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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Great game. Finish them off tomorrow.

Proposed PS pitching staff:

CP: Madson (R)
SU: Lidge (R)
SU: Bastardo (L)
LOOGY: Savery (L)
MRP: Kendrick (R)
MRP: Workey (R)
MRP: Herndon (R)

Blanton can stay in Clearwater...there's no place for him in the post-season right now.

NEPP, I don't have a problem with that staff, but I wouldn't have a problem replacing Herndon with Blanton either.

J-Roll is the man. Top game.

Phils are on. Everyone looking good.

Do we think Stutes won't make the postseason bullpen?

Well, Herndon or Blanton...doesnt matter to me. If either is pitching in the post-season, we're likely just eating innings in a blowout anyway.

***From Twitter: Phils tie franchise record with win 101. Manuel ties Gene Mauch w franchise best 645th win. ***

What a terrible open that is.

***From Twitter: Phils tie franchise record with win 101. Manuel ties Gene Mauch w franchise best 645th win. ***

What a terrible omen that is.

I think it's Stutes instead of Savery. I was just commenting on NEPP's suggestion.

Oh, and again, Roy Oswalt is your 4th starter heading into the playoffs.

Don't let the magnitude of that fact escape you.

Man, this umpire in the Sox-Orioles game is calling loads of way-off-the-plate third strikes. I mean, yeah, he's consistent. But what the hell? If a serial killer does all his serial killin' in a consistent manner, should he get credit for it?

Savery's not gonna be on the post-season roster. I know we put Bastardo there as a rookie, but he had a lot more experience than Savery did.

If Blanton pitches well tomorrow, though, he'll make it.

Oswalt looked really good tonight.

If I were Charlie I'd want my accomplishments as far removed from the name "Gene Mauch" as possible.

If Oswalt pitches a fourth game in the NLDS, more than likely he will face the opponent's top pitcher on three days rest. Something to think about.

Houston: single, walk, walk, bases loaded nobody out, bottom 6.

Cardinals bullpen impersonating the...Cardinals bullpen.

Bases loaded, no outs.

Completely forgot about Stutes. That's how "good" he's been of late.

Thrilled with Oswalt's performance. Shame he may not get to pitch for a few weeks. Crazy that he's our #4!

Either Stutes OR Herndon. Not both.

Bases loaded, no outs, Astros get 1 run.


I would throw Bastardo into the mix tomorrow just to solidify his confidence. If he falters, then I would add Savery. If not, I'm OK with one lefty. I also put Stutes onto the roster and leave out Herndon. Quite frankly, except for the obvious slight and possibly a blow to his confidence, I would leave KK off the roster. He's a starter or long man in the bullpen. I don't foresee a need for him in either role, quite frankly.

Why in the hell is Girardo using Mo Rivera in a 5-3 game that he's losing in the 8th inning?

I thought maybe he needed the work but he just pitched Saturday. Guess this is his final regular season appearance to keep him sharp for the weekend.

KK deserves to be there and its always good to have him there in case the unthinkable happens.

The unthinkable being one of the Big 3 imploding and we need to eat innings.

Stutes definitely makes the postseason roster which is a shame because he has really struggled the last 2 months.

Doesn't have the same life on his fastball, isn't getting the Ks he did earlier this season, has gotten hit pretty hard, and has had trouble locating his fastball at this point. He simply isn't a very good pitcher.

I would go as far to say he is a marginal MLB pitcher at this point. He has one pitch (4-seam fastball) that he isn't throwing as hard & struggling to locate.
One of the last guys (maybe the last guy) I want to see in a playoff game out of the pen right now for the Phils.

If he had struggled a bit more, they might have left him off but he has looked adequate in his last 2 outings.

Ah but, Gene Mauch didn't speak Japanese, as I was again told by Caray that Cholly does.

Mauch did, however, speak English.

Why in the hell is Girardo using Mo Rivera in a 5-3 game that he's losing in the 8th inning?

It's called playing the percentages, NEPP. It's what smart managers do to remain Rico Suave.

If and when we draw the D-backs, you have to consider Savery. Lots of lefty bats out there.

I can't argue that one, NEPP, about KK. I'm just going on need, not compassion. As for Stutes, couldn't agree more, MG. You nailed that one. He hasn't been awful. He's been Durbine-sque, which is adequate for a 162-game season, but not a shortened season where every pitch matters.

Mauch did, however, speak English.

True, but the only words he said were "Bunning" & "Short" ... or at least that's how my father remembers it.

Sox 8 - Orioles 5

Is a late-game collapse in the works?

I think Hamels is pitching tomorrow mainly to stay sharp, since Game 3 won't take place until Tues.

Make that 8-6

Sox 8 - Orioles 6

Very, very funny, curt. And who said the UC could speak Japanese? I have no way of verifying this, although we hear it all the time. If he hasn't a clue about English, I think we could conclude that he is clueless, as well, about Japanese.

Ironically, Stutes has actually lowered his BB/9 in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, he's also lowered his SO/9 and raised his H/9 at the same time.

1st half: 4.75 BB/9, 9.20 SO/9, 5.64 H/9
2nd half: 3.52 BB/9, 7.34 SO/9, 8.80 H/9 least he's lowered his walk rate I guess.

That's been the plan with Hamels all along. Otherwise, the gap between starts is gaping. Can there be a gaping gap?

Rob, according to everything I've heard or read, Charlie speaks fine in a normal conversation. He like a lot of people has a little trouble in front of the camera.

If I had to pick one to pitch 1 inning in the post-season, I'd go with KK over Stutes at this point.

Not even a hard choice to be honest.

Rays beat the Yanks.

Hamels is not quite right yet. In his first 26 starts, he yielded 10 HRs. In his last 5 starts, 8 HRs.

Hamels doesn't need to be perfect...he just has to be the best #3 in baseball. Which he easily is.

I think he turns it on in October.

Nice to see the actual Phillies lineup playing. The "switch" has been flipped.

There are some good UC in Japan stories in the book ..."You Gotta Have Wa". I don't think he is fluent in Japanese but his time there would give him a good knowledge of it. Its probably as good as his english. Terrible.

MLB Tonight just mentioned that the Phillies found the "refocus dial"...guess it DOES exist, eh?

Herndon is another guy I would prefer if they left off the playoff roster too. He is struggling again to get his fastball/sinker over with any kind of consistency this month especially his last several outings.

Why the way they handled Blanton has just been strange/poor. I brought it up about 10 days ago. Didn't understand why they are essentially letting him rot in the bullpen. Activated him on Sept 5th & then only used him in mop-up duty twice (down at least 4 runs both outings) before this past week.

Even at the start of Sept, the Phils knew they were likely going to have at least 1-2 openings in the pen for the postseason roster. Should have utilized Blanton a little more especially in some key spots to get a better idea of what his stuff looked like.

With a couple of guys including Schwimer flaming out, they have scurried to get Blanton some outings to see what he can do. I imagine if he pitches well it just cements his place but that he has the inside track of Herndon.

MLB Tonight just mentioned that the Phillies found the "refocus dial"...guess it DOES exist, eh?

Sometimes I think UC gins up the "folksy West Virginia" accent a bit in press conferences. I somewhat doubt his accent his really that thick after all these years. predicts a temp of 49 and partly cloudy saturday night.

Even though the game means little for the Phils tomorrow, I do hope they win their 102nd game to set the franchise record & put the cherry on this regular season.

I dont think Blanton is even close to 100%, MG.

He'd most likely still be rehabbing in the minors if it wasn't Sept with expanded rosters.

I saw Charlie doing some Q & A thing on TV a few days and he actually sounded pretty damned articulate, considering how he can often sound. I've seen that before with him too. It does seem to be about (usually) being uncomfortable with the cameras going and a load of ravenous reporters bearing down on him looking for something, however tiny, to jump all over.

That's pretty much perfect playoff baseball weather, bullit.

Stutes may have lost a little life on his fastball late, but you have to go with him on the post-season roster. His demeanor and poise shows that he should handle himself pretty well.

I think Savery has put himself in contention for a spot, depending upon the opponent. Maybe you don't think you need a 2nd lefty, until a possible WS team.

I think Blanton has won the final spot for the NLDS, from Herndon.

The more interesting one, will be the final bench spot. I see absolutely no reason why Bowker is on any post-season roster. He'd be below Brown at this point, who also doesn't figure in anywhere. When you go 0-13 and barely ever put a ball in play, you have no business playing in October. Lee is a better option up there, then that guy.

I think Mini Mart wins that one by default. And he's barely played in the past 10 days.

If Atlanta can't beat the Phils tomorrow, with their best pitcher going and the Phils playing the game like a spring training game, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I think Cholly, with deferrence to the wild card race, will start the regulars in the field and probably give them 2 AB's. By the 5th or 6th inning, it will be the Dom Brown's, Brandon Moss's and Eric Kratz's of the roster on the field. No need to see one of the starters pull a Alex Gonzalez tonight in a meaningless tuneup game. Get them a couple of AB's and get them out.

NEPP - Probably not but then it makes it even more foolish on why they didn't shut him down in August, let him have the elbow surgery, and get a jump on the ~6 month timetable for his recovery.

I would still rather have Blanton on this roster right now than Herndon or Stutes though. Neither has pitched well enough this past month to justify a spot.

Which David Ortiz is a more accurate reflection of what he will do in 2012?

2008-2010 (Age 32-34): .854 OPS (120 OPS+)
2011 (Age 35): .954 OPS (154 OPS+)

I wonder what team will drastically overpay him this winter.

let him have the elbow surgery, and get a jump on the ~6 month timetable for his recovery.

What surgery would that be?

Is it 100% that Blanton will even have the surgery in the off-season?

I thought it was simply a possibility if the rehab didn't work. He seems effective so far in short bursts...but I doubt he can go more than 1-2 innings.

This is short-sighted of me, given that I still might like to see a Phils-Sox WS. But with look-Ma-here's-my-scrunchy-intense-guy-face Papelbon coming in, I can't help but want to see the O's pound him and win this thing.

If a serial killer does all his serial killin' in a consistent manner, should he get credit for it?

if he wants a tv movie, he better.

AS someone wrote earlier "they are on". WOnderful. What we need now in best of possible worlds:Phils win tomorrow and then (asssuming Cardinals lose tonight) and then somehow tie the Braves tomorrow. Thus causing an extra day to tire whomever wins. I also like that it makes it difficult for the other teams to prepare and since we are more experienced in teh playoffs its one more advantage Phils.

I could care less about Stutes demeanor/poise/attitude. He is a one-trick pony without a good trick at this point.

Hell, even his best pitch was a sinker or an offspeed pitch at least it wouldn't be a straight 4-seam fastball.

"Let him have the surgery, and get a jump on the ~6 month timetable for his recovery."

"What surgery would that be?"

Gastric Bypass.

Stem Cell Papi

I'd love to see Papelbon blow a save here...just so I can laugh at the Sox fans at work tomorrow.

0 outs. Man on first.

GTown Dave: "Either Stutes OR Herndon. Not both."

I agree with this, but because GTown Dave said it, it's probably wrong.

It wouldn't be my choice, but I also think Blanton is on the post-season roster. NEPP disagrees with that, which means it's almost certainly correct.

Dave - That's an unaffair cheap shot at this point. Blanton did lose about 10-15 pds during his rehab this summer & is in better shape.

NEPP - No it is not 100% but there is damage there that he can either do rehab on & cross his finger or have the surgery with a 6-month min. recovery time.

This ump BLOWS!!! WTF?!

Oh...I'm clout's target tonight?

Good to know.

Why is it certain that he's on the post-season roster, clout? He's had all of 4 appearances all month with 1 more tomorrow. If he gets destroyed tomorrow, do you keep with him in October?

Home plate ump doing the Sox game is putrid. No one explained to him what a strike zone is.

Good AB by Markaikas.

MG, I was under the impression that there was no structurial damage with Blanton's elbow. What damage is there?

Endless AB by Markakis.

He's calling balls a full foot off the plate as a strike. Just insane.

Looks like that ump has no vision in his left eye.

Stutes is a no-brainer deserving inclusion on the postseason roster even if he's not pitching as well as he did earlier. Didn't most people expect some regression there? He's the 2011 version of 2010 Chad Durbin. Not great. But better than a pack of others, including Herndog, Schwimer, De Fratus. I will agree with MG that it seems they're scrambling to get Blanton some innings. Overall though - pretty satisfied with the adjustments, tune-ups, management of the last couple of games.

Go yard big daddy Vladdy.

Tie game in Houston

Nick Markakis is one of those guys who seemed like he was going to be a breakout superstar a few years back...and it simply never happened. I almost wonder if he simply needs a trade to a team where games actually matter.

This is a guy that had a 122 OPS+ through his Age 24 season but just a 112 OPS+ since then despite entering his supposed peak years.

It's OK to be consistent, but not consistently wrong.

Markakis should've been on first with a walk but he was terrified of not swinging at anything, even if it was so far off the plate it was headed towards the visiting team's dugout.

Runners at the corners, 1 out.

Herndon has had on of the stranger seasons by a Phils' reliever I can remember.

Here is a brief timeline:

- Horrid in April because he simply couldn't throw strikes with anything,

- Went down to AAA in early May

- Came back up for a week in May & went back down to AAA again

- Came back up in early June pitching very well over the summer,

- Really taxed on 9/4 where Cholly had to use him to throw 69 pitches over 3+ innings after having thrown 20 pitches the night before.

- Since the 9/4 game, Herndon has had real issues with command.

Took a bullet for the team that night and it very well likely will cost him a playoff roster spot since he has struggled so much since then.

How awesome would a Weiters walkoff HR be here?

8 - 6 Cards

Cards marching to a win - huge games tomorrow.

And...STL is up 8-6...

The Riot with a 2 run double Cards lead 8-6

The ghost of Eric Gregg has returned to ump the Bosox game. And he must think Maddux or Glavine is on the mound.

8-7 in Baltimore now...with 2 outs though.

9=6 Cards

I see In Play (runs) in the BOS game.

Weird play. Run scores.

Weiters needed to book a li'l harder there.

Very exciting baseball all over the place.

I remember a lot of writers(sports writers not BL people) calling Weiters a bust last year as a prospect. Guess they were all wrong.

What are the odds the Cards bullpen can get 9 outs without giving up 3 runs?

Schilling on ESPN BB Tonight is horrible.

RISKY to take that pitch.

JW - Agree on the lineup adjustments with Utley but disagree about how they handled the lineup during the losing streak.

It was puzzling on why certain guys started, why and how regulars were used, and some of the lineups they used in games they supposedly were trying to really make a strong effort to win.

Stutes is better than 2011 Durbin but not 2010 Durbin. Stutes' slider stinks. Can't throw it for a strike & way too often he hangs it right in the middle of the zone screaming to hitters 'kill me.'

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