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Monday, October 31, 2011


Bob Brookover suggested targeting Michael Cuddyer for an offensive stop gap for Polanco and Howard. I would mind ahving his bat. Not sure what his stats looked like this year but I always though his bat was consistent.

The fact that Sabathia may become an option for the Phils is crazy. I know any team can use pitching but I think the Phils would be wise to concentrate on signing guys that can hit and bullpen arms.

CC can hit, Tim. So, what's not to like? Just kidding.

Aramis Ramirez at a good 2 year deal with an option might not be a bad deal. SOmeone would be willing to take Polly off of ours hands if the Phils pitch in some salery.

...on a unrelated note. I think it's time for the beerleaguer guy to pick himself up, dust it off and get ready for 2012.

That logo is sad.

Why would the Phils be in the the mix for CC? We just declined Oswalt's option. Yes, I know CC is more durable, and he may be a better pitcher at this point in their respective careers, but he would cost more, not less. How would spending a Lee-like fortune on CC help us when we have questions at 3B, 1B (part of the season), LF, SS, and BP -- all of which will cost $$ to answer.

I bet the Yankees throw money at Oswalt. They need pitching. I would love CC...I know we need hitters but wow would that be incredible...

Anyone see the new ugly Marlins hats? it looks like a cheap hotel chain's logo

A few thoughts:

Freddy Galvis is my SS in 2012. I love Jimmy, but I think he'll want too many years and too many dollars. I don't fault him for taking it and I don't fault the Phils for not paying it. It's just one of those things. If they upgrade offensively at a few positions (LF, 3B come to mind), they can afford to have an all-glove SS.

Ramirez is interesting. On a 2-3 year deal, it's worth it (almost regardless of the dollar amount). Polanco still serves a purpose: You should be able to fill 162 games at 2B with Ultey and Polanco...maybe.

A big "No" to any CC "involvement." No need for CC in this rotation. He's superfluous.

Unless Madson takes very little money, I let him walk. I'm not the biggest Madson fan. To be honest, I'm not a big bullpen fan. Having a high priced bullpen is a misallocation of resources if you ask me. But no one ever does.

Uh...what else? I guess that's it for now.

The Marlins are going to be the Miami Marlins in '12, right?

GRAB: Isn't the "new" Marlins logo the same thing, just with an "M" instead of an "F"?

The Marlins hat is ugly but it looks like that Marlins are being smart and marketing to Miami and Miami only. I can't say if they are doing it well but it is obviously what they are doing. They hire Ozzie they come out with this neon hat. They don't care if everyone else in America thinks they are nuts. They care if 40,000 people in Miami want to see them nightly. I don't know if it'll work.

GRAB: Never mind, I saw it. Gosh, is it terrible. What are the uniforms going to look like?


Amaro is going to spend big money on a FA veteran closer. Valverde's option got picked up for $9M by the Tigers.

Bell supposedly wants a minimum of 3 yrs guaranteed and already rejected a 2 yr/$15-16M deal with an option from the Padres. Papelbon also wants a minimum of 3 yrs and supposedly won't take a pay cut in his annual salary from $12M this year.

Madson is going to make more than Bell and he is set up nicely for a 3 yr/$10M+ annual salary. He's arguably the best FA closer on the market & that includes Papelbon.

Next tier down includes guys like Francisco, Nathan, Capps, Cordero, KRod, and Farnsworth. Like Nathan and Francisco the most out of that group. Stay away from Farnsworth, Capps, and KRod.

Still would like to see Nathan here on a 2 yr/$11-12M deal with a 3rd year option that vests based upon IP/Saves with say a $1.5M buyout.

I kinda like the logo.

I think it looks cheap and kinda stupid. I am an old school jersey kinda guy tho

On the new Marlins logo: Gag me with a spoon! Barrrrfffff!

White Sox picked up the option on mediocre Frasor for $3.75M? With the Lopez/Affeldt signings, the market on veteran FA middle relievers starts ~$4M.

I wouldn't mind seeing Amaro resign Lidge to a 1-yr deal at $2.75-3M, sign Nathan as the closer at say $5M next year (2 yr deal that jumps to say $6.5M-$7M in '13), and try to acquire a 'Value Village' type veteran reliever at ~$1M.

One guy I would love to see in here as a veteran LOOGY is Zach Duke. His days as a MLB starter are over but he is a guy who screams 'LOOGY reliever' as he transitions to a niche bullpen role.

Derek Lowe traded to Indians for Single-A prospect. The Phillies faced Lowe 4,307 times in the last four years.

I have no problem with the Marlins' logo. Like the article said, it's not as though they have an old history they are rejecting by subbing in a modern logo for a classic one. Miami is colorful, so is the logo.

Will the departure of LaRussa make a difference in the Cardinals' performance? Will Dave Duncan stay on?

MG: Interesting name to throw out there. Wouldn't be surprised to see them take a chance on a couple guys like Duke, although his day's as an MLB starter never really existed, outside of 14 starts in 2005.

Elias Rankings are out for FA:

Oswalt, JRoll, and Madson are Type 'A' free agents

Ibanez and Lidge are Type 'B' free agents.

Phils will definitely offer arbitration to JRoll & Madson. Doubt they will to any of the others.

JW - Braves traded Lowe for basically $5M in salary relief and essentially a 'bag of baseballs' because the prospect's ceiling is 'LOOGY reliever'

He's going to get creamed next year in the AL again unless he somehow makes miraculous progress with that cutter this offseason. Can't blame the Indians though for taking a flyer on a veteran starter who will give them 30+ GS at $5M. Needed to find another starter on the FA market/via trade.

Ops - Yeah because Duke would come cheap. It would also allow the Phils to have Savery start the year at Lehigh giving them a little add lefty reliever depth for a system that has none right now.

My crazy Phils' predictions this offseason:

- Phils either sign A. Ramirez or Reyes in a boost

I also wouldn't be surprised if the Phils trade D. Brown either although it would take some really interesting in return at 3B/SS for Amaro to bit.

On Duke:

I think Cholly and Dubee used to think very highly of him, when he was in Pittsburgh. Wouldn't be surprised to see him targeted by the Phils.

I could see Chris Snyder being looked at as well as a backup catcher. Would be a younger and better option then Schneeder.

I wonder what Grady Sizemore's market will be. I could see a small market team like Seattle or San Diego giving him a shot, at a buy low/high ceiling/not much risk type of pickup.

Citi Field is bringing in the fences in 2012 too, by an average of 12 feet. Fences will be lowered at some places too.

3 words regarding Jon Rauch: No Effing Way.

I wonder if the Phils might not back up the truck for some Pirate castoffs.

Snyder at backup catcher - maybe.
Doumit for bench, pinch hitter, backup first baseman/rightfield, emergency third catcher - longshot.
Duke for loogy.

Any of those are possible. There are any number of broken down old catchers they'll likely go for instead of Kratz. Duke? No idea if they'll look at him. But Doumit in that bench role is intriguing. And he'd give the team a legitimate third catcher, which they've never really had. That would extend their bench by one player because in the past they've always been afraid to use the backup catcher to pinch hit.

Other than the Sabathia-Lee friendship, why would the Phillies get involved here?

I would rather them hand the same pile of cash to Hamels than CC.

Seems like it's one or the other, not both; so why not go with the homegrown guy (who's incidentally been much better in the playoffs).

I can see them bringing in Aramis Ramirez

Good riddance to La Russa...I can't stand him

Wonder if the LaRussa retirement and the WS win are going to change the dynamic in STL? And if so, I wonder if Pujols is likely to stick around, or more likely to bolt? Should be an interesting offseason in "Baseball Heaven."

I'm not wild about the Marlins new cap, but it is better than any number of caps from 1970s and 1980s.

Lake Fred: Did you like the Astros uniforms in the 1980s?

Duke has always had better splits vs. LH than RH, but would I sign him as a LOOGY?


Why? Because his career OPS vs. LH is .750. Almost any off-the-shelf LOOGY can do better.

Zach Duke would be a solid addition for the 2012 Iron Pigs.

aksmith - We already did take a Pirates castoff, and he left such little impression that I can't even recall his name right now!

Braves traded Derek Lowe to the Indians for a single A pitcher. Atlanta is picking up $10 million of Lowe's $15 million for the 2012 season.

Guess they really want to get rid of the guy. Don't see what's so hot about this Cleveland kid. Is he their #1 pitching prospect?

CC is supposedly looking for a six-year deal. The Phils or anyone else would be crazy to give a guy who weighs a jelly-like 350 or so anything close to that. He's been great to this point, but I find it very hard to believe he will continue at the same level.

Godfather, by all accounts I've seen, he projects as a LOOGY (this Cleveland prospect).

Something feels "off" about this deal.

Clearing out Lowe, to bring in Oswalt.

Clearing out Lowe, to bring in Jose Reyes. Heard it here first.

I do not think the Phils would chase CC.

If they have $ to chase CC I'd much rather them spend it on offense.

Cholly can catch Sabathia, with Sabathia having a 15 yard head start....Hahahaha! Anyways i dont see the Phils pursuing Sabathia they already have 2 high priced starters, turned the contract of a fourth and have other pressing needs. CC will command a high amount of money, just dont see it happening.

Luis: I agree. It makes no sense.

I have to admit that I never really warmed to Oswalt for some reason and if he signed with the Braves I could easily find myself rooting quite hard against him.

Only way the Phillies make a move on CC is if they don't resign Hamels for whatever reason. He's actually got 1 more year of arbitration before he's a free agent. But CC is much older and will be more expensive.

Last time cole was the man in Philadelphia pitching wise we won a world series. Kind of want to see what happens if you pitch Hamels in the 1 rotation spot in the playoffs next year. He really stepped up to the occasion before. Maybe Cole wants the spotlight. Give it to him.

Won't we severly handicap other teams rotations more if we go Hamels, Halladay, Lee. The other team has to throw their best lefty out game 1, then at worst, even if they decide to go with their best lefty again in the series on short rest, we always have hamels or lee to throw at them.

I'd see Oswalt going to ATL before I see him going to the Yanks. Such a big deal was made about his no-trade clause and Roy being very particular in his level of comfort with his team (and Lidge's lobbying to get him to waive the NTC). I just don't see him wanting to go to NYY. ATL, though, might suit his fancy, it's a much shorter drive to Mississippi. ;)

I agree. I think Oswalt's a southerner through and through and I don't see him feeling comfortable in NY.

I could see Nolan Ryan liking him and pursuing Oswalt for the Rangers.

I can't see Atlanta going for Oswalt. He'll likely want too much money and his health is suspect. They don't need any more damaged pitchers.

Atlanta has great young pitching and Hudson is a true ace. Why would they spend money on an old guy who isn't likely to be any better than what they already have?

aksmith is exactly right. The last thing the Braves need is starting pitching. Teheran is as close to "can't miss" as you get and they've already got Hudson, Jurrjens, Hanson, Beachy and Minor.

The Braves could use a bat, though.

The Sox exercised their option on Scutaro so the posters who think there's no chance Galvis won't be MLB ready next season are closer to their wish.

Clout - NOBODY thinks Galvis will be major league ready before 2013. NOBODY.

What some people think is that the money for Rollins could be better spent on a bigger offensive force or two and a closer/setup guy. And in that case, Galvis may not be completely embarrassing.

I still think they'll either resign Rollins or bring in a veteran rather than play Galvis before he's ready.

I'm on the record multiple times saying that Galvis will NEVER be MLB-ready. Not for the Phillies, anyway.

I suspect we'll hear of a Rollins signing within the next couple of weeks. He's certainly doing quite a bit to further ingratiate himself with the good folks in Philly for someone who may go elsewhere.

Get ready Freddy. The fix is in.

Teams starting Galvis dont contend for least not in 2012. If we were the Astros, yeah, you might give him a shot and let Jimmy walk. We're not the damn Astros.

Aramis Ramirez months ago I said I'd like to see him in a phillies uniform.Was told he was terrible,couldn't field,low obp,etc. Glad to see others now considering him.
Galvis 2010 at Reading,wouldn't have given him a shot. Didn't see him this year but the hitting improved. Glove has never been an issue. Saw Stupes make it and never thought he was impressive at Reading so let's brake the mold and give Freddy a chance.Nothing vetured,nothing gained.

CC has re-signed with the Yanks. Just announced.

Sign Aramis up

Sabathia...LOVE of the game.

Yes get D'artagnon, Athos and Porthos too.

This is the beer leaguer I know and love.
Welcome back from the doldrums of playoff losing
everyday posters.

Phanatic everyday lurker

Its been a rough, rough month...where I've managed to cross several items off of my ever growing honey-do list.

I also set up a new carpentry studio in my basement which has taken up a TON of time. It used to all be in my garage but I decided I liked being able to do stuff in the winter too...and VT winters get damn cold.

I dont see us getting Ramirez or Reyes as both will be overpriced and Rube hasn't shown a tendency to go that route yet. Ibanez was overpriced but at a much lower level than Ramirez will be. Lee took less money to come here...would Aramis?

One of CC's contract provisions is that he is given a hotel suite on all road trips. Not surprising, since he probably can't fit into a normal room.

Was the article stating branon phillips a free agent accurate? Isn't he buds with Jroll?

CC back to yanks, 5/$122M

Brandon is not a FA. The Reds exercised his option.

aksmith: "Clout - NOBODY thinks Galvis will be major league ready before 2013. NOBODY."

From R.Billingsly just a few inches above aksmith's post:

"Freddy Galvis is my SS in 2012."

One of at least a dozen of similar posts since season's end.

Clout - NOBODY thinks Galvis will be major league ready before 2013. NOBODY.

I do. I want a slick-fielding, no-hit shortstop who's younger than (name your metaphor) who is never hurt. For all 162 games in 2012. Today.

I also want to retain Hamels, and convince Clifton (hey, ump, I GOTTA have that strike) Lee to move on.

With no salary gouge when we dump him for an established MLB-ready 2nd or 3rd baseman, or better yet, both. Let the bullets fly, but dammit, I'm sick of the Lee-love when we have cripples at both corners and at 2nd, too.

Wait, you are serious that you think the team would be better without Cliff Lee because he came up samll in a playoff start? Do you think Howard got hurt or Rube signed Polanco to a 3 year deal because of Cliff Lee? Do you think that having Lee means Hamels is on his way out? I don't follow any of this.

There is 0% chance that Galvis is the opening day starter next year just as their is 0% that Bastardo is their closer.

Amaro right/wrong is going to sign a veteran to fill both of those roles. Only question is whether the Phils resign JRoll/Madson respectively for those roles or another FA.

Maybe I'm a general fighting the last battle, but someone please convince me that a $150mm LH starting pitcher is worth FAR more than a sturdy and productive 2nd and 3rd baseman. TLR won it all this year with 1 good starting pitcher; a great – heck, legendary 1st baseman: and who? Rafael Furcal? David Freese? Nick ‘effin Punto? Geesh.

Younger and hungrier, with solid starting pitching and a great bullpen is a pretty good recipe. BTW, anyone who thinks Chase Utley gets better next year…

Re: LaRussa

Why is everyone acting like it is completely shocking he retired? He just won his 3 WS, is 68, has had some health issues the last few years, and was faced with the real possibility that Duncan & his best player (Pujols) would not be back next year.

Very few people are accorded the possibility of going out on top on their own terms. LaRussa was smart enough to take advantage of that opportunity.

The Reds have declined a 12 million dollar option on closer Francisco Cordero, making him a free agent.

A lot of closers are on the market this year. Might make re-signing Madsen easier, driving his price down?

cut_fastball: Lee was incredibly valuable all season. Remember the 6 shutouts?

rich: Unfortunately, Amaro's M.O. is to be a first-mover. I expect the Phillies to be among the first to sign a closer and I expect the teams that wait on a closer to find plenty of bargains.

Sox interviewed Mackanin and this caught me as a strange answer:

"Mackanin described himself as both a players’ manager and a disciplinarian.

“I think you have to have an element of both sides of that in order to be a good motivator,” he said. “To me, it’s like the way you handle your kids. I used to tell my son, I wear two caps, one has a ‘D’ on it, one has a ‘P’ on it. One is for Dad, the other is for Pal. When I have the ‘P’ cap on, we’re pals; when I put the ‘D’ cap on, you do what I tell you.”

Is it me or does this answer make little sense? Can't say I have been impressed by Mackanin during his tenure here either when he has taken over for Cholly after he gets tossed with some of his tactical in-game maneuvers or his interviews. Wouldn't mind seeing him get the job and the Phils promoting someone else to the bench coach role.

If we have $55 million to work with, effectively, that's what, 7-10 mil for salary increases?

Leaves some 40-45 million to fix our holes. $30 mil is going to Rollins and Hamels to resign them. Reyes will be way overpriced and there really aren't any good options after Rollins. Furcal is an injury liability and no other free agents hit well in the position. Who else would you want? Barmes? Cabrera? Jack Wilson? You've got Rollins, who's a better defender than Furcal, and that's it.

Given Galvis' poor bat, I'd be much more comfortable signing Rollins to a 4 year deal and bringing Galvis up as a utility man. Hell, kid needs to spend time at AAA before we can really evaluate his offense. Figure Galvis or Mini-Mart replace Valdez.

As poor as Polanco's production was, I don't see anyone on the free agent list other than Ramirez who's any better. Ramirez will probably get a 3 year deal from somewhere (lots of teams need 3B help) but I don't see how we can afford him. We'll have $10-15 mil, maybe, to get bullpen help, a backup catcher, and another bench player to spell LF/1B.

And please don't argue with me on that last point. The salary limit for the Phillies is $175 million. Period. We're not spending any more. We are not the Yankees. You may not argue that we have to go over that line. That's the budget, that's the limit, effing deal with it.

Another offseason of BLers saying "no way X will happen"...I especially love the over-the-top jerkiness of this attempt.


Cliff Lee picked an incredibly bad time to blow a four run lead. Not something he normally does, and not something I would bet on him doing again.

On Utley, even at this past year's level, the guy is still a good second baseman. And for the record: My feel is he will almost certainly never be the Utley of 2007-2009. But he has an entire winter to rehab, will work extremely hard (without doubt), and barring further injury will come into spring training in top shape. He's had a pretty tough two years. Could he regress further in 2012? Sure anything can happen, but I would not bet on it.

There are enough other moving parts that are more pressing to address without upsetting the Lee and Utley applecarts.

Polonco hasn't made it through a full season without a debilitating injury sapping his bat by the end of the year. He's great when he's healthy, but he's only healthy 1/2 the time.

cut -Do you really think this Phils team isn't hungry? Halladay and Lee took less money to come here just because they want a championship. Younger does not equal hungrier and I am sick of hearing people insinuating it does

I always heard older people ate less. And they like to eat early. Can we get verification on this, Old Phan?

Yo, newer thread

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