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Monday, September 19, 2011


2 crappy LHPs?

Yeah, we're gonna lose twice tomorrow.

Red Sox lose 6-5 to O's.

I expect tons of piglets in the starting lineup tomorrow. Charlie will probably let Sandbarg manage the first game.

One day it will be revealed that Drew is a true Svengali who has a crystal ball that given him highlights and a final score before the Phils' game actually ends . . .

Braves with 2 game lead in WC standings. They'll prob hold on and win tonight - looks like that final 3 game series with Braves will be very important (for Braves, not us).

There goes Halladay's Cy Young for this year.

Somehow it feels like the Phillies are even worse vs. shitpillow RHPs.

But yeah, 2 losses, coming right up.

Save for Kratz, I think all of these recent call-ups are left-handed. So I doubt any of them will start tomorrow, except maybe Kratz -- who I actually look forward to seeing.

Pence trade = Total waste.

Season = Over.

Playoffs = Playoffs?! PLAYOFFS??!!

Halladay = Career all downhill from here.

Utley, Rollins, Howard, Ibanez, Polanco = Rookies at the old folks' home next season.

D. Brown = Riding the bench for the Camden Riversharks next season.

Charlie Manuel = Beginning retirement in ignominy next season.

Ruden A., Jr. = Run out town by an angry mob and settling for a desk job in the mail room of some insurance company.

Ben Franklin Bridge = A-callin'.

Circus - You said in the prior thread (poetry!) you're in London? Continuing my food meme since this Phils game stank (except at the end) try to get a table at The Fat Duck. Odd name, and when the presentation is given you will be confused whether you should eat it or just take a picture, but it is fantastic.

That's all I've got, I was in the field trying to teach privates how to not shoot each other with paintballs and then making them do numerous push-ups. As a result, I'm tired by osmosis.

"Ruben A., Jr.," that is.

Phils should have a promotion tomorrow . . . guess the exact lineups in both games and win a free NL East merchandise package including as many of those hats that will be $5 in another week as they want.

Kimbrel just blew it against the Fish - a bomb from Infante.

GFY: And don't forget Chipper's error at 3rd which kept the inning alive.

The Braves looked stunned leaving the field - 2 game WC lead in the loss column.

Don't forget Chipper losing the bouncer in the lights to set up the 2 run homer.

Kimbrel blows it. This must hurt. Must visit TC.

Jeez silverman that was fast.

Funny in that Braves game - Infante's misplay allowed Braves to take the lead, then Chipper's error gives Infante a chance for the 2 run walk-off bomb. Baseball is crazy, I love watching it.

Brewers losing 5-1 to the Cubs.

Can you imagine this season going down to last three and the Braves have to win? It'll be crazy in Atlanta, I bet Turner Field will be 50% full!!

I'm telling you, the Braves have the look of a team ready to choke it away. It's the same cast of characters that attempted to gag it away last year, and would have if it wasn't for the Padres even more impressive choke job.

I love to see the Braves fail, but this wouldn't be a good thing as far as playoff match-ups go.

Cards creep a bit closer. I really hope that this is the last time the Cards visit CBP this year.

I'm more concerned with the Braves as a potential NLCS matchup than I am with the Cardinals as an NLDS matchup.

I'd rather see STL and then MIL/ARI than ARI and then MIL/ATL.

The Cards are running out of games though. The Braves would really have to give their best effort to gag it away.

It's funny that the three games in Atlanta to finish the season are probably going to be very significant, only not for the reasons that were thought at the beginning of the season.

Written off for dead, the Giants climb within three games in the loss column. The Cards, just two out in the loss column, seem to have the easiest schedule the rest of the way. It's appearing as though the Phils may need to try that last weekend series against the Braves for the sake of the game.

Matchups smatchups...I want to Braves to lose. Besides, with a team that scary there is no way the Phils can beat them.

Sox up 11-9. They should release Lackey from the team now and eat his salary. Maybe they can sign Adam Eaton in his place.

Doesn't Lackey's wife have like bad breast cancer or something?

That's got to be pretty distracting for him.

Here's my daily reminder to wake me up when it's October 1st.

NEPP, I know. It can't be easy for him.

It seems like the long season and overuse is catching up to Braves pen (as said on here all year) - Venters blows save yesterday and Kimbrel gives up a run and Kimbrel blows save tonight.

Woah! Wait! Are you telling me other teams have issues too? How will any of them get out of the LDS? Will there even be a WFC this year? This could be worse than the 94 strike.

We all know Fredi Gonzalez suks in Atlanta.

Oh, by the way, Brewers lose to the Cubs, home field is ours.

Good. Officially not watching anymore Phils until the playoffs. Nothing to play for now.

Oh, and Orioles are so terrible. Got the game back to 2 runs, and then just totally let it blow up.

Never really believed the Rays had a chance to win the WC, but with the Sox playing the Orioles and the Rays playing the Yanks, just not going to happen.

Rays after tonight will be just one back in the loss column.

Any chance the Yanks let the Rays win to put pressure on the Sox?

Goes to show you even with great pitching anything can happen. One swing of a bat all she wrote especially with a sputtering offense. A 3-1 game can easily be a 4-3 game with some homeruns. Foolish you are if you think any short series or playoffs we will just roll on by. Anything can happen at any given time.

Wise words, Luis.

Even in defeat, I'm impressed with Halladay. Struggles early then, he's his own reliever.

I don't like losing any games (not that htey matter) but, the sting is salved by every Braves loss. I don't much like potentially having to play the Braves, again, in the playoffs. Familiarity breeds contempt, etc. If it comes down to the last series for the Braves to get in, I definitely think you have to try and put them away before game 162. As for the Cards, the only thing that bothers me about that matchup is the endless pitching changes in the last 3 innings. Oh, and Pujols, Berkman and Holliday.

addenda: I love watching Albert Pujols bat. Of all non-Phillies, I would love to get to watch him, again, in the 2011 playoffs most. Good for David Herndon for taking charge with Chooch and K'ing him in the 9th last night.

Nothing like going to and seeing Ryan Howard on the left side advertisement, especially in the middle of a Braves collapse.

Talking chop is fun but, they're far more charitable toward their team than teh average Phillies fan (or Beerleaguer). I'd like to see them collapse so the knives come out.

Have the Braves starters really pitched past teh 6th inning only once in the last 20 games? I don't care how good your bullpen is, that sucks.

"Have the Braves starters really pitched past teh 6th inning only once in the last 20 games? I don't care how good your bullpen is, that sucks."

For sure. Hopefully, this trend will continue and the hyper-use of the BP will continue to intensify over the rest of the season, as the Braves scramble like bugs on a hot plate for the playoffs.

I think that Ryan Howard ad is on all the SB Nation sites. It's like when we had to watch that commercial over and over with Papelbon and Swisher-advertisers must not realize how parochial sports fans are.

Good morning.

What a thrill it was to see Jimmy Rollins run for that triple last night. Speedy!

Hmmmm... $17 for tix for Monday's Phils - Atl game. There might be a raod trip in my future.

Road, even

The only downside to this game was Doc losing some ground in the CY Young.

But the most important thing happened our way - the Cards won and Braves loss, creating less space between the two and the likliood that those two teams have to play a tiebreaker game.

That is literally the ONLY thing that matters for the playoffs right now. Phils are a better team than everyone, matchups dont matter at this point. Playing a opponent that had to play Game 163 is the only thing that could make a difference.

How often did our starters pitch more than 6 innings in 2008? Not that I'd brag on that rotation, but we did win a WS that year.

GBfan - how often did you WANT any of those 2008 starters to go more than 6?

"The hitting: The Phillies have scored just 28 runs over their last 11 games..."

You have to get a handle on that short attention span. It's not important what they're doing now. It's more important that we've scored the most runs in the National League in this millenium.

Exactly, Andy. I was trying to make a point that the Braves starters not going past 6 IP doesn't mean they can't make that work. I realize their BP is not as watertight currently as it had been. And they don't have the 2008 Phils' offense, either. Are they due to get Hanson back before the playoffs?

Is Matt Holiday (sp?) done for the year? The Cards offense seems to roll pretty well without him.

Looking forward to our offense catching a bit of fire...any day now.

As I wrote about a week ago, hitting season starts in October.

LF: But did this team get that memo?

"How often did our starters pitch more than 6 innings in 2008? "

Phils starters pitched past the 6th 9 times in 25 starts in September 2008. Not tremendous but, there's your comparison. Myers was the horse with 3 deep starts, including a complete game. Hamels had 3. Happ, Blanton and Moyer went into the 7th or beyond once each. Phils went 17-8. Phils' 6 starters had a record of 13-7 in that stretch although, that could include a relief appearance or two (Kendrick).

Thanks, Hugh. Our pitchers performed well down the stretch in '08, and into the postseason. And of course, we had a terrific BP for the last few innings. Boy, that ride was thrilling!

Drizzle on the way in this morning by CBP and chance of t-storms this afternoon. Sounds like a great day to play 2!

I don't really want to see the Cards in the NLDS...Pujols/Berkman/Holliday (if healthy) is a deadly 3-4-5 and Carpenter/Garcia is an excellent 1-2. In a short series that would be the kind of team I'd worry about. The Braves, D-Backs, and Brewers would be much more favorable matchups, IMO.

Since that final Phils/ATL series in Atlanta could/will be meaningful, I bet at least 20,000 people show up - almost 50% full. You gotta love those diehard Braves fans.

Hopefully the Phils will win one of the two today (although, with the game 1 lineup, not sure it will be that one). It's not needed, but I'd like to see them get to 100 wins.

Good read on Fangraphs about the uses of single season UZR.

There are been a million articles on the Red Sox epic struggles this Sept but this one makes the point that the Sox have issues next year even with a payroll that would be around $165M.

Lackey, Dice K, Crawford, Jenks, and a breaking down Youkilis all for the tidy price of $67M next year with $127M already committed with a few spots to fill in the bullpen and the rotation.

Lackey is a bad contract but Crawford is going to be an epic turd. Thought that deal at the time was even dumber than the one Werth got.

A guy who will be entering his 30s whose game is built on his legs & plays LF in a park where you need the least amount of range in MLB.

You acquire a hitter/masher who would play LF in a Beerleague to be the Red Sox LF. Who cares what his fielding deficiencies are when all he has to do is learn to play the caroms off the wall. As long as he hits, its's all good. Manny, Greenwell, Rice, Yaz, Williams. All poor/terrible fielder but man could they hit.

I saw a rumor yesterday that the BoSox will go after Madson.

Kratz starting today. I'm curious: what's it like to catch your first game in the bigs? Kendrick likely knows more about the batters than Kratz. Who's teaching whom? I assume he's been coached by Ruiz/Schneider.

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