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Monday, September 26, 2011


Maybe it's me (or maybe it's grammar) but I always thought the possessive of "Phillies "was "Phillies'."

I should know better than to try to correct the grammar in a post seconds after Weitzel posts it; he always changes it and then my post looks silly.

Technically you are right, but since the English language makes no sense it can be said as Phillies' or Phillies's.

As for the PO roster. I like it. I'd rather have seen Dom Brown get a lot more chances to play down the stretch to out bid BenFran for the last OF spot.

Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt,

Kendrick, Worley,

Madson, Bastardo, Lidge, Stutes, Herndon;


Why would they carry Bowker? If you need a lefty to PH off the bench, use Lee (assuming he's not pitching that game). At least he can get it out of the infield and has more homeruns than Bowker.

Bowker can't possibly be on the roster. He has done nothing in a Phills uniform. And Herndon has to be picked over Blanton. JB has the experience but HernDog has been doing it for us all year. He has earned the playoff nod.

I wouldn't say it was a vote of confidence at all in Bastardo. It is simply the fact the other guys next really got a shot and/or simply aren't considered a viable option at the MLB level.

Should I cheer for the phillies and just hope the cardinals lose? I mean there is no way I cheer against the phillies but I dont want to play the cardinals! I'm so confused

The thing is, if the Phillies roll over and the Braves get in don't they become "the hot team" and then we need to fear them?

No news is also good news as far as John Bowker is concerned [if you are John Bowker or are directed related to John Bowker].


How anyone can fear the Cardinals with their bullpen is beyond me...

The Cardinals bullpen surrendered 9 earned runs to the Phillies in the 8th ALONE!

And this isn't an isolated incident. They just gave up 6 ER to the Mets in the 9th inning the other day, when they went into the inning up 6-2, and poised to close the gap on the Braves in the WC.

Honestly, I'd love to face the Cards OR the Braves. Cards have no bullpen and don't have SP depth. Braves have almost no SP right now, and their bullpen, like ours, has been leaking oil.

Brewers are still going to be the toughest out in the playoffs. Let's hope we don't see them in the 1st round (not even sure if this is a possibility, to be honest).

For what it's worth, my client said she would take John back if he could guarantee a WC spot by Sept 25. Marriage needs momentum heading into the post season and most of the time it looks bad even if you clinch early and then drop games.

Fat, they "fear" the bullpen more due to its propensity (thanks to LaRussa) to turn every game into a 6 hr slog-fest.

Herndon and Stutes are taking turns stinking out the joint. Blanton hasn't had much opportunity to show anything but: (a) in the little he has pitched, he has looked pretty good; and (b) historically, he has been a way better pitcher than Stutes or Herndon will ever be. To me, those are good enough reasons to put him on the roster.

Braves get in and arizone has a better record than brewers then we get the brewers, which is the only scenario I don't want.

Hope orr makes the playoff roster

I think ARI & MIL are vying for #2 seed, actually.

Note to Larry: You don't think that "defense's runs saved for our pitcher (using Total Zone)" has any subjectivity in it?

I'd love to see the Phils help end the Braves' season.

11 pitchers + 7 everyday players + Ibanez and Mayberry = 6 bench spots. So:

Mystery person

And we now know the Mystery Person isn't Dom or Moss, which means it's either Orr, Mini-Mart, Bowker, or Kratz. Applying Andy's metaphor about the cat inside the box that you already know is dead, I'd vote to keep Kratz.

Andy: That's a pretty solid guess, but I bet Blanton makes the post-season team. At whose expense I'm not sure.

yo, new thread


Total Zone does not appear to have any subjectivity in it. It is based on who actually fielded each ball, as recorded on the score sheet. That's not subjective at all. Where is the subjectivity there.

Note: uncertainty and subjectivity are not the same thing.

Tonight would be a great one for the Phils to grab, and w/Lee vs. Delgado, is a good shot. Say what you want, I can't imagine the Braves don't REALLY want this first game. Would feel really good to knock them further back on their heels.

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