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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Is there a jynx factor to talk of such things?

Maybe if you cross your fingers on one hand and type with the other.

Hit then toss a heaping helping of salt over your left shoulder.
Then say 10 Hail Marys.

Cholly listens to his gut. Mine says the Texas Rangers get to the WS, again.

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): Vance Worley's last start probably tonight. Oswalt, Hamels, KK, Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels to finish season.

Phillies have set it up so Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee start Games 1 and 2 on one extra day of rest. Makes sense. Kendrick likely Sat.

I'd like to see Worley make a couple of bullpen appearances in these last few games, just to get used to the process.

Fred: I've been feeling that, too.

If the Phillies don't make the WS, it is squarely on Drew Silverman.

fangraphs chat:

Dave Cameron: The Phillies are headed for a pretty big fall, I'm not overly bullish on the Marlins, and the Mets have significant cash-flow problems. I think it's Atlanta's division going forward, at least once the Phillies age catches up with them.

there it is, once and for all. we better win this year b/c the window is closing!!!!!!!!!!

conshy - are you quoting a chat from 2009, 2010, or 2011? I can't tell since he's said the same thing each year.

Deep down, everyone wants to see the Phils take out the Yanks in the WS right?

Wait, Dave Cameron made a negative post about the Phillies?

Didn't Charlie Manual say essentially the same thing RE: the Phillies having their best shot at winning another World Series now, rather than in a couple of years? It was one of the few things to come out of his mouth that I (a) understood, & (b) agreed with. Atlanta is in really good shape financially, & they never seem to have a lack of available talent. Cameron may well be an ass, but none of what he wrote seems all that controversial to me.

"Deep down, everyone wants to see the Phils take out the Yanks in the WS right."

Absolutely. But I haven't figured out a way to root for such a result without rooting for the Yankees in the American League playoff series.

I would love to see the Phils stomp the Angels in 5 games and it's not just because I got 27:1 odds on it.

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Tonight's Lineup vs. WAS: Rollins SS, Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Mayberry 1B, IbaƱez LF, Francisco RF, Schneider C, Worley P."

Pretty much the same "AAA" lineup as last night, only w/ Worley's personal catcher out there in place of Chooch.

Dave Cameron aka Mr. Objective.

I like to think that Cliff Lee wouldn't mind another shot at the Yankees.

It would be great for MLB, too, in that it would capture more casual fans than any other matchup.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, right? October can get pretty cold.

Dave Cameron on the Phils is like the proverbial broken clock, except for the 'right twice a day' part.

Atlanta is cash scrapped due to their owners. True, they always have some talent in the system, but they cannot complete once that talent becomes FA. Their best hope is to always have someone in the system to take that person's place once they leave for the big $$. So, I can't completely agree that Atlanta is about to make another multi-year run at the NL East. Financially, they can't compete with the Phils.

The Nats are scouting CJ Wilson for a possible FA deal. If they were to get him under contract, they'd have a pretty formidable Top 3 of Strasburg, Wilson and Zimmerman.

Add in some offense and they might even be a legit contender soon.

NEPP: If Strasburg can stay healthy. I'm not sold yet.

The Phillies rotation in 2015 will be Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez, Cole Hamels, Matt Cain. I'm not too worried.

Agreed...IF Strasburg could stay healthy and IF he's effective and IF they can sign another top starter and some complimentary offensive pieces...

Lots of IFs but they could be interesting in a couple years.

Atlanta can't be as financially well as the Phillies, playing in a half filled stadium all the time. I don't buy it. Having lived in the south for many years, I have found that football takes over the southern psyche at at beginning of August. That's why their seats are always for sale cheap on the web.

NEPP - DC is a rumored spot for Fielder too right? That could be a huge signing if they landed him.

***That could be a huge signing if they landed him.****

Quite huge actually.

Sure why not? DC could spend 3/4 of their payroll on two positions. Sounds great.

Jim Salisbury (via Twitter): "MRI shows patella tendon strain on Pence. Asst GM Scott Proefrock said he is likely to play sometime over weekend.

Proefrock emphasizes Pence has 'minor" strain."

See, this is the difference. Chuck Lamar would have made Pence sit a whole week.

Lake Fred - so true about football -- college football especially -- taking over the South! I was in Savannah during the 2008 WS between the Phils and Tampa Bay (a Southern team!) at a watering hole on the river on a Saturday night with at least a half dozen TVs. I first had to ask for a change of channel to see the game. Then midway through the game the bartender changes the channel to the Alabama Tennessee game and refused to change back to the baseball game, telling me that's what the customers wanted. I left but didn't leave much of a tip.

Washington's attendance ranks 14th in the NL, & unlikely to get all that much better no matter who they sign. I don't see all of these purported acquisitions taking place.

For what it's worth, Atlanta's attendance is 9th in the NL, & their payroll is 8th.

GTown, its not like baseball has failed in DC before...I mean seriously, its not like the city has had multiple chances to support an MLB franchise or something.

Much like Tampa and Miami, they just need to put a winner on the field. Remember how Tampa sold out every game in the 2nd half of 2008 and most of 2009 after they were good? Remember how the Fish sold out all their games after 97 and 03? Just give them some time.

NEPP: So, so true. Once again, the inanity of my "Debbie Downer" nature has been exposed. I'm ashamed.

Little Ollie, gee, you'd think they'd have a little sympathy for that southern team Tampa (that has no fans in their stands either) that was in the 2008 WFS. Where I live, the best time to go grocery shopping is when LSU or the Saints are on TV. The stores are empty. In fact, some tudy came out a month or so ago that said that the New Orleans saints had the greatest penetration in the psyche of the population in any metro are in the country; with over 80% of the population saying that they were Saints fans. I work in Houston. Nobody cares about the Astros, even when they were good, just a short few years ago.

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