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Friday, September 30, 2011


Can we get a post about Halladay's legendary Shakespeare quote?

Bowker was the worst Phillie of all time in my opinion. I hope to never see him anywhere near Citizens Bank Park again unless he's playing for a sad sap team like the Mets.

Whew, as long as Francisco is "in." I was worried when I read we were bringing 11 pitchers. That's a relief.

Maybe Bowker can be the Player to be named later in the trade that got him from the Pirates. The Phillies did this before...with the Blue Jays...can't remember the part time outfielders name.

Also, big ups to the US Military for taking out a high-ranking Al Qaeda operative before the Phils playoff series started.

Rob Ducey was traded for himself

"Just get me to the plate, boys" > "I came to bury Caesar, not to praise him" > "Lets go eat"

Scotch: I don't know if 13 ABs is enough to meet the minimum requirements for "Worst Philly of All Time." But he might well be the most insignificant Phillie acquisition of all time.

Bob: "LaRussa can stack his pitchers as much as he wants. Bottom line is his team will have to take two games from Halladay, Lee and Hamels to get through this short series."

Or, to look at it another way, the Cardinals only have to split with Halladay to get through this short series.

The key for me is the first two games: If they beat either Doc or Lee in their first matchup, the odds shift dangerously. If the Cards lose the first two, LaRussa can rally his troops behind the fact his top 2 SPs start games 3 and 4.

If there is a split of the first 2, then the entire season rests on the performance of Cole Hamels. I would not want to face a must-win situation behind Oswalt vs. Jaime Garcia in St. Louis in game 4.

Rob Ducey hit 15 HR as a Phil. Waaay more than I would have guessed before looking it up.

Rob Ducey hit 15 HR as a Phil. Waaay more than I would have guessed before looking it up.

halladay will pitch game 4 if they are down 2-1, no doubt in my mind

I reluctantly voted for Herndon, but only because the alternative was Blanton.

I guess maybe Charlie plans to use Blanton as a pinch hitter during the Edwin Jackson game.

More importantly, Ducey drew 73 BBs as a Phil. ;)

Gelb tweets that Herndon is not on the roster.

From Bake McBride's link:
"Presumably, the Red Sox will now seek the antidote to Francona’s player-friendly managing style, a man with a harder edge..."

Bowa, anyone?

I don't know about worst Phillie of all time, but my vote for worst Phillie of the last quarter century, among those who actually had more than a tiny handful of appearances: Mike Zagurski.

Im not sure there's all that much strategy you can play in terms of setting the rotation.

If the Cards score 4 off Halladay or Lee but we score 6 off Lohse or Jackson, LaRussa looks like an idiot because he had a chance to beat those guys but blew it because he didn't start Garcia and wanted to save him.

Last I heard, Zagurski was one of three pitchers the D-Backs were considering for the last spot on their NLDS roster.

"my vote for worst Phillie of the last quarter century, among those who actually had more than a tiny handful of appearances: Mike Zagurski."


Why would again want Herndon on the roster over Blanton at this point? Herndon simply hasn't been able to throw strikes consistently ever since that crazy epic outing where he threw a ton of pitches early in Sept.

Either way, it doesn't matter because Blanton/Herndon simply won't pitch in this series.

New pitching rotation:
1- Lohse, 2- Carpenter, 3- Garcia

from HighCheese
The freaking series hasn't even started and LaRussa's making my life hell w/ his pitching changes.

I concur on the "Zags as worst in last qtr century" train of thought. Though there are any number of batters to be considered and Abe Nunez is certainly on the short list.

The fact that the D'backs are considering keeping Zags on their postseason roster puts our own bullpen decisions into perspective.

Zags can't make the Dbacks roster. Have to be in the organization on Sept. 1st.

LaRussa I think with a huge mistake. He's overreacting to Garcias home/road splits, and sacrificing the one place he had a real advantage (Carp vs. Cole at home), and now giving us the advantage with Lee against Carp on short rest.

It does make Game 2 the marquee game of the series, though, which should be fun on Sunday night.

Didn't they retire the award for "Worst Phillie of the last quarter Century" after Adam Eaton wrestled it away from Andy Ashby?

My worst Phil will forever be Juan Bell.

Oh man, Jbird hit it--Eaton.


"... my vote for worst Phillie of the last quarter century, among those who actually had more than a tiny handful of appearances: Mike Zagurski."

Andrew Carpenter.

LaRussa is flip-flopping. Looks like Carpenter will be going on 3 days rest for the first time in his career now.

This is just LaRussa pulling his usual crap. As I said before, I wouldn't be surprised to see Allen Craig out there pitching on Saturday.

Eaton might be the worst Phillies contract of the last quarter century but, in terms of on-field performance, I still don't think he comes close to Zagurski. Carpenter was every bit as bad, but he only played in 11 games with the Phillies; Zagurski played in 37.

Clout - now what do you think since the rotation has changed?

I think game 1 now has all the importance. We now seem to have advantages in all 5 matchups - imo.

If LaRussa doesn't get enough camera time he will claim the BP phone isn't working.

If he needs more press time before the games start he will change his rotation.

What a contrast with Charlie who deflects all attentawaywaay from himself and to the team.

Now that Bobby Cox is retired Tonyperennialrenial candidate for most annoying manager.

With all of his bizarre decisions & flip-flopping, Larussa almost seems like he's having some sort of mental meltdown on the eve of the playoffs. Either that or, more likely, it's just a pathetic attempt to get inside the Phillies' heads.

If he actually goes ahead with his plan to start a 36-year old, oft-injured pitcher on 3 days rest for the first time in his career, it will be a colossal blunder. Personally, I think he's just bluffing.

clout won't change his thinking. If more than a few posters agree on something - then they are wrong because 'beerleaguer' always is(ignoring the fact that he is a beerleaguer himself).

Odd because Phlipper subscribes to the same philosphy, but yet those two always disagree? More confusing than pitchers WAR.

Yo, new thread.

Sorry boys - I have to go with Danny Tartabull - 1997.

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