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Monday, October 24, 2011


Quick, a post, before Conshy Matt throws another fit.

ESPN reporting that Jim Thome spoke at a function in Cleveland and expressed his intentions of playing in 2012. He said that he would weigh which offer gives him the best chance at a championship.

Thome hasn't been able to physically play 1B in probably a good 4-5 years now.

He's not an option for anything other than a DH role.

He can play 1B for a few weeks before Howard comes back... and then be our LH pinch hitter

Thome told the Dodgers he couldn't physically handle fielding 1B at all back when they traded for 2009. I highly doubt his back has improved over the last 2 seasons.

For all those wishing for yesterday's stars why not sign Schmidt to play 3rd or better yet what about bringing back Bunning (at least that would be one less wingnut in congress)

Either 1B at the major league level is a lot less athletically demanding than one would suspect, or maybe we should kill the "old guy with the chronically bad back to bridge the gap to the guy coming off of a serious Achilles injury" talk.

Aren't we the same crew imploring this team to get younger?

Jim Bunning is no longer in Congress.

"Jim Bunning is no longer in Congress"

... thank heaven for small favors.

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