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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Some of the more enlightened BLers could answer this nagging question I have, in reference to arbitation offers:

You have a type A FA, arb-eligible, who is slated to earn say, $4 million. You think it's too much, aren't willing to pay it, but the guy wants to stay in (insert city name here), so you know he'll accept arbitration. I assume a rule exists that stops a team from saying "We'll offer you $2 million, knowing you'll decline it, just to accept the compensatory draft picks" but I don't know. Does a rule such as this exist? My go-to reference for all things everything, Wikipedia, has failed me, and I turn humbly to you.

Ishmael - if a team offers arbitration and the FA accepts that's pretty much all there is to it. This is the reason the Phils, for instance, never offered arbitration to Burrell, and why they won't offer it to a guy like Ibanez.

To clarify, the arbitration number is determined by the arbiter...the team presents their number along with the arguments for it, the player's agent offers their number with the argument in favor, and the arbiter picks 1 or the other. No middle ground...

Ishmael: why would the player do that? Being offered arbitration for a Type A player currently costs the new team a draft pick and is seen as a disincentive to sign such a player and would drive his salary down, most likely, for the new team. Plus arbitration is binding so the player might as well accept knowing he'll get a raise in the process. This is why Roy Oswalt will not be offered arbitration even though he is a Type A FA.

I say we send Charlie to the Red Sox for Jed Lowrie, promote Sandberg to manager, Pete Mackanin can stay where he's at.

I would assume if Pete left Ryne would take over as bench coach? I have no idea if Sandberg only aspires to be in the majors and would happily accept his role as bench coach, or wants to be a manager and will continue to do so in Lehigh Valley until he gets the opportunity at the MLB level.

In re: the last post (gold glove finalists)
Any list that has Polanco and Fat Panda as two of the top fielding 3B in the league is (um, what's a kind way to put this; right) kinda flawed. Polanco may have had a nice high UZR, but that's more an indication of the inadequecies of defensive metrics than his being a better fielder than people like, say, Zimmerman and Rolen.

In re: this thread
Let him go if Petey wants out badly enough to say stupid things like "I'm both players' [which two players incidently, does he mean?] manager and disciplinarian."

I think he meant to say is "I manage to be a player and a dominatrix." Kick'em to the curb and let Ryne be the bench coach for a year.

Ishamel: Yeah, it's what Chris says. Making an offer to a player is not enough to entitle you to compensatory picks if he signs elsewhere. You have to offer him arbitration -- meaning that, if the player accepts, the team will have to pay whatever number the arbitrator picks. That was why the Phillies didn't offer arbitration to Burrell & Moyer a few years ago; they knew there was a good chance they'd accept & that, if they did, the Phillies would probably be on the hook for more money than they cared to pay for these players.

I know this is just a computer glitch but it's kinda funny in an ironic way.

I clicked on the link on the right that says, "What to Expect from the Phillies in Free Agency". I was directed to an article page where that's the title, but there was absolutely no text below it. It might be the truest thing ever "written."

Actually, given that MLB is planning to mess with the draft systemj this year, trying to institute harder slotting, iirc, it might be a good thing to try to get more high draft picks, since they may make it harder to bust slot on HS guys later on in the draft. Off arb to Oz. Really, if his back recovers he'll still be a better 4 or 5 than any other team has.

Please, please, please go to Boston, Pete. A regime change needs to happen. If Pete leave Sandberg gets promoted and takes over for Charlie mid-season.

A boy can dream, can't he?

Pete Mackanin had even less to do with the Phillies lack of hitting than Milt Thompson did. That said, I hope he gets the job. Sandberg brings a lot to the table and could very well be this team's future manager if we can retain his services this winter. A big league coaching job might go a long way in making sure he stays.


Is there any objective criteria whatsoever that suggests he'd be the slightest bit better than any other possible candidate?

Sandberg will always be the HOF player that got away, and because of that many Phils fans want him back to redeem in some way, his being traded away before he could've had the HOF career here as a Phil.

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