Jurrjens. Going to be a lot of younger arms on that staff on Opening Day with a lot of inexperience.

Braves' fans really want to see Fredi manage some of their really talented younger arms over the next 2-3 years including Teheran, Delgado, and Vizcaino?

No mention of Contreras and I imagine rightly so. I don't see him playing a big role in the bullpen next year due to his lack of time on the roster.

I'm the heretic here.

While Papelbonis an improvement on paper - based on track record - IMO the back-end, one-two punch of Madson/Contreras was superior to Papelbon and an potentially "iffy" (elbow) Bastardo (there's that "if" word again, DomP).

IF Willis can adjust to LOOGY status and succeed, that will be huge, but until he proves he can, that's a big IF (there's that "if" word again, DomP).

IF Contreras is healed, healthy and effective

IF Herndon can sustain his 2nd-half performance (he had a 5.14 ERA and .842 OPS against on July 6th)

IF KK can just 'approach' his performance and, frankly, very good to excellent performance last season

IF Stutes can 'approach' his first-half performance last season (he had a 4.68 ERA, .771 OPS against after July 8th)

IF the young guys -Schwimer, De Fratus, Savery? - can provide some depth, than maybe I'll become a believer.

Just too many "ifs" right now for me to think the BP is better.

As JW posted: "Whether or not it works ... we'll see ..."

I don't know IF that is any more IFs than last year, or any year, frankly. Just different IFs. Last year, IF I recall correctly, Madson himself, along with Contreras, were pretty big darned IFs. Stutes was an amazingly IFFY IF. And Bastardo was barely on the radar.

We still had Baez and Romero, who kinda define IF, too.

I was away the last couple of days, but I was interested when I read the Ashburn vs. Victorino comparisons.
From my memories, Ashburn had a quick accurate arm but he usually hit the cutoff/relay man for longer throws. I think it may have been the style of play back then as much as an indication of arm strength . It was bad form to throw a rainbow, two line drive throws were felt to be quicker than one long arching one.

They didn't pay as much attention to pitch counts then, but Whitey could foul off borderline strikes by the dozen, until he walked or got something to put into play.
On defense, Vic reminds me of Ashburn by the shallow position he takes and ability to go back on balls , although , as was pointed out in the earlier thread, Connie Mack was much deeper than CBP.

Andy, my point entirely.

awh: As I opined during the last bullpen discussion, the 2012 bullpen certainly has more questions at the back end than last year's bullpen did. Last year, our back-end relievers were Madson, Bastardo, and Contreras/Lidge -- all of whom were effective when healthy. This year, Lidge is gone and Contreras is a huge question mark who probably can't be counted on.

OTOH, we do seem to have much better overall depth than last year. We added Sanches, who is a viable middle reliever. We added Willis, who may or may not be decent but surely can't be any worse than Romero was last year. The rest of our pen -- Stutes, Herndon, KK -- is essentially the same as last year. The difference is that this year's fall-back options are guys like Schwimer, DeFratus, Savery, & Aumont, who actually provide some reason for hope. Last year, our fall-back options were a bunch of no-hopers like Zagurski, Mathieson, Perez, and Carpenter.

Assuming Contreras is a lost cause, one of our middle relief or minor league guys will have to step up & assume a more prominent, late-inning bullpen role. If that happens, I could easily see our bullpen eventually being much better than last year, simply because we have more and better options to choose from.

AWH~ You refuse to acknowledge anyone's point but your own.

While I respect your opinion, what you and others fail to realize is that right now at this moment they are not as good offensively as they were. The "if's" are different from year to to year, granted. But they are there.

Are they the best team in the division? I think so. They led the Majors regular-season wins (199) in the last 2 years and where did that get them overall?

"The Phils can’t bang out crooked numbers like they used to" (see above). That's something that hasn't been corrected. I don't care who's pitching. If you don't out-score the other team you lose-- every time. And while you can't overlook what happened in game 2 where Lee didn't hold the lead, etc., remember that if it wasn't for Benny Fran's heriocs, they lose in 4. Then they absolutely wasted Doc's fantastic effort in game #5. And that's WITH Howard. At the moment they don't have him.

They weren't going to go over the luxury tax threshold to augment the offense. The certainly could've used Cuddyer, Beltran, or ARam. They got neither. There's no "if" in that. The dark horse here (whom I've forgotten), is Brown. He could change things. End of debate.

If Contreras is healthy, the bullpen will be fine. If not, they are a setup arm short just as they were last Aug/Sept.

DPat, suppressing runs is more important to win expectancy than producing runs. The Phils won't be a juggernaut this year like the past two (maybe), but they still have the ability to win this division (even with Howard missing some portion of the season), and I fully expect them to.

And like has been proven unequivocally, once the playoffs start, what you did in the regular season is irrelevant. This team is good enough to get to the playoffs, and with Doc, Lee and Hamels, are well equipped in any playoff series. That's all you can hope for as a fan.

Has clout made arrangements for a legal defense fund yet?

St. Louis won with a BP they largely threw together at the deadline. It's important for sure, but i think we have enough quality pieces to go to war with, so to speak. It's easy consider the clubs recent success to get caught up in ideal armchair manager scenarios, but the real world of what the phils have for a bullpen is very good, and better than most clubs.

Bastardo has an iffy elbow?

Nats: I still expect them to make a move for an OFer. Beware.

Can DPatrone's "End of debate" replace "no questions asked" as Shane's catch phrase.

Trade Victorino in a package for Wright. Sign Cespedes. '12 World Series is in the bag.

Scotch Man: Until we find out cespedes is actually 31 and has a bad back....j/k.

I need to start drinking some of that Scotch, man.

NEPP: While it is an odd coincidence, my contract with BL expired this week. This has not been a problem in the past because JW is easy to deal with. But since Comcast got involved it has become more complicated.

I'll give you this for free, however: I think Beane snookered Rizzo.

It's true that Gio isn't as bad as posters here say. He does have control/command issues, but he's also just 26 entering his 3rd year in an MLB rotation. He'll win 20 games someday and make a few more AS teams.

That said, Norris and Cole have a chance to be something special.

Norris is a RH version of Mickey Tettleton, a low AVG, high-OB, high-HR catcher of the 1980s and 90s. He's a total OB pig (career .403) and hit 20 HRs in Harrisburg last season, which is the Double A equivalent of Petco. He also threw out 40% of base stealers. He turns 23 in February.

Cole is your classic power pitcher, arguably one of the top 3 HS pitchers in the 2010 draft, but fell to 4th round because of a commitment to Miami. Nats went way over slot to sign him. His fastball sits at 93-94 mph and he's got a curve that is improving and could become a total knee-locker. He also is working on a changeup. He has excellent control for a guy who turns 20 next month and his K/9 in the Sally was 10.9. I like him more than Peacock, whose stats were more impressive but who will be 24 this season and whose pitches don't remotely have the upside of the still-growing Cole. That's not to say Peacock won't be an MLB starter. He will, a solid #3 or #4.

Prospects, particularly pitchers, are far from sure things, but Beane has a chance to get a potential All-Star catcher, a #1 or #2 starter AND a #3 or #4 starter for an SP who will be a steady 15-18 game winner but is arb eligible this year and is going to be very expensive over the next 4 years.

My agent will be furious at me for posting this, so you won't see much from me now. But JW wants to get this done, David L. Cohen wants to get it done and I want to get it done, so I expect to be back in action very soon.

anything clout says or does will be held against him in the beerleaguer court of ... Law like muddle

***I think Beane snookered Rizzo.***

I agree completely. GIo is a nice 2/3 guy...not the guy you give a king's ransom for.

I still think RAJ will pull another has been with low risk potential upside candidate out of the air.

What about Joe Savery playing first base at start of season and then pitching in relief as needed - that would save a roster spot.

Luis, I think you are right and I hope it is King Felix.

Fat~ I fully understand your point and why you make it. The Phils have great starting pitching & play excellent defense. I don't see any problems in these 2 areas.

My arguement has been simply that there is currently a big hole in the middle of the lineup & RAJ did nothing to fill it. The void left by Howard can be filled collectively with the players they have, if the guys play as they can and if Mayberry can approach Raul's numbers.

I would have been more comfortable with and offensive upgrade at the 3b postion (not taking anything away from Polly as a hitter), or and everyday LF'der with pop. But it didn't happen.

RAJ did however make the bench stronger & I believe, the 'pen better. So he did a great job there. Not to go over the "cap" is ridiculous in this case IMO.

As I said before after this year. The bullpen is gonna be stacked, and very cheap. Pap, bastardo, aumont. Stues justin d savery possibly others

You're right. Madson would be a great help. Boras is clever holding out until the Red Sox overpay. He's good. Maybe too good. Poor doggie.

Scotch Man, Vic for Wright and who?


Just read a rumor about wright being a Phil... anybody else hear anything?

Dom Brown the centerpiece

That'd be awesome...if it were true of course.

I hypothesized that clout was Conlin years ago and was laughed at. Still, since then clout has gone silent when Irma Conlin passed and now now. Either clout is Conlin or clout wants us to think that they are Conlin.

What about Joe Savery and Dontrelle Willis pitching in the same game and doing the righty-lefty dance with two other relievers from the starboard side, of course. When the aforementioned LOOGY"s get relieved, as it were, they simply go and man an outfield position while waiting for their respective turns at bat.

I can see this scenario playing out in their next 19-inning game, thus taking the pressure off Wilson Valdez, who, instead of winning the game on the mound, hits the walk-off (isn't that an oxymoron?) fielder's choice that would have been a patented double-play (as only WV can do), but the 2nd baseman bobbles the toss from the shortstop. Oh, and one of the LOOGY's scores the tying run.

Furthermore, because Savery and Willis can go both ways, Amaro can carry a 14-man pitching staff and ease up on outfielders.

Just a thought and sorry for wasting your invaluable time. Or is just valuable time?

Consider the source, people. Consider the source.

I think the Wright deal is a "FanSince09" thing, but funny enough, the real Jim Salisbury "confirmed" it.

The only reason I won't dismiss this rumor as ridiculous on its face is because, by doing so, I would be conceding that the rumor meets the minimal level of credibility required to be worthy of discussion in the first place.

Is Real Jim at the company party?

"Cole is your classic power pitcher, arguably one of the top 3 HS pitchers in the 2010 draft, but fell to 4th round because of a commitment to Miami. Nats went way over slot to sign him."

Does anyone know how the signing bonus is handled when the player is traded? Did Washington pay him the signing bonus already in full, or is that pro-rated? If pro-rated, is Oakland responsible for paying the rest of it?

Dom Brown, Polanco, Galvis, plus one (or two) of the pitching prospects for Wright. Do you do it?

Love this post by Weitzel and the optimism about our future bullpen. Would be excited to see Papelbon anchor the young guns in the bullpen for years to come.

Clout has rightfully thrown cold water on over optimistic projections on relievers in the past, but Bastardo far exceeded sober expectations, as did Stutes until he hit a brick road at the end.

How exciting would it to be to see Aumont and DeFratus and Bastardo powerarming in setup for Papelbon. Unless one of them is heading to the Mets for David Wright, which would also be very acceptable.

It is also telling, but not at all surprising, that two days of discussing the haul the A's received for Gio Gonzalez have excluded any vitriol for that hideous trade Pat Gillick inflicted on our franchise.

If that were Amaro, or heaven forbid Ed Wade, who greenlighted the Garcia trade, we would never hear the end of it.

Dom Brown and a bag o' sh8t for Wright, sure thing, I will take the mother in law to the bus station and pick him up in time for Christmas cookies tomorrow.

The most hilarious part about the discussion thread on the David Wright rumor post is BL's own Hugh Mulcahy trying the grease the skids with Met fans to accept Dom Brown anchoring a package for Wright:

# Piazza December 23rd, 2011 at 7:29 pm
This just has to be a load of sh**. I can’t imagine anything more awful than dealing David to the most hated team in the world, one that has a crappy farm system at that. I don’t want Domonic Brown, he sucked this year and there’s no chance he’ll ever be as good as Wright can be.

# Hugh Mulcahy December 23rd, 2011 at 9:29 pm
I’d take Brown for Wright in a minute if I’m the Mets. It should be Wright plus 1 or a wad of cash.

Haha, gotta pump his tires!

I hate to be a wet blanket but everyone (except the mutts) have got better except the Phils who have basically stayed the same or got worse (with Ryans injury).

Had to share this. The mother-in-law is here. She blew whatever she made over the years on some crappy franchise opportunity. She lives on a fixed income and every time she wants to visit or my wife wants her to take part in our family stuff, we have to pay for her plane ticket and take care of her personal expenses (luggage fees, lunch at airport, last time we had to buy her a new piece of luggage) and of course put her up in our house. I finally learn this Christmas (it has been going on for years) that the gifts that she gives my son, wife and me, and my folks are all payed for!

The kicker is, she talks sh8t about her experiences to one of the in-laws every time she goes back about a different aspect of my relationship with
her or how she thinks my wife and I are somehow wasteful or spoiling our toddler. Did I mention the b8tch watches Fox News on my big screen? What the...

FWIW, when I read the stats on the guys got for Gio I, too, thought Beane picked Rizzo's pockets. Sure they're all prospects, but every single one of them has a shot at being a productive major leaguer. Any of the pitcher's could be really good. And that catcher could bat .215 and still be thought of as an offensive threat (because he walks so much and mashes what he hits).

If they do build a stadium in San Jose, I hope they bring in the walls enough to compensate for the cool, dry, sea level air. The A's might be coming back.

Its been a disaster for Boras this offseason so far. He has big clients in Fielder, Madson, E. Jackson, Damon, and C. Pena not signed yet.

Boras has a history of having his clients hold out for a big contract & hopes that a team will overpay. Fielder will get a big contract regardless but he already blew that for Madson this offseason.

If he waits too for a Damon/Pena/Jackson too into Jan., they are going to have to take a 1-year deal at moderate dollars.

grandpa - Visit scotch man and get some his scoth, man.

in re: Wright
Since this would be in the division, I will onlt believe it when I see it. Sorry. Skeptical.

I hate to be a wet blanket but everyone (except the mutts) have got better except the Phils who have basically stayed the same or got worse (with Ryans injury).

Posted by: Bob | Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 07:24 AM

When you win 102 games, it's hard to "get better". Also, not really much can be done about Howard's injury other than hope he gets better quickly and returns at his normal abilities.

Matt Rizzotti is 26 today. He can take a day or two off from his agility drills and speed workouts.

"I hate to be a wet blanket but everyone (except the mutts) have got better except the Phils who have basically stayed the same or got worse (with Ryans injury)."

The Braves haven't really done much. Besides, have the Nationals gotten 22 games better? Have the Marlins gotten 30 games better?


Seriously though, we won 102 games last year and the team is still pretty good.

Papelbon is better than Madson.
Healthy Utley is better than lawnchair Utley
Full season Pence is better than 1/3 season Pence/2/3 season BenFran/Brown

The only "loss" on the year is Howard being injured and that might very well be mitigated by the better bench and full years from everyone else.

The sky is not falling. "losing" Oswalt isnt a loss because he was a league average starter last year. Full year Worley likely gives us that.

Personally, I think the biggest downgrade this team is likely to suffer will not be the downgrade from slightly above league-average Roy Oswalt to league-average Joe Blanton, but the downgrade from really-good Vance Worley to league-average Vance Worley.

NEPP, you've been around here long enough to know that making sense means very litle to the Pissy Pants Posse. It seems the membership fluctuates, but the attitude is the same. Until the Phillies win another WS the glass will be half empty.

Oh, and then they'll still find something to piss and moan about going into the next season.

Example: "Yeah, the Phils just won the WS but so what? Everyone else in the division got better."

They'll wait until about a week after the WS, and start right up again.

Facts: Despite the fact that they were eliminated in the crapshoot last season, they were the best team in baseball, and the best team in the NL by a wide margin.

Their record in games pitched by Doc, Cliff and Cole (DCC) was 65 - 31 (no misprint) in 96 games. (BTW, Doc has a .708 winning % in Philly.)

So, ass-u-ming they all get their starts this season, does anyone on the board think that collectively they'll be worse than last season? I didn't think so.

This is how 2012 shapes up:

162 - 96 = 66

So, the rest of the SP will get 66 starts.

If the Phillies, again, perform the way they did in the starts by DCC then they'll win 65 games.

But.....let's ass-u-me they're 5 games worse, and only win 60 and lose 36 [.625].

How many of the other 66 games they they play will they have to win to make the playoffs?

Do you think this team,m without Howard for teh first 2 - 3 months, is good enought to split 66 games that DCC don't start?

If they are good enough to split 66 they'll win 93 games.

Will that be good enough to make the playoffs?

Did anyone catch the video of Yorvit Torrealba smacking the ump in the face in a Venezuelan League game? It's about as egregious an offense as you'll ever see. And I haven't the foggiest idea what he was even arguing about. It's not like it was a borderline strike call. He swung and missed at the pitch.

bap, you may be right about Worley, but the mystery going into the season is we don't know what to expect.

I read an article somewhere (can't remember off the top of my head) that broke down his season and actually demonstrated that some of his his periferals IMPROVED as the season progressed. the author was therefor optimistic that he wasn't going to regress as much as some people think.

I'll stick my neck out this far:

Worley, despite the presence of Blanton/Kendrick will be the clear #4 by midseason.

If he can pitch to a 3.50 - 4.00 ERA, they'll win a lot of his starts as well, especially since he'll be matched up against the other team's #4 and #5. I could see them winning 17 - 19 of the 30 - 32 games he starts next season if he pitches to that ERA.

bap, here's the article on Worely:

If, as the author suggests, he pitches to a 3.50 - 3.70 ERA next season, I'll take the "over" on the teams record in games he starts.

I.e.: If the "Over/Under" on 32 Worley's starts is 16.5 games, I'll take the "Over". 17 - 15 in his starts is .531 baseball (86 wins), and if his ERA isn't over 3.70 IMO they'll win at least 17 of his 32 starts if he's matched up against the other team's #4 and 5.

awh: I actually read the article a few days ago. I still can't shake the feeling that Worley's going to disappoint. I've seen way too many Phillies flash-in-the pan rookie pitchers.

BAP- Torrealba was pissed at the prior pitch (which is not on the video) Stil, an egregious offense.

I think worley will exceed expectations in his sophomore year. Not to say he'll have 2.2 era or anything, but i think he'll be just north of 3, and win 14 games over a full year. I think people really discredit his excellent control.

We "think" Worley will do this or we "think" Worley will do that.

That all adds up to "we have no idea how he'll do." As far as we know, he may decide to play fill contact chess instead of baseball this season.

I "think" that anyone who thinks they know what Worley will accomplish this season is talking out of complete guesswork like the rest of us.

We don't know what any player is going to do. The best we can do is guess based on their track record. Worley has less than one season of major league track record, and his minor league track record says he won't sustain last season's accomplishments.

Maybe his two seamer is so good that lefties won't be able to prepare for it. Maybe that's the difference from the minors. But the odds are that lefties will adapt in the majors. So, my best guess is that if Worley is working on another trick, he may stay the same or improve. But if he's resting on his laurels and expecting major league hitters to do the same, he'll be sadly surprised.

Pence for the entire season is a plus.
Utley? Does anyone know if he's really healthy now? If you look back, nobody knew he wasn't healthy until he showed up at ST using a lawn chair. And saying that Papelbon is better than Madson is sort of silly. If Papelbon saves 32 out of 34 tries, he'll be just as good as Madson was last year. Anyone think he's going to have a better save percentage? Because you can talk about stuff and peripherals all day, but the fact is that Madson was outstanding as the closer. I see that as an expensive lateral move. And remember, Madson was amazing until he got hit in the hand by that line drive. If he's healthy again, the difference between him and Papelbon is really small. Except for the likely paycheck.

Also, I am a big Thome fan. But I really wanted to get a guy like Damon instead. Or even Matsui. Damon is still a plus baserunner. And I think he may have actually been able to play first until Ryan gets back. Would have been nice. Of course, since there is no budget that we can discern, the difference in money isn't important, right?

I think the ump actually made the strike three call this way: "You missed that? Your mam could've hit it!"

Merry Christmas to all......
and 7 weeks of football & hockey 'till pitchers and catchers report.

I love the D Wright rumor. So untrue though. I know everyone has soured on D Brown, but I don't think the phillies do that deal bc then they would exceed the luxury tax for 2012 and Rube has said that won't happen.

D Brown sucks, trade his azz. Dave Wright is better.

Whats the hard on for David Wright? The guy hit .254 last year and looks like he strikes out a bunch. Im i missing something here.

Whats the hard on for David Wright?

Uh, he'd become the best position player on the Phillies?

(Assuming that last year was just a bad year and he has bounce back in him)

where the wall at?

Luis, Wright has never posted a wRC+ below 118 (last season). His career wRC+ is 136 (higher than Utley AND Howard). His career walk rate of 11.2% will instantly be the best on our team, besides Howard. He doesn't strike out all that much, as he's been around league average throughout his career, although he has been trending upwards.

Offensively, he's a good player. Where the real concern might lie is in his defense, where, at least according to UZR/150, he's been getting worse over the past few season, and has been below average overall throughout his career. I don't know of any reputation of his for being a good defender, and b-ref doesn't care too much for his defense, either, so that leads me to believe he'd be a stark downgrade defensively from Polly.

The question then becomes, is the upgrade the Wright would provide the Phils offensively worth the downgrade he's cost the Phils defensively? At least concerning, the 2012 season. I'm not sure if there's a clear answer here, especially if you expect Polanco to regain some form of offensive credibility once again this year (~100 wRC+).

Regarding the long term, Wright is much younger than Polly, so he would be a good solution for third base. I'm just not sure he would make us much better in 2012 if his defensive incompetence is to be believed.

The Phils are not trading for David Wright. End of debate.

Scott: Is the right field fencing that lets that fly ball turn into a double or triple come sold separately?

My Christmas list:
• John "2011 opening game walk off hitmeister" Mayberry keeps on rolling like his 2nd trip back from Lehigh Valley. Final 2012 Yayberry tally: .290/.385/.585. Carries the team in stretches. Plays 150 games.
• Cole "Studmeister" Hamels goes 21 - 4; wins the Cy. RAJ and your filthy rich Philthies find a way to extend him for 5 years.
• Clifton Phifer goes 19-7; misses the Cy by a couplela' votes; goes 100 innings without walking no more than 5 batters. Teams quit at the thought of having to face him in the throes of his hot streak; he twirls 3 CG SOs.
• Doc rolls to a 20 win season with just a couple of rough spots; pitches to a 3.00 ERA
• KY Joe succumbs to elbow surgery. Vance and KK have a steel cage death march over the 4 and 5 starter spots. Combined numbers: 15 - 7; 3.25 ERA
• And last but not least: Defying all expectations, "Big Piece" crawls off the bench in late April and hits it out. Walk- off salami. Against the Fish; the Phils never look back, and win the NL for the 3rd year with 108 wins.
Mr. Howard goes on in fits and starts, but still hits 20 with 85 RBIs. And learns to “dink and dunk” against the shift, leaving teams in mortal terror in anticipation of his 2013 season.

Finally, there is a happy ending to the story! Phils over Texas in 5 games. The future looks real good with Cole locked down. Dynasty established.

Fatalotti -

I think Wright is still a good player, but, in evaluating him, you should distinguish between David Wright up through August 15, 2009 and David Wright since. That was the date Wright was beaned with a 94-mph, Matt-Cain fastball. Since then, his strikeouts have been way up and he's been easier to pitch to.

The other knocks on Wright are his bad defense (as you noted) and the fact that he missed 60 games last year.

Wright once was an excellent player offensively. Now, he may only be good to very good offensively. Overall, I think he still grades out as a good player, but nothing more.

Chronologically, Wright may only be 29, but I think the beaning has taken something out of him.

Sounds nice, except for the fact that we don't play the Fish in late April.

C'mon Scott -- never let the facts get in the way of a good story! Here's hoping Ryno's a hero, regardless. 20/85 sounds pretty good to me coming off such a devastating injury.

Scott, I wanna buy that Abreu figure and throw it at the wall, just to watch it magically stop three feet away.

One of my pet peeves is reading about how pitcher "X" is going to do better because he will be starting against other teams #4 and 5 starters. I don't know how to research this, but I don't think it is true. For example, how did the pitchers rank that Worley started against? Personally, I think Worley will be OK this year.

"While it is an odd coincidence, my contract with BL expired this week. This has not been a problem in the past because JW is easy to deal with. But since Comcast got involved it has become more complicated."

What a bunch of crap! clout is so full of his self importance. I really am starting to think clout really is Conlin.

goody, pichers don't "do better" as in 'pitch better' because of who they are matched up against.

The question is.... does the TEAM do better when their #4 or 5 is matched up against the other team's #4 or 5?

For example, would the team have a better record against the Fish in the games Worley pitched if Worley was matched up against Johnson every time or if he was matched up against Volstad?

I wager the team does better if Worley is matched up against Volstad.


awh: My point is that our #4 dosn't always pitch against the other team's #4. It may be that way the first week, but thats it. One rainout,childbirth leave,grandmothers funeral,blister,headache,skipping someone because of offday,managers matchup hunch,etc. changes all that.
Oops! I hear hoofbeats on the roof. Gotta jump in bed.

Thanks for the explanation Falotti. I dunno i think i would like to see him rebound first before trading the farm for him. Looking at his stats his SO rate seems a little high not R. Howard high but still a tad high.

Merry Christmas everybody!

To cover the full season, I wanted David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman gift wrapped for 3B. Polanco/Utley could go the 175 games at 2B.

Dom Brown, Blanton and my mother-in-law to NY

Wright, Niese and K-rod's father-in-law to us.

Merry Christmas everybody, send beer and psychologists.

Merry Christmas BLers.

Christmas all.....


Merry Christmas, everyone!

I am so ashamed of Little Joe. He done ate all the pecan pie already before his Gram Pappy was even fixin to get dressed. Trade him away, that fat sommabitch.

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