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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Nothing to talk about here, move along

I hope the change-up is off-the-charts good tonight.

from wiki: (end of last thread discussion)

"The frame of racquets for all sports was traditionally made of laminated wood and the strings of animal intestine known as catgut. The traditional racquet size was limited by the strength and weight of the wooden frame which had to be strong enough to hold the strings and stiff enough to hit the ball or shuttle. Manufacturers started adding non-wood laminates to wood racquets to improve stiffness. Non-wood racquets were made first of steel, then of aluminium, and then carbon fiber composites. Wood is still used for real tennis, racquets, and xare. Most racquets are now made of composite materials including carbon fibre, fiberglass, metals such as titanium alloys or ceramics."

doesn't say exactly when, but sometime in the early 80's i believe. i used to play with a wooden racket when i was a kid.

I just hope Cole sticks with it - it's one of baseball's best pitches.

Now is the time for the Phils to smack Hi-me Garcia around.

Hamels looks a bit like Terry Mulholland with that goatee. I better call and reserve a bar stool for this one.

What is the team's record in games when a pitcher is featured with a goatee in the header??

This feels like a loss.

It also appears PITCHf/x is subject to calibration errors (presumably from how accurately the cameras are positioned):

Been getting nervous for 2 days now. Should be in quite a state by game time. Have to shuttle kids to and from soccer practice between 5:20-8:20. So glad I at least get to listen on the radio! Sorry for those of you stuck at work during the game.

I see my dad tried to call me, too. It's terrible, but I have a hard time talking to my parents, even, about the games when they are rooting for the opposite teams. (Mom lives in CO, dad near St. Louis.) Gonna have to call him back, even if he gloats some.

Has Garcia pitched in the post season? No, correct? More the reason that the Phils need to get to him early and shake him up a bit!

Just thought I'd check in. Hope everyone is enjoying the series so far. Cliff was a little hard to watch, but Charlie sending him back out there when he was clearly out of gas sent me to the hypertension and anti-psychotic medication. Couldn't understand it then. Can't understand it now. First time I ever saw Charlie get outmanaged by Larussa. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

I'm avoiding game threads because I would be too prone to have a stroke while typing with too much energy.

Hope to see Cole back in form today. No more fat middle of the plate homers in waiting, especially with two strikes. Chooch needs to remember that it's okay to pitch outside sometimes.

Well, have fun. And go Phillies!

I have been through a lot with the phils. I am usually pesimistic but for some reason I have a feeling of calm. I think that even if things go bad tonight we are going to come back and win this thing. I want to go on record with a prediction that one of the right handers in the bottom of the order (Mayberry, Ruiz or Polanco) get a big hit. I think Cole will give us every chance to win this one.

This is what happened the last time pressure was put on Garcia and ironically it was the last time he pitched ...

I am worried...Garcia kills the Phils. I wouldnt be surprised if the game goes 1-0 in favor of the Cardinals

Lets go COLE !

I'm nervous, but this is where champions are made. If the Phils are the best, they need to show it tonight.

fumphis - something tells me that the amount that pitchFX is off is extremely small in comparison to real life umps. you don't disagree with that, do you?

CGSO for Cole, just like last year's NLDS.

I see Matt Holliday is available to PH today.

I have no real feeling about this game. I can imagine almost anything happening - from shutout loss to a shutout win, to a 0-0 game in the 9th or beyond.


From the Stark article:

"... [Mayberry] has a .607 slugging percentage in 163 at-bats since getting called up on July 5. The only NL hitters who have been to the plate that many times since then and have a better slugging percentage than Mayberry are two guys you might have heard of -- Ryan Braun (.642) and Troy Tulowitzki (.618)."


Matt Gelb (via Twitter): Charlie says Oswalt is scheduled starter for Game 4 no matter what happens in Game 3. Lee likely available from bullpen.

If this is "news" to you, you're a moron. And if Lee needs to enter Game 4, the Phillies have already lost.

When starters come in to pitch relief on short rest -- ala Roy Oswalt or Tim Lincecum in last year's NLCS -- it usually goes badly.

If Oswalt struggles, I'll take my chances with Worley or KK on normal rest as opposed to Lee on short rest.

Any game that goes extras has to be to the Phils advantage. I can see LaRussa burning all of his pitchers in 9 innings, so he'll have to dip into his starters if they go past 9.

I swear the guy on CSN whose name I don't know - former player, apparently, dark hair, nice-looking - say yesterday that if we lose today, he expects Halladay tomorrow.

I agree with you, GTown, I never doubted that Oswalt would start tomorrow regardless of today's results.

Nor do I disagree with that decision. Oswalt has been pitching well and is a proven gamer in the postseason. Why else have 4 aces if not to utilize them all?

But if Lee has to come in from the BP, I think the Phillies could still win the game. However, let's avoid that situation altogether.

("said" yesterday, not "say".)

I wish everyone would just relax and enjoy the game.There is a reason that the Phils won 103 games so far this year..They are an extreamly good team. Don't panic, good pitching wins games and we have very good pitching.

I have no real feeling about this game. I can imagine almost anything happening - from shutout loss to a shutout win, to a 0-0 game in the 9th or beyond.

Save for the fact that the outcome (L) is inevitable, I feel the same. Will the Phils drop a heartbreaker, 1-0? Or will they get worked over Deliverance-style, 12-0? The anticipation is killing me!

conshy, not necessarily. My point is just that people who appeal to PITCHf/x and its ilk to "remove human error" are attributing capabilities to PITCHf/x that it doesn't have.

I personally think umpire ball-strike error is a moderately big problem, but one that needs a more imaginative approach than just switching over wholesale to pitch-tracking software. A good first step (and this might already be the case) would be the league using PITCHf/x to evaluate umpire performance.

Or--and this has a lot of potential problems, but could be interesting--give umps (not just the HP ump) access to real-time PITCHf/x data, and allow them to consult it when they feel it's needed, with full discretion still resting with them (and with the understanding that the HP ump will still make most calls by eye, with the data reserved for calls the umps deem close or perhaps for a once-per-game manager challenge). Maybe limit this to playoff games.

I'm sure you could pick those specific schemes apart, but my point is that used strictly on its own PITCHf/x does not have some kind of infallibility that umpires don't.

Time to see if anybody on this team can go out there and be great today.

I'll be watching the game until 7:30, which is when I have to go to an 8:00 massage appointment.

If the game's close?

Worst. Massage. Ever.

I think the most important strategic move the Phils can make is something that can be difficult for them; basically, I would tell the lefties in the lineup not to swing against Garcia until you have two strikes, and then to swing for fouls. Our righties and switch-hitters should do OK, but Garcia cannot be allowed to go deep into this game because Utley, Raul, and Howard are going down on three or fewer pitches.

LaRussa will probably pull Garcia at just under or around 100 pitches, so work him as much as possible early and get your runs late (not that this worked the other night, but still...)...

Also, Cole will be on tonight...

doesn't say exactly when, but sometime in the early 80's i believe. i used to play with a wooden racket when i was a kid.

My now brother-in-law and I had steel rackets around 1970/71.

I would have no hesitation in using Lee as a LOOGY in game 4. Let Bastardo fill his normal role; use Lee as an early LOOGY or post-Bastardo LOOGY.

Nor do I disagree with that decision. Oswalt has been pitching well and is a proven gamer in the postseason. Why else have 4 aces if not to utilize them all?

word. I realize drawing conclusions from playing well heading into the Postseason is sneered upon, but Oswalt was as good as any of the other "Aces" over his last few outings. Unless Charlie decides to be stupid & allow Roy O. more than ~95 Pitches, I feel shockingly positive about his chances for success in Game 4.

Jesus, G'Town... I hope you're not a doctor, or working with children.

"Yeah, the surgery went well, but I probably left something in there that will fester and kill you."

"Yes, Timmy, Mommy and Daddy will die, and it will probably be painful."

TPoT: Imagine the feeling of happiness that will wash over those kids once they find out I really didn't leave anything behind. Of course the whole family will likely be wiped out by a wayward garbage truck on their way home, but that's neither here nor there.

Is it just me, or can you hear a pin drop in Phillies nation right now? Had to come to good ol Beerleaguer for some chatter because it seems everyone in my life is nervous as hell about this game..

Like Pavlov's dogs, I now find that my body has been trained so that the feeling of nausea actually starts to set in a good two hours before the Phillies even take their first AB.

I mean, there's no doubt that this is the single most nerve-wracking game since maybe NLCS Game 5 last year. Especially because if we lose we'll be unquestionably doomed (in our collective psyche)--doomed in the worst possible way, since an NLDS loss would just be such a devastating way to end the season--but if we win we're in no way out of the woods. Tense, nail-biting, heavily superstitious silence is the only way to approach this game.

I feel bad for you nervous folks. My pulse rate has dropped so low someone just mistook me for the Phillies' post-2nd Inning offense.

Just heard on the radio that MLB says LaRussa has been fined an undisclosed amount for his remarks regarding the strike zone during NLDS game 2.

It is literally impossible for the Phils to win two games in a row, so they have to win this one so that they can lose Game 4 then win Game 5 at home. Done!


Awwww sheeeetttttt Hamels is straight business.

@Fumphis.. true. Just irks me because I have a really good feeling about this game. Young James is stroking it (and running his mouth like he used to (in twitter form). Utley looks like an OBP machine in the 2-hole. Big Piece will be more focused than ever. JOHN MAYBERRY JR. is in the lineup tonight (3rd best slugging % in the league since he was called back up).

It all comes down to our Ace, the only one with a World Series ring. I think we'll be just fine.

"My pulse rate has dropped so low someone just mistook me for the Phillies' post-2nd Inning offense."

In Game 1 or Game 2?

fumphis - no problem with anything you are saying. there is probably a creative solution to the problem. yet i still believe that no one dares to make that kind of change.

Muurgh - massage scheduled during a Phils playoff game? worst decision ever!

(seriously, cancel that shizz)

GTown, that's because you're practicing "Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed."

"I'll be watching the game until 7:30, which is when I have to go to an 8:00 massage appointment."

For your sake, I hope at least one of these has a happy ending.

I have a feeling the Cards win this game but I think the Phils win the next two so i'm cool...

"My pulse rate has dropped so low someone just mistook me for the Phillies' post-2nd Inning offense."

He's mentioned the unmentionable! Stone him!

'Tee Hamels says "You're f***ing out!"

This feels like a shutout loss.

Setting off for the Delaware Memorial now.

GBrettfan: I'm not practicing, I'm a certified master.

Also, BB takes the early lead in Post of the Thread.

Game 3 lineup: Rollins SS, Utley 2B, Pence RF, Howard 1B, Victorino CF, Mayberry Jr. LF, Polanco 3B, Ruiz C, Hamels P #postseason

LOL@Bed's Beard

Former Cardinal Placido Polanco gets a big hit tonight.

final score:

Cards 2.79
Phils 3.56

Would have liked to see JMJ up higher. Utley could go lower, IMO.

My band just released an album, for anyone looking to kill time before the big game. It can be found at If you like the sound of the Kinks, you'll probably dig this.

SLO Phan - Any reasons why? Utley has been a very good #2 hitter since being put there.

"final score:

Cards 2.79
Phils 3.56"

Show your work (i.e., the math).

Red: Utley is 0-6 against Garcia. Yeah, yeah, SSS, I know. Still....

Hamels for Upton.

The Phillies are essentially 0-Garcia. I doubt the specific order will impact the game all that much. Glad to see Mayberry starting, at least.

BAke -i think both Cole and Garcia go the distance giving up their respective ERA's.

Beltre on fire right now.

Yo Adrian!

There is a post on 700 Level about how Garcia's numbers against the Phillies are slightly misleading because he didn't face the regular line-up most of the time. Today he will. That's true, and all well and good, but look at the numbers against the line-up he will face:

Rollins: 1 of 11
Utley: 0 for 6
Pence: 3 for 15
Howard: 2 of 12
Victorino: 2 of 9
Mayberry: 3 of 6
Polanco: 2 of 11
Ruiz: 0 for 3

That is a rousing 13 for 73 off Garcia. Does not inspire a ton of confidence. As I said earlier, make him throw a ton of pitches and get him out of the game.

Texas is a solid team. If my prediction of a Tigers v. Rangers ALCS comes to pass, it ought to be a good one.

Gtown: True enough. Except JMJ, who is 3-6. May be statistically insignificant, but it would have been nice to see the Phils most prolific batter against Garcia get as many at-bats as possible against him.

Of course, MM is also 3-6 against Garcia.....

I'll be watching the game until 7:30, which is when I have to go to an 8:00 massage appointment

For your sake, that had better be a "massage".

Can anyone here write something positive? Why not look at what the Phils hitters have done the first two games.

JRoll .625
Utley .500
Pence .375
Howie .286 6 RBIs
Vic .375
Ibanez .375 4 RBIs

Well, I scheduled it last week in hopes that the game would start at 8 and I could get back for the meat of it.

Then, I thought, well, maybe Cole will kill it and the innings will breeze by and it won't be that big of a deal. THEN I saw how long it took for the game to progress with all of La Russa's bullpen changes...

... yeah. It was a bad idea. Thanks for the support, Bedro.

We're not facing Koufax, Seaver or Clemens. We're not facing Verlander, Kershaw or Lincecum.

I think the Phils will smoke Garcia. The rest of you can die of worry.

Positive? Why write something positive about the best team in the league? That's crazy talk!

thank you ollie. i'd love to know the stats against garcia when the phillies are coming into the game pretty hot at the plate. the offense has done its job so far. keep it going tonight and let's wrap up this series with roy oswalt tomorrow.

Phils and nova - True... a handful of those numbers came in September. And we don't talk about September.

hopefully all this talk fires up the phils and gets into garcias head. he's thinking 'i own this team, i'll cruise through this game' and then he gets lit up the first time through the lineup.

Just cancel the damned massage/"massage." This is Philadelphia, not Sex in the City.

"seasons come and go, but i will never change..."

Yeah, Garcia is definitely thinking that.

I'm going to post this one last time.




that reminds me, i have to cancel my manicure.

For next season I'm going to spend each day prepping the way that night's Phillies starter preps. Roy-5am Run, Lee-indifferent gaving in Rittehouse Sq, Cole-day spa, Roy O-clear brush, Vanimal-RAGE!!, Joe B-stuff my fat face with every different kind of cake.

I do really like the song by Tinie Tempah "Written in the Stars," but I'm getting tired of hearing it at this point.

Fat: If you expanded the sample size to include all soft-tossing left-handed starters who have faced the Phillies in the last 2 years, I imagine you'd find statistically significant offensive numbers that would nauseate even the heartiest of Phillies fans.

Our two lefties in tonight's lineup have looked strong in the first two games. Rollins, Vic and Pence have looked good. Mayberry should make a nice contribution.

Hamels says he's calm in a visitor's ballpark. Gets stoked watching the first half inning from the dugout.

None of these guys would have accomplished what they have if they were as worried as everyone on this blog.

This is going to be great.

I have to cancel my colonic.

"seasons come and go, but i will never change..."

How can you know that? What do the stats say? Is your sample size large enough, without being too large? Are your conclusions based on comparing sufficiently comparable situations?

I have to cancel my waxing.

Soft-tossing LHPs...Does this mean the Braves would do well to sign Jamie Moyer?

I have to cancel my diet.

Bake - it's written in the stars, from a million miles away. all those light years provide a sufficient sample size.

I have to cancel my teeth cleaning.

looks like i picked the wrong week to quit massages.

I have to cancel my tryst with Jen.

Didn't Charlie Sheen get dumped from his gig because he called his boss Jaime? Should we call this guy Jimmy?

I have a dancing lesson with the devil tonight.

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