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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Very interesting..if this is true then I think Jimmy stays here. The Giants were the one team that I could of seen overspending to get Jimmy.

Maybe the Brewers would take a shot and offer additional years but I think they're more likely to shot for Reyes.

I think Jimmy would be simply fabulous there.

3 years $27M to Madson with option/buyout on 4th year.

3 years $30M to Rollins with vesting option on 4th year.

Get it done.

Definitely could see Rollins going to San Fran. And definitely can Sabean over spending for Rollins.

I heard Sabean say the exact same thing in a radio interview about a month ago: we don't have the money to go after guys like Rollins & Reyes. When GMs say things like that, their comments need to be taken with a grain of salt. But this one had a ring of truth to me. After all, the Giants' ownership group just canned their managing partner, Bill Neukom, because they thought he was spending money too freely.

I'm sure someone will overpay (money and years) for Rollins. Baseball needs to stop overpaying these old players who never live up to their contracts. I would never offer Pujols 30 mil over 9 or 10 years...That's an awful investment. Prince Fielder is the best player in this years FA class. He's young and a great hitter. He hasn't even hit his prime yet. Whoever gets him will pay a pretty penny but will get the most production over the life of the deal. I think Washington or Chicago Cubs get him. Hopefully Chicago...They won't win with him or without him.

BAP: I'm with you, I can't see San Fran paying for Jroll after the Neukom ordeal.

GRAB: I say we sign Prince Fielder and move him to 3rd. He's remarkably agile for a fat man.

Haha JBird, sounds good to me...Or we could be re-assigned to the AL and Howard can be our DH

I live in Alameda, where JR went to high school. Most Giants' fans here are convinced JR would be happy to 'come home' if SF will put up the type of contract to bring him back.

Is there any talk of Oakland bidding for Rollins?

I dont think Rollins is a Beane type player

I would love to have Jamie Moyer back, if he's throwing well. He's just a great guy and I love that he's older than me (barely) and still playing. It's a great story, a sentimental thing for me, but also I love his attitude and his way with the younger pitchers.

Supposedly the bullpen catcher who was working with Moyer winched in pain as the ball hit his glove repetitively. He, of course, was wearing one of those yellow gardening gloves with little pink rubber grip spots on it.

Funny, RG. I was wondering whether Moyer's fastball will have improved to, say, 85MPH.

Would Moyer make a good LOOGY?

Raul's G-pa-
That is such a frkin lie. The glove was orange with red rubber grip spots on it.

Sorry Phan's bro,
I had heard it was one of the new Marlin gloves being sold.

Sorry I offended the legions of Cliff Lee fans. He's a tremendous talent and it's a testimony to our town he chose us at a discount.

However, I'd still prefer to have $150mm in waiting and 1 less ace. We really need players: infielders, bullpen help; heck even a solid backup catcher would be nice.

Phillies are favorites to win the 2012 World Series followed by the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers and Tigers. If only Vegas determined the WFC...

cut_fastball: Why do you keep saying $150M? Lee is owed $109M, with a vesting option that could push it to $124M.

Regarding your assumption that Utley will regress again, are you setting the O/U for his OPS at .769? I'll take the over.

I think the winner's curse is in play with respect to Rollins, but in my opinion, overpaying Rollins would be a lot less bad for the Phillies than going into the season with Galvis as the starting shortstop.

For how low a price will Moyer sign...?

Moyer will probably get a minor league invite from someone. Must admit, I have sort of a perverse desire to see a 49-year old Moyer face the Phillies lineup next year. Although I have serious doubts that Moyer can still be an effective big league starter, I have zero doubt that he would absolutely manhandle our lineup.

I think should work out something along the lines of CC's deal. I mean, he's a one of a kind talent.

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