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Friday, October 07, 2011


What a waste of a season.

That injury looked bad, really bad.

It saddens us all!

~wonders how long JW had that graphic prepped for~

What a waste of a season. Please dont post the "Well at least we won 102 games, that's something to be proud of". Its meaningless and fans that celebrate regular season win totals are pathetic losers that dont get sports.

I hope Howard is okay and that that injury wasn't as bad as it apparently looked.

I hope Howard is ok, but the simple fact is that was the last Phillies playoff game for a long, long time.

That was a really rough ending, and anguishing to watch not a single decent AB from Polly or Ruiz.

Howard was in some serious pain.

Pressure was on the cards. For sure

Hey, at least Ibanez and Polanco got a lot of ABs that series. That made sense!

I cant wait to see Polly play 3B next year. I'm sure he'll be much much better this time around.

Jack: With this rotation, I think the playoffs are just about guaranteed again next year. And I'm not really looking forward to it.

"What a waste of a season. Please dont post the "Well at least we won 102 games, that's something to be proud of". Its meaningless and fans that celebrate regular season win totals are pathetic losers that dont get sports."

Actually, I got a lot of enjoyment out of that 102 win season, and I watched a close post-season series and a great final game.

Sorry if that bothers you.

We lost 3 games by a total of 5 runs. In those games, Mayberry didn't have a single AB.

Please, someone, make sense of that.

Ibanez was about two feet from the biggest hit/HR of his career, and from winning the game... really tragic for him to end his career here that way.

April 5th, 2010


That will be your batting order.

That injury looked awful.

From those that watched, did it look like a broken ankle or more of an Achilles tear?

Both are bad but the achilles tear is a career threatening one...even for a 1B.

I was going to say I had a lot of fun this year. But I guess I don't get sports.

I know Howard will take a lot of flack for the loss in this series (and he does deserve some). But Ruiz was completely non-existent this series. Polanco was almost a ghost this series. Pence was pretty bad in the 3 hole. Rollins, Vic, and Utley were our best position players.

Game 2 was huge though in this series. People harped on the offense all night but in that game they gave their starting pitcher 4 runs and he could not hold that lead. If you believe that events wouldn't have changed that means this is a 3 game sweep. At the very least it means the Cards need to win 3 straight to take the series.

Yes the team is old but that doesn't mean you can't compete from year to year. The Yankees do and they are a fairly old team as well.

I think we ran into a very good team in this series and Carpenter pitched an excellent game tonight when they needed him too. It sucks, and it hurts, because this Phillies team felt destined for the World Series but it just wasn't our destiny this year.

We've said numerous times in the past few weeks that in a short series anything can happen. In this short series, we lost. Time to get in line behind the other big budget teams that crapped out this season.

Somewhere, Milt Thompson is feeling somewhat vindicated.

Now we know how Heat fans feel.

The glory years are over. Utley seems done surpisingly. Rollins is gone. Howard has been done for 2 years. Too bad for Lee, Halladay and Hamels. That is quite a trio. But you have to be able to score 2 runs. Now I truly know how Braves fans felt when they had all those great years and made it to the world series twice in about 10 years. I have been a Phillies fan for about 40 years. That was one of the toughest set of 3 games I have ever had to sit through.

so the phillies aren't making the playoffs next year?

I think, perhaps, the worst part of it is that the Phillies were such an incredibly fun team to watch all season, but were an incredibly painful team to watch in the postseason. A real juxtaposition.


Post-script: I hope that was not a career-altering injury suffered by Howard and that he makes a full recovery

I am so tired of hearing Charlie say, their pitcher pitched a good game. When are you going to look in the mirror and realize your team has no idea how to hit a baseball in the playoffs. This is on YOU!!!!!

Such a disappointment- I could care less who wins the ws-I will not be watching- thanks for a wonderful season!

Note Mayberry would be at 1st. Due to Howards TORN achilles

jack...i wish i could. no adjustments from the dugout.

I dunno, JW, I might have gone with PHAILURE. Too tacky?

Cry it out tonight everybody. We start discussing how we're going to remodel the team tomorrow! Need some outside-the-box thinking.

NEPP: It is something in the ankle they believe. An Achilles tear would be awful.

Cipper, do we know that's what it is? How could they possibly know anything yet?

I guess Mayberry wouldn't have helped? thank god we saw more Ibanez and polanco before they leave. Maybe we shoulda let the braves win? pathetic! You knew it was over when Utley tried to steal 2nd. Desperation

the depression is overwhelming. summer is over. both of my religions tell me i shouldn't eat tomorrow.....

Is Ryan Howard and Chris Pronger the same person?

Don't worry guys, there are plenty of reserves coming up from the farm system.

Im just assuming the worst... the loss put me in one of those moods. Regardless, it didn't look good.

Honestly, I don't see why we can't win the division again next year. The Mets will be a joke, the Nats aren't there (yet), the Marlins are a total wildcard (but probably not there), and you'll excuse me if I'm not a believer in the Braves.

With our staff, I don't see why we can't.

Might need a little work on the offense, though...

What a shame that this team won 1 WFC. I find it interesting that it was the younger, hungrier version of this team that won.

Also, the Phillies will be in the playoffs next year again.

I guess I root for Texas now.


1. Lee
2. Pence
3. Ruiz
4. Oswalt
5. Polanco

Valiant Efforts:

1. Halladay
2. Hamels
3. Rollins
4. Madson
5. Francisco

Half and Half:
1. Howard
2. Utley
3. Ibanez
4. Victorino

Torn Achilles: 6 to 9 months recovery with no guarantee of ever regaining 100% mobility. In fact, its almost a guarantee that you dont regain your pre-injury form...EVER.

God help us if that's what it is...Howard will NEVER be the same player if it is.

Hockey players have more heart and more guts and more balls than any other professional athlete.

Truth: Already bought my hat when cliffy made the trip to Tex last year.

Cock never tasted so good.

***Hockey players have more heart and more guts and more balls than any other professional athlete.***

Hockey skates tend to immobilize those type of injuries making it easier to play on.

Jim Leyland or Charlie Manuel? Who would you have hired?

Hockey players wear pads. Soft!!!

Amaro signs either Pujols or Prince, whichever wins the LCS.

I think teams in the East will be better next year but the Phillies will still have a majority of this rotation together and the offense will score runs- at times- to win a bunch of games.

The only thing that changes anything might be the Nationals giving big money to another middle of the order bat.

Phils won 12 more games than the Cards that beat them.

2006 Mets won 14 more games than the Cards that beat them.

We have the real possibility of a WC team winning the World Series. DAMN IT!!!

With this lineup Phils wouldn't have beaten the Brewers or the Diamondbacks

Good news. The Union will probably make the playoffs.

I also think they need a new hitting coach for next year. Too much of a tendency to pull pitches. Need a guy that can come in and help them work all the fields.

The Phils will make the playoffs next year, only as the wild-card. That is the next logical step in the downward progression of the team.

"Amaro signs either Pujols or Prince, whichever wins the LCS."

He should offer them a 5 year $125 million contract.

Charlie Manuel is a regular season manager, & this Phillies run has been like Atlanta's run in the '90s, only less successful.

if only ryan had gone down looking.

world serius interuptus...

Charlie mentioned that it might be Howard's ankle that is injured. I hope it's not an achillies, though. I remember when Bill White tore up his achillies in 1966 and was never the same player after that.

Yeah, I think the Nats and the Braves are the biggest threats next year. I like the Braves pitching, but I have real questions about their offense and ownership's interest in doing what it takes to win.

I think the Nats will be good, maybe an over-.500 team, but I just think they're a year or two away from really contending.

Last games in Phillies uni's for jroll, lidge, raul, mad dog and polly. Stop bitching about ruiz being invisible, he's the eight hole hitter and your catcher.

Btw doesnt chollie have to be accountable on some level?

The sellout streak will end the second or third week in 2012, three straight years of underachieving bullshit won't cut it on damp spring nights anymore. Sadly, our fan base-me included-has become what I despised when I was growing up- a Yankees-type fan base that won't care until October.

At least Roy Halladay is who we thought he was. He deserved better.

So much for the nation experts who picked a

Where's Polly going? He's signed for 1 more. Lidge is a goner.

Maybe they can trade Lee again for some prospects that don't pan out.

How many titles did the Braves win versus how many we've won?

Are some of these comments jokes? Phillies building legacy of postseason failure? If you don't win the World Series 50% of the time you make the playoffs, that's considered failure?

Thank heaven we signed Howard to a huge albatross of a deal way in advance for no reason.

Oh well, it's been a fun run. Maybe they'll be contenders again in 2040.

A lot of people downplayed the Phillies' slump in September. I had a feeling that slump was going to come back and haunt us. We really didn't play well since the series in Houston. The three-game sweep in Atlanta was an aberration.

So, is Howard doomed to become the next me?


Wouldn't be at all surprised to see Lidge re-sign here, honestly. And I wouldn't be at all opposed to it, either.

And, btw, JW's graphic has just become epic. I lol'd.

Outscoring a team in a series is the most stupid stat to ponder. All it took for that to happen was the only lopsided win in the five games: 11-6. So what?

Firing Milt Thompson last year was also stupid. It wouldn't have been had GG and that hitting guru, UC, been able to transform the hitters into situational wizards.

I don't like the way the offense is constituted and UC is responsible for that. In playoff baseball, trying to whack 3-run homers is a recipe for disaster.

The whole offensive philosophy has to change. Otherwise, press replay. That means that UC has to go and RAJ has to get real ballplayers who know how to get on base, advance runners and eke out runs. That's what you need for the playoffs.

I'm afraid that Manuel is too clueless to understand that, similar to Francona in Boston, his time has run out. He is an anachronism and needs to go out to pasture.

Tomorrow is the perfect time to announce his retirement and for Ryno (the Hall of Famer, that is) to assume the reins of leadership.

Please, please, please, Ruben, give us some hope and make the change.

Howard's contract reminds me of Derrick Coleman's.

Prediction: That was the last game we see James Calvin Rollins in a Phillies uniform. Not because the Phillies don't want him but rather because he will get a 5 year deal somewhere.

I know that length seems silly but every year we see contracts that make you think, "Why would someone make that deal?" Rollins will get one of those this off-season.

Also, I think the Phillies lost more in losing Davey Lopes than they might have imagined.

Breaking new: Rollins signs w/ SF.


I know this isn't the right time for this, but I'm curious. If a player (say, Howard) were to have a career-ending injury...does he get the money if he retires? Is Howard insured? I really hope Howard's OK, I really, really do. I just can't imagine 25/yr plus what would go to a replacement.

Okay I'm done for the night after mainerob;s comments. I'm copying that and saving it on my computer so any time I need a good laugh it is there for me.

The next logical progression for this team will be watching the playoffs from their couch in 2012.

Maybe that Francisco guy (who was the only reason this thing even came back to Philly in the first place) should have gotten another AB in the series?

Probably his last AB as a Phillie too. At least it was a good one.

It was a hell of a 6 months. But it doesn't mean anything, when you piss down your leg when it counts most.

The Phillies Golden Age was fantastic. I'm happy to have shared it with all of you.

Jack: couldn't agree more about Doc. It is criminal they couldn't get this win for him. Particularly after that eighth inning.

They should do the aftermath of the Luftansa heist freezer scene with half this offense and take Charlie out like Stacks Edwards.

Maybe I'll buy a share of Apple stock w/ the LCS and WS ticket refunds. For now, goodnight. The battery is running out as are my witty comments. We'll talk again over a hot stove.

raul's grandpa...that is great!

At what point do the Phillies face the fact that Chase Utley is breaking down? I think we'll need a new second baseman in the very near future.

Does he get the money if he retires?

No, no he does not (See MECHE, Gil)

Is Howard insured?

No idea...guessing he isn't as most deals that long cant be insured)

I cut a lot of people a lot of breaks in hopes this team would make it happen this season. It's over. Don't turn into the Eagles. Don't get sentimental about vets when better options are available.

I agree grown. Don't think I've seen a successful big spot stolen base since they deemed him not worth the money.

Hoping that the big guy isn't hurt badly. It really looked bad on TV.

Yes, it actually would be good news if the Union made the playoffs. But they may not.

As for the Phillies, this season is now officially a monumental failure. And, yeah, it sucks. But it's also familiar, as if the world is course-correcting after a few strange years. This is Philadelphia, after all.

Cholly is signed through 2013. He is not going anywhere (unfortunately).

The only people besides Phil fans more horrified and dejected about tonight, are the FOX executives and MLB.

Talk about a hit to the jib.


Gtown, Ive been thinking that all season. Id love to know how far apart they were on a contract.

***At what point do the Phillies face the fact that Chase Utley is breaking down?***

The winter of 2013/2014.

***They should do the aftermath of the Luftansa heist freezer scene with half this offense and take Charlie out like Stacks Edwards.***

That's good stuff there...I laughed.

I dont agree with it in any sort of seriousness but its still funny.

Somebody has to be held accountable for this. Sorry, but that's how it works. I don't think it's RAJ. Charlie needs to 'retire.' His style of managing was the team's undoing, as many have mentioned. If you can't score runs one way, you have to do it another way. One of the keys to success in any sport is making adjustments. Charlie doesn't seem to be that type of manager.

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