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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Only if Carpenter was a lefty.

I see Ibanez having a big game in what could be his last ML game.

Every time Mayberry is in the starting lineup I think there is logic to it.

But this might be Raul's last game in a Phillie uniform. Couple that with Manuel's love for him, and I think there's a better chance of Kyle Kendrick starting Game 5 on the mound than Mayberry starting in LF.

Kane Kalas is on for the anthem with Lauren Hart doing God Bless America. We got this.
Posted by: AL | Thursday, October 06, 2011 at 09:35 PM

Perhaps they can offer flowers to Kate Smith's cadaver.

Bases loaded, less than 2 outs. 0 runs for the Yankees. Sub-optimal. Chokers.

Better blow up the team.

Yanks=Losers, Chokers, No-Momentum-ers.

RE: Mayberry

Probably. But it's a moot point because Charlie will never leave leave Raul on the bench for a game which might be the last of his Phillies career.

Mayberry put up an 0-fer vs Garcia. Why would you start him against a tough righty?

Okay then, maybe in place of Howard.

This game has the sick feeling of one of those games that the Tigers have a million chances to really blow it open, come up empty every time, and the Yankees explode for like 7 runs in the 7th inning to win.

Re: Mayberry-no. I would imagine he'll end up in the game at some point anyway.

Old Phan: You know better than that. Charlie's saving Mayberry for the 8th Game of the 2026 World Series.

Kinda seems like the more pitchers one uses in any given game, the greater the chance of running into one who can be hit.

Benny Fresh is gonna start in LF...LOL.

I hope the Phils don't tghten up as much as the phans do. They've been "outplayed," even though the series is tied, they've been "choking." May as well start schneider and martinez, as chooch and vic have hit even worse than Ibanez.

Putting Fister back in this game might turn out to be a mistake. He doesn't seem to have the stuff tonight to take the Yankees deep into this game. Hopefully they don't get to him because Leyland left him out there too long.

How about Gload for Howard and Valdez for Polly?

Old Phan: I would think Mayberry would get in the game at some point as well, but then again, we've lost two games in this series, by a total of 3 runs, and in neither game did Mayberry get off the bench.

And that's why you want to be pitching to Cano w/ the bases empty.

Anyway, of course Mayberry should start over Ibanez. He's a better baseball player. But we all know he won't.

The greatest argument for Mayberry starting shouldn't even rest on his offense, which, at worst, is comparable to Ibanez's (even though he's a better offensive option against both-handed pitchers).

But even if we concede that they are offensive equivalents, Mayberry has it ALL OVER Ibanez in every other aspect of the game, that you just simply have a better chance to win with Mayberry starting right now.

Consider in game 3, when Furcal hit that blooper single to towards the line in left field. Do you think there's any way that the runner on second holds at up at third with Ibanez in left field? No way. Mayberry got to that ball a lot faster than Ibanez ever would have and his arm is so much better than Ibanez's, the Cards were forced to hold the runner at third. The Phillies eventually escaped that inning without surrendering any more runs.

Mayberry really should be starting over Ibanez every game, but Charlie simply won't do it.

Sabathia in that Det/NY game - I can't remember a pitcher going on short rest and pitching so much in recent memory. Kind of refreshing with every other pitcher treated like a delicate flower these days.

How about Gload for Howard and Valdez for Polly?

Posted by: Phlipper | Thursday, October 06, 2011 at 10:00 PM

How do these ridiculous assertions have anything to do with the question of whether Mayberry should start over Ibanez?

If you think that Gload vs. Howard or Valdez vs. Polly is in any way comparable to Mayberry vs. Ibanez, you are just choosing to be obtuse.

Ibanez is not the problem with this offense. Let's see, his highlight this posteason. He's actually hitting .250. He had a homer in game 1 like another player on the team, but he's had a hit since that time.

Maybe Howard and Polanco will convert to Judaism before sundown.

We are truly spoiled in Philly. Phils had the best record in the majors this year and now the Flyers have the best record in the NHL.

Phlipper: Your argument to start Schneider and Valdez would be analogous to Mayberry if those guys were better baseball players than Chooch and Polly. But they aren't. Mayberry is better than Raul.

It isn't that Raul has had a bad two games. It's that Mayberry is just better at this point. His numbers against righties are better than Raul's numbers against righties. His defense is obviously better. Base running too. He's just a better player.

they scored enough runs in game 2 to win, but the biggest acquisition of the offseason failed miserably. I expected Oswalt to not do so well, I didn't expect Lee to choke - his status as a big time postseason pitcher has been obliterated the past two seasons.

"Sabathia in that Det/NY game - I can't remember a pitcher going on short rest and pitching so much in recent memory. Kind of refreshing with every other pitcher treated like a delicate flower these days."

Sabathia is a freak. I'd bet he could go right now into a 4 man rotation and pitch 350 innings a year.

Patsy, who cares if Ibanez isn't "the problem" with the offense. Like Jack said, Mayberry is the better baseball player. Don't teams have a better shot at winning when they replace one player with a better player?

Lee will be available in relief tomorrow night, so he has a chance to lose two games this postseason.

Mayberry can also get to those balls in the corner off the bats of Pujols and Holliday much faster than Raul can.

Might as well resign myself to the fact that LOLBanez will be out there all game. Just pray he gets a lucky HR and contributes on offense.

Luckily, this guarantees a 4 RBI night tomorrow for Ibanez.

The point is that fans are panicking. What is the point about speculating whether Mayberry "should" start over Ibanez. It won't happen.

Man up.

Nut up.

Get a dog.

Fat: If that is the case, put Mayberry at first along with Valdez at third. Can you not say Mayberry's bat would be better than Howard's lately? Valdez would be an offensive improvement over Polly, no?

Besides, it doesn't matter if Ibanez's spot in the lineup is on fire as the guys behind them are doing nothing. Anybody want to point out that Ruiz has been atrocious? At least Ibanez has the excuse of being old and Polly is hurt. What is the excuse for Howard, Ruiz, Lee? In addition, Victorino has been less than stellar in centerfield and at the plate? H'bout putting Mayberry in center?

Right on Fatti; Both players are likely a wash in the batter's box, but Mayberry is a much better fielder than Ibanez. I would give the nod to improving defense in a game that could turn on a good catch or assist at the plate.

Geez, I need to stay away from BL - insanity reigns as JMJ is suddenly the savior for this team. Carpenter would love to see JMJ in the lineup - blow him away with pitches away. C'mon fools, be serious!!

Halladay will man up and blow away the Cards tomorrow night. Phils win 2-1 with the one run giving up by the bullpen.

I would not re-tool this off-season. What I would do is clean up the infield by making a move for a good, young 3B and converting Polanco to a super-utility guy who gets 450 or so ABs.

Anybody want to point out that Ruiz has been atrocious?

Damn. I must have let that fact slip right on by. My bad.

"Geez, I need to stay away from BL - insanity reigns as JMJ is suddenly the savior for this team."

Actually, Brown was the savior for much of the season, if only he would get more starting time than Ibanez. Mayberry is only the vice-savior.

Phlipper, forgive us for discussing baseball on a baseball forum. We had this discussion all season long when the Phillies were rolling, so that rules out the panicking aspect. Some people are just objective enough to recognize that Mayberry is a better player than ibanez right now, and should be starting for this team. I called for this in mid August.

Patsy, Howard is a MUCH better hitter than Ibanez against righties and even a better hitter against lefties. And 1st base defense is less important than outfield defense. Subbing out Howard in favor of keeping Ibanez in the game is a terrible idea. Ruiz is the catcher, and although I'd like a good performance out of him, his most important job is handling the pitchers and defense. Anyways, Mayberry can't replace either Ruiz or Polly. Also, Valdez would be comparable to Polly offensively and might be a downgrade defensively.

Kuvasz, I was just conceding that the two are offensive equivalents for the sake of argument, but they aren't Mayberry is a better offensive player. Hits for higher average, gets on base more and slugs more.

GFY and Phlipper are being ridiculous. Recognizing that Mayberry is a better player than Ibanez means we're deeming him "the savior"?

Talk about beating the absolute snot out of a strawman...

Nice scoreless inning by Scherzer. I really hope the Tigers take this game. I want this Yankees offense out of the playoffs. They really know how to work pitchers. Not an easy out in that lineup...maybe Martin.

I think both the D-Backs and Phils win tomorrow. Phils take it 6-2.

Mayberry had a good second half but he seemed to cool towards the end of the year. He'll never be more than a fourth outfielder - he may get left field next year but it's only temporary. Seriously, do you think he'd be sitting if he was as good as everybody makes him out to be (on here)?? Howard and Vic need to get some hits and the so-called high dollar aces need to pitch like it. Suddenly starting JMJ against a very good righty is a panic mode move and JMJ against Carpenter would look like Howard against

If Raul hits a home run he's lucky? That one lost me.

And if I may channel GTown for a moment, F88k Russell Martin.

That was supposed to be ... Howard against (insert any left handers name here)

"What I would do is clean up the infield by making a move for a good, young 3B"

Name a good young 3B...there's like 3 in the whole of MLB, and those that have them are holding onto them like grim death and/or not giving them up for anything less than a King's ransom.

Old Phan: Excellent use of channeling me. Martin is an irredeemable assclown. I heartily approve.

Who, right now, thinks Raul is a better baseball player than Mayberry?

Thats the only relevant question. Not who else is bad, or that Mayberry isn't a "savior" or anything like that. Simple question. Who is the better baseball player?

Not that it matters anyway. Raul will start, and hopefully go 4-4 with 4 home runs.

Ryan Rayburn = now in left for tigers,, any relation to gene rayburn

Heather - Maybe Chase Headley. I would be willing to part with Worley and Brown and prospects in the right deal.

Mal-vern, since I believe he spells his name Raeburn, my guess is no.

The Band-Aid Game. Nice gamesmanship from the Yanks.

Ew, really terrible series for A-Rod.

Playoff baseball is just nerve-wracking. Especially when it involved the fracking Yankees.

I know this is crazy, but ... I don't really hate the Yankees. Don't really like them, necessarily, just really don't have the hate bone in my body for them. Frankly, I root for them over the Red Sox at this point.

Do people hate them because theyre a big market team that spends on free agents? Because that seems hypocritical at this point. Is it because they beat us in the playoffs? Am I supposed to hate the Giants, Rockies, Blue Jays, Orioles, etc. as well?

Or just cause they're the Yankees? That seems to make the most sense to me, honestly. I respect it, I just don't really feel it myself.

holy **** what a k from benoit

DET did well to get out of the 7th there, although if Benoit makes the play on the Cano ball, they likely get out with no runs given up.

Only problem is, they still have to get 6 more outs, and their 8th inning guy just threw a ton of pitches.

The best reliever for the Tigers is probably for their offense to score a few runs this inning.

Valverde to get six outs is a disaster waiting to happen. He's been terrible this series.

Jack: For me, it's because they're generally the favorite. If I was a Yankees fan I'd be rooting for the Cardinals to beat the Phillies because they're the underdog. Same reason I'm rooting for the Tigers.

Even when they're not the favorite, they never really feel like the underdog because of their history.

Jack: I was just thinking the very same thing. I hope that's not Detroit's plan.

Jack -

I have a totally irrational, overriding hate for the Yankees. It's that whole "evil empire" thing, plus I lived in New England for a lot of years and the Red Sox became my secondary team.

I hate Jeter. I hated Clemens when he was with the Yankees. Always hated O'Neil. Hate A-Rod. The list goes on.

That said, Jeter is a great player, and I've always enjoyed, immensely watching Rivera pitch.

I hate the Lakers too, for largely the same reason.

Watching the Yankees lose is my second most favorite site in sports after watching the Phillies win (and just ahead of watching the Lakers lose).

Nice pitch to get the SO looking.

Plus, I've always liked the Tigers - and I really like this Tigers team in particular.

Gardner defines "pesky".

Terrible AB by Jeter.


Remember the days when you'd see someone like Brooks Robinson get those types of hits?

It feels like it's been a long time since I've seen someone dominate a post-season series with defense like he used to do at 3rd base.

Yeah - I'm broken up, NEPP.

If only Jeter had wanted it a little bit more.

Jeter clearly "choked" by hitting that ball to the warning track.

In a non-bandbox, that ball is a routine weak fly out to the opposite field. Its only because of that joke wall in RF that it as even interesting.

Mo Rivera=Still the best in the business.

Why did Jeter swing there with Gardner running?

If A-Rod had done that, he'd be booed.

Good work by Benoit.

Two broken bats out of three hitters.

Just incredible.

***If A-Rod had done that, he'd be booed. ***

Well, its not the dumbest thing I've seen by an untouchable saintly player this week. At least he didnt try to force 3B on a routine grounder.

Fat - Yup. Having objective conversation with Phlipper is challenging to say the least.

Mayberry is the better player at this point especially defensively & on the basepaths. Every chance the Cards get to advance a base on Ibanez, they are taking it & they should.

While Ibanez has been utterly useless on the road and vs LHP, he has given the Phils some production at home/RHP. Hope he just manages to guess right and tags a pitch from Carpenter.

I really hope though that Cholly will PH for him late though if he is facing a LH reliever. Almost no manager in MLB leaves a guy with a .211/.232/.353 vs LHP this year in if he has 2 viable right-handed bats to PH off the batch.

***Two broken bats out of three hitters.***

We will never see a better closer.

The one thing I've developed during the playoffs is a hatred of Captain Morgan.

3 outs to go and I'm sweating it and I don't care about either team. I just want tomorrow to get here.

Mo Rivera: 11 ER in 96 playoff appearances (141 IP).

His career postseason WHIP is 0.759.

Start the old man and if he is ineffective sub him for Mayberry simple as that. According to Rollins FB (if its him) Ibanez is locked on. But in seriousness i would start the old man first then go to Mayberry. Im hoping one of these guys anyone has a breakout game finally.

Mariano Rivera is to blame for MLB's obsession w/ "Closer" position. What he is & has been able to do is impossible to duplicate, & in most instances it's a waste of time & money for a ball club to even try.

Why is the TBS play-by-play guy rooting so hard for the Yankees?

Pretty much, GTown. He is the exception to the rule. He's the only closer I would ever say is a 1st ballot HOF.

MG: If Charlie allows Raul to face a lefty reliever tomorrow, we deserve to lose.

Flipper, will you agree that, even if you agree with starting Raul, allowing him to face a lefty reliever is incompetent?

Broken bat right at the CF?

What are the odds of that ever happening?

I have never seen a sawed-off bat hit the ball that far. Cano is incredible.

The only good postseason A-roid has ever had was 2009.

I changed my mind. I want a rematch with the Yankees.

NEPP: Agree RE: Rivera & the HoF. His Postseason numbers alone practically make him qualified.

AROD...comes up small.


That was satisfying.

Valverde will celebrate with an extra chalupa or four.

Let's see, a team with on dominant starter, big bat at first, and a closer who has been perfect this year (although shaky at times). That sounds a lot like the 2008 Phillies.

So Valverde hasn't blown a save all year, huh?

And can we go back to calling ARod a choker now?

This was not surprising, but I'm glad to see it.

Rangers/Tigers should be a great series.

Hopefully, we win tomorrow and I give a damn about who wins it.

Jack -

I don't think it is incompetence.

I've laid out my perspective before, but FWIW.

I think that batting Mayberry over Ibanez is usual marginal in the advantage. Compared to batting him for the pitcher, the marginal gain is far less. So I think it is worth gambling to wait to use him for the maximum gain.

If there are two outs in the 9th, runner on and one run down, and a LH flame-thrower on the mound, I'd definitely PH for him. But that isn't Charlie's style, and I think that Charlies steadfastness of trusting his veterans has paid dividends.

So - Detroit or Texas?

I say Detroit in 7

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