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Friday, November 04, 2011


I think I just came.


He should pinch-hit in almost every game.

I'm not sure what to expect out of him in 2012, but I am sure as hell glad to have him back on the Phils.


Can we trade Howard for Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd?


In case anyone was curious:

2011 OPS
Thome: .838
Howard: .835

2011 OPS+
Thome: 131
Howard: 125

2011 vs LHP

Thome: .872 OPS, 5 HR in 91 PA
Howard: .634 OPS, 3 HR in 185 PA


Its only been 15 years since Thome started at 3B...he should take some reps there in Winter Ball.

So, Thome/Mayberry is our 1B Platoon then?

can't wait til pitchers and catchers report!

*NEPP* In order to do the deal for Gio and Floyd we would have to throw in Garcia and 10 million, pending his physical papers, that we are trying to find still.

Love the signing, he is a profesional hitter, he won't go down swinging on 3 pitches against a lefty! 25 Million vs 1.25 million hmmm i prefer the ladder.

no more fucking gload !!!!!!!!

In a related story, Ross Gload is scheduled to take a fishing trip with Fredo and Clemenza.

Do the Phillies think he can still play defense? I'd actually like this deal even more if it included a follow-up trade of Ryan Howard and his gargantuan contract.

Rube "Alrgiht Jim, can we get you here with a 3 year deal?"
Thome "Rube, I really don't know if I want to play that long."
Rube "Ok. 2 and an option!"
Thome "Um I really think this might be my last year and I haven't played first in 5 years."
Rube "No option?"
Thome "I am retiring after this season!!"
Rube "You drive a hard bargain Jim/ 1 year it is."

***Do the Phillies think he can still play defense?***

Even if he just replaces Gload, I'm good with it.

He cant be any worse in the field than Gload last year.

yes, MaDubbs, Jim Thome, in his entire career, has never struck out on three pitches

The hot stove has begun! Might be time to pick our BL logo dude up off his arse.

On this topic- always good to have Jim Thome in the organization. He is a solid guy and he should bring a nice professional approach when he is moved into pinch hitting duty once Howard comes back.

From the last thread- Some people have complained that too many on here overhype guys in the Phillies system because they are Phillies. There is something to be said for that.

However, it is also true that too many on here stupidly--STUPIDLY-- declare people's careers over or stalled before it even gets a chance to get some traction.

Dom Brown has had 280 plate appearances in the majors and has posted an 88 OPS+. It's not stellar but for a guy still learning to adjust to pitchers at that level it is a start. Yes his defense lacks quite a bit but here's a secret for you- if he can get himself up to a 115-120 OPS+ consistently his defense will be overlooked to some degree. Even the much maligned Raul Ibanez just got done posting a 111 OPS+ for us and earned 33 million dollars for it. In left field, below average to average defense can be tolerated based on how ones bat fairs. Ryan Braun is statistically a pretty bad defensive left fielder and do you think the Brewers give a damn about that when the guy is putting up a career 145 OPS+?

On Freddy Galvis: He did this year what you want your prospects to do. His glove is ready for the majors but the glaring hole for him was his offensive output. This year he picked that up quite a bit. He went from a .233/.276/.311/.586 slash line in 2010 to a .273/.326/.400/.727 slash line in 2011 at Reading and was on pace to up his walk total before they moved him up. Then he went to Triple A and went .298/.315/.364/.678.

Clearly you need another year to see a trend developing but it certainly seems like he had a breakthrough of some kind this past year. He may not be ready to start in April but to say he has shown nothing is pretty stupid considering the year he just had. Plus he is only entering his age 22 season. He is right about where he should be at this point. Give him a chance before shoveling dirt on him.

Might as well start pumping him full of PED's. By the time the suspension comes around Howard should be back.

These last 5 years have been nuts.

That is right R, thank you for the stating the obvious. Slider outside, Change up in the dirt, Slider outside = 1 out. That is the method to get Howard out, damn wonder why I am not a Phillies scout, probably because Thome has never struck out on 3 pitches his entire career *Sarcasm*

Im officially out of my Phillies rut. Who's next?

If this doesn't bring CJ and Fattalotti back, weight need to go after Reyes.

Ugh, "weight"="we might"

Is Abreu available?

wish we'd gotten him at the trade deadline instead of waiting till now.

Now we just need to sign Pujols to play 3rd, Fielder to play shortstop and we will have the greatest lineup evah.

He hadn't hit 600 HRs by the deadline so the Twins weren't trading him...and he was blocked by the Indians at the waiver deadline.

Let's not be too ridiculous. Fielder projects better in LF than SS.

We still need Reyes.

Good signing. 1b is not the mecca of defensive positions. Thome should handle it fine, and is the best bet for us until Howard is back. (and we have a great bench hitter when Howard is back then) Also allows us to not rush Howard back.

Why not a picture like this?

TTI: Well said on Brown and Galvis. I'm a Galvis hitting skeptic, and think he should play a full year in AAA, but it makes me cringe a little when people come out with the "no shot in hell he can hit" stuff.

This team is probably prematurely old, and riddled with infield injuries. I could care less about a 41 YO DH even if he sports a 2011 OPS of .838.

Think about it. Isn't Jim Thome a long-term DH? Do they have the DH in the NL? Won't Thome be on the fast track to the DL with a hammy if he plays for more that 3 games at 1B?

Geesh. Save the dough, RAJ and pray for a (durable) ongoing breakout season by Mayberry. Thank god were locked in for no more than $1.25mm. The conundrum continues.

This is a great move on many levels. One that hasn't been noted. A true clubhouse leader and now that Jimmy is going to be gone. Gentle Jim will walk in clubhouse and get respect, and maybe help Dom out. Another set of eyes and mind to pick never a bad option. ESP if he's a future HOF

Soooooo....who hits more home runs next year, Thome or Howard?

I'm really happy about this. Even let out a loud WOOO!

He is a good guy. I know most were excited when he decided to take a big pile of cash to come over and provide big bombs to get people ready to invest in the new park. But when I did some work with some non-profits the guy always offered to help out.
A friend from Citizens called me after the season (04) and said there was a rumor that Thome volunteered to come back to help do some promo stuff for a food drive. I showed up at the food bank, lo and behold, he flew himself back from his winter place, refused a limo, rented a car and drove himself down and (busted thumb? and all). He helped a bunch of Ballpark Bankers unload frozen turkeys off a truck. No TV or coverage just some local bank people taking pics, hugs and handshakes all around. Then he posed for some food bank people for personal photos. Just a nice guy.

cut_fastball: You're not a happy guy are you? Stick to the Victory at Sea documentaries, and you'll be happy.

If this team needs Thome as a "leader" with Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley in the house, Chollie is in big, big trouble. On the other hand, Thome begat Manual in Philadelphia, no?

Maybe RAJ threw Charlie a bone in his last season. Who knows? Charles Fuqua Manual goes down with his own guns a blazing?

Great guy. Great LH bat off the bench.

However ... an everyday 1B??? Does anyone really believe that the guy can still make plays at 1B?? I'll believe it when I see it.

According to David Murphy, Thome has played 28 innings in the field since being traded in 2005.

Would rather see Mayberry Jr. at 1B and sign a LF - obviously Cuddyer being a desirable choice.

Honestly, a little bit odd.

Some of y'all take the J out of Joy...

This just in Jose Mesa, Manny, Albert Belle and Nagy and Juan Gon are all camping out outside RAJ door.

Thome is a clear upgrade over Gload as the Phils left-handed PH, and he gives the Phils an excellent DH in half the inter-league games and the WS. That's less than 100 regular-season PAs.

I am highly dubious about Thome's ability to play 1B. If he were able to play 1B once a week and add another 100 PAs, Thome would be giving the Phils more than we should expect. If Thome miraculously were to be able to play 1B twice a week, then he and Mayberry should be able to fill the 1B void adequately next season.

I think the Phils still will need another power bat off the bench. I like Andruw Jones.

Hoping we get schmidt and sarge back - the older the better

Phillies braintrust at the cemetary now looking for some more good signings

Meh, im just mildly excited can this guy still field any? What happened to so called youth movement? Seems like Rube is hell bent on bringing the oldest players he can find. On another im surprised this hasnt turned into a thread on who we can sign and for how much and how many years yet....

Not surprised Amaro made this move at all. Phils needed some power off the bench/cheap stop-gap who was LH to provide some power. Thome gives them both at a modest price ($1.25M).

Just have no idea how regularly he can play at 1B anymore or stay off the DL. Especially hard to carry a guy on an NL roster who really can't play in the field anymore.

Move looks more like a move to replace Gload as the primary power threat off the bench. Amaro tried to get Thome/Giambi last year without any success late.

Gload started a whopping 26 games here total in 2 years (15 in '10 and '11 in '11). Of his 254 ABs in a Phils' uniform, over 55% of them (140 total) were as a PH.

He was really just a PH here with moderate results overall:

2010: 15-66 with 3 HRs and a line of .227/.271/.409

2011: 18-74 with 0 HRs and a line of .243/.263/.311

Thome as a PH the last 2 years (quite limited as being a DH in the AL):

2010: 8-27 with 1 HRs and a line of .280/.400/.560

2011: 3-13 with 0 HRs and a line of .231/.333/.308

Thome probably is an upgrade over Gload as a late-inning PH. He will certainly BB a bit more in those spots. Also will bring a power threat to the plate which Gload didn't have last year due to his hip injury.

He's also cheaper ($1.25M) than Gload was last year ($1.6M).

Its not a bad move as long as Thome can stay healthy enough to give them ~200 ABs or so.

Thome's a nice late inning pinch hitter. But he's got a chronically bad back and he's a bit overweight, so I really doubt that he's the answer at first base. If he plays more than an inning or two there it will be a major upset.

Once Giambi exercised his option with the Rockies, I think Thome was a distant second as a backup plan.

Great guy. Great teammate. Hall of Famer, for sure. Hopefully, he can stay healthy.

And this time they didn't even need the electricians' union to recruit him!

Let's bring back David Bell for our 3B too!

In all seriousness, I do like the signing of Thome. He can fill in at 1B while Howard is healing, and be a good pinch hitter off the bench.

Luis - When you talk about a team's age, what's most important is the age of the regular position players, the starting pitchers and maybe the top reliever. The age of the bench guys and most of the bullpen is not very important. Thome's addition is just a short-term move.

MG - For Thome to get 200 ABs, he will have to play some first base.

Luis - The advantage of having very old guys on the bench and very young guys in the bullpen is that they are very cheap.

MLBTR says the Phillies are going hard after Cuddyer and having Thome could help the cause. I like Cuddyer but are the Phillies going to have to play stop gap with guys in their mid 30s forever? Will they ever produce a Howard, Utley, Hamels and Rollins class of guys relatively close in age again?

All we need now is to sign Milton Bradley and for him to come in to declare it a "Dream Team"...

Nice to see Thome back in Philly. Just hope he doesn't pull a hammy getting out of his car on day one.

MLB Trade Rumors just posted that the Phillies are in "Serious Pursuit" of Michael Cuddyer.

Cuddyer can pitch too! 0.00 career ERA.

Ahem ...

Now what was I saying about Cuddyer??

... yes, yes, what can I say? It's a gift.

Of course he's not signed yet, but still ...

Yo, new thread

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