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Friday, October 07, 2011


If that line-up can put pressure on Carpenter and get a few runs, we will be singing "High Hopes" after the game.

Feels like a win.

Looks like a police lineup, but with 8 suspects.

6 absolutely needs to stand closer to 8.

Looks like a sign for a men's room with a trough.

Got to admit UC is very creative so much for the Mayberry discussion.

"Looks like a police lineup, but with 8 suspects."

Wanted: For the Heinous Murder of Multiple Baseballs

Who thinks 34 will get more hits than 51 and 27?

It would be funny if 8 were running around while the others were still standing there.

@JW -- I was hoping for the #34 to look a little like this with stethoscope and head mirror :,1255041357,16/stock-photo-doctor-symbol-38489704.jpg

My hair on my photo on my 1981 college student (Shippensburg U) ID card looks EXACTLY like DEckersly's hair now.

If anyone was wondering, there are only 8 suspects because the 9th guy is, of course, The Saint.

They look like a bunch of stiffs to me, especially that Raul guy.

I cant believe this is about to happen. This is so sad and heartbreaking.....Something has to happen here please....

Polly should of been sub out how many ground balls you need to see before you realize this guy isnt going to get the ball out of the infield ?

Aperio, the global leader in providing digital pathology solutions that improve patient care, today announced that the company has successfully defended key US and European patents covering line-scanning technology in digital pathology systems. These decisions uphold Aperio’s patent rights as the innovator of industry-leading technology in digital pathology.

The theme of today’s lecture is don’t believe in arrests of alleged terrorists without proof as non-Muslims are liars … I don’t believe them because they are kuffaar and lying is part of their religion. (Kuffaar is an Arabic word meaning non-believer or an infidel. Its contemporary usage in the UK is highly derogatory).

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