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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I missed my chance to post on the last thread....I just wanted to express hope that Kendrick offered some travel tips to Mathiesson since he's the last guy who got traded to Japan.

If Misch pitches any significant innings for the Phils this year, Rube better do more to bolster the offense in the off-season.

I agree with the Misch number,but the Frandsen and Pods numbers seem a little high.

Really? There's isn't much difference between Frandsen and Orr. I have Pods that high because the fact he was even resigned in the first place is intriguing. Maybe he's finally healthy.

Orr is more likely than Frandsen only because of his speed and very good bunting ability. Orr is the small ball guy the Phils claim to be looking for with the one problem being that he can't hit.

Did Pods get hurt after being signed last year? My memory doesn't go that far back anymore. Anyway, if he was healthy and not called up last year, I can't imagine he gets much of a shot this year, considering his rising age, and shrinking speed.

BB: Podsednik did get hurt & he didn't play much after that. Having been intrigued enough to sign him in the first place, the Phillies probably figured it was worth bringing him back again to see what he can do if healthy. The guy did bat .297 with a .342 OBP only the year before last, so it's not inconceivable that he could have enough left to be a decent part-time outfielder.

Halladay will have someone to look up to in spring training with the signing of Scott Elarton.

I watched them both play all summer at Lehigh Valley. Frandsen is good defensively at second, shortstop or third and is better offensively than Orr, although that's not saying lot at this point. He's certainly way better than Minimart.

I have no idea where Jim Salisbury came up with the stat that Scott Elarton went 68-45 with a 3.95 ERA in 188 big-league games. He went 56-61 with a 5.29 ERA in 232 games. He also hasn't had an ERA+ over 90 since 2005. I understand that AAA roster filler is unimpressive by definition, but this is bottom feeding even by the standards reserved for AAA roster filler.

Ah . . . I figured it out. 68-45, 3.95 represents his career minor league numbers. Last I checked, the minors were a far cry from the majors.

MiniMart is no longer under Rule 5 requirements to remain on the roster, so you will absolutely see the likes of Fransden/Pods if(when) Martinez is batting .150 in AAA and they need a call up.

Brian Sanches is back!

Brian Sanches is back
I scarce can take it all in
pass me my nitro

Look at the bullpen in 2010 compared to 2011. Herndon was on Rule 5 requirements, and they hardly ever brought up a reliever to replace his crappiness. Then in 2011, we saw a handful of callups back and forth.

I think the same thing happens in 2012 with utility players...unless we end up with another rule 5 again locking down a immoveable roster spot.

I'm actually surprised they could get Sanches on a minor league contract. When he was with the Phillies, I was plenty skeptical that he could ever be a decent major league pitcher. But he has actually been a perfectly serviceable middle reliever for 3 straight years. His peripherals last year were pretty bad, but he's still probably better than a guy like David Herndon.

It will be interesting to see how lefty heavy this team ends up when Spring Training wraps up.

I think the Misch number might be high, too. It kinda depends a bit on Diekmann's ST along with Blanton, Kendrick and Worley being ready to go and healthy. By the time they need a seventh starter, they might want to test Hyatt or some other youngster who has done well to begin the year at AA or AAA. I realize I might be hoping too much there, but Misch has been lousy even at AAA.

A report from ESPN/Jayson Stark says Reyes was in a Lincoln Continental in Philly.. Rube said he knew nothing about it. Reportedly, he was visiting his daughter.. On another front, Misch has a shot to be a long reliever. His only competition is Savery and Diekman. I just viewed video on Diekman and his 3/4 (1/2?) sidearm delivery looks like a future elbow problem..

grandpa - If history is any indication, Bastardo will be the only lefty in the bullpen. We have not had more than one LH RP leaving ST since Charlie's been in charge.

Andy-- Hail Raul Valdes!!!

Misch number is about right although I would make the other two a bit lower.

When Vic goes on his annual 15-day DL trip, Podsednik is a decent shot to get called up although I guess it depends on what Brown is doing.

It would be nice if Savery put together a great ST and they headed north with him instead of Sanches. Sanches, Stutes (despite his 2011 babip fueled success) and Herndon are all equally capable.

MG - Could depend on how Wiggy is too. Mayberry can field CF iirc.

Robby - I think even Misch is ahead of Raul on the depth chart. So is Misch's brother's wife's cousin's grandmother's shih-tsu.

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