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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am sorry I phrased it like that. I meant to say lefty bats.

At this point I feel like the Phils are required by law somehow to bring in an arm that hasn't pitched in at least 2 years.

Elarton...let's see, he came up with Houston right, and had modust success with the Rox from what I remember. I am thinking of the right guy, aren't I (I guess I could just B-R him, but I'm too lazy to do that at the moment).

Okay, I checked...Elarton is the holder of a stellar 87 ERA+ over his career...blech!

If Sanches can get over the control yips that plagued him last year, he's an excellent pickup. If he looks good in spring training, he might bump David Herndon, who posted a good ERA last year but doesn't inspire much confidence. He's a veteran 7th-inning option if Contreras isn't ready and Stutes has to fill a setup role.

After reading that list of invitees, all I can say is: "WFC II!!"

i'm still not sure why bastardo isn't the one who'd be groomed for a setup role. I mean i get he's our "only lefty" but so what, go sign a loogy then. Bastardo stuff is too good to be stuck in the loogy role out of necessity. Not saying he won't have his stumbles(like september this year) but he's the only of the younger guys who IMO has the stuff to ice guys.

mm: I'm almost certain the Phils would use Bastardo as the setup man with the current roster.

Elarton is beyond a standard run of the mill reclamation project who gets non-tendered. Getting into 'Mad Max' territory.

I'm all in favor of reclamation projects, but only if there is some remotely plausible upside which we can hope to reclaim. Scott Elarton has none and, hence, does not even meet the very liberal criteria of a reclamation project. This is just pointless bottom-feeding, reminiscent of the Matt Anderson & Josh Fogg signings.

Sanches is definitely going to be in the mix come spring training and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he wins a bullpen spot with a strong spring.

Sounds like another case of RAJ making moves only for the purpose of angering the phan base.

This is where Beerleaguer thrives - the motley assortment of edge roster system moves that generate some interesting conversation.

Game threads still can be pretty good but I always appreciated knowing what AAA journeyman reliever that Phils had released/signed.

Am I the only one who finds it puzzling that the Giants exercised almost $8M worth of options on their 2 LOOGYs, only to turn around & try to trade one of them?

lorecore: i hope so too, but you never know with charlie =)

Sanches is a GREAT minor league deal. If the Phils want to let some of their younger arms get more time in Triple-A, then Sanches is a good guy to bide the time.

BAP - Because Sabean I guess figured that Sabean figures he can use one of them to help to get a bat but is there really that much that Ramirez will get in return?

How about Affeldt for Blanton straight up? Blanton is better than Zito...

Unlike most here, I don't think the fastball is the be-all, end-all. But Sanches hits 90 on the gun only if it's an extremely generous gun and the wind is at his back.

And for a guy who lives and dies with his command, the 4.7 BB/9 is scary.

That said, could he be worse than Durbin?

JD or Chad?


'Real Deal' was signed by the Barnstomers in Lancaster last summer if I recall correctly.

Wonder if 'Al's Tire and Repair' in Hazelton will sign him next for their Tues/Thurs night fastball softball team.

The Real Deal likes "T & A", not "T & R"...

Youngins and guys like Sanches are plenty enough to go into the season with as your last 4 guys in the pen. There is no one out there worth spending multimillions or multi years on that wont make a serious impact on remaining payroll(i.e another closer-type).

As a middle-innings veteran or as minor league insurance, Sanches will due just fine.


The Chicago Cubs signed outfielder David DeJesus to a two-year free-agent contract Wednesday, the team announced.

DeJesus will receive $4.25 million in 2012 and '13, and the team has a $6.5 million option for 2014, with a $1.5 million buyout.

Good signing by the Cubs.

Would Dejesus have been a good signing if the Phils had signed him?

No, but i'd be kicking the tires on marlon byrd now that they've signed dejesus.

aksmith: would have definately cemented Amaro's comments on keeping DOM in AAA for the year.

aksmith: Yes.

Just wondering. I agree that he would have been a good signing. I guess he wasn't expensive enough for Ruben.

Did you guys see this, they are taking write in nomination for the last player to be included on phillies mural in the city.

I'm sure it'll end up being Cliff Lee, but a part of me wants to vote for Matt Stairs.

mm- I just voted for By Saam . Just for old time's sake.

The only problem with DeJesus would have been trying to get him to take an overly long deal. From the looks of it, he only wanted a 2 year deal while Rube was likely offering 4-5 years with a higher AAV.

We need to start a Brunlett campaign.

Interesting it says room for one more, how am I supposed to pick between Alex Arias, Omar Daal, Joe Roa and Desi Relaford? Surely they can squeeze a few small icons of futility on there.

"Sabean figures he can use one of [the LOOGYs] to help to get a bat."

Seems to me that the $5M they paid to Affeldt would have landed them a much better bat than Jeremy Affeldt will ever land them.

I think Jason stark reads BL. He said don't be shocked if Ryan M elects to take arbitration. He noted that all the teams that are looking for closers are trying via trade. And don't want to pay all that cash for him.Hmmmmmmmm

Rube will be pissed if Madson will kill his budget.

bap, are you trying to imply that Jeremy Affeldt isn't worth $5 million a year? That's just crazy talk.

All this crazy talk about "Real Deal" found me unscrambling Elarton.

BAP - Probably although the market for decent middle relievers has climbed again this offseason. Broxton just got $4M. Affeldt is a little on the high end at $5M but he has been a good/very good reliever the last 4-5 years even if he isn't exactly a LOOGY killer.

Plus, it is a 1-year deal so you aren't stuck with a 3 yr/$12-15M reliever who isn't as effective anymore.

I was really surprised though that Sabean picked up both Ramirez and Affeldt's options though. I thought it would be just Ramirez ($2M) and that Sabean would let Affledt just walk.

I find it fascinating that the Rangers are trying to build 'super pen' by finding another elite bullpen arm since they already signed Nathan, have Adams and Uehara returning, and supposedly will resign Oliver.

I am still standing by my prediction that the Phils with either sign Reyes or Ramirez this offseason. It was funny how quickly Amaro came out and vigorously denied the Reyes sighting in Philly today.

If they do, you know it will be a crazy back loaded deal yet again for '12 that is heavily back loaded to '14 and '15.

I see Broxton & Affeldt as different animals. Broxton's recent performance has been terrible, but he's worth $4M for his big upside. Affeldt is a middle reliever/LOOGY and that's all he'll ever be. He was good last year but, like most middle relievers, he has been all over the map throughout his career. I'd much rather have the $5M in spending money. The Giants apparently feel the same way, since they're shopping him. But I find it puzzling that they thought of that only after they had exercised the option on his contract.

Let's put it this way: If RAJ exercised a $5M option on a middle reliever, then announced that he was trying to trade that same middle reliever, he would be absolutely pilloried on Beerleaguer -- and for good reason.




Here is a scenario:

Reyes at 6 yr/$100M or JRoll at 4 yrs/$52M

Reyes made $11M last year. No way a team can sign him and pay him less. I bet they could sign him though for $11M and then backload the hell out of a contract where he is making $20M in '16 or '17. It wouldn't blow out their budget either for next year at least if Reyes is at $11M or so.

Maybe structure a deal like $11M, $13M, $18M, $20M, $20M, $20M. This team is really built over the next 2 years and Amaro has already entered 'ridiculous' land with committing to just Howard/Lee/Papelbon. What's one more contract to take the total close to $80M for just 4 players in '14 and '15.

JRoll made $8.5M and will probably make close to $10M on a backloaded deal. Im aigne the Phils could structure a deal like $9M, $12M, $15M, $15M.

Is Reyes worth the extra cash to a longer deal? Would the fan base frown on a guy like Reyes and passing on JRoll? If they win it all, they won't care but what if Reyes has a rough first year here?

RAJ could sign Pujols, Reyes, Wilson and Buerhle, and he would be pillored on Beerleaguer.

FWIW, back-loaded deals provide no luxury tax benefit. The luxury tax computation uses AAV on multi-year contracts.

"RAJ could sign Pujols, Reyes, Wilson and Buerhle, and he would be pillored on Beerleaguer."

Damn right. What would that do for our chances in 2018?

My vote for last on the mural: Jim Konstanty.

After seeing Mathieson (he of the "just needs another chance" Hall of Fame) head overseas, I felt a pang of sadness.

I needed to see that the Phils are still committed to Goosewurst. Good on ya, Rube. Now let's get him up to the bigs!

The fact that Rube didn't jump in and sign JRoll to a lifetime contract with souped up escalator clauses for having a pulse and respiration with or without ventilated assist makes me think that maybe, just maybe, he isn't okay with giving him a four or five year contract at overpay dollars.

Too soon alt. Too late shcmart?

Bastardo just needs to go overseas to get his control back...what's that place in Papillion called again?

Devil's Island? (French Guiana)

Steve McQueen?

Great movie BTW.

Just old RAJ trying to find that Diamond in the rough again..Jeepers give it a rest RAJ

How long until pitchers and catchers report?

Last year it was Feb 13th...So probably right around there this year.

I agree with MG who said earlier that beerleaguer is great during offseason regarding minor moves and speculating on right/wrong moves.

every year during the season, a portion of gamechat posters will make comments like "who cares about the 25th man/aaa roster?" and they are largely met with the answer "basically the entire blog" since as JW points out - players like Brian Sanches orignally were the polarizing fuel for comments and discussion.

•Phillies officials tell’s Jayson Stark that they have no knowledge of Jose Reyes’ recent presence in Philadelphia. The team isn’t considering a $100MM contract or anything close to it for any free agent, including Reyes, Stark reports.

sure, i bet he was just in town to see the Liberty Bell and eat some cheesesteaks.

Interesting Tid-Bit:
The Phillies have now signed 2 pitchers this offseason to minor league contracts that have a "s" to end their name instead of the typical "z": Brian Sanches and Raul Valdes.

Conshy Matt: that's what I go to Philadelphia for, so it makes sense...actually I go to Philadelphia to eat Morimoto sushi and see the art museum, but Reyes seems like more of a man of the people, so it's probably cheese steaks and Liberty Bell for him.

in re: Papillon

I read the book before seeing the movie. It gives a new meaning to "having a 'plan'."

Jbird - if you want Morimoto quality sushi at half (1/3?) the price, head out to Plymouth Meeting to BluFin. every year it ranks higher in food quality than Morimoto (Zagat and Philly Mag), and i can attest that it is truly spectacular. unfortunately, there are no good museums in the area :)

Conshy: but there is an ikea!. . . thanks for the tip, though the only time I'm over that way is when I'm visiting my grandmother in Ambler.

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