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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I think they need to figure out right now if they can lock Cole up long term or if he plans to explore FA options for the sake of leaving for another team next year. The draft picks won't cut it when he is gone. He is very good, young and needs to be part of the nucleus.

Why are we offering Francisco Arb?

You made my crummy browser load up that Salisbury article with all of its pop-up ads. You could have just told me that they were offering those three schmucks arbitration.

But seriously though, I think it's a good call in all cases but Francisco. There has to be a better and more versatile RH bat available for the money. At the moment, Kendrick and Valdez seem utterly indispensable, and that's scary.

Francisco is an abomination both at the plate & in in the field. That r00b would even consider bringing him back is beyond comprehension.

This is why the Phils offered Francisco arbitration:

If a mediocre veteran like Rivera can get $4.5M, then I don't mind seeing Francisco back at ~$1.5M or so. Phils simply won't get anyone better on the FA market for a similar or lesser amount.

This is Francisco's career numbers in Philly:

.259/.332/.420 (.752 OPS) with 17 HRs in 526 Abs. Puts him right at 101+ OPS.

He's only going to be 30 this year, hasn't been on the DL, and if he is the Phils' 5th OF who ends up getting 200-250 ABs, it's worth offering him arbitration and bringing him back at around $1.5M or so.

Team is close to re-signing Schneider. So, uh, I guess we solved the backup catcher problem?

More importantly, the team had gotten younger with Papelbon and a rookie taking Lidge and Madsons place, presumably, on the roster. Thus, bringing back Schneider was a big move in ensuring that we remained the oldest team in baseball by a wide margin. When you look at it that way, it's a great move.

Really hope they're pulling a "Madson" with this imminent Schneider deal.

If Francisco is coming back, and the Phillies are still looking for a left fielder, I guess the Phillies are set on giving Brown a full year at AAA. That may not be a bad idea.

If you think Francisco is an abomination at the plate, you have very high standards for 5th outfielders. No arguments from me about his fielding.

Signing Schneider seems dumb, I'd rather just go with Kratz and save a few hundred thousand, but maybe they see something in Schneider that we don't, who knows? Intangibles are over-sold in general (I don't think Ryan Howard's intangibles justify paying him many millions of dollars more than he's worth), but could Schneider's intangibles over Kratz be worth $600K? I don't know, maybe.

RAJ is always good for one totally bizarre move per off-season -- like Juan Castro in 2010 and Mini-Mart last year. But re-signing Brian Schneider, if it actually happens, might well be his most bizarre move yet.

My buddy is Schneider's neighbor I know for a fact his family had a pretty rough year this past year. I wish him the best if he's here or moves on

You got to be fracking kidding if they resign Schneider. Like for real seriously, why would they resign him.

"Jim Salisbury caught up with Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. today at the GM Meetings in Orlando, Fla" -- neat trick, since they're actually in Milwaukee.

As for Schneider, terrible hitter, but they must like the way he handles the staff, which is just as important. I don't put a lot of stock in this but the Phillies were 27-8 in the games he started.

IMHO, the way a catcher handles the staff is _MORE_ important than how they hit. If Schneider could do both, he' be a starter somewhere.

On the Amaro interview: Did you see that smirk he was holding back when he said "we've had discussions with other clubs, but nothing real imminent"? He's sitting on something. If I was playing poker with him I'd think he just made his inside straight.

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