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Friday, October 07, 2011


Didn't realize how bad the injury was until I re-watched. Can't win in this league if you can't play a little small ball. Polanco is a shell of his former self, same for Utley but he left it all out there, Afraid Howard will never be the same.

Biggest call was game 2 first inning when they call that ball a strike and the call Pence out but he was safe. Afraid we have too many well paid guys who have won and too old. Long seasons 5 years in a row.

So we lose Raul, Rollins? Schnieder? Oswalt, Madson? Lidge. Chronically playing hurt Utley, beat up Howard, Polanco... Infield looks not too good. Better hope D-Brown is real deal. And Galvis steps it up.

So: Did they choke?

Haha, how's it feel losers? Phillies suk, one of biggest choke jobs in history, that long history of a failed franchise. Four aces means nothing when they all get hit around. See you next year when you finish 2nd.

Be nice to see all players stats for these last 5 playoff years.

who was the better pick-up Delmon Young or Hunter Pence.

They scored in 6 innings out of 5 games, yes, 6 out of 45 innings. Pathetic, I can't drink enough to forget this horrible ending.

SLocs: correction, who was the better pickup Cliff Lee or Zack Greinke? Cliff Lee or Edwin Jackson?

this philly core is the 90's braves team. yankees done! phills done! how to you all feel that you guys only played 5 more games then my NEW YORK METS!

Dear Phillies fans,

To bad Charlie Manuel is stil the PHillies Manager, the lose of this series is totally on his shoulders. Charlie coddles the players and does not have a clue how to act as a boss, period.

I for one will never ever waste my time watching another Phillies game as long as Charlie ( a nice guy but clueless) is managing this team, especially after Charlie was outmanaged last year in the playoffs.

Why didn't Roy Halliday pitch on 3 days rest on Wed.? with cliff lee starting tonight if need be? becuase Charlie is a moron.

Let's see the Phillies sell out every game next year, I doublt it!

Very truly yours,
Paul J. Soentgen, III.

well Phillie fans, I hope you enjoyed your run... pitching can only take you so far. the geysers in your lineup have aged together

In Western New York, the Norways look the worst; their shriveled leaves have been falling since August. The silver maples (shown at top) aren’t quite as bad. If I needed another reason to dislike these trees, this blight provides it. Apparently, the soaking we got in May gave the fungus what it needed; it is visible almost every year, but usually not so much that we don’t get some decent color.

perhaps it's time for a new thread.

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