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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Kershaw, and it isn't even close.

It will be Kershaw and it wont even be close. Just like Kershaw winning his 1st Gold Glove this year...he's the flavor of the week basically.

Statistically, he has a pretty good argument over Doc too but it's a lot closer than it will end up being with the voters.

Answering baystars from last thread:
Darvish looks like a beast, (relative to Japanese baseball, of course) and has a really cool name. But he'd play once every five days where Cespedes would play everyday.

Of course, since Cespedes is from a Latin American country, he's actually 42 and secretly using black market performance enhancing drugs.

Both, however, would probably bring hot chicks to the park, so I'm in on both of

In re: the question of the day?
I'm going with Lee. Too many shut outs to ignore. Kershaw played in an extreme pitcher's park in a division tipped in favor of pitchers. I pick Lee or Halladay over Kennedy because, well, I just don't like Kennedy.

Hmmm... "It will be Kershaw..."???

I must have misread the question. I thought the question was who SHOULD it be.

I said Halladay for the poll but I'm just saying that it will be Kershaw regardless.


1- Kershaw
2- Halladay
3- Lee
4- Kennedy

It's just disappointing that BLs, regardless of whether they think Kershaw WILL win, still think that he SHOULD win. Really. He pitched 17 games in the sea-level drought of Los Angeles (16 home and 1 at LAA), three in SFG and two at SDP. Oh, and 1 at NYM, too. So that's two thirds of his season at very pitcher friendly parks. Now, he also pitched a few at hitter's parks, too: for instance in his twelve innings at COL he gave up 9 runs; in his six at CIN he gave up 6 runs.

I'm sticking with our guys who pitched in CBP all year and still looked good.

Kershaw should win but, it's really close. The vote probably won't be. Halladay and Lee have good cases.

Kershaw achived the pitchers Triple Crown, leading the league in wins, strikeouts and ERA. How can he not win? I like Roy Halladay a lot, but he does not deserve this year's Cy Young Award. Roy did lose the series decider game in the NLDS against the Cardinals. He is not Superman.

Lake Fred. 1 - 0. If it was Kershaw against STL it woulda been 5 - 0.

Andy is right. If the same voters look as closely as Halladay v Kershaw as they looked at Hernandez v the rest of the AL last year, then Doc has a chance.

Halladay owns, if only barely, Kershaw, according to Christina Kahrl's article on ESPN:

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