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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's an absolute atrocity if these allegations are indeed true. Every mention of him in the Hall of Fame should be immediately erased.

I read the article. It's not looking too good for Conlin, though it seems the statute of limitations has passed.

Our Beloved Supreme Ruler was a great fan of Mr.Conlin. They became great friends when Mr.Conlin expressed his opinion on Hitler's Final Solution for bloggers. The only thing they disagreed on was the versatility of Amaury Telemaco.

Relatives have NOTHING to gain by coming forward. They're not looking for cash settlements, only to make the story known. Sometimes it takes a bigger scandal's coverage (i.e. Penn State) to enable victims to share their pain. I won't go as far as convicting Conlin, but I would tend to believe relative's accounts over strangers' accusations.

Already, the clever bloggers are alive and busy:

"So, you have to admit that Sandusky is cuter."

I look forward to seeing hoards of holier-than-thou media types (esp. ESPN & the like) invading the lives & lawns of the parents/relatives of those children -- you know, people who knew damn well what was going on, yet did nothing -- demanding they be held accountable for their inaction.

What's that? Nobody outside of the immediate area really gives a sh*t if there isn't a renowned national icon &/or institution to tear down in the process?

Funny how that works.

Clearly Paterno must have funded the whole operation.

Seriously, though, this is a year that I can't wait to see come to a rapid close. Hopes and prayers that 2012 will have a much more uplifting message, especially in the sports-related world.

(and I'm not JUST referring to the Phillies' early exit in the playoffs)

Willard: I'm with you. These are ugly times.

Conlin is a talented writer, but the value of his long tenure and being able to remind us of the history of each situation had become much more valuable than his baseball insight.

Hope it turns out to be untrue regardless. I won't bother to read the article because what would be the point? I don't watch Nancy Grace and I'm not involved in these people's lives. My outrage reflex is permanently stuck on "so what." The type of thing alleged is a tragedy for those involved, but it's also something I don't care to read about.

Bill should do himself a favor and have a massive coronary Like Frankie Rizzo the Elder.

Who cares about his column? I could care less about his abilities as a writer.
He's an alleged molester of kids. It's interesting that he immediately retired, if he feels he's innocent.

I've read Conlin since I've had any desire to read about baseball. A dark day for those who've enjoyed his column as I have over the years. I would hope it's not true but as we've come to realize lots of ugliness has indeed become part of reality. We'll see how it plays out.

He always acted like he was better than everyone else on daily news live i never liked him i guess you can never hide things forever rite bill

average joe: Punctuation is your friend.

Seriously, though, this is a year that I can't wait to see come to a rapid close.


And perhaps coincidentally... Conlin's father went to the same school as Paterno (although predating him by quite a few years...
and Conlin would go with his dad to watch games at Brooklyn Prep:

We had a similar situation in our family where my wife's Uncle abused and molested a number of young girls. This occurred about 40 years ago when it was kept quiet although the family knew he was a perv. He was also a retired Philly cop. Nice.
My guess is Conlin did do these heinous acts and it was covered up. What I don't get is why now? He's 78 and clearly in the autumn of his life. Sad story all around.

I read a story that this kind of thing is rampant in Hollywood too. It was written by one of the Corys, the one that's still alive. And no one has been prosecuted out there either. This is just something that's kept quiet because people don't know how to deal with something so crazy.

So...what does Clout have to say about this?

These things always happened - except today.. There is no place to hide and nor should there be


"There is no money involved". Perhaps. But family members have done horrible things to other family members out of spite so don't act as if there are no other possible reasons.

Assuming it is true, the most disturbing part was that the mothers of some of the victims didn't tell their husbands because they were afraid Conlin would be hurt. It is a sick society that wouldn't allow a father's retribution in these cases.

I know people here have tried to use humor to try to make light of the situation and ease some of the tension. I understand.

I read Phillips' article, and, while I believe in the American principle that people are innocent until proven guilty, the article is full of names and specifics, too many to be construed as anonymous innuendo, yet really, really hard to believe.

I am shocked and deeply saddened by this story.

awh, not even going to lie, but I'm shocked and saddened by our entire society lately. It's to the point where I feel like we live in a cartoon world, where I'm desensitized to whatever outlandish b.s. someone is pulling at any given time. I'm rarely even shocked anymore, and it sucks. I'd like to think that it's just a dark period for humanity, however, I can't help but think (as a commenter above alluded to) that our current 24/7 media/social environment is simply bringing to light what has always existed. A crappy realization, to be sure.

Abusing children is sickening. Parents and adults looking the other way or covering it up is sickening. I agree with BobbyO, people seem to not know how to deal with it, until today. Worse if people are getting money off someone famous who is molesting or being molested, it is covered up so the money train doesn't stop. Frightening and Sad. If Conlin is guilty, he should be stripped of all his rewards and be ostracized. Yes he is 78, but his life should be hell for the last years he is alive.

"Aside from hoping the facts will prove the allegations false, that no child was hurt and that his innocence will be revealed, I'll miss his column terribly."

Weitzel, I understand the desire to hold that one is innocent until proven guilty, but this doesn't appear to be the sort of case--sort of a confession--where such evidence will be produced. What we're left with the statements of numerous seemingly credible individuals, all of whom support that the allegations against Conklin are valid. It is twisted and offensive that you would hope that all of these people are conspiring for some sick purpose in part because you will miss reading Conklin's column. For shame.

A60, while we're tossing around judgments, you might consider ensuring you're referring to the right guy. Conklin, by all accounts so far anyway, is in the clear. It's Conlin who stands accused here. If you're going to bang on JW for his line of thinking, at least have the decency to ostracize the right guy.

A60: You're ridiculous. And it's "Conlin."


You're chastising me for a misspelling (an admittedly embarrassing one!) while simultaneously wishing for the innocence of a man who most likely was a prolific child molester, in part because you'll miss reading his sports columns.

You're one hell of a class act!

I'm sure a lot of people will cite Conlin's prickly personality to make the case that he's guilty no matter what. And even Conlin may have done this were he not the object of this particular scandal. But to all who say innocent until proven guilty, I heartily concur. I'm not a big fan of Bill Conlin. But everyone should get the benefit of the doubt. We have no idea what anyone's motivation could be. We don't know any of these people. And it's not like people haven't been falsely accused of such things before, Sandusky notwithstanding.

And for all those decrying the world today. Grow the heck up. This has been happening since before Yahoo and ESPN were born, back in ancient times. It happens because the world is all full of people and there are all varieties of those. Some normal, some not. It's really no worse now than it has ever been. But you live in the information age, so you know all about every sicko that populates the planet. In 1206 AD, Nancy Grace would have been a town crier in Reading. Word of her hystrionic story telling wouldn't have reached Upper Perkiomen for decades. Now you stub your toe and there's a Youtube World's Funniest Video on Youtube linked to Yahoo's home page and you're viewing it directly from your mother's basement. Makes it seem a whole lot worse and events more numerous.

aksmith: excellent post.

I hope, for his sake and the alleged victims that these accusations are baseless.

If not...I hope the man burns.

I have no qualms with Weitzel's eulogy of Conlin's column or his sports writing legacy. This is a site about baseball and his contribution - though minor compared to the welfare of children - is also a sad casualty today and an appropriate baseball spin on this issue. I don't have the same read as A60, who makes it sound like JW supports abuse or something.

I agree on A60 being off-base...but then I understand basic sentence structure.

gregg: Agree 100% with your take. We're allowed to be sad that a piece of our lifetime Phillies fan experience (Conlin's WRITING) is now gone for good without condoning the actions the man ALLEGEDLY partook in and/or prioritizing which parties are suffering more as a result of this.

Just like it's reasonable for Penn State football fans to lament the damage done to their favorite team this past month while fully realizing it isn't anywhere near the biggest victim in the whole mess.

Let's scrap 'due process' and 'criminal trial with a jury by peers' and simply convict people if more than 1 witness/accuser comes forward with an accusation against some one. Yeah that should work well.

I agree. Accusations are enough for me too.

"I don't have the same read as A60, who makes it sound like JW supports abuse or something."

Either Conlin is a child molester or all of his alleged victims/their families are being deceitful, despite being deemed credible by Conlin's own (former) employer. How can one hope for Conlin's innocence without also hoping that all of his accusers will be revealed as liars?

It's incredible that you cannot comprehend how sick this sort of victim-blaming really is.

Sorry to see this type of thing on this site.

Just ignore the troll.

From what I understand, the majority of pedophiles were abused as children themselves. If the allegations against Colin are true, and if he was abused as a child himself, I would like to see him admit guilt. The statute of limitations means he would not go to jail. He could use his position as a writer as a platform to urge victims to speak up, get help and stop the cycle of abuse. He could say that while he was guilty of abuse 40 years ago, he has resisted any urge he had to repeat abusing. I think the public would be sympathetic while admitting he did wrong.

I would love to see that, but I know it would never happen.

A60 - The article in the Daily News paints a really damning picture against Conlin but you are missing the point. No one either is asserting 'victim-blaming' either.

I swear that I just saw Rod Serling outside of my window smoking a cigarette and starting a narrative while I was reading this article. Am I reading this article correctly?? Bill Conlin?? Reputed Habitual Pedophile??


I don't know how it can be seen as anything but victim-blaming. Cases of child-molestation/sexual assault are radically different from most criminal acts in terms of evidence. Thefts, murders, and other such crimes leave observable evidence; in regard to sexual assault, it can be nearly impossible to even discern that any sort of crime may have occurred without victims bravely coming forward.

In Conlin's case, the only conceivable way he could be innocent is if all of his alleged victims are lying. As you noted, the Inquirer /Daily News piece is damning, suggesting that the accusers have a good deal of credibility (and, in all likelihood, were legitimately victims). By cheering for Conlin's innocence (on the basis of his sports reporting, of all things!), one would have to hope that these likely victims are exposed as monstrous frauds.

Look, had Weitzel and others simply said "Let's wait to see if more evidence surfaces before rushing to judgment," I would have no objection, but the fact that several people have taken a rooting interest on the behalf of the accused (thereby rooting against the credibility of the alleged victims) is shameful.

I would rather the accusers be liars than anyone actually be a child molester. I don't think the two crimes are equivalent.
However, I don't know anyone involved, so best to keep an open mind.

aksmith - Absolutely. I would rather have it turn out, as incredibly as it might be, that the accusers are liars as unlikely as that might be and were not actually sexually abused.

A60 - Crimes have lots of observable evidence? That would be news to my uncle who was a homicide cop in Philly for 30 years.

You are leaping to all kinds of conclusion about what Weitzel wrote and others are saying.

yo, new thread

(im lying, but its worth a try)

Wasn't Conlin the writer who accused Steve Carlton of making too many trips to the bar back in '73, the year after his 27-10 season, which resulted in Carlton refusing to speak to the media?


So, you're more willing to believe that someone would lie about sexual assault than you are to believe someone would commit sexual assault? Can you comprehend why this might make victims of such crimes reluctant to come forward? This is especially germane to the Conlin case where the alleged victims took ~40 years to come forward because they feared assorted social pressures and stigmas.


Homicides tend to leave corpses. Just how does one learn of a sexual assault without the victim/an acquaintance reporting the crime?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 at 7:56 pm.

Just marking it down as the first time I agree with aksmith whole-heartedly.


One thing I think off base is to compare this to the Penn State scandal in any way. That was a cataclysmic system failure from the top down. It was handled badly by multiple parties and some people paid for it, while some should have paid for it and did not, or haven't yet.

I read your first sentence then stopped. No, I'm not more willing to believe one or the other. I'm saying that lying is an easier thing to overcome than actual abuse. So, I'm hoping it's not true and people are not correct because that would be easier to deal with.

Don't know if you remember the rather famous case of a daycare center where every kid/parent said the staff/owners were molesting their kids. Turned out it was some kind of mass hysteria and the school was completely exonerated.

Better to have that happen than to have real molesting going on. That is what I'm saying.

Personally, I have no way of judging what did or did not happen. Maybe some proof will come out either way, but it's hard to imagine all these years later.

TTI - I will immediately go back and recheck my premise. Agreement is not an option.

TTI - Also, I think we agree the Phils made a very good deal with JRoll. No?


I do remember that case and it does put your argument in a much better light. Still, I don't think the circumstances of that case (parental hysteria and children pressured to produce accounts of molestation and trauma) are in any way applicable to numerous (and seemingly credible) adults coming forward years after the alleged crime.

Innocent until proven guilty is a cherished concept. But, it is a legal standard, not something we as human beings have to live by when forming opinions. If you choose to believe he is innocent, guilty or if you don't know/ want more facts, that is all fine. Legal guilt doesn't always mean you did it, and our justice system lets off people who we think are guilty for other reasons, such as the violation of our constitutional rights or other principles of law, such as a statute of limitations.

There is no right way or wrong way to respond to something like this, vis a vis "the truth."

Talented as he was, Conlin's every writing reeked of self-aggrandizement and contempt for others - contempt which we now know he has had for himself all along. I won't miss having to grudgingly admire his baseball insight, knowing what a piece of sh*t human being he has always been; my personal interactions with him were limited but plainly revealing enough for me to make that wholesale assessment. You reap what you sow in this life.

I've been reading his column for years. To me he always seemed to know what he was talking about. That's what I'll miss.

I was shocked when a friend called me and asked me if I'd heard the news. My reaction to him was "Conlin?" You're sh***** me!

As for the man, like any public figure, or steroid user, or whomever, his rep. and legacy is permanantly tarnished. Jeez, the man is a hall of famer.

But what really bothers me is that more and more is that we hear (and talk about) all of this stuff that goes on off the field, that is non-sports related.

That really takes away from what we phans really like to do. And on this site, that's talkin' Phillies baseball. As a previous poster stated, I hope that 2012 is better for the baseball side of things. Maybe we'll get to talk about a Hamels extension, or a trade, or another signing. I sure hope so.

WP, just a quick study (and only viewing homicide rates, as an example) shows that life, at least in Europe and America, has become increasingly more hospitable over the past several hundred year. To echo aksmith's sentiment, what we see in the news these days that shocks and disturbs us, has for all of human history, probably been much worse. History is littered with ghastly acts committed by depraved and deplorable human beings, as well as "normal" people who, for whatever reason, were unable to control their urges.

That being said, I understand your inclination to feel desensitized, but I would ask that you respond with the same moral outrage as you once felt. The world today, even on a global level, is a markedly better one than it was in eons past. Just 170 years ago, slavery was not only legal, but it was nearly an abomination to decry its practice. Just 90 years ago, women couldn't vote and were subjugated to a role of inferiority to their male counterparts.

Just a mere 50 years ago, lynchings were a common practice, and though not condoned by the gov't, were absolutely condoned by certain southern communities, as distinguished and well-to-do business men and politicians in areas where lynching occurred, saw no moral hindrance in capturing themselves in a photograph with a recently lynched body (sometimes going so far as to take "trophies" home with them).

The purpose of all this rambling is to assure you, the world is still brimming with violence and acts more unconscionable than can be imagined, but it IS getting better all the time, and the reason for this is because we as a species are maturing in our moral cognition and our understanding of what leads to human well being and flourishing and what does not, all the while not sacrificing our moral disgust and empathetic reaction in the face of increased awareness of such heinous activities.

As for Conlin's alleged crimes, obviously he should have his day in court, and only after he is deemed guilty by a jury of his peers, should we levy condemnation.

aksmith: I would say we agree on the Rollins deal too. I didn't remember seeing you comment on it.

As for the "innocent before proven guilty" angle, I think it doesn't apply in this case, bc as the DN article points out Conlin likely cannot be prosecuted for these very old crimes. I suppose if more recent victims come forward that will change, and then there might be a trial, and then maybe we can reserve our judgments until that trial concludes. But as it stands, the court of public opinion is likely going to be the only court that Conlin sees. In that sense, this article is especially damning because there are a bunch of witnesses and lots of corroborating testimony.

Jason- I appreciate your blog because you are willing to put a personal touch on all things Phillies, and agree with your reluctance to condemn the accused at the first news of an accusation.
Conlin has been someone I've read since I can remember, and I am shocked at the story of his own family members being the victims.
But sadly this type of story is way too familiar & like the murder and mayhem of the nightly news, it becomes so kind of disturbing background noise after too many repetitions.

Call me old (new) fashioned, but I think we have spent too much time on this guy....

I agree innocent until proven guilty, but just like when you say "I can't even do that when I am sober" is an admission of guilt to a cop who pulled you over for suspicion of drunk driving and asked you to spell the alphabet backwards, quitting his job immediately is a pretty telling sign...

Can we talk about Oswalt's willingness to accept a one year deal now???

i don't understand why the families of these supposrd victims let him get away with it@ if my kid came to me with this info i would have been all over him! i would be in jail! i'm not saying he did or didn't do it. or if they're lying or not. i just don't understand how people can let this go when it's their children! oh it's uncle Bill just stay away from his house honey!(WHAT) does that make any sense? are you kidding me? that raises all kind of red flags to me about their story. i can understand them feeling shame if it happened, but 40 stinkin years! i don't get it. somebody shed some light for me please!

Fatalotti lives!

I like Scotty Pods as the 5th OF until big piece comes back.

Ryan Duren,
Part of the reason people got away with things like this is because in the good old days these issues weren't talked about in the media. That's the more innocent world that some posters miss. If you want to know how people let this stuff go on for so long, just walk down to your local Catholic church and ask the families that show up every Sunday.

I'm always torn on the idea of divorcing a public figure's work from his or her personal life; I can still enjoy Riefenstahl's films or Wagner's music (albeit in very small doses) but Penn State is tainted. Ty Cobb is somewhere in the middle for me, but closer to 'bastard' than 'sparkling talent'.

Time will tell with Conlin, but I think I'll still be able to appreciate his old reports for their insights and stinging grumpiness. Just hope the archives won't be purged.

Freud's initial assessment, in his study of "hysteria" was that it was caused by sexual abuse by someone close to the young woman. He then looked at the prevalence of cases of "hysteria" in upstanding European families and decided he must be wrong.

Which is to say that our generation and times are not more degenerate, but that reporting of crimes against children and youth has become more acceptable. There have always been molesters, we just seldom heard of them.

To those criticizing Jason regarding that one sentence, I would suggest they read the sentiment correctly: I hear that he was wishing that these sad crimes never had occurred - "that no child was hurt;" he was not hoping, somehow, that a sportswriter would escape consequences.

Then again, we know that we all tend to have reading comprehension issues from time to time on this site, so I guess we should expect it here too.

I'm a lawyer myself, but it's hard to have much doubt after reading that article that Conlin did what these people say he did. For one thing, the accusers contacted several other alleged victims, who, in e-mails that the accusers shared with the Inquirer, acknowledged that they were victims but said that they didn't want to go to the authorities because any new investigation would cause them too much upset. Unless this is some kind of clever and elaborate plot, I don't see someone who was fabricating writing that kind of an e-mail. If you're going to invent something like this, you don't keep it a secret.

We're allowed to be sad that a piece of our lifetime Phillies fan experience (Conlin's WRITING) is now gone for good

I'd argue that Conlin's writing has been gone for 15-20 years, that he has been nothing more than a curmudgeon hanging on to his sacred post of dispenser of baseball knowledge for dear life. God forbid you question one of his observations with a stat more sophisticated than HR, RBI or BA.

That said, a sad day.

Perhaps Edmundo has said it best: ...a sad day. Especially for the victims.

However, I must admit I really loved Conlin's historical perspective of all things Phillies. Geesh, the man was there when Dick Allen was hitting tracers into the gap that never dropped but a few inches, leaving dents in outfield walls, and has a thousand stories of all things Phillies.

I could go on and on about the sportswriting, and the much-needed truth-telling about the sorry state of pre-Citizens Bank Phillies ownership (“small market”), but really, who cares? It is indeed a bitter day when a man whose word I regarded as gospel – and who bitterly criticized the handling of Paterno in the throes of the Penn State horror show – falls prey to the same type of scandal.

Close the chapter, and let things play out. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

I just don't get why it's so sad. Maybe because he hasn't been the beat writer for the phils since 1987.

He is old news....

the "new" news is that Oswalt is willing to take a one year deal.


A60 sez: "the fact that several people have taken a rooting interest on the behalf of the accused (thereby rooting against the credibility of the alleged victims) is shameful. "

People rooting for an outcome where sexual abuse didn't happen is shameful?? Seriously?

Wow, A60, you're a piece of work. Take a step back. You're very close to sounding like you hope it happened. Some people hope that sexual abuse didn't happen. That's a good thing.

Mick O,

"Wow, A60, you're a piece of work. Take a step back. You're very close to sounding like you hope it happened."

That's a disgusting insinuation and you should be ashamed of yourself. No one, except for child molesters, want molestation to happen. In the Conlin case, it appears molestation did in fact occur and we should acknowledge that. Instead, too many people on this site--stealth-editor Weitzel included--seem to be hoping that the alleged victims are exposed as frauds and liars because they dared to speak out against a beloved sportswriter.

Yeah, this is just incredibly sad. Not sure what there is to argue about here.

"Seriously, though, this is a year that I can't wait to see come to a rapid close. Hopes and prayers that 2012 will have a much more uplifting message, especially in the sports-related world."

You said it, Willard.

I've had just about enough self-righteous holier-than-thou, disgust from a certain poster on this thread.

Isn't there any other minor signings we can discuss? I like the discussion on "Who can be the 5th OF till Howard comes back...I go with Pods.

"too many people on this site . . . seem to be hoping that the alleged victims are exposed as frauds and liars because they dared to speak out against a beloved sportswriter"

What is the right amount of people to have this hope? If they be frauds, should not everyone hope they be exposed? Honestly, what a stupid line of attack. I agree with you, A60, that the allegations have the ring of truth. I'm disgusted by the fat slob. I can still sympathize with those who wish it were not so. It's human nature to identify with those familiar to you.

Quick law lesson for those "innocent until proven guilty" people. He CANNOT be "proven guilty." The statute of limitations has run for a criminal conviction and civil liability.

Therefore, all we are left with is the information that is out there and the ability to form our own opinions. Unfortunately, when this type of behavior is even alleged, the damage to one's reputation is irreparable.

And I agree with NEPP: I hope, for his sake and the alleged victims that these accusations are baseless.

If not...I hope the man burns.

And A60, I think you need to stop putting words in people's mouths. I've read this thread and I don't think anyone is defending Conlin's action (if true). Relax, dude. There's a difference between hoping allegations are untrue and not caring whether they are. If you like and/or respect someone, it is perfectly fine to wish that molestation allegations aren't true. It's quite another to say that, even if true, I don't care because I like/respect so-and-so. No one is saying that latter.

Yeah, this is just incredibly sad. Not sure what there is to argue about here.

It's Beerleaguer. We'd argue on whether the sun was hot.

Define "hot."
It's not hot, it's scorching.
I disagree. It's not scorching, it's sweltering.
Define "scorching." NASA defines "scorching" is 9000 degrees Fahrenheit and "sweltering" is 9500 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's really sweltering.
Yeah, but the Russian Federal Space Agency defines it as...


As I mentioned elsewhere, this is different from most criminal cases. If Conlin were accused of murder, one could readily say "I hope he didn't do it" without diminishing the victim(s) in any way, because there is always the possibility that someone else committed the crime.

Here, though, there are only two real possibilities--either Conlin molested several children or all of the accusers are liars. There is simply no way to hope for Conlin's innocence without simultaneously hoping that the accusers are exposed as fraudulent. Can you understand why such a brutal dichotomy might make other victims of sexual abuse more hesitant to come forward?

Yoenis Cespedes looks older than 26.

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

If Conlin were to spend the rest of his days in the hoosegal, but continued to write his column, that would work for me.

I'd love to weigh in on this but I'm dealing with some personal issues right now.

I think A60 needs to take a break from exuberantly taking the moral high ground about pedophilia allegations...on a baseball blog.

Perhaps time to walk the dog? Do those TPS reports?

A60: Whatever you say, man. You're better than us, we get it.

what is MOST interesting is that he had nearly nothing to say about Sandusky all these weeks. Spoke about fallout, media and Franco...a little about PSU and their last home game monies for civil suit...but nothing about Sandusky himself.

That lends itself to a internal conflict leading me to believe the allegations are true

I won't miss Bill Conlin's column (I was raised in an Inqy household and ate my fruity pebbles with Bill Lyon and Jayson Stark)but I can understand that people will miss Conlin's column in the same way I miss Lyon's column (or at least his regular column).

Overall, I agree with A60 that the tone here (intentional or not) is of hope that the accusers are lying. And quite frankly it is irresponsible to say anything like that. Even if these accusers ARE lying there are plenty of abuse victims out there that don't come forward because they're afraid of the scrutiny or ashamed of themselves. Just look at the Sandusky case, the most infamous victim (that McQueary witnessed) has not come forward.

On the flip side, A60 is ready to hang Conlin from Ben Franklin Bridge before Conlin has even responded to the allegations. So maybe we just all need to settle down a bit...

Fatalotti is back, Clout may be retiring from Beerleaguer, and TTI and Aksmith agree on something. i may be sticking around for a while today...

In the past 4 seasons, Rod Barajas has the 5th most HR among MLB Catchers.

Napoli: 96
McCann: 89
Soto: 68
Olivio: 68
Barajas: 63

Rod Barajas is often a name thrown around as a possible upside projection for Sebastian Valle. Good power, low OBP, etc.


I appreciate your sensible take on all of this, even considering the jab you took at me. Honestly, I don't want to see Conlin hanged and, although it seems he's going to escape legal sanction even if guilty, the damage he's suffered in the court of public opinion is probably punishment enough for a man of such tremendous hubris. He surely thought he was invincible to any and all criticism, and these revelations will undoubtedly haunt him for the rest of his life.

Btw, in regard to these accusations, just how twisted does his Sandusky column now appear?

"Everybody says he will do the right thing, get involved, put his own ass on the line before or after the fact. But the moment itself has a cruel way of suspending our fearless intentions."

I can easily imagine that Conlin's alleged victims/their families (all of whom remained silent until now) could interpret that passage as a sort of malicious gloating. The Sandusky case has been cited as one of the reasons the victims came forward, but I have to wonder if Conlin's column itself played some role in stirring up these awful memories--it's almost as though he were taunting them, 40 years later. If the accusations are true, what a smug and evil bastard.

Johnson signed a 1-yr deal with the Cubs. Scratch him off the list.

Define "MLB Catcher" and know before you begin that I have a completely different definition of a "Fifth."

The Barajas stat is more telling of how hard it is to #1 get consistent power from the catcher position and #2 remain healthy enough over a span of multiple seasons, then it is about Barajas himself - but got to give credit.

Ruiz's $5M team option for 2013 looks to be a solid lock of being picked up.

I will say upfront I am not a fan of Bill Conlin and never was. I suggest that everyone take a look at the Margaret Kelly Michaels case (New Jersey) and the Mc Martin preschool investigation (California). Two good examples of what happens when society decides to try cases in the court of public opinion. I spent over thirty years investigating all types of criminal allegations ranging from child abuse to rape. False accusations occur far more frequently than anyone would believe. The motives for why people engage in such behavior are as varied as the stars in the sky. Let the investigation play out and see where the evidence takes it. At this point, Conlin has to get the benefit of the doubt. It's easy to throw away due process because the crime is heinous or the alleged perpetrator is an unsympathetic character, which Conlin certainly is.

Andy: per b-ref play index, any playesr with over 50% of his games at the catcher position.

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