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Friday, October 28, 2011


Interesting news, but what's w/ the pic of a girl playing Little League?

GTown, I took your "Ganglion" comment with arrow on the last thread as a shot at the Rhea Hughes pic on the sidebar, before I scrolled up. Haha.

BTW, no mention of Blanton in that Phils medical update release. Safe to assume that he's at his usual spot in the corner booth between trips to the Old Country Buffet AYCE?

And on a related note, Dom Brown continues to not play Winter Ball...

While the Phils are working on springing dudes from Venezuelan camps, they ought to jailbreak Ugi and bring him back for some 'pen help. They could use a flame thrower with a killer instinct in the bullpen.

Galvis could probably lift his OPS by at least 100 points if he bought a batting helmet that didn't cover the entire top half his face.

Has Galvis started to shave yet?

I know that we tend to be prone to hyperbole, but I don't think it's a stretch to say that that's the single least inspiring picture of a "possible solution to a void at shortstop" you could see. Thanks JW!

"...some believe he's good enough to get by in the Majors right now based on his glove alone."

Good enough to get by? I'm feeling like he's a younger version of Minimart when I read this. I would hope that if we settle for a defense-only SS, that:
1) He's smart
2) He's fast
3) We're going to look for ways to get offensively stronger at 3B & LF.

Seems to me our pitching could be getting weaker - Not sure we can count on Blanton's health & effectiveness; curious to see how Worley does his sophomore season - And our BP will be weaker without Madson.

I'd like us to get stronger on offense if we're going to experience a drop-off in pitching.

I know many of you are still struggling with how the season ended for the 2011 Phillies and I know that to many of you watching this World Series is like watching your prom date go to a wild after party with some older guy on a motorbike, but as baseball fans please don't let this evening pass you bye.
Tonight isn't about rooting interests. Tonight is about baseball. While you may like the Phillies, it is baseball that you love. Enjoy tonight's game and celebrate it because even if one team has an ugly uniform and the other an uglier manager this is the greatest game in the world.
Even though the ending wasn't perfect for most teams, 2011 was still a great season and an even better summer. So thank baseball for all it has given you by enjoying tonight as a baseball fan.

Well I for one am rooting all the way for Texas.

End the Cardinals magic run!
If the Rangers can come back and win after last nite's demoralizing, crushing loss I will be very impressed.

Future MVP! Write it!

can't have our 2012 shortstop injured. And yes I would take that 10 to 12 million it was gonna cost jfraud and divide it among two upgrades. Hands down. And sign a closer few bench pcs.

gobay, great post.

Plus, who really likes TLR, anyway? Go Rangers!!!

One day Galvis will fill out that helmet and then coupled with his strengthened arm and warning track power he will be able turned loose in the majors. Or at the least make the Top 10 Sickels Phils Prospects.

Seems like the Rangers really don't want to win this thing. Announcers on radio said that there has only been one successful stolen base in the entire series. Incredible.

I'm ready for another primal scream therapy session watching the final game tonight. I believe it is working to excorcize the past season. I'm hoping for an even more poorly fielded and pitched slugfest with 12 lead changes.

Meyer: Just make sure you remember to breathe.

Freese is on some kind of ride.

Texas, I'm afraid, is going down.

My grandpa was in a Utility Camp for refusing to chop cane. This was back before the Phils liked Latinos.

In terms of quality of play, this is easily the worst World Series I have ever witnessed.

Still, the occasional diamond in the rough...

Had the Phillies swapped Victorino for Freese straight up, they'd be World Champions right now.

I feel bad for the Rangers. They just blew so many opportunities to win it all last nite. And now time is running out for them tonite.

Anyone think Erick Ayber could end up being our SS next year?

If the Angels sign Jose Reyes I suppose Aybar would be available.

Texas Toast.

Ain't gonna happen, but it would be sweet to see the Cards blow this.

Best think about this World Series?

Scott Rolen is no longer on the Cards.

we enabled them. they returned the favor by eliminating us. and now they are the champions. we want some love, st. louis.

Hope the cards thank the philles for letting them in. Wow what a team. Texas is done that's gonna be a hard pill to swallow.
Now the real season begins HOT STOVE.

Cards WS champs.

For anybody who watched game 6, there is just no reasonable way the Cards pulled out that game. The Rangers were dead men walking once that happened. Game 7 result was all but certain.


Happy f*cking offseason.

This just n: f*ck the wild card.

hasn't it been predicted that the wild card is our port of entry next season? if we're lucky.

Seeing the Cards celebrate just brought all the anger back with an added dose of bitterness. They beat arguably the 3 best teams in baseball so you gotta give them credit. Fucking Bullshit though. I'm all for adding another wildcard so the 2 wildcard teams have to go through a 1 game playoff.

'09, '10, '11 Phillies

'08-'09, '09-'10, '10-'11 Flyers

'10 Eagles

All eliminated from the playoffs by that season's eventual champ.

Being a Philadelphia sports fan is a constant, lubeless assfuck.

The might be this year's champions, but the Phillies will forever be the only World Fu$king Champions.

I see it as 1 WS and 3 Second Places.

Thank you Phillies for giving this Cardinals team life, first at home vs. St. Louis, then in Atlanta by beating the Braves.

You created a monster, your future slayer and WS Champion.

Now Carpenter can boast 2 WS Championship rings to his best friend Roy Halladay. You think Halladay is feeling like sh*t tonite?

No matter that I rooted for the Rangers because of my anger over the Cards booting my Phillies out of the playoffs or that I have a visceral dislike of Tony (The Puppet-master)La Russa and his style of managing, I intend to go out with a modicum of class. So I say, my congrats to the Cards for coming from out of nowhere and winning the World Series. Also, my thanks to both the Rangers and the Cards for providing some outstanding World Series viewing. Seven games of great baseball drama! Well done!

"Seven games of great baseball drama!"

I'd call it more like six games of great baseball drama. As often seems to be the case in 7-game series, a compelling Game 6 was followed up by an anti-climactic Game 7.

The baseball gods are Cardinal sympathizers.

"'09, '10, '11 Phillies

'08-'09, '09-'10, '10-'11 Flyers

'10 Eagles

All eliminated from the playoffs by that season's eventual champ.

Being a Philadelphia sports fan is a constant, lubeless assfuck."

I don't understand. Isn't it better to be eliminated by the eventual champion than by a team that loses in the next round?

Not that I take much solace in that fact, but it certainly doesn't piss me off any more.

Thank God Les Walrond is still around! What about Vic Darensbourg?!

Now Carpenter can boast 2 WS Championship rings to his best friend Roy Halladay. You think Halladay is feeling like sh*t tonite?

Posted by: rich

I'm sure he's pissed, but Doc seems like a stand up guy - I'm sure he was pulling for and is happy that Carp won it all.

Couldnt bring myself to watch the WS sorry. The Phils should of just let Atlanta win them games. Ah well lesson learnt for future teams not just the Phillies but overall.

Yeah, I am pretty sure those last 10 games mattered. Still, young players that step up, role players that make magic and clutch veterans still look like the key to this. A bullpen that knows when to wake up is helpful.
The Phils never would have stood a chance against these guys at this time (either WS squad). May I also agree with the Charlie haters for the first time, he doesn't use his guys the right way.

I watched those WS teams bumble around and thought most any of the teams in the playoffs could beat them in any random 5 or 7 games, even the lousy Phillies.

If Rollins is correct, the Phils will be making its first offer to him next week, before he becomes a FA.

It's 1964 all over again. The Cards eliminate the Phillies, then go on to win the NL Pennant followed by winning a 7 game WS. I believe the NY Yankees hired the St. Louis skipper after the 1964 WS to be their new manager for 1965. Do you think the Yanks will dump Joe Girardi and hire La Russa for 2012?

I think it's a damn shame that Carpenter gets his second WS ring while Halladay has no ring - not even a NL champ ring.

Anti-climatic Game 7. Still the most entertaining World Series in a decade. I would still rank the '01 WS and '91 World Series as better overall series both aesthetically and from a drama standpoint largely because both of those series had much better Game 7s.

I found the 2008 Series to be the most entertaining in about 15 to 28 years, but I might be biased.

The 6th game of this series will become a part of fabled baseball lore.

Lake Fred: Game was pretty awesome. Such drama. And the Cardinals being down to their final strike twice with the Rangers ready to run out on the field to celebrate is something the Rangers' players and fans will have to live with the rest of their lives. Nolan Ryan must be so depressed today.

That should read: Game 6 was pretty awesome.....

It's time for Charlie to go. The Phillies no longer have bashers. Our 30 HR 2nd baseman has been a fading HR hitter for several years, and our vaunted 1st baseman -- strikeout prone for too many years of his career, is now grappling with a very serious injury. Oddly, we’ve not had a HR hitter at 3rd base since Rolen.

As far as I’m concerned, the acquisition of Hunter Pence has proven nothing to this point with regards to the classic mode of Phillies production (waiting on the home run). His patellar tendinitis revelation is really, really disturbing, and seem to follow a pattern of marginal due diligence with this front office.

My limited knowledge of the pipeline reveals that no one coming up is a power threat of any consequence. What to do? Sure it’s heresy, but trading a superstar pitcher for a productive 2nd and 3rd baseman makes a ton of sense to me. Heck, with the departure of Jimmy Rollins, there’s a void at short a mile wide also.

I was never much for all the Cliff Lee love. Regardless of his no trade clause, I just wonder if he feels that the bloom is off the Philadelphia rose. Maybe he thinks that he can’t win it all here. Perhaps Cliff would agree to be dealt to another contender for established talent or “on the brink” prospects. I’ll let you folks hash out just how stupid ("drooling-moron-like", in honor of a vitriolic poster and also Halloween); or just plain evil I am for suggesting this, and also who might be acquired, perhaps in a multi-team deal.

What does all this mean? Probably nothing. RAJ is going to go with the gal he brought to the dance, and pray along with the rest of us Ryan Howard gets back to his 35 HR, RBI-creating self; and Polanco rises from the ashes. As far as I’m concerned, 2nd base is a dead issue, and we are left with Chase scuffling through until his contract runs out. Business as usual in 2012, folks.

Hence, back to my original point, When the manager hangs around, peering over the dugout fence, "looking intense" and simply waits for a 3-run bomb, that ain't even going to get you sub-optimal results in the playoffs with this crew. It's impossible to win important games with Chollies' managerial strategy and this team as currently constructed. The “old dog, new tricks” cliché really applies here. Bye bye, Charles Fuqua Manuel, Jr.

If only. Regardless, the Cardinals won it all this year with a superstar hitter and not much else other than wit, guile, hustle and confidence. We as fans deserve the same level of commitment and dedication to wining when it counts.

Congratulations to the Cardinals. They did what they had to do, the Phils did not. If not the Phils, I was OK with either of these teams winning it all rather than the Yankees or Brewers. Sucks from our point of view, but what are you going to do but push on for next year? Three and a half months to go.

This is pure speculation and I may get shot down in flames (that's fine). We've been talking about various keys to winning in the playoffs and series, and I'm wondering if one is a great performance from out of nowhere by one of the unheralded players a la Cody Ross, Freese, etc. Or unexpected good performances by one or another of these guys from game to game.

In 2008, we didn't really have that with one single guy so much (maybe Chooch to a degree); but collectively, role players like Feliz, Blanton, Jenkins, etc. all put a big hurt at a key time on someone at one time or another. This year we had absolutely nada of this going on.

BTW, I didn't realize we were done talking about Tuffy Gosewich.

Wow -- a slip for the ages: "wining" should read "winning”.

So I know this a bit early (and it'll be talked about for weeks when it's time), but how did this contract effect Pujols' situation? Easy to see him making it harder for the Cardinals to let him go, but he could also ride out of town on his Horse of Triumph.

My prediction? Albert Pujols will be your 2012 Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day Starting Shortstop.

cut_fastball: I suspect your post is satirical, but in case it isn't, I feel I should remind you that the Phillies had the best record in baseball this year.

Bob: Of the 2 games the Phillies won, 1 of them was entirely because of a pinch-hit HR by a guy who barely played in the second half. I would call that a contribution by a role player in a big spot.

The Phillies lost because Lee, Oswalt, Howard, and Pence stunk, not because Ross Gload stunk.

I completely agree that Charlie and this team don't match anymore; the best chance for a brighter future is happily retiring Unca Cholly and putting a more creative manager in charge.

However, I have to disagree with some of cut_fastball's other points. I would not write Utley off as he does; he and Rollins were the only position players to do well in the NLDS, and I can see him having a better season in 2012, after a full year of knee rehab--although I doubt he'll ever be up to his 2007-2008 form.

Also, I wouldn't send Polanco to the boneyard yet (though I'd like a power-hitting third baseman, natch); have you forgotten his excellent performance early in the season, pre-injury? With the sports hernias fixed, he could conceivably rebound.

The big problem, after Manuel, is Howard. He is not the player you should be building an offense around, since he's demonstrated for two playoffs in a row now that he cannot hit really good pitchers, or even mediocre lefties. He should have been moved down in the order, or even benched for Gload or Mayberry in Game 5 of the NLDS, after his performance in Games 3 and 4. And to make matters worse, he's now got an injury that will probably keep him on the DL throughout most of the season--when his homerun power is useful against weaker pitchers--and put him back on the field during the postseason, just when he can do the most damage to the team.

My diagnosis: we need one more good offensive player (Cuddyer? Willingham? David Wright? Bring up Overbeck from the minors? Sign--ugh--Reyes?) as insurance in case Utley and Polanco stay scuffed up, Pence and Victorino fail to duplicate this season, and Mayberry and/or Brown can't cut it as starters.

Then, we need to lose either Howard or Manuel. The Big Piece could be an asset under a manager that recognized his weaknesses and didn't stake everything on him, but as long as Charlie "Ryan's My Cleanup Guy" Manuel at the helm, we'll continue to watch Ryno blow it with the game on the line. Trouble in getting rid of Howard is his contract and now his injury; I doubt we could get Boston to take him as a DH (the Blue Jays are said to be pursuing Ortiz) even if we ate half his salary now. Getting rid of Manuel would probably be the easier task, although I doubt Rube would do it.

It was an enjoyable WS , but hard to not think about how the Phils coulda, shoulda been there instead of the Cards.
Feel bad for the Rangers with no WS championshipscomingg so close in Game 6 and then doing the Phillies-like routine of score early then shut down the bats in Game 7.
The worst part is that the result will validate La Russa style managing to even more people and make over managing more prevalent.

Bubba: How about we compromise I have been critical of CM lack of strategic ability. I believe he wasoutmanaged by TLR. TLR may have overmanaged (although what does that mean whenyou won teh WS?)I'll be happy if CM would or could actually manage.

"... the Phillies will go home with 102 regular season wins in their pocket, all of them worth less than a bus ticket."

The Cardinals Will Win The World Series

I realize the story is written in a thoroughly tongue-in-cheek manner, but the quoted portion rankles by virtue of its inherent truth.

2ND year that another team took it all - beat the phillies - taking yet another bite at of their long term plans for baseball domination...

for the phillies to win all those games; then have some of their key components stopped working or working ineffectively, indicates the future of the phillies is questionable at best.. think of a team with no Madson, or Rollins, Oswalt, 1/2 of Howard, ineffective Utley.. very little depth on the farm..& very little flexibility in the team budget?

BTW --when is Halladay's contract up?..

It's already a long winter,

Halladay is signed through 2013, with a vesting option for 2014.

"think of a team with no Madson, or Rollins, Oswalt, 1/2 of Howard, ineffective Utley.. very little depth on the farm..& very little flexibility in the team budget?"

We did win 102 regular season games this year, and will be good enough to finish first in 2012. After that it's gonna get bad here fast, you're right notin mal-vern.

I don't feel any bit of sorrow over the Texas Rangers failure to win the 2010 and 2011 WS. I root for another team that also failed to win the 2010 and 2011 WS, despite having the best record in baseball both years.

No one is going to take Howard with that contract forget about it. He is ours to keep we can only hope that he learns to adapt at least somewhat to his particular weakness. I have a bad feeling the big piece will get off to slow start next year.

GTown: I think you missed the relevant portion of the brilliant Posnanski article:

"But in 1995, when EIGHT teams went to the playoffs — including one wildcard team in each league that did not even win its own division — baseball changed dramatically. The point is now, you don’t have to be a great team to win the World Series. You only have to have to be one of the best 25% or so to get into the playoffs. You only need a break or two, you only need to get hot for a little while, you only need to have things come together at the right time …

See, once you’re in the playoffs, some crazy things can happen. Some crazy things DO happen."

The playoff format introduced in 1995 is what enabled the Phils to win the WS in 2008. The Phils were not the best team that year, but who cared? We Phillies' fans were deliriously happy.

In 2010 and 2011, the Phils may have been the best team in baseball, but the team was knocked out because of the playoff format. Now, we Phillies' fans are very sad. We cry foul. We say it's unfair. MLB should return to the old days when there were no divisions nor wild cards nor any such nonsense. There oughta be a law ... #*&@$%@#&

LaRussa's best move was getting a game postponed due to rain so he could throw Carpenter instead of Lohse or Jackson.

In contrast, Charlie had it rain back in 08 so that Hamels had to be taken out of Game 5 early.

Clearly, we need someone with better control of the weather.

AT - "One more good offensive player" ≠ "bring Overbeck up from the minors"

Cody Overbeck is to a power-hitting MLB corner infielder what Mini-Mart is to a lead-off hitting MLB middle infielder.

I have a feeling, though, that the offense will need to come from 3B. {prediction}Brown will be given a real honest shot at replacing Ibanez. Mayberry will sub for Howard til he's ready. And the bench will be comprised of second or third tier bench cast-offs from other teams.

One does wonder, howeverm if the FO will spend money to replace someone under contract (Polanco) even if that guy is (sigh - I've got to use this phrase, right?) washed up.

DH Phils - Exactly. The way MLB should correct this is by adding a 2nd WC BUT having the two wildcard teams play a 1-game 'winner-take-all' game. Winner advances but it forces that team to use one of the better starters.

MLB should also make sure that the next day that the winner has to play Game 1 of their Divisional Series on the road. Sure that team could win in the Divisional Series but it handicaps them a bit which it should.

I do like the WC. Just dislike the fact that it gives too much of a chance to a team that didn't win their division outright during the regular season a legit chance to win the WS.

Baseball should also have 6 divisions with 5 teams in each. That way in order to win your division you have to beat at least 4 other teams. No quite like the '69-'94 when you had to beat 6 other teams to make the playoffs but bettering 4 other teams should mean something.

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