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Friday, October 28, 2011


Good things there is always value in holding a roster spot for a guy who can hit singles, can't run and can't play the field...

Maybe its time to hang'em up, Gload.

No offense to Gload but I couldn't really care less about what he does. He's through with the Phillies (at least I think so).

Gload's trying to get a guaranteed deal next year. Can't blame him for not wanting to go under the knife because if he did I highly doubt another team would give him a guaranteed deal. Fails into the 'spring invite' category due to his age/health status/production questions.

Meant to say 'minor league deal' with a guaranteed salary if he makes the Opening Day roster.

I can't imagine Gload will get a guaranteed deal that pays him $750k or $1M.

Valverde's option got picked up for $9M. Seems like Madson will have a hard time getting a deal that Lidge got 3 years ago (3 yrs/$36M) but I could see him price tag being somewhere slightly south of that.

My bet is he gets 3 yrs/$32-$34M from some one.

Heh. Gload may think of surgery as risky, but that's a moot point if his abilities are hampered by his injury so much that he is only borderline MLB talent, a level which at times he appeared to be hovering around for a while in 2011. Assuming the potential downsides of the surgery won't harm his everyday non-athletic motor functions (admittedly a big assumption), you'd think he should go for it if it could mean it saves his career.

I know we're not still viewing him as "injured" but I'd take a great deal of peace of mind away from any update that had a simple one liner - 2B Chase Utley has begun an off-season regimen that is not too vigorous and is designed to allow for his patellar tendinitis to be a non-issue come Spring Training.

Chase, please just chill out on the treadmill, or whatever, ok?

Didn't the Phillies say during the season that Gload's condition wouldn't improve w/ surgery, only rest, which is why he decided to play through? I remember hearing something along those lines, anyway, which is why today's news doesn't surprise me. I'm just worried the Phillies will re-sign the guy. He has no prayer of hitting a HR, can't run & can't play defense, which makes him useless. I'm still disgusted Charlie let Gload PH in the NLDS, which was the quintessential example of an ample gut overwhelming a tiny brain.

Ganglion Thing ==>

Forget Gload, he is a waste of a roster spot. Get G. Dobbs who can play 3rd, 1st, OF and pinch hit.

larussa celebrating a WS title is becoming more and more like a reality... enough to make me ill

It I was another injured athlete doing rehab near a Phillies player i would feel uncomfortable that I may come down with a sports hernia being within 5 yards on them.

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