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Thursday, November 03, 2011


The over-reactionary knee-jerk armchair GM in me says this means no JRoll.

Good thing everyone is so level-headed, though.

(I actually still think JRoll is a Phillie next year).

Orr now has a career slash line of .254/.286/.322 in 393 MLB games.

Really, there's nothing else to be said.

Orr is a decent 7th infielder, somewhere between the Wilson Valdez 5th/6th infielder tier and the Michael Martinez, Kevin Frandsen, Brian Bocock 8th/9th infielder tier.

Good player to have in your organization.

Braves are taking offer on Jurrjens and Prado.

Want to free up salary to go after an FA SS.

clout - For a backup INF, those aren't terrible numbers. .250 average is about what I would expect and if BBed/had a bit more pop to have a ~.650 career OPS he would be a decent backup.

I'm very very hopeful of a 2012 bench that includes Pete Orr, Michael Martinez AND Wilson Valdez. That's just a winning combination right there.

NEPP - Valdez is a capable-enough middle INF & Orr is fine as a depth guy at Lehigh. Mini Mart sucks though and I really hope we don't see him waste another 200+ ABs this season.

Prado hits like Cliff Lee? (the old Cliff Lee)

Tim Naehring (936)
Dave Stapleton (929)
Herbert Perry (929)
Matt Diaz (927)
Skip Schumaker (924)
Johnny Mokan (923)
Cliff Lee (922)
Rocco Baldelli (922)
Don Padgett (921)
Pablo Sandoval (921)

I would go for Prado as a right handed third baseman perhaps SS. It seems he was just out of place in the outfield. Decent numbers previous to last year. He had some flukey stuff happen last year. I believe he got some kind of weird illness and just never healed right. But the spazzy leg issues worry me.

MG: So you think Orr should be with the team next season? How many ABs would you give him?

If you bring back Rollins, which I support, then you have three good, but injury-prone, starters at SS, 3B and 2B. That situation cries for high quality bench support.

The LAA have two players under contract, Alberto Callaspo and Maicer Izturis, who are versatile and solid both offensively and defensively. The Phils should try to trade for one of these two. Izturis might be the better fit since he has a lot more experience at SS than Callaspo and would cost less in trade.

I would probably keep Valdez as seldom-used insurance. I would not have Orr nor Martinez on the 25-man roster.

clout - Depends but I doubt he will make it since he can't back up SS. He would give the Phils around a ~.250 AVG/~.600 OPS. If they get lucky, he would give them .620-.630 OPS. That's alright to give a backup INF 125-150 ABs.

Better than the Mini Mart and Bruntlett have given them in the same role and to get a backup INF with an OPS over .700 is tough to find.

This is Valdez line the 2 years in Philly:

.254/.300/.351 in 606 ABs

For a backup middle INF, that's good enough. I wouldn't mind seeing him back at all for around $600-$700k.

I don't want Orr on the 25 man roster.

BedBeard: I don't want him on the 40-man.

Good Move. He will have the same role that he had this year,some one goes down for 2 weeks Orr comes up and then goes back down. Gives the organization some good depth with a player that has some major league experience. Adding players like this with spring training invites can't hurt anyone.

I like Orr i think this a good move for a 3rd stringer type of guy he isnt bad.

Clout: Agreed.

If the Phils do resign JRoll and plan on using Polanco as the starter at 3B, then I would like them to try to get an upgrade over Valdez/Mini Mart/Orr.

I like Valdez as a backup 2B/3B/SS who gets 175-200 ABs. He gets exposed though when he has to start everyday.

If Orr is an oar we might as well be up the creek without one.

Orr is nice AAA insurance, that's about it.

I don't want him on the roster either. But he'd be great in the canoe if you were up s**t's creek.

Urrgghh. Shoulda read through the posts before sticking my orr9joke) in. RK got there first., Sorry.

In re: Gillies (see last thread)
It will be very interesting to see, if he gets left unprotected, whether Seattle pops for him. If not, it says something about that first Lee deal.

This entire Phils bench was the worst producers we ever had, except for Mayberry. For a manager that supposed to know about hitting, Charlie gets a "poor decision".

Alot depends on Polanco's health and his ability to be a .300 hitter, again. Betting on both seems a bad bargain, especially since he does nothing to fill the power gap they'll have with Howard on the shelf. The right course is an expensive course, though, which is to bring in a corner infielder with some power (A. Ramirez or trade), resign Rollins to a 3 year deal (if he can be had), and relegate Polanco to a backup role at 2d and 3d. Alot of moving parts and uncertain ability to execute in my plan, especially if they want to go the trade route.

Oh, and Pete Orr and Martinez should be plying their trade in teh minors, not on this team's bench.

Still don't understand all of the complaining about letting Sandberg go as the manager of another team possibly. Parent was the guy I was bummed to see go. Struck me as very articulate & well-spoken when I had a chance to meet him.

Plus, he was an ex-catcher who supposedly knows pitching pretty well while having won at every level he has managed so far in the minors despite some struggles/difficulties especially at Reading last year.

Too bad Mackanin didn't get a job somewhere else and Parent wasn't installed as the bench coach. Perfect fit to let him be the bench coach for 2 years & then take over for a much different Phils' club in '14.

We don't need Rollins now. We've got the quartet at shortstop to get us through 2012. Hahahahahaha

Crap, that was the wrong link. This is the quartet.

Natinals signed Chien-Ming Wang... they'll have a nice rotation if everyone stays healthy... Granted, that's a pretty big IF

It is always kind of interesting to look at where AA managers end up. Usually a pretty plum minor league position given how important the AA-team is and how many prospects end up playing there.

Phils have had an interesting lot at Reading the last 10-12 years:

Gary Varsho (99-01): Had some success as the RPhils' manager winning the Eastern League crown in '01. Phils' bench coach from '02-'06 and was actually an interim manager for 2 days in '04 after they fired Bowa. He was the Pirates' bench coach until he was fired in Aug 2010. Couldn't find a quick update on what he is doing now.

Greg Legg (02-04) - Underwhelming manager of the R-Phils for 3 years. He is has been the hitting coach at Lakewood the past few years. Drafted by the Phils and kind of strikes me as an organizational guy the Phils keep around regardless of the results just like the bad old days in the mid-1980s through the early 2000s.

Steve Swisher (05) - Nick Swisher's dad. A really odd choice to be the RPhils' manager given that he hadn't managed a minor league club since '97. Let go by the Phils after 1 season.

PJ Forbes (06-08) - Another underwhelming manager at Reading who basically got demoted by excepting a managing job with the Pirates' affiliate in the Carolina league.

Managed to work his way back up to the Pirates' AA team in Altoona this past year. No word on if he will be back in '12 as the manager there.

Steve Roadcap (09-10) - Joined the Phils' organization in '06 as the manager at Batavia. Modest results with the R-Phils making the Eastern League playoffs in '09. Basically another filler manager.

He has been a career minor league manager journeyman have managed minor league clubs since the early 90s including in the Cubs, Mariners, and Phils' system. Couldn't find a quick update on where he was at in '11.

I agree with MG on Exxon Valdez. Not only does he get an occasional timely big hit, he also is a reliver in a pinch. For the same crossover reason, Savery should make the big team roster.

So basically you could say the Phils have had 2 decent managers at Reading the since '99 who weren't regarded as filler/stopgap guys (Varsho & Parent).

I would be curious to see how other NL East teams look like over the same stretch.

I would love if Savery were a pinch-hitter/Loogy. Great stuff right there.

I am curious to see who gets the R-Phils job. Had dinner up in Reading last night with my uncle & family friend who scouts Eastern League/New York Penn league as independent.

He heard through the rumor mill the Phils will move up Dusty Wathan who was the manager at Clearwater to take the R-Phils job next year with Parent's departure to the White Sox. He also added the Phils seemed to be pretty pleasantly surprised by Morandini's performance at Williamsport.

Just waiting to see where they should place Tracy (Williamsport/Lakewood) and if they will move up Truby form Lakewood to Clearwater next year.

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