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Saturday, October 01, 2011


Just wanted to say, "hi."

How's the weather look at CBP?

Blue skies at the moment.

When do we get to eat?

So, we have an opposing player AND a Phillie on the graphic. I assume that means we'll have a tie.

After the the Phils have good game philpper

Serious qUestion- how many posters here are seriously superstitious about the beerleaguer game graphic?

I'm seriously superstitious about lots of things. Like, I never wear my Phillies hat during a playoff game but I do wear it all day up until the game.

Raul Ibanez 2 run homer in the late innings.

Phlipper- what the hell are you doing? I thought we were all meeting at the Walt Whitman.

My email said Commodore Barry...

The results of the phils when an opposing team player is in the game thread picture speak for themselves.

"Serious qUestion- how many posters here are seriously superstitious about the beerleaguer game graphic?"

We don't keep stats on this stuff for shiggles.

Should be the Walt Whitman. Can hear crowd noise from it, to know whether to jump.

By the way, what does "Get a dog" mean? I have one, but that doesn't ever lessen any anxieties.

Truth be told, I think it's more fun to be an emotional viewer. When I used to watch without having a team I followed, I was much calmer. But it wasn't as fun, I did not experience a high when my randomly chosen team-du-jour won.

Just making my way up one of the Ben Franklin's towers now. It's a bit difficult posting while doing it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anyone on the Walt Whitman, the Betsy Ross, or one of the other bridges yet?

Fielder just homered, then ran between 1B and 2B one-armed, holding his crotch with the other. I think the last time I saw that was in a high school football game. Nice. Let's enjoy the Phils' all-business, no nonsense approach to the game.

So what's the over/under Halladay's pitch count tonight? I'd set it at 120 and take the over.

Manuel's going to squeeze every last pitch out of these starters, and I'm glad he will. These games are the reason we brought them here.

Please. No high pitch counts. Halladay left the playoffs last year with a groin injury that was what I understood to be dangerously close to a sports hernia. Score some damn runs!

St. Utley please help the despondant Beerleaguers descend from their bridge perches unharmed by hitting the damned ball hard and often.

This feels like a loss.

The Betsy Ross will have less traffic.

aksmith mentioned last thread that we can't expect the Cards to give the games away defensively like the Reds did last year. I'll say this: While you should never expect a team to struggle defensively, the Cardinals defense this year is significantly worse than the Reds defense was last year.

For the record, I think Prince was simply trying to hold his gut in place while rounding the bases.

lol @b_a_p

They should have Kaz Matsui throw out the first pitch today.

They're also starting Furcal, who might gift us another three-error inning, if we're nice.

Anyone else starting to get butterflies?

I think that was Fielder's version of holding the textbook in funny of his pants after he thought about how many extra million the Cubs will pay him this winter for that home run.

Good call, guys, on Fielder. Thank goodness none of the Phillies are packing the equivalent of Minimart in their gut. Whatever the reason, it looks ridiculous.

Yeah, but that is one versatile gut ...

Barkan said the Phils have never played the Cards in the post season ever - is this correct?

There's no way in Hell I'd give Fielder a long-term contract. When that body starts breaking down, it's going to be ugly.

The Brewers should bring K-Fraud in for the final Out. You know, because it's all about him.

"There's no way in Hell I'd give Fielder a long-term contract. When that body starts breaking down, it's going to be ugly."

That body looks pretty ugly already.

Anyone know how I can sync the WPHT broadcast with the TBS TV cast?

Let's do this!

Alex: Radio is likely ahead of TV, so if you have a DVR, pause your TV until they're about even.


Really, really sick of the Halladay leadoff thing.

Weak throw by Chooch.

There goes the no-hitter. JK, I did not expect one.

Huge K there with Pujols up.

This feels like a loss

I could live with a one-hitter.

CJ, that does not make sense, I need a way to somehow slow down the radio? Is that possible? Thanks for the feedback though!

Not getting the corner today apparently.

Well fvck...

unfortunately if you have a Comcast DVR the radio is ahead of the broadcast.If it were not the case I never have inflicted the three stooges on myself for a whole season.Now I have to listen to senile Dick Stockton!

(sobbing uncontrollably)

That is exactly what I was afraid of.


Game = over, see you guys tomorrow.

Oh, great. Who didn't see that coming?

This is ugly. Doc looks like sh!t.


Did they not remember Berkman swinging away at the first pitch in that series a couple weeks ago?

Well, the offense pretty much NEEDS to show up today and show up big time. If they pull their typical disappearing act against Lohse, we're in serious trouble with Carpenter up tomorrow.

That could not have been any more of a meatball.

Soooooooo... which bridge was that?

Looks like the offense is going to need to be sharp today.

I swear to god if we have a freaking 7-8 pitch inning and throw Doc right back out there, I'm gonna break something.

Good thing our lineup looks strong. Uuuuuuugh

Ugh, I just threw up thinking of our lineup against Lohse.

What are you gonna do? This sh*t can happen when you put all of your eggs in the starting pitching basket.

Hearing splashes up and down the Delaware.

Kevin- I think we've got all of them covered.

So much for burying Caesar. So far. Really hoping our offense puts a whomping on Lohse.

1. That's all the Cards are getting today, so it just means we need to score 4 or more.

2. We'll light up Carpenter tomorrow -- pitching him on 3 days rest is a major mistake.


Jimmy: Weak popup on 1st pitch
Utley: SO
Pence: Fly out to shallow left.

Frankly, I blame that homerun on a failure of scouting. As great as Pujols is, Pujols against a RH is still a better matchup than Berkman against a RH. They should not have been pitching around Pujols.

You'd think they might have learned that after all the times that Berkman has killed them this year.

Feels like a loss

That's what I predicted I was afraid would happen. wTF

@ larry Ussa...don't bother us with anymore bang wagon jumping,fair weather fan inanities.Go and DONT COME BACK until tomorrow.We only have 27 outs to score 4 runs.

Dont run it out Jimmy...

2 Pitch Jimmy. Gotta love it.

Wow, Rollins actually saw two pitches.

I'm really baffled as to what the game plan was there. I mean, clearly it wasn't throwing a meatball to Berkman, which is what happened. But you pitch around Pujols to get to Berkman, a guy that hammered a first-pitch fastball into the stands off Halladay just two weeks ago, and you throw him a first-pitch fastball?

Ah, the 1-2-3 inning for Lohse begins.

2 batters, 4 pitches.

Good patience so far.

This is already awful

How many pitches?

1-2-3 inning for Lohse: done.

6 pitch inning.

You got to be fvcking kidding wait, saw it coming a mile away.

So NEPP, what did you break?

Turns out NEPP's wish for an 8 pitch inning was a little too greedy.

Lohse dead on hitting his spots, Halladay all oner the place, horrible start.

The offense looks just like it did a couple weeks ago against Lohse - a 6 freaking pitch first inning.

I like the Cards' start better.

Bad game....let's go jump off the Walt.

Wake me in the fourth or the fifth when we get a hit.

This was understandable in 2007 but it is not this year.

54 pitch CG SO for Lohse...write it down.

Good thing we came back to beat the Braves...that was smart.

Might as well live your lives for a couple of hours, then tune back in if it's still relatively close in the 9th. The Phillies' batters don't bother taking intelligent ABs until they absolutely must.

The Cards showed patience at the plate, taking pitches since Halladay was no where near the plate or hitting his spots. Phils had to swing with Lohse right on the plate.


On the bright side, the view from the top of the Golden Gate bridge is really nice.

NEPP: that's what I kept thinking when they beat the Braves, kind of like sweeping the Padres last season.

So, anyway, yeah, what the f___ is Halladay doing so far?!


2) I now have one foot dangling off the tower of the Ben Franklin on which I'm standing. And I can see the splashes up and down the Delaware that Unikruk hears.

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