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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


ANDY TRACY! This is already the best off season ever!

Signing an experienced closer will be MUCH easier and cheaper than finding a legitimate SS to replace Rollins. Let Madson test the market if he really wants to; the market is flooded and will push down contract values for all of them. At SS, it's not nearly the case...Reyes represents the first tier, then a big drop-off to Rollins in the next tier, then a chasm to everyone else. It sounds like JRoll is planning on leveraging this, Amaro knows it, and is preparing the fanbase for his departure.

Need a closer more than a shortstop? Are you kidding me? I've always thought the closer's role was over-emphasized, but how can you say a closer is more important than a shortstop in Philly? Or anywhere for that matter.

So I guess there won't be an offer for Jimmy before tommorrow after all is he expected. I'm split on whter to bring him back. Galvis is not ready. Period. Furcal is older than Jimmy. I have no problem with the Phils wanting to replace Jimmy, But I don't a godd pick it SS with no stick. We already have that. Alex Gonzalez to me is the guy I'd target.

Congrats to Polly on the Golve Glove.

Don't call it a Closer, if it helps. Call it a bullpen stud. This team badly needs a Madson-esque bullpen stud or two.

When you mention the names that you do in that last paragraph, "prospects" belongs in parentheses, just like that.

See? We always knew Polanco was a better fielding 3B than Zimmerman.

Offer Jimmy arb. Get some picks or a one year deal. If he takes it, Galvis gets a year of AAA; if he walks sign some dude and Galvis gets a year anyway.

We got to Game 6 of the World Series in '09 with the worst closer in baseball. Not sure that's my priority.

If those guys are prospects this team is in major trouble!

No way Jimmy accepts Arb, so I'm sure they'll offer. Same with Madson. The only real question is with Oswalt, as he might accept and I'm sure the Phils aren't interested in paying him the 8 figure salary he's likely receive.

Question for BL: since the deadline to offer arbitration is Nov. 23rd but FA opens tomorrow, if a player signs with another team prior to being offered arbitration is the draft pick compensation still awarded?

Need a Closer more than a SS? Are these people crazy?

Unless they figure that Galvis is ready to go or J-Roll is a definite re-sign. As per my post on the last thread, I'm all for Galvis getting the nod if they can't re-sign Rollins.

But, there are more pressing needs than a Closer (one of the more overrated, LaRussa-created positions in baseball).

Siulman Lebron? Good thing they waived him before he became a hero in town and then held a TV show to announce his decision to leave.

I hope the Phils can sign both Madson and JRoll. For most teams, the shortstop is a good field, no hit 8th hole hitter. I don't want that for next year. With the deep reliever pool, Madson can probably be signed for a reasonable approximation of what he is worth. JRoll will be overpaid no matter who signs him.

So much for being a 'pitcher's park' anymore:

"Come Opening Day, the Mets will play in a ballpark that should have much friendlier dimensions. Monday, the club announced that it will move in the outfield fences across the field. Additionally, the 16-foot high left-field wall will be moved in 12 feet, lowered to eight feet and painted blue instead of black.

The fence will come in 11 feet in right field in front of the bullpens and some of the quirky configurations in right will be smoothed out. In all, the playing surface will decrease by two percent, according to reports, with an additional 140 seats installed with all the new space."

CitiField won't be a hitter's park next year but i imagine that they will have at least a 10-15% jump in HRs at least.

The comment on SS being a lesser need is an outright boldfaced lie that surely no one is going to swallow. The fact that this would even be intimated leads me to believe that JRoll's extension is essentially in the bag, or that they're trying to diminish the role of a SS under the premise that next year's starting SS is going to suck out loud. I'm hoping for the former.

Who, in their right mind, believes that a pitcher who logs 60-70 innings a year and pitches every other day for an inning or so is more important than a critical defensive position (for all 9 innings every day) and 4-5 AB's/game?

of course Shortstop is more important than closer. Way more worried about it too, because the market is thin. If it's not going to be Jimmy or Jose (and I really don't see Reyes coming to Philly, but I could be wrong), I hope they have a plan to trade for someone young and good. Asdrubal Cabrera? Erik Aybar?

For the record, after seeing Papelbon combust at the end of the season I'd rather not see him taken up by us.

In other news, I wonder if other teams will be thinking along the same lines re: Oswalt, allowing us to resign him at a discount:

3 months and 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report.

Siulman Lebron? Good thing they waived him before he became a hero in town and then held a TV show to announce his decision to leave.

...and become the lead singer of Duran Duran.

As per the Tweet stuff, Cardinals have asked for permission to interview Sandberg.

Oh, and Lenny Dykstra is going to fight Jose Canseco. Guess they're fighting for the Juice Belt.

This offense is too weak to accept a non hitting shortstop a stopgap or whatever folk call it. Jimmy is the best answer for the time been sign the guy for now. Get Galvis up here next year, start giving him MLB exp then perhaps you can trade J-Roll the following year if Galvis shows he can hit MLB pitching. Let Madson walk if he wants to I like Madson but if he wants a Lidge contract no way.

Ryne to Cards. Pete to Sox. Welcome back Bowa. Or maybe they talk Schmidt into sitting on the bench next to Chollie.

Blanco turns down his option:

Blanco turned down his $1.15M end of a mutual option with the DBacks. I have to wonder how much more he thinks he will get on the FA market. Max $1.5M is what I would have to think for a 40-year old backup catcher.

So much for Sandberg ever taking over...


If they let Jimmy walk, I'd strongly expect Amaro to make a bold move at 3B or LF.

Epstein Fired Quade today. Will be VERY surprised if Sandberg isn't the new manager.

I would give Jimmy Rollins 9 million this year, 9 million next year and 9 million the year after that.

RE: CitiField -- I guess we'll call that the Wall that David Wright built.

I look forward to Mayberry dumping 6 or 7 homers next year in the left field stands.

Re: mm

Per Olney, Epstein told Sandberg he is not a candidate for the job. Cubs want Major League managing experience.

Looks like the Nationals can't control their Wang.

Someone asked on the last thread but the reason people mention Sandberg a lot is because many people in baseball have pegged him to be the managerial type as far back as his playing days. He has done a pretty good job everywhere he has gone and even got a playoff season out of the Ironpigs this year for us.

The one guy I don't want to see back is Bowa. People remember that his style did not mesh with the players right? I'd rather see someone new given a shot rather than a rerun of something that didn't work already.

Rube should have called Sandberg the moment this happened and told him he was bench coach if he wants it with the understanding he'd be manager in a year or so.

NEPP, even still, that would be a hard proposition to consider when weighed against taking the helm of the reigning World Champs right now, with a pretty solid foundation (assuming Pujols is in the plan).

Basically, I couldn't fault the guy one bit for splitting to "Baseball Heaven."

I couldn't either...major league manager for a top team? Cant blame him if he takes it...which he 99% will.

I'd imagine Ryne's first questions of the Cards will be:

1. Are you resigning Pujols?
2. Are you exercising Carpenter and Wainwright's options?
3. How much do you plan to spend in the next few years?

If I was a manager or player, I'd much rather manage or coach in St. Louis than any northeastern baseball city.

The fans and media in St. Louis are more friendly than in the northeast. And every little thing is not overblown.

See? We always knew Polanco was a better fielding 3B than Zimmerman.

GG voters not impressed by Zimmerman imitating Kent Tekulve while throwing across the diamond.

Proefrock to interview for the O's GM gig tomorrow. Seems like a thankless job, but I guess that it would technically be a promotion.

NEPP - the "how much do you plan to spend" question is the big one, IMO. St. Louis insists on acting like a mid-market team, and for all I know that might be accurate. But if they're going to stick to the roughly 100 million dollar payroll model they've been using it's going to be difficult to be competitive while keeping Pujols and carrying the salaries of Carp, Wainwright, Holliday, and Berkman as well. That leaves next to nothing in wiggle room.

My guess: Phils know a good SS is more key than an equivalent closer so they end up with J-Roll. He'll realize he's not going to get a huge salary with a 5 year contract, and that if he leaves the Phils, he's less likely to go deep in the playoffs than if he stays put and takes less years on his contract.

At the same time, the Phils know the market for premium shortstops is thin; and they have one right here who is well liked by the fan base, plays hard, is still contributing, and can be a popular bridge to the successor, be it Galvis or someone else. They'll meet in the middle somewhere but pay more than we BL savants would like. However, it will take care of a huge question mark with one deal.

Who knows, but that's my 2 cents after some baseball talk fueled by beer with friends from all over the US tonight (at a business convention). BTW, Red Sox fans don't have much sympathy for Phils fans right now, they have their own definition of misery right now, as might be expected.

The first words I heard this AM on the elevator at 7:00 AM from a buddy from St. Louis: "Sorry about how things worked out this year."

“We are pleased to name Rory McIlroy as our inaugural Player of the Year,” said David Clarke, Editor of Golf Magazine. “Americans have embraced this young Northern Irishman, taking him into their hearts not just out of admiration for his amazing talent, but also for the grace he has shown in victory and defeat, his generosity of time with fans, and his commitments to causes beyond golf.”

When you mention the names that you do in that last paragraph, "prospects" belongs in parentheses, just like that.

I found this rather funny.

Don't bet on hometown discount for free agent Phils

My first thought when I saw this headline was "No sh##, Sherlock". Both these guys are looking for max payday, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Yeah. Edmundo. Mispoke. But still.

quotations → parentheses ≈ Prospects → "some dudes"

Does anyone know of a website running a free agent 'tracker' listing all the guys that have filed and will be updated as they sign? used to have one, but it either isn't up yet or they aren't doing it anymore.

Also, can Aramis Ramirez play LF when Howard comes back from injury?

Four years ago, a few months before the Phillies and Madson came to terms on a 3-year, $12 million contract, Boras publicly compared his client to a young Mariano Rivera. Well, as we head into another offseason, only two relievers in the game have logged at least 50 innings and an ERA under 3.30 in each of the last five seasons. Madson is one. Rivera is the other.

Read more:
Watch sports videos you won't find anywhere else

I hate spending so much money on closers. Most of them are far from a sure thing. Hell, Madson only has 1 successful season of closing to his name and all of a sudden he is elite and looking for $10M per year. Crazy!

I want Madson back, he's my first choice, but not on a ridiculous contract.

What about signing 3 relievers with closing experience for the price of 1 "elite" closer.

Frank Francisco- 2 yr/$6M, Matt Capps 2 yr/$5M, and Joe Nathan 2 yr/$10M. Not as good as Madson, but it really bolsters the bullpen and you've got backups when eventual injuries arise. Not sure if this is possible, but it is creative thinking.

GM, remember the last reliever with closing experience gotten on a similar contract? I shudder ...

Andy, I came across harsher than I meant to. I've been crazed at work the last couple of weeks and have been making those kind of mistakes (and a couple worse), so it kind of struck a chord with my current state.

Carson: A few weeks back, I suggested the exact same idea as you. But, in a market where the Giants just signed two LOOGYs for $4.5 and $5M per year, I don't think you're going to get any relievers with closing experience at the kinds of prices you're proposing. You definitely won't get Francisco at that price.

Nonetheless, I still like the idea of signing 2 to 3 relievers for the money we'd otherwise pay Madson. I don't much care about closing experience. I just care that they're good.

Affeldt and Javier Lopez were on options though. That doesn't necessarily mean that's what they'd get on the open market, because I doubt either would get that much per season.

There is a reason closers are constantly changing all over baseball, because they are fluky. It is very rare for a reliever to sustain a "guaranteed" level of success, which is essentially what you're paying for when you dole out large sums of money to these closers.

I like having someone to rely on at the backend of the bullpen, but paying a closer more than a starting shortstop or starting pithcer is ludicrous!

I am cool with the closer by committee thing. We would most likely end up like that sooner or later due to injury anyway. My only concern would be UC handling all those moving parts and his love of riding one horse until the legs fall off.

Affeldt was on an option but I don't think Lopez was. Why on earth would any team pay Jeremy Affeldt $5M? That's just nuts.

Re: Oswalt and arbitration - does the whole arbitration/draft pick process apply when a team (or player for that matter) declines an option?

Yeah, you're right. Lopez was just re-signed. Damn, that's a lot of money for somebody that's not even setup man.

Slow start to the off season when our rumors are mostly about a bench coach and a AAA manager.

JW- Time to get our logo guy up from flat off his back ?

I really want Madson and Rollins back- it's hard , as a fan, to lose our career-long players. Don't know if the business side of the game will support that wish though.

andersog, no, we can't offer Oswalt arb because of the declined option.

Tito only wants to interview at St.Lou if they can bring Rolen back.

Yo, new thread

Next up on the corporate agenda is a performance from amateur comics looking to score a deal with Comedy Central Records. One of the net’s core initiatives is developing talent, said Leingang, and the Retreat should attract a slew of new hopefuls. “Our relationship with the comedy community is strengthened by giving comics a place to work out new material, develop a show idea in a live setting as well as scouting up-and-coming new voices.''

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