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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Salisbury reporting 3yrs/33 mil.

Good to see James is on his way to retiring as a Phillie, as he should.

OK. That's good. It's exactly the contract Amaro wanted to sign in the first place and exactly the contract J-Roll deserves. I wouldn't surprise me if it's 24-30 million over 3 years, with the 4th year being the same.

Excuse me, WOULDNT' HAVE SURPRISED ME is what I meant to write in the last sentence. Sorry.

As long as the vesting option requires some semblance of actually playing, then 4/44 seems like a bargain, especially considering how underpaid he's been his whole career for us.

3/36 or 3/33 no matter. Great job by RAJ!

Nice job Amaro. Got your man a reasonable price & terms and the fans are happy.

What happend to 5 years my option. Good job rube for holding firm. Hope there is a clause in the contract that he can't bat leadoff and has to move to third.only IF galvis does ok at AAA this year. Side note. I can't believe what reds gave for matt latos? What the hell were they thinking?

I like this deal. Glad Jimmy realized it was his best option (from multiple angles).

Hopefully it has some language about moving to 3B when Galvis or Greene are ready (even if he isn't tall enough...)

Good news , welcome back young James-it seems like you were gone too long even though you never really left.

Rube, now get us Mad Dog back and it will be a successful autumn. At least the off season part of autumn.

Nice one rube! No overpay in years or money. Welcome bac Jimmy. We need you.

Welcome back and health to your calves and hammies, Jimmy. Keep up with that yoga program. "The Window" stays open just a little longer...

Status Update
By Jimmy Rollins
I see you all know by now. Gotta deal with me for 3 (4) more years!

from facebob

5 years my a$$.

looks like the old gang is back together...

Amaro is getting credit for a move? I was told numerous times by posters that he is a guy who has no idea what he is doing and gets schooled by everyone in negotiations. And that he is a stupid Stanford grad. [/sarcasm]

Four more years...Four more years!

OK, I'm goin to be the heretic here, but the Rollins deal at 3/33 is an overpay.

3 years with a vesting option is exactly the outcome I would have predicted. A vesting option at least provides some measure of assurance that, if he comes back for a 4th year, it's because he was healthy enough to stay on the field and productive enough to still hold down the starting job. And $11M per year is right about market value (despite Fangraphs' silly graph which said he was worth like $15M last year). Good deal.

TTI - Don't be silly. This is exactly the deal everyone thought he should get. 3/33 is fair to both sides and reasonable in light of salaries around the league. If the fourth year vesting is reasonable, it's a great contract all around.

Is it impossible to believe that Rube has made lots of poor deals, but has now made a good one? Even a blind squirrel is right twice a day, right?

I just read that the Reds included Yonder Alonso, Edinson Volquez, and two more of their top 10 prospects in that Mat Latos trade. There's a great deal to like about Mat Latos, but that's quite a haul for the Padres.

MLBTR says the vesting option is "easily attained." If that's true, then it's effectively a 4-year deal, which is one year too many. But the Phillies don't have a lot of great options at this point.

awh - If his leg injuries hamper him as much as they did in '09 and '10, yeah it is an overpay because JRoll won't be on the field enough & when he does he will struggle to deliver the offense/defense you would expect.

Defense will be above average. The question is does JRoll land offensively the next two year at between .700-.750 OPS. If he close to .700 OPS, they won't get there money's worth.

bap - So Amaro basically caved on the 4th year then? Ugh.

Can't say I'm esp. thrilled Rollins is coming back, but credit where it's due: r00b waited the market out for once & didn't get completely taken to the cleaners. In that sense, I'm happy to have been wrong. Of course this move doesn't make the club any younger or any better, but it doesn't blatantly screw them, either. The Phillies remain right on track to remain the all pitch/no hit team they have been. I only wish there were a few more recent examples of that being a championship formula.

@conshy: "old" gang is correct. Wheeze Kids Part II.

Yeah Gtown. The 2010 SF Giants don't come to mind at all as an all pitch/no hit team.

Good job by the Phils FO to wait out Rollins and get him at their price. Shows that the FO does know how to wait out the market instead of setting it like they have done before.

The truth is that I thought Rube would give him 3/42. So, the fact that it's actually 4/44 isn't bad at all. It's way better than I expected.

Wow, I don't think Latos is good enough to get that haul. He seems a great candidate to break down completely at some point. Nagging shoulder problems. Not insane, but more than I would have given.

This is exactly the contract that the Beerleaguer zeitgeist was saying would be a fair sign. Can't complain.

If Rollins plays out all four years of this contract, including the vesting option, he'll have played 16 seasons for the Phillies, hold a ridiculous amount of franchise records (he's already in the top five for hits, games played, plate appearances, runs, total bases, doubles, triples and stolen bases), won at least 1 MVP, and played for at least one WFC squad.

All for a grand career total of almost exactly 100 million dollars.

Won't find a better bargain in today's game.

So for old times' sake......
Is Jimmy tall enough to play 3B when his range/arm are no longer enough for SS?

Sorry, but it had to done.

Yo new thread. Pros and cons. Last post of the day unless they sign Prince Fielder.

When Wainwright, Greinke, or Ian Kennedy is pitching a three-hit shutout against in the fifth game of the 2012 NLDS, ask yourselves a question again--is our man Jimmy really such an elite defender that you'd prefer keeping him to going with Galvis, Furcal, Valdez, or Barmes and adding someone like Ramirez?

Seriously, I'm glad that Rube didn't cleaned out this time; the vesting option doesn't worry me, since I assume it's based on plate appearances (which will hopefully give Rollins a reason to quit with the yoga and begin a workout regimen that keeps him off the DL).

However, I'd STILL like to see a Spillborghs or someone similar added to the team, to make me feel better about losing the big bats out there (or a Brown for Chase Headly trade, and Polanco to someone for a decent middle infield prospect...)

I excelled as an athlete and thought I finally arrived and conquered my demons. Because the ultimate goal for me, and I think the ultimate goal for any athlete.

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