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Friday, October 28, 2011


The thing to keep in mind is that Sickels is sabermetric oriented and will tend to downgrade toolsy prospects.

Baseball America, on the other hand, is All-Tools, All-The-Time, so you get a nice balance by reading both lists.

That said, Sickels' Top 10 this year isn't nearly as impressive as last year's.

Very interesting that he does not view Galvis as a potential everyday player.

Well then, wait until Freddy Galvis takes home Rookie of the Year next year and we'll see how full of it Mr. Sickels is!

Most intriguing prospect on Sickels list:
Maikel Franco, 3B.

Worth watching to see what he does in Lakewood next season at age 19.

It's amazing the amount of talent that's been sheered off the top of this farm system. I'm not going to complain about what we've gotten back, but Gose, D'arnaud, Singleton, & Cosart would all be in our top 5 with May in their somewhere (4th?). Really wish we'd "re-stocked" the farm system better when we traded off Lee...though with a full, healthy season maybe Gillies can run up the list into the top 10.

Not sure I agree with Sickels on Galvis. There are always bad teams in the market for bad hit/good field shortstops.

I could see Galvis having a career similar to Ronny Cedeno, who's bounced from being an everyday SS on bad teams to utility guy on better teams. He has a career OPS+ of 68 over 7 seasons.

Jbird: Not sure Gose would've made top 5, although BL posters are incredibly impressed with his .253/.349/.415 line in AA.

Sickels ranked him 10th with the Blue Jays pre-season and I doubt he makes top 5 in his update. The other 3 you mention would surely be top 5.

I stand corrected. Cruz's play wasn't an "error."

It was a brutal defensive play that may cost Texas the series. Now, I'm sure, that clout feels better. Because he absolutely hates any statements that might be hyperbolic.

I'd like to see Cruz redeem himself tonight. The Cards have turned me from actively rooting against the Rangers to actively rooting for them.

These reports are fun to read and that's it. Case in point: Couldn't one of these services report, perhaps a year or two ago, that Dom Brown was a truly horrendous defender? You'd think that one of the game's top prospects would have the athletic ability to move from right to left field.

clout: I considered Gose to be the one guy May was in front of. Sickles gave Gose a B- last year which, assuming no improvement would put him on this year's Phillies list anywhere from 3rd to 9th. A month ago he wrote about Gose:

"The ultra-athletic Gose hit .253/.349/.415 with 16 homers, 62 walks, 154 strikeouts, and 70 steals in 509 at-bats in Double-A. Scouts drool over his speed, athleticism, and glovework, and he made progress with the bat this year, although the strikeout rate remains worrisome. He’s still just 21."

So Gose, Biddle, Valle might be a toss up for 5th in my reconstituted Phillies top 10.

re: Dom Brown one of the comments below the Sickles list was written by one of the site moderators, for what it's worth:

"Brown looks like a borderline B+. Even if his bat turns out well (and it should become more consistent), his defensive limitations are obvious and hurt his value. It’s been acknowledged for quite a while that the chink in Brown’s armor was his defense, but despite claims that he has all the tools to be a very good defender he just has not made sufficient progress. There’s only so much I can love a guy who plays below-average defense in an outfield corner unless he can mash in his sleep, and Brown isn’t quite THAT good."

You'd think that one of the game's top prospects would have the athletic ability to move from right to left field.

Huh? From what I've seen, Dom Brown has made an absolutely effortless transfer from RF to LF of his inability to play defense worth a musty dog turd.

off topic.

from Stark:

What, though, will these St. Louis Cardinals tell their children and their grandchildren about the long and winding 4-hour, 33-minute road that led them to this incredible finale? What will they tell the next generations about the greatest World Series game ever played?

Well, here's where they ought to start:

• They should say they were a part of the first World Series game in history in which a team got down to its final strike, its final breath, twice -- once in the ninth inning, once in the 10th inning -- and somehow won.

• They should say they were a part of the first World Series game ever played in which any team trailed five different times -- and still came back to win.

• They should say they were a part of the first World Series game ever in which a team found itself losing in the ninth inning and extra innings -- yet still found a way to win.

• They should say they played in the first World Series game in history in which two different players -- Josh Hamilton for the Rangers, then Freese for the Cardinals -- hit go-ahead home runs in extra innings.

• They should say they were the first team in the 1,330-game history of postseason baseball to score in the eighth, ninth, 10th and 11th innings of any game.

just amazing. of course, sleep won out in the top of the 11th for me. those 8th, 9th, and 10th innings though represented some of the most tense moments in a game that i had no true rooting interest in that i may have ever watched.

I've long held the position that Galvis is not an everyday MLB shortstop. At least not the caliber that will appease Phillies fans. Slick defense is fun to watch, but offensive ineptitude is something that won't be tolerated in Philly.

I'm probably in the minority who think that Galvis is in no way the successor to JRoll, next season, or even in 2013. My personal opinion is that he'd make good trade bait.

Perhaps I should clarify - Galvis doesn't possess the bat to be an everyday shortstop at the MLB level for THE PHILLIES. I do agree, however, that there are other teams in MLB who might be able to tolerate his defense-first skillset and trot him out there (and probably bat him 7th or 8th) everyday.

Where is resident prediction-scribe/wager-tracker CJ to enlighten us on the outcome of all of the fallout and results on preseason predictions and sidebets?

Glaring absence: JC Ramirez

Amazing how far his stock has fallen in a year although his stats have been terrible at Reading over the last 1+ years in 39 GS. I still like his raw stuff though in Reading when I saw him last year.

It's time to convert him to a reliever, have him junk everything but his 4-seemer & slider, and see if he makes enough progress to become a viable MLB middle reliever.

Bonilla keeps climbing the ladder. I dont think he has much prosepct value because he's most likely going to be a reliever(if anything), but if he were become a solid late inning arm in the future, you'll be able to look bak at his MiLB career and understand he wasn't some fluke.

Kind of surprised that for as hurt as he was, Gload doesn't need any real medical attention outside of an off-season rehab program?

Galvis sounds like a player who would do some real damage with the bat in this year's playoffs.

Jbird: Keep in mind not all Bs are alike. By pct. there are WAY more B position prospects than pitchers because pitching prospects are far riskier and Sickels grades them accordingly. I am not as certain as you that his AA numbers would vault him from 10 to 5 even in the Phils weakened state.

flipper: "It was a brutal defensive play that may cost Texas the series" is hyperbolic and perfectly acceptable.

"Cruz's error" isn't hyperbolic. It is a false statement. He wasn't charged with an error.

You are, however.

If Biddle has No. 2 potential, that has to be an "A."

Gload doesn't need surgery? I wonder if he is going the rehab route because he is a FA & hip surgery would probably greatly reduce the chances of him getting a guaranteed deal next year.

Either way he is one guy I hope the Phils stay away from & don't offer a guaranteed deal even thought they have a need for a LH bat off the bench.

Yo, newer thread

JW - Three other newcomers to the top 20 list are Larry Greene (#5), Tyler Green (#18) and Mitch Walding (#19).

Freddy Galvis kinda sucks. There's no reason to think he'll ever hit in the majors. I see an Adam Everett-esque batting line outta him if given time to "shine" (.240/.640) and that's being generous.

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