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Thursday, November 03, 2011


Geez. How weird is it scanning the Phil's roster and not seeing the name Jimmy Rollins?

Nobody is going to waste a spot on Gillies or Overbeck.

I've seen mixed reports on whether the Phillies can offer Oswalt arbitration. This article from MLBTR suggests that they can.

If we could offer him arb, we still shouldn't as he could very well accept and get a raise on his $16 million salary. Having him back on a 1 year, $17-18 million deal is not a win for the Phillies.

Do you think he would get a raise from $16 mil?

Diekman has sort of become the flavor of the month among Phillies' minor league relievers. So it's worth noting that he is not merely wild, but wild in the extreme.

keeping in mind we're discussing Diekman as a potential Rule 5 pick, not a future closer.

***Do you think he would get a raise from $16 mil?***

Yes. Yes I do. Even if you consider his "poor" year, he's still an above average pitcher and his agent can point to his long track record of excellence when arguing it. Even if you just look at the last 3 years, he's still posting a 116 ERA+ (3.47 ERA)

BB: He might be worth protecting, but I seriously doubt that any team would be willing to draft him & keep him on their roster all year. He makes Juan Perez look like a control pitcher. If the last 2 spots on the roster came down to Rizzotti, Overbeck, and Diekman, I'd use the spots on the first 2 guys & I would consider it an absolute no-brainer.

David Murphy in the above suggests 5 players the Phils could go for:

1)David DeJesus, OF
2) Aramis Ramirez, 3B
3)Jamey Carroll - pretty much any position
4)Alex Gonzalez, SS
5)Mark Kotsay, OF/1B
* * * *
Random note:
Personally, I find it very hard to make peace with a defensive downgrade at 3B/SS, even while I desperately want an offensive upgrade. I guess I should start playing fantasy baseball, because I really want the fantasy of having someone who is above average in both.

Oh, and when I say I really want more offense on the team, I don't mean specifically at 3B & SS. I want the Phils to have someone with relatively consistent offensive production somewhere in the lineup, at more than one spot.

It's hard to remember that the Phillies of 2011 had good offensive numbers for a good part of the season. Right now, I still painfully remember the quiet bats of the NLDS (speaking generally, again).

Diekman seems like the perfect Rule V pick for a bad team. He excels at one thing-getting lefties out. Whether he can stick is another thing altogether, but if he shows a little skill, maybe that team works out a deal with the Phils so they can keep him in the org, as opposed to keeping him on the roster all year like the Phillies would do with a Rule V guy.

Adding him to the 40 man roster does not mean he has to play in the majors. I know Howard would have zero chance of hitting him :)

Can arbitration result in a decrease in salary? At this point, I would think $16M for Oswalt for one year is a losing situation for the Phils. So, if the floor is $16M, there's no reason to even offer it to him.

MWBB: it's funny because it's true. Howard has inexplicably gotten worse vs. lefties.

I really like the idea of Aramis Ramirez in this line-up. But of course how many $$$ will he command? (Baseball is not as fun when as a fan you get into the dollars and budget of a team, you ever notice that?).

I was wondering if Carlos Beltran might be a possibility as a signing. (I know, I know - he was a Met - but he was not demonstrative like Reyes - he actually seems respectful of the opponent). Beltran's a guy who doesn't strike out a lot, has power and hits for average and takes walks - and is good defensively. I was thinking of him for LF - but of course that blocks Domonic Brown and Mayberry (when Howard gets back). Of course injuries are a concern with Beltran (and once again pricetag). I'm thinking no team is going to give him more than 2 years guaranteed as a result. What do you guys think?

I also like the idea of Grady Sizemore for LF. But his health is even more questionable.

SLO phan: if I remember correctly, there's a floor of how much a player's salary can be cut in arb. . . .20% maybe? I'm too lazy to look it up.

The MLB Basic Agreement permits the issue of any player's salary to be submitted to arbitration, if both the player and club consent. The agreement also prohibits any club from reducing a player's salary by more than 20 percent and permits a club to submit a salary figure in arbitration that is 80 percent of the player's previous year's salary and earned performance bonuses. So the Phillies and Oswalt could agree on arbitration and the Phillies could propose a salary that is 80 percent of Oswalt's 2011 salary and earned bonuses.

That's true Saint Bob, but if I'm not mistaken, most player contracts for years after 5 years service time, generally have clauses that prohibit a team from offering arbitration to a player whose option is declined.

Fun stat lux tax is gonna be 8 million plus more then last year. And if no bar agreement in place no cap! Cigar owner will be like get me ????? Now. Fun little factoid that all BL's should look out for.

or a better way of putting it: if a team and player negotiate to give a club an option to pick up or a buyout, excerszing the buy out gives the player unrestricted free agent rights, thus you can't offer arb. Otherwise, it would screw a guy like oswalt who has his option declined but is a type a like he is.

Didn't Lil Roy demand that they not pick up this option as a requirement of him waiving his NTC when he came over? I would assume this has all been put into some sort of legal agreement pretty much allowing him to do what he pleased once that was accomplished.

'Big Head' Test:

"Two House Democrats are urging Major League Baseball and the players union to implement testing for human growth hormone and ban chewing tobacco by players in uniform and in public view.

Reps. Henry Waxman of California and Frank Pallone of New Jersey made those requests in a letter Wednesday to Commissioner Bud Selig and Michael Weiner, executive director of the players union.

It’s the latest in a series of salvos from Capitol Hill on tobacco and HGH, although recent congressional attention on HGH has focused on the NFL."

I am sure Selig will get right on it.

"Howard has inexplicably gotten worse vs. lefties."

It's not inexplicable. He has gotten worse against everyone & he wasn't good against left-handers to start out with. If you get worse in general, you're going to especially get worse in areas of weakness.

"Polanco would fit as a super-utility man a la Texas' Michael Young" if the Phils sign Aramis Ramirez to play 3B.

I have always wondered how a player reaches 'super-utility man' vs. just normal 'utility man'

So if Placido Polanco/Michael Young are 'super utility men' what does that makes the likes of Mini Mart/Bruntlett?

MG - Barely Utility

I'm all for Aramis Ramirez. There will be a good chunk of the year where he can play 3B, Polanco at 2B and Utley at 1B. Could he play a little LF after Howard comes back?

Mister Zoomer - I was thinking 'Utility-Lite' fit pretty well.

Pete Orr back for another year of riding the Allentown shuttle.!/ShiDavidi/status/132190554871173120

Poor Man's Utility Man.

#ProtectDiekman Get the hashtag going on your Twitter account.

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