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Thursday, September 22, 2011


I would have felt like a sucker if I had bought tickets for any of these past few games. It's been a lot easier to turn off the TV or radio and do something else instead.

To all you clowns who said Dom was better than Mayberry---suck it.

I would have felt like a sucker if I had bought tickets for any of these past few games.

I was at the last two games, but already had the tickets so I didn't spend additional money on them. And I'm going tonight, too. Needless to say, I left the last two nights in the 7th. Probably the first time I've left early from a Phillies game.

They're tough to watch right now, even if they weren't in this slump. Gearing up for October has taken all of the fun out of regular season games.

Ryan Howard hasn't played regularly in the last 7-10 days and the Phillies have not won in 7-10 days. Coincidence?

Sort of kidding as obviously many previous Phillies slumps have coincided with Howard stinking up the joint, but the big man is a key part of the team and not having him this series has hurt.

"How concerning is the slump?"

Not at all for me. All bets are off once you run into a 5 game series in the first round anyway.

Wait a minute, AL. So what you're saying is that having the league's best RBI man* on the bench has affected the Phillies run production and, in turn, the number of wins they have?

That doesn't make much sense. Howard is a terrible baseball player. His RBIs are meaningless. And have you seen his contract? Ugh!

*at the time he was injured

True, any opposing team has to look at Howard as a dangerous hitter and the Phillies lineup as a more difficult one to get through with him in it.

It obviously makes a difference not having him in there.

Seeing as how the players batting in front of him have failed to reach base in the past few games, I'm curious as to why anyone thinks Howard's presence in the lineup would have made a damn bit of difference.

I am less concerned with the losing and more concerned with the starting pitching which has seemed to be giving up more runs here lately.

So yeah, I was wrong on the Brown v. Mayberry was about 99% of all Phillies fans and baseball experts.

Granted, Brown will be only 24 next year and Mayberry is in his peak years so there's still plenty of time but yeah.

Several issues of varying concern levels.

Bastardo is a real concern. No easy answer.

With Utley, IMO, most likely what we're seeing now is what we should plan for.

Pence - hope he recovers quickly.

Other banged up vets - just have to hope injuries don't get worse. Rest them now as much as possible, hopefully should be OK for the post season.

BP in general - with the possibility of moving Kendrick and Worley in, other than Bastardo's issues, not too concerned. Perhaps I should be.

(Comparatively) pedestrian recent outings by the three aces and Worley- Seems reasonable to attribute these to late season hangover, etc. Reasonable expectation that the rotation will be very tough when post season starts. Oswalt seems to be on the uptick.

Lots of "hope" in there. If the injuries don't get worse and the players play as they are capable of, should be an incredibly enjoyable post season. If injuries worsen and somehow the guys go into some sort of collective funk like we're seeing now, it will be a short and agonizing death of a dream.

A look at Werth and Mayberry's first year as a platoon/super utility OF on the Phillies:

Mayberry (2011/Age 27)

vs. LHP: 118 PA, .956 OPS
vs. RHP: 157 PA, .796 OPS

Werth (2007/Age 28)

vs. LHP: 106 PA, 1.058 OPS
vs. RHP: 198 PA, .760 OPS

My conclusion you ask?

In 2015, Mayberry Jr. will be signed by the Nats to a 7 year deal.

manuel seemed to be suggesting that bastardo might be tipping pitches because he said he threw a few good sliders and they hit them like they knew it was coming

The Phils will be fine.
What is not fine is the increasing use of the word concerning to mean worrying. This usage seems to be spreading, especially, for some reason, in sports media. Concerning is an adverb meaning "with regard to" or "having to do with," as in :

I must speak with you concerning your new banana-cream-pie recipe.

And yes, I am precisely as annoying in real life as on the Internet.

The above post is very concerning to me.

reposted from the last thread:

in light of BAP's recent post, some Utley #'s:

ISO - .165 (vs. career .216)
LD % - 12.7% (vs. career 20.3%)
AB - 375
WAR - 3.6

Ryan Howard AB - 624
Ryan Howard WAR - 1.6

not to start a debate, but somehow, half a season of a lackluster Chase Utley is STILL twice as valuable as Ryan Howard????????? laughable, really.

Chase is having his worst season by any metric you could look at. When it goes for second basemen, it really goes i suppose.

Agreed RE: "concerning". This commonly abused word annoys me only slightly less than the entirely ignorant "irregardless".

I find the belief that the English language actually has rules to be quite amusing.

In Linguistic circles, English is jokingly described as the language that mugs other languages in a dark alley.

Yes, I took a History of Languages class in college.

What's the consensus of opinion on the word irregardless?

Drew, you conveniently left off the 2000 New York Yankees, who got TORCHED down the stretch, and then went on to destroy the postseason field.

Look, the studies have been done, and the evidence just doesn't show that "momentum" carries over into the postseason.

Now, the Phillies do have some real concerns that might well carry over. Of chief concern is the absolute ineffectiveness of the team's 3-hole hitter, who has been almost an automatic out for nearly two months. Then there's the fact that the bullpen is literally one man deep right now with Bastardo's complete cliff dive recently.

I'm not worried in the least about the starting pitching. Doc and Lee have given me zero reason to believe that they can't be their absolutely dominant selves going forward, and though Hamels hasn't been CY level since his return from injury, the strikeouts and walk rates are still there along with the GB rates, and I believe the HRs recently are an aberration.

As long as those 3 are doing their thing, this team has as good a chance as any.

But Utley and Bastardo definitely concern me.

I'm an auditor so I'm a little bit of a nerd, but why is our sample not consistent?

2010 Giants: 13
2009 Yankees: 11
2008 Phillies: 16
2007 Red Sox: 9
2006 Cardinals: 12
2005 White Sox: 10
2004 Red Sox: 9
2003 Marlins: 7
2002 Angels: 11
2001 Diamondbacks: 11

Wouldn't it make more sense to look at each team's last 10, 15 or 20 games of the season? Just using one as an example, but the 2003 Marlins were 9 - 6 in their last 15 games. Reads a bit different then 6-1, you know what I'm sayin'?

"Disconcerting" is the word you abusers are going for, in case you're concerned.

3r0ck, check last night's game (or postgame) thread.

I listed the record in the last 15 games for the last 16 WS winners. GTown listed the records in the last 15 games for the last 16 WS losers.

***you conveniently left off the 2000 New York Yankees, who got TORCHED down the stretch, and then went on to destroy the postseason field.***

Which is ironic because they essentially clinched very early and had zero to play for for much of Sept. They were up 9 games on Sept 13th and basically mailed in the rest of the month (3-15) to finish 2.5 up in the AL East. They then went 11-5 in the playoffs.

I find the knee-jerk antagonism here to the concept of "momentum" to be quite concerning, irregardless of the merits.

The Phillies seem to be suddenly loosing the ability to close out games.

The Phils haven't won a game since they clinched. Coincidence? You decide.

Irregardless of the merits, we should of been worried that we are concerned about the team being disconcerting.

I'm trying very hard to imagine when this
"I must speak with you concerning your new banana-cream-pie recipe."
Would ever come up in a discussion.

It cracked me up, though. And as an ex-high school English teacher, I appreciate it.

Back to baseball. At least Raul, RFD, and Ben Fran did well at the plate last night.

NEPP, it's a mute point.
Also, it is what it is.

" I'm curious as to why anyone thinks Howard's presence in the lineup would have made a damn bit of difference."

Right. How could the presence of a leading RBI/HR producer in the league have possibly made a difference?

3r0ck, check last night's game (or postgame) thread.

I listed the record in the last 15 games for the last 16 WS winners. GTown listed the records in the last 15 games for the last 16 WS losers.

Posted by: Fatalotti

I saw it last night, but I'm really asking why Drew decided to post varying sample sizes for each team.

I hope Drew gets paid well for the amount of abuse he takes here.

Concerning that banana cream pie, if you get that recipe down, you'd bes' share it 'cause I'm gonna make that irregardless of how disconcerting the Phils games are for the rest of the season.

Al: You're right. Howard was destined to hit 4 solo HR per game. At least read the entire post before making a moronic reply. I have nothing against Howard, it's the stiffs in front of him that have been killing the offense.

I'm worrying about your banana-cream-pie recipe. My worries are concerning the overuse of flour irregardless if it is necessary to the finished product.

A quick look at that list - the 2010 Giants had to keep winning as they barely got in, same for the 2008 Phillies, and the 2009 Yanks were battling the Red Sox til the very end. I know the 06 Cards had their division easily wrapped up.

Had Howard played last night (and hit 4 solo shots) we would have won 9-7.

So yeah, its Howard's fault.

Damn skippy:

Phils Alarmingly Impatient In September Skid

Vic has at least managed 10 BB, but his .255 OBP & 15 K in Sept. aren't helping the situation.

I hate when people hyphenate banana cream pie.

prep about; regarding; on the subject of
adj worrying or troublesome

Victorino is the one who is of the most concern. He has drawn some walks but his overall approach at the plate has been downright abyssmal the past month.

So is it safe to say that Shane Victorino is actively hurting this team?

Dickie Thong, it's a free dictionary for a reason. Don't you know, English is subject to immutable rules of usage and grammar? It was cast in stone in the 11th century and that is why it has not and cannot change.

English didn't even begin to settle down as a fixed language until the early to middle 16th century (coincidentally around the time the printing press found widespread use). The rise of fiction written in the vernacular and then printed for widespread distribution set the language in its current form and pronunciation. Up until then, it was a completely different language in both pronunciation and form. This is why Shakespeare (late 16th/early 17th century) is easily readable but why Chaucer (mid to late 14th century) is fairly difficult to impossible for the average English speaker to comprehend.

Also, go Phillies.

I, for one, find the slump concerting.

The Danes found Grendel concerning, at least until Beowulf returned to the lineup.

FWIW, Beowulf was written in Old its not even as readable as Chaucer (Middle English).

This brings to mind the classic Italian phrase: "Ooofah"

Just to make sure we touch on all of our written memes in this thread:

- baked the poodle
- leverage organizational redundancies

"Concerning" is only listed as a preposition in my Concise Oxford Dictionary.

However, I discovered the noun "concernedness". Look forward to you all working that into your statements about the Phillies and/or banana cream pie.

Personally, I try to keep my concerns in check, but find that with each disconcerting loss, it's harder to keep concernedness at bay.

Like Jack, I too wish to express my greatness in predicting that Dom would suck the proverbial monkey ballz this season. JMJ (jam master junior) FTW!

Oh god, I'm having flashbacks to the biggest mistake of my undergraduate career--Old English Literature.

"þenden wordum weold wine Scyldinga;
leof landfruma lange ahte.
þær æt hyðe stod hringedstefna,
isig ond utfus, æþelinges fær.
Aledon þa leofne þeoden"

and on... and on... ::shudder::

@The Theory: Yeah, I can actually read that and comprehend it. Majoring in History (and specifically a strong focus in medieval European history) didn't have the greatest career options I dont think.

IIRC, that's the opening to Beowulf.

Gee, the way that different numbers of games are cited for each year it seems almost....random.

The Marlins of 03 went 6-1 in their last 7??? Phils haven't even started playing the first game of their last 7, unless rain makes us play less than 162.

And if the list went back 11 years, it'd have to include the 2000 Yankees who were more awfuler down the stretch than the 2011 Phils could possibly match.

Let me see if I understand this. Chaucer wrapped up the division too early?

And if he wrote in Middle English, then did he know any hobbits or elves or other inhabitants of Middle Earth?

Also, what color were the dinosaurs?

And to bring it back to baseball, Mini Mart should probably start over Utley in the postseason.

2000 Yankees went 3-15 in their final 18 games.

NEPP--yup. More specifically, it is lines 31-35 of the introduction to Beowulf.

Of course, the professor was teaching us the relevant linguistical signs, pronunciations and grammar, which is the key part to deciphering what otherwise looks like gibberish.

All things I barely comprehended at the time, though I would have been able to give a rough translation. Now I'm almost as lost as I would have been beforehand.

The 2000 Yankees were outscored 59-148 over their 18 games. That's -89 run differential, accumulated in JUST 18 games.

That's just ridiculously terrible.

And they won the WS 3 weeks later.

But they did score 59 runs! One can dream...

Wonder how many playoff losers were 'hot' coming in? The 07 Phils certainly were.

Why haven't we spent more time droning endlessly about this?:

Clearly, our current rotation is better, since they don't have to cheat.

EFF, last year the Phils were 49-19 to finish the season, and were certainly playing well even after they clinched, when they took 2 of 3 from the Braves.

Didn't mean a damn thing once they get to the NLCS.

Why is Ben Francisco back in this lineup?
Didnt we learn about him earlier this season to have to go through him all over again now?

uhh, because pence is out and the game don't count

In 09, the Rockies went 20-11 (10-5 in their final 15) in the final month of the season only to be destroyed by us in the NLDS.

Francisco is hittin' .440 since Aug 19th.

The Cards are the only possible NL playoff team that's hot, really.

Benny was 3-4 yesterday with an RBI.

Since Aug 19th, Victorino is hitting .188 and Francisco is hitting .440. Clearly, BenFran should start in the OF over Vic in the playoffs because he has the momentum. LOL.

The term 'garbage time' or 'padding your stats' comes to mind with Francisco.

Did something kind of similar last year where he went 7-17 with 2 HRs with 6 RBIs in the last 5 meaningless games to raise his line from .259/.322/.404 with 4 HRs and 22 RBIs to .268/.327/.441 with 6 HRs and 28 RBIs.

Should Francisco just strike out on purpose since the games are meaningless and he stinks anyway so why bother trying?

Don't have time to calculate the exact numbers but it really looks like Francisco has cleaned up in Sept games where the Phils either have had a huge lead or had already clinched a playoff spot/NL East crown since arriving in '09.

Maybe 'Garbage Time' should be his nickname . . .

Old Phan - Yeah that is what he should do. Why he bring up a stupid and ridiculous hypothetical like that?

Should Francisco just strike out on purpose since the games are meaningless and he stinks anyway so why bother trying?

Posted by: Old Phan | Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 01:58 PM

I honestly thought he was striking out on purpose during all of May through August.

MG, because of this-"The term 'garbage time' or 'padding your stats' comes to mind with Francisco. "

Fat, sometimes it looked like it.

We should petition Bud Selig to strike all stats from the last 10 games of any team that has already clinched division at that point.

Garbage Time has had how many months of rest to hit this well...?

Francisco allows at least one hit &/or extra base in the field for every hit he gets at the plate. Taking that into consideration my calculations have him batting -.402 on the season.

BenFran was super clutch when he stranded 8 runners in the day game portion of Tue's DH.

BenFran is the type of player who would put up gaudy numbers (for him anyway) on a team like the Royals and then promptly hit .180 if he was traded to a pennant race contender.

Francisco is so awful in the field he almost makes Abreu look like a deserving Gold Glover.

If BenFran were the average defender, Abreu would be a legit GG...

Abreu is Roberto Clemente compared to BenFran.

"Jack: To all you clowns who said Dom was better than Mayberry---suck it"

Thats not really Jack is it?

3r0ck: It's called "cherry-picking"

No way that's the regular Jack.

Drew, you're worrying over nothing. Really. Momentum means nothing, nor do hitting slumps matter. (Now that the Phils have climbed into sixth place in runs per game, they really can't climb much further - with the games left they can basically only climb into eighth place even by getting shut out the rest of the way.)

You have to remember that the team has batted .262 from 1883 until now, so they'll be fine when the play-offs start. Besides, we all know it's just like turning on a switch. That's why the best marathon runners, for instance, always stop at mile 24 for a beer.

I support the immediate creation of a poster named "Irregular Jack". It works on several levels.

ha - we missed the boat on that one when a month or so ago someone said a poster should just constantly rip Utley at any given chance to counter balance Jack's Howard bashing.

CJ tried, but fell pretty flat when he couldnt make a legit point after his first or second post and just pissed ppl off instead, ha.

Actually, it was CJ's 783rd post that pissed me off.

Conshy: My post about Utley & his team-friendly salary was intended to be tongue in cheek. Perhaps I should have put the word "team-friendly" in quotes to better convey that point.

The Phils recent play displeases me, whilst banana cream pie is wonderful goot.

bap, did you properly adjust those salaries for positional scarcity?

All kidding aside with Francisco, I really do wonder if he is a player who would do perform on a team out of the limelight.

Several guys over the years when I lived in Boston who simply couldn't/didn't adjust well to being on the Red Sox & getting so much scrutiny.

BenFran was a solid performer when he was on last place Indians teams. Not great but solid.

MG: Basically, you are saying he can't take the pressure, including the in-game pressure of getting a hit when 8 men are on base. I could see that with him. In which case, playing in KC or a mostly empty Marlins stadium would probably be a good fit for him.

The '07 Phils may have been "hot", but they ran into an historically incendiary Rockies team. Yet, the hottest of all hot streaks didn't result in a World Series win for the Rockies.

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