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Friday, November 18, 2011


If Matt Rizzotti goes, Beerleaguer riots.



Happy hour started early there?

"the guy they got back"


Save some of that beer for me, buddy.

If Overbeck could outplay even a stake in the ground at 3B, the Phils would have protected him. But as he is, he's a mediocre power hitting AAA first baseman. He's safe. I do wonder if some non-contending AL team (Oakland?) will take a shot at Matt "The Answer" Rizz.

Jim Ed Warden? Is that his southern Sheriff name?

I find it hilarious that people still say a team like Oakland will take a chance on Rizzotti. You guys realize Moneyball was written in 2002, right? That the A's haven't favored unathletic, bat-only players since that time, right?

Jim Ed Warden is definitely the name of a character in a Cormac McCarthy novel, if characters in Cormac McCarthy novels had names.

Since when was Jiwan eligible for Rule V?

I'm wondering why the Phils rushed to resign Schneider, when it's pretty likely no other team would have given him a major league roster spot. Doing it right before the rule 5 draft seems like it would severely limit your options.

If a team takes someone like Jiwan James, I'm not sure I'd be thrilled that the reason he wasn't protected was because Brian Schneider needed peace of mind. Seems like poor roster management.

aksmith, how about if James is taken because omitted from a 40 man roster that only has 39 dudes on it?

I assume they only put 39 dudes on the roster because they want to leave room for the preposterously crappy player they'll select in the Rule 5 draft & keep on the 25-man roster all year.

IF Ryan Howard doesn't come back from his Achilles Injury in a timely manner, will that also be Brian Schenieder's fault. Maybe there should be a congressional hearing to look at the connection between Brian Schnieder and the collapse at Lehman Brothers?

Jeezzzzuss, c'mon rube, sign a bat already so these guys can shut up about Brian Schneider.

Willard, as BAP said, they are leaving one spot open for Minimart act Deux.

bap - I'm kinda hoping they take a preposterously crappy back-up catcher in the Rule 5, not to actually have an influence on the bench, but merely for the extremely fun threads it will generate.

Jack - "a team like Oakland" could be any small market non-competitive team. It has nothing to do with moneyball. If you want to change my example to Kansas City, feel free.

mm -

Brian Schneider ≠ cause of the Phils troubles

Brian Schneider <<<< the best Phils could do

Andy: We still have Mini-Mart and now we have Schneider again. How much fun can you really stand?

Probably time to sign Herndon to a six-year extension, just to make sure he's in line to close once Papelbon leaves.

andy: i know, i was being very facetious. I just get a kick out of the whole Schneider crap, when clearly, the phillies have no problem spending like the Yankees now and his salary is a drop in a bucket.

I'd be surprised if jiwan james was taken in the rule V draft, personally. no outfielders were drafted last year. 2 were drafted in 2009 and 1 in 2008 but I think all 3 were returned.

wiki says signees < 18yr olds are protected for 5 years, so I guess this is his first year being unprotected. Considering he hasn't broke a .700 OPS as a 22yr old in A ball, I highly doubt anyone will be keeping him on a 25man roster anytime soon.

Brian Schneider is the cause of the economic turmoil in the world today.

Guys, can we take a step back, breathe, and direct our vitriol to a much more deserving (non) entity? Must I remind you that John Bowker is one of the 39 dudes on the same 40-man roster?

Herndon showed last year that he is capable of being a credible MLB reliever over a prolonged stretch until Cholly decided he was going to see if he could blow out his arm (Sept 4 when he threw 69 pitches over 3 2/3 after having thrown 20 pitches the day before). He's fine as a backend reliever who is cost-controlled at a low dollar value.

Mini Mart showed nothing next year (and won't this year) but he is was a Rule 5. Rule 5 picks are like a scratch off though. If you win anything at all, it is pure upside.

Brian Schneider = credit default swaps
Michael Martinez = toxic mortgage packages
Chase Utley's knee = Greek default
Ryan Howard's Achilles = Italian restructuring and Burlesconi's resignation prompting a coalition government composed of technocrats.
Rollins' free agent status = Massive ideological rift in construction of revenue production compromise in the Super Committee meetings triggering a the sequestering of military and entitlement budgets in the near future.

Doumit got 1 yr/$3M. Didn't understand the interest in signing him that was expressed in some of the Philly media/Internet sites.

If he plays catcher, his .750-.800 OPS becomes really valuable given the dearth of offensive talent right now in MLB (average .700 OPS in MLB). In LF/RF, not as much (average .727 OPS in LF and .782 in RF).

MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential guy said that Rollins is worth two years 28 million with an option for a third year if he'd go for it, and 3 years/42 mil if you have to. Not because he's projecting well into the future, but because of the weakness of the SS position in free agency.

WP: Well, you got my attention. Why the hell is Bowker even associated with this team still?

Looks like the Twins have picked up two value village types to play SS and C/1B/RF/DH. I wanted the Phillies to sign both of them and stop the spending madness. If they'd picked up Carrol and Doumit, they could have focused on third base and the bullpen with lots of money left in the payroll.

The Twins are pretty good at developing players and getting good mileage out of cheaper signings. They really never have enough money in the budget for top notch starters. Imagine if the Phillies combined some of what the Twins do with position players with the gobs of money they are able to throw at top notch pitching. That would be a sustainable team with some room for error.

But here we are, living in the real world.

SLO, I'm not sure anyone really has the answer to that (afraid to swallow $400K?).

But one thing is for certain, even though I have NO IDEA how big a boon or bust Jiwan James could potentially be and even if he ends up sucking out loud, it won't stop me from bitc8ing about him being left unprotected if he goes somehow and Bowker remains. Just feels like the BL thing to do.

Schneider i say one thing the Phil could of waited i doubt any team would offered him a contract. Anyways on Carlos M he didnt have a bad 1st MLB year. The Dodgers if one thing usually have a eye for pitching. The verdict is still out on him.

I am pretty sure aksmith has been engaging in some sort of performance art the last couple of days. There is no universe in which the Phillies would not be substantially worse having Carroll and Doumit in their everyday lineup.

Iceman, I usually fly past your posts for obvious reasons. If I want to hear Rube's line, I'll just listen to Rube. However, in what world did I want Doumit to start anywhere? I proposed him as a bench player, being the third string catcher, first baseman and DH in interleague games (probably against lefty pitching when Thome wouldn't be the DH.)

Carrol would be competent as a cheap starting shortstop, but if the Phils sign a true starting shortstop, Carrol would be a really good utility guy to replace Minimart.

Is it performance art to pay 3 mil for one backup, another three mil per for a possible fall back position to Rollins, and have some money left over for third base, a left field upgrade and the pen?

Seriously, when you develop reading comprehension get back to me. Much easier to snipe when you don't read the post.

I'm watching, on CSN, a replay of a 2007 Phils-Mets game, and I'm reminded of a few things:
1. Geez, I miss Harry.
2. That 2007 lineup could flat-out bash.
3. Wheels was annoying back then, too.
4. Geoff frickin Geary

Cards added Chuckie Fick to 40 man roster. With a name like that I forsee him shutting down the Phils in the 9th inning of a game 6 in three years.

grandpa - I'm reversing the first consonant sounds of his names even as you write that post and thinking I used to know a few of those in college.

Incidently, kudos on your financial crisis metaphors. Brilliant work.

Bowker will not survive Spring training. He is the guy who gets dropped to pick up the waived journeyman relief pitcher acquired by Rube in late March.

In a way funny but true Andy.

Fuckie Chick patrolled my freshman dorm at the all-girls college after midnight.

aksmith seems like he got a bag of angry weed. It's not that bad. With all the openings this year, there's still plenty of spots for Amaro to F up on this roster. You'll forget about Schneider soon enough.

There is zero chance that Jiwan James will be drafted.

FWIW, color me baffled at all the love on various sites for Diekman. Yes, he's lefthanded and yes, he had a nice year at Reading. But he's a 30th rounder, had a 6.1 BB/9 in Double A last season and turns 25 in January.

Could he turn into a pretty good LOOGY? Sure, but he's got a lot more work to do.

clout - In my mind, the Phils have no plans to bring Diekman up this year (besides the semi-possible September call up since he's on the 40 now). I figure they know that they have very few in-house LH RP options, and that he could easily be picked up and stashed somewhere by a non-contender. If he bombs at AA he can go. IF he continues to post good numbers, it was a good call. But he's certainly worth protection more than some of the toolsy outfielders who have been protected in the past.

Andy: I totally agree. But there's been a lot of buzz about the heretofore unknown Diekman this off-season that I find unwarranted.

In fact, it reminds me of all the buzz during the 2009-10 off-season about how great the previously unknown BJ Rosenberg was. Now here we are 2 years later, BJ's off the roster and nary a peep is heard from those who clamored so loudly back then.

BTW, this is not a shot at BL posters, who really haven't said much at all about Diekman (but did gush about Rosenberg). The Diekman love has been on other blogs.

Yeah the 2007 Phillies might be my favourite team ever. That regular season was so out of control. That lineup was amazing. Jimmy hit 30 bombs! Burrell, Ryan, Chase, Werth, even Rowand and Vic were solid. I'll never be able to erase the scene of chase singling home Iguchi. Tad pops up and hugs Burrell then the camera cuts to Utley high kicking and punching the air. So good.

clout - Got it. I actually think a lot of the buzz is based on his amazingly small sample size performance in the AFL. I think it's great that we have a LOOGY "prospect." But Zagurski was a LOOGY "prospect" too.

For all you insomniacs and fans of 2-1 games, Chunichi beat Softbank this morning and the Japan Series is going 7. Game 7 will be at the Yahoo Dome in Fukuoka (Softbank Hawk's home) at some god awful hour sunday morning.
I'm rooting Hawks.

The 2007 team was my favorite as well. Obviously the teams the last few years have been better, but that team was just so much fun. Infuriatingly bad pitching, but they mashed, and they came back in so many games, and the September run to beat the Mets to get the first division title in 14 years was classic.

There have definitely been better teams since then, but I do think that team was the most fun team of my lifetime. Every game was wild.

Pretty unbelieveable that people would discuss Diekman on prospect sites, especially when the topic would be who'd be protected on the 40 man roster, and Diekman was one of the obvious targets. I think JW even suggested he'd be taken in the Rule 5. What "love"! Shocking!!

Actually, clout is going easy on Beerleaguer for once. There HAS been a fair amount of Diekman gushing here. I don't profess to understand it, given his advanced age and appalling walk ratio. But I do understand the logic of stashing him on the 40-man roster. The bar for LOOGYs is a lot lower than for outfielders or 1st basemen, so even a marginal LOOGY prospect is more likely to get taken in the Rule 5 than a toolsy outfielder (James), or a good, not great, power hitter with no defensive position (Rizzotti, Overbeck).

Agreed. Loved watching that game last night again. The '07 team was the most fun I ever had watching baseball. No lead was safe, no deficit was too large.

so they are willling to loose James but kept Bowker on the 40 man roster ?? Can anyone explain that for me ??

Clout - There was some BJ Rosenberg love, and it was semi-warranted. But then he got injured. He has not been the same since. That's just what happens to a lot of pitchers in the minors, but he had a good arm and probably would have been a reasonable major leaguer.

Diekman is a guy who I watched pitch one inning in the AFL. He's a guy with a good arm and sketchy control. Sometimes those don't figure it out and they're gone. But as you know, lefties sometimes figure it out late and become good loogys. That's the upside on Diekman and it's worth using a spot on the 40 man. Bowker is a joke in the 40. But Diekman is a worthwhile gamble, especially since Rube seems hesitant to pay a loogy from outside the organization.

64: I don't think the Phillies are saying they think Bowker is better than James. They're saying they think there's a better chance Bowker would get drafted than James would.

I agree with that.

I don't agree with that. Bowker has a limited ceiling. In fact, we've seen his ceiling and it's "sucks."

James is the kind of guy a team can store on its roster if they don't expect to go anywhere this year. Then they can put him back at AA after the season and let him progress normally and they'll have a fast fourth outfielder in a two or three years at almost no cost to them.

What team is going to put aside a roster spot for the entire season for Bowker? What's the reward there?

In reality, this conversation doesn't apply to James. He's is a toolsy athlete to be sure, but he's not the type of uberprospect worth taking in the rule 5 and wasting a year on. But Bowker? There is zero upside to keeping him on the roster.

One of the twittered stories about Madson is that the Phillies will not get anything for him due to the new CBA. That is some sh-t.

One of the twittered stories about Madson is that the Phillies will not get anything for him due to the new CBA. That is some sh-t.

The Phillies will, however, still lose a first round pick thanks to the Papelbon signing. Yup, that r00b is one shrewd GM ...

I read Phils would get a pick for Madson, but the signing team will not lose a pick.

And they will give up a pick for Papelbon! If he had waited a week they wouldn't have lost the pick!
Ruben blew it here. Stupid stupid move.

Yet another reason to dislike r00b's annoying penchant for setting the market too high, & too early. Here's a simple explanation:

New CBA Hurts Phils With Papelbon

How can the GM of a Major League ball club be so out of touch with the collective bargaining process of his own sport?

Rube is saving money.

Per MLB Trade Rumors, Clint Barmes has signed with the Pirates. The halfway-decent shortstop market is dwindling--either resign J-Roll, dammit, or go after Furcal, who's the only other outside option left. But Rube will probably wait till Furcal has gone to the Brewers (who are supposedly interested) and Rollins has signed elsewhere, and then go out and get Yuniesky Betancourt.

I have no doubt Rollins will be signed, for both too many tears & too much money. r00b is nothing if not consistent.

Edit: tears = years. Although both are appropriate.

A definite Freudian slip there, G-Town.

Rube couldn't wait 2 weeks to sign Papelbon?

What a fvcking idiot.

I'm usually not one to jump all over Ruben as I generally believe that they know much more about behind the scenes dealings than we do, but I'd really like to hear this explained. I can't imagine how he could justify this sort of unnecessary screw up.

I dont see how this cant be retroactive without being a total screw job by MLB. I mean, FA has started and has been open for a few weeks. Any change agreed upon should have been retroactive. Otherwise, its a total screw job by MLB and the MLBPA.

Still, Rube HAD to know this was coming down...and yet he still had to get "his" guy. Sounds kinda stupid on all sides.

The big winner in all this is Madson as he's now the premier reliever on the market AND whoever signs him doesnt forfeit a pick. He probably just upped his earnings by several million.

"In other words, because the Phillies quickly pounced on Jonathan Papelbon, the team still loses its first round pick. However, the Phillies won’t recoup another first rounder when Ryan Madson eventually signs elsewhere. Wonderful."

That's right up there with promoting your offensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Then said defensive coordinator uses a rookie safety to cover Larry Fitzgerald.

You'd think with 2 OL coaches on the roster, the Eagles would have been protection for'd think.

Wow, all the hatred for Rube. Hard to believe. Where is that coming from? After all, he's taken that world series winning team and . . . . nevermind.

When I criticize Rube for signing a stiff like Schneider again, everyone tells me I'm overreacting. Well, the Phillies don't draft well in the first round anyway, so just shut up about this snafu.

Wow, that really does feel good. I understand why every lamebrain on here feels the need to show everyone how smart they are, and brag on how smart Rube is.

And to think I put myself into “Beerleaguer Bankruptcy” because of a few off-hand remarks about my fellow “RAJ uber alles” posters. Now this:

New CBA Hurts Phils With Papelbon

This is beyond painful. Not only do long-term reliever contracts have a poor record of success (see this week’s SI mag), but we’ve been punked out of a draft pick because of the absence of due diligence?

Once again, I’d take a flyer on Tony Bastard as our ’12 closer before I’d give Papelbon an ‘effin dime. Nice job, RAJ.

Padres are putting Jason Bartlett on the trading block. Jason Bartlett anyone?

That is some bullshit, how can you change the rules of free agency after your are two weeks into it?!

Losing our 1st Draft choice is BS. The Phils should appeal this ASAP. Im sure RAJ is no idiot, if he would of known this after talking to Papelhead he would of just said your ours. We just have to wait 10 days to sign you.

This can't be correct. If it is, this deal will rank as the second biggest bonehead move by Amaro after the Cliff Lee trade to Seattle.

The budget just got a little tighter. Luxury tax stays the same, minimum raised to $480K. Thats a well deserved $66K raise for MM!

Im seen a Cubs thing going on in about a year. Where we have a high payroll with non-productive players. Ugh!

I liked the signing of Papelbon but now I'm not so sure. I mean it is tough to know that we are going to lose a first round pick over him and not get one back. The guy we drafted could turn out to be the key cog in us winning the World Series in 2020- considering we hit the lottery with him and he lives up to first round hype and progresses through the system quickly and grows at every level.

Of all the reasons to hate the Papelbon signing- the losing a draft pick is about the dumbest. First round draft picks are a crapshoot- as is every pick in the MLB draft. Not making a move on a guy because you didn't know draft compensation would've been dumb. Also, if you complained about the money involved, understand that without draft compensation the price for relievers probably goes up a few millions dollars. So the deal for Paps would've cost us more.

Also, if you are that in love with draft pick compensation- Rollins and Oswalt are still out there and able to garner us first round picks.

losing the draft pick isn't a big deal but losing it for no reason other than ruben wanted his guy now is stupid.

Was looking around at different Minor league sites, and this will be big years for at least 3 to four minor leaguers. The most notable ones are Trevor may of course. The the other three who could be with big club in year or two will be. Galvis, Valle, and the second basemen Cesar hernandez. And the always popular d brown. Some spots could be filled with this group. I will def be interested in spring training following these guys.

Why wouldn't something like draft pick compensation be retroactive in cases like this? That's a huge question for the union and MLB.

Either way, everyone on here screaming about RAJ when it comes to losing a draft pick for signing Papelbon needs to grow up. Unless you absolutely know that those choices will turn into future all stars, you have no basis for ripping the organization. The success rate for a first rounder in the MLB is the same as later round picks. That's just how it works. Some people just need more ammo to piss and moan about RAJ and use situations that they don't understand to do so.

Pretty amazing the draft pick compensation isn't retroactive to the start of the FA period.

It's not a good thing, but all sports to lose a 1st rd pick for something like this, baseball is the least worrisome. The bad part is, the Phils aren't likely to spend the extra $ later in the draft to overcompensate for losing the pick. But, of course, they can.

They're going to lose the 31st pick and gain a sandwich pick when Madson signs elsewhere. It's hardly the apocalypse to slide down a couple of spots.

"They're going to lose the 31st pick and gain a sandwich pick when Madson signs elsewhere. It's hardly the apocalypse to slide down a couple of spots."

But it is what is turning out to be a hallmark of Amaro's tenure. Act decisively early yet there are a ton of times his premature moves really ending up hurting the Phils.

Worst example was needlessly locking up Howard 3 months early and paying a premium of at least 10-15% (probably closer to 20%) of that contract to do so. One of the dumber moves by a GM the last few years (regardless of what you thought about the extension itself).

Lee trade and now the Papelbon signing are also prime examples of wearing acting with haste has really hurt this team.

Can people please stop acting like they know how the Howard contract extension will turn out?

Yes it is absolutely possible that it turns out to be a massive misstep. However, right now on November 20, 2011 we don't know that with the certainty some people like to think we do. There is no telling what numbers Howard will put up over the length of the contract and we have no idea how contracts will look in 5 years.

And because someone will say, "I didn't know we were unable to discuss contracts on here...." let me clarify. I'm not saying don't talk about the contract I'm saying stop using your vision of what the future will be as a rationale.

"Can people please stop acting like they know how the Howard contract extension will turn out?"

Please. You were on a roll with your 7:02 post, with which I mostly agreed. Don't turn around and undermine your credibility with a ridiculous statement like this. Is it too early to judge the Barry Zito deal? After all, he might return to old form and win the NL Cy Young Award in each of the next 3 years.

I mean, sure it's possible that, between the ages of 32 and 37, and after a serious injury, Howard could suddenly improve against LH pitching, learn to beat the shift and hit off-speed pitches, start hitting 45 homeruns per year again, and become the pillar of good health that he was when he was 27. But a sample size of 4 full years says that Howard's best days are behind him. A sample size of 2 full years says there are a good 8 to 10 better offensive 1st basemen in baseball, most of whom are younger than he is and 2 of whom are free agents right now.

If Howard were a FA right now, do you think any GM in his right mind would sign him to 5 years, $125M? Do you think any GM in his right mind would rather have Howard than Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols?

You were on a roll with your 7:02 post, with which I mostly agreed. Don't turn around and undermine your credibility with a ridiculous statement like this. Is it too early to judge the Barry Zito deal? After all, he might return to old form and win the NL Cy Young Award in each of the next 3 years.


BAP: Kind of a bad example here. We've seen a few years of the Zito contract. We know now that he would need to be absolutely lights out over the next three years to even come close to living up to the deal.
Again, I'm not saying the Howard contract is good or bad, I'm just asking for more tangible reasons than just what someone thinks will happen.

Never mind 31st pick to sandwich is a push. But they still threw away the 31st pick for no reason. Although if they go on to sign another type A non-reliever it is a push.

Ok, I've written 2 posts -- one last night & one right now -- on why the Phillies are actually happy about losing a first round pick. Neither post showed up. Do these posts trigger something in Beerleaguer's profanity" filter? I don't get it.

Trying again . . .

When it comes to losing draft picks, there is an "elephant in the room" which the Phillies' FO will never acknowledge. The elephant is that they would rather NOT have a first round pick than have one. This will be the 5th time in the last 8 years that they've been without a first round pick.

For all their big spending, the Phillies still allot a very small budget for the draft. Even late first round picks command big signing bonuses. For the same money that they must pay a first round pick, they could pay above slot for probably 3 to 4 middle or late round picks. Given the Phillies' penchant for drafting high-risk, high-reward players, the latter approach is, arguably, preferable. And, considering the track record of their last 8 first picks (Golson, Drabek, Cardenas, Savery, D'Arnaud, Hewitt, Biddle, Greene), one can see why they might consider a 1st round pick more of a liability than an asset.

I think Overbeck should have been protected. A mid-season promotion from AA ball to AAA didn't slow down his offensive protection one bit. Gillies shouldn't have been protected. He's had a Cocaine problem and he is always hurt.
Among players already on the 40 Man roster, it's probably time to let Scott Mathieson go. He's been an injury just waiting to happen for the last five years.

Ok, it made it this time. Don't know why the first 2 didn't.

BTW, my post is not a criticism; merely an observation/opinion. I do wish the Phillies would devote more money to the draft & I wish they'd get off this fascination with raw, toolsy prospects -- a philosophy which, to date, has produced exactly zero Phillies success stories. But given their philosopy, and the reality of their draft budget, I can kind of understand why they might regard first round picks as a liability -- which, I am absolutely convinced, is how they regard them.

Dennis: Overbeck's OPS dropped from .863 at Reading to .747 at LV. In what universe does a .116 point drop in OPS qualify as not slowing down a bit?

***Never mind 31st pick to sandwich is a push. But they still threw away the 31st pick for no reason. Although if they go on to sign another type A non-reliever it is a push.***

No, we lose the comp pick from whoever signed Madson so that pick could have been as low as #18 overall. I know this is tough to understand but there is a slight quality difference between #18 overall and potentially #45 (middle of the comp round).

The argument that our 1st round picks usually suck overall anyway is disingenuous at best since our current core group and WS title in 2008 was the direct result of fantastic 1st round drafting for several years in a row. Sure, a 1st round pick is a crapshoot but not having one is even worse. You should be annoyed that we've sucked at drafting in the 1st round AND that Rube couldn't wait 2 weeks to get "his" guys.

The apologists can continue their defense of Rube and the FO now.

Also, on another note, I look forward to a 2012 season where Cody Overbeck has apparently taken on Matt Rizzotti's role of "If only we gave him a shot, he'd save our offense" guy in the minors who isnt that good and whom every other team in baseball has at least 1 guy in AA/AAA just like him.

Rube may have screwed up in multiple ways with this wasted first round pick. The new CBA apparently has penalties for giving late round draft picks overslot bonuses. This has been the entire Phillies draft strategy for quite a while now. Draft someone in the first who will settle for slot money, then overspend on later tough signs. That may be a thing of the past by Tuesday, and Rube got caught with his pants down again.

I will never understand all the slurping that goes on for a guy who has an amazingly large budget and still struggles to stay under it with poor position free agent signings and vast overpays to certain players who shall remain nameless (Ryan Howard.)

Who is slurping Rube? People are so childish in that they can't see the middle ground between their ideas and another person's.

How is not having a first round pick terrible? The MLB draft is a complete crapshoot in the first round and it's not as if you are giving up getting an instant impact player by signing Papelbon. Often too there many times is not that big a quality difference between 18 and 45 because often guys slip out of the first round because of signability issues.

BAP: those 1st picks (not all 1st rd) actually don't look THAT bad. Probably similar to the luck of other teams.

I'd like to see them spend more money on the draft and in the Latin market, but I'm also comfortable with them signing free agents as well. Up until yesterday, there was the trade off to signing FA.

Yeah, the draft is a crapshoot....but its a lot harder to hit on a 1st round pick when you DONT have one.

***Often too there many times is not that big a quality difference between 18 and 45 because often guys slip out of the first round because of signability issues. ***

You understand, of course, that those issues are diminished with the new penalties for breaking slot.

Also, lots of times, drafts are very top heavy...especially at positions like C, SS, 3B (you know, the ones we need filled in our system) so those guys are gone by the 40th pick.

NEPP: If teams think they can't give guys money they want in the first round they still won't draft them.

If players (and their agents) realize that teams wont bust slot, their asking prices will likely drop down a bit too.

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