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Thursday, September 22, 2011


BOOOO. that's all i have to say.

I knew my 99 win prediction was optimistic.

is this real life?
/voice of the youtube kid who goes to dentist

R.A. Dickey. Just what they need right now.

They need a ritual sacrifice on the field before the playoffs start. And they better not put a jersey on William Penn.

denny b. Restating the obvious:

* Rollins: In recovery from a groin injury
* Polanco: Thank God his back is better. One of the more competent "geezers" on the team.
* Utley: Might be a shot player; who knows? I'm still trying to figure out how he still runs the bases but can't turn on any pitch; let alone a fastball. Disabling hip injury?
* Howard: Q.E.D. (From Wike -- an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which translates as "which was to be demonstrated".) His ankle is shot but hopefully, only for the short term; not for the season...
* Shane: I hope you break out soon…
* Raul/Mayberry: Thank God
* Exxon : Thank God
* Chooch: Thank God

I would actually not oppose starting Bowker and the rest of the clown brigade vs. Dickey.

Does Will Schweitzer have any comment on the Leo Nunez revelation?

The Phillies will be doing a snake dance after they hand the Braves the WC. Tough darts Cards. You had THE chance tonight and blew it.

I don't want this comment from the last thread to be forgotten: BAP actually said that the luster would be taken off this season for him if they don't win 102 games, even if they win the World Series.

Nevermind that I think this is a bogus statement, and is only a benchmark that BAP has put in place because he thrives off of being miserable.

Does anyone who is rational actually feel this way? I mean, wow. That's an eye-opener for me. Parade down Broad St, and BAP is thinking "Yeah, but they could have won a few more games during the regular season." I'm stunned.

It's so important it has to be said again:

"I have serious doubts that this team will even recover. This is not good, to say the least."

Anyone who doesn't have doubts about that at this point is, frankly, feeble-minded and needs to watch this Simpsons clip:

Pull over when tired:

Here is Oswalt starts since he has been back:

8/7 - Gives up a run in the 5th and 6th before departing at 93 pitches.

8/13 - Gives up a run in the 6th and gets out trouble in the 7th before departing at 96 pitches.

8/20 - Goes 8 strong at 115 pitches before departing. No runs late.

8/26 - Runs into a heap of trouble in the 6th inning. Charged with 4 runs and doesn't make it out at 108 pitches.

9/2 - Gives up a run in the 6th and is lifted with 1 out in the 7th after allow a few baserunners. Lifted at 116 pitches.

9/7 - Goes 7 IP but again gives up a run in the 6th and 7th inning. Lifted at 116 pitches.

9/12 - Goes 7 IP but is in in-and-out of trouble all night long. Gives up a run in the 7th inning. Lifted at 107 pithces.

9/17 - Goes 7 IP and doesn't give up a run late. Lifted at 107 pitches.

9/22 - Tonight goes into the 8th before the wheels fall off. Gives up 4 runs.

That's 9 starts since he came off the DL. Run into trouble later in all but 2 of those 9 games including tonight.

Cholly is probably going to try to lean on Oswalt given the shaky nature of the middle relief in a playoff start. Almost certainly going to not end well.

I'm over my angst about Oswalt falling apart late. I just hope Charlie treats him like he managed in '08, when it was standard practice to lift the starter by the 8th inning. (I hope he'll do this for Oswalt, not for everyone.) We'll have to take our chances with Lidge in the 8th and Madson in the 9th. I think we can do it. It's only the Game 4's of the NLCS & WS, anyway.

I do think this is a disappointing ending (so far) to a fantastic season. But I'd be happy to lose every single one of the games since clinching, to the end of the month - provided we go on to the WS.

It's only the fact that it's so easy to worry that this horrible offensive slump could continue into the postseason that makes me feel panicky, in spite of all my attempts to calm myself with the reminder that 90% of what one worries about doesn't come true. (Not sure the person who penned that was a baseball fan, however.) And that this is still the team to beat.

On the positive side, it provides some emotion, right? No longer a clinical season, a "We won. Again. Ho hum." or "We lost. Oh well, we'll get them tomorrow." So we're getting a last-minute thrill ride of sorts.

Iceman: Rest assured that I'd be very happy if we won the WS. But also rest assured that I'm being entirely serious when I say that even a WS wouldn't entirely erase the disappointment of not winning 102 or moer games. Here's why.

A few weeks ago, this felt like a team with a real chance at being regarded as historically good. That chance has probably been squandered. Historians won't care that these losses were in meaningless games. They'll only care about the final tally &, if you win 98 to 100 games, you just aren't a historically good team. I don't know if 102 wins is enough to qualify as historically good (probably not), but it's at least enough to say you're the best Phillies team ever. So, yes, if we don't make it, it will be disappointing. It won't be crushing and I'll still be thrilled if we win it all. But it would certainly be a disappointment.

Here it is:

Go ahead. You know you want to.

Oswalt obviously shouldn't be counted on to pitch past 7IP or 100 pitches, whichever comes first. And he shouldn't have to. He's the 4th starter. Hell, all he has to do is get out of the fifth inning in the playoffs to eclipse fat turd Blanton's performance last year.

You just have to hope that this is Cholly pushing him to see what he has. Although, I was hoping that weeks ago. And I'm still hoping that's all it is, and that he'll act differently in the playoffs. Really really hoping.

From non-factors like Bowker, Schneider and Orr to mid-level stiffs like Francisco and Gload to supposed superstars like Utley, Victorino and Rollins...... what is wrong with these guys? Do they even care? Do they think that the rest of the Natioal League playoff field is going to bow, roll the red carpet and say, "Good luck in the World Series, make the NL proud"?
..... Don't they remember that fans are actually still watching these games and kind of want them to win at least one versus the ex-expos? I wish that Mayberry would take his enthusiasm on the field and translate it into a rousing, win one for the gipper-esque speech in the locker room and wake these complacent, narcoleptic bunch of zombies up!!!
Maybe if they pull out a move from "Major League" and Uncle Chuck makes Rollins, Victorino and Utley give him push-ups, like Willie Mays Hayes, everytime they pop the ball up.
I know people say we shouldn't worry and the ship will right itself in the playoffs, but the NL playoff teams look dangerous enough without putting out a slumping bunch of well-paid players wit a sense of entitlement and no sense of urgency, not to mention tired pitchers (fatigued and tired of losing 1-0), who've hit the wall (Bastardo, anyone?) to battle surging franchises who have something to prove and would love to knock King Kong from its perch on top of the baseball building.
Sometimes, when a ship is sinking, the captain (Uncle Chuck) is in a unpenetrable state of denial and won't acknowledge any problem until he's under the water, wondering why nobody warned him that something was tragically wrong.
Well if six straight losses featuring anemic level offensive output isn't a Poseidon Adventure-sized wave, then maybe being down 2-0 to either the Cardinals, Brewers of D-backs will force Chuckie to lower the lifeboats.
But by then it will be too late....
... Scheniders and children first.

BAP, not winning 102 means they wouldn't have the most wins of any Phillies team.

It says nothing definitively about them NOT being the best Phillies team.

BAP: all right, man. Whatever you say. To each his own I guess.

And I echo Fata's 10:24PM post.

Cards' bullpen gave up 6 runs in the top of the 9th tonight. Been their Achilles' heel all year starting with Franklin's amazing flameout as their closer.

Now have 26 blown saves this year. Only the Nats have more at 27.

Not making excuses for Oswalt(because I think he looked really good tonight) but I think he got a bit rattled by some of those bad calls in the 8th. He got flustered and threw a meatball.

I'm really concerned with the lack of production from some of our core hitters(Rollins,Vic,Polanco)with the playoffs right aroud the corner. Utley especially. He has 1 rbi this month, striking out more than usual, and his batting average is dropping at an alarming rate. I think he's hurt and not telling Charlie. I applaud his will to win and be out on the field, but he cannot continue to bat in the 3 spot if this continues going into playoff time. He's killing us right now. He really hasn't been the same hitter since 2009. Does anyone feel the same on this issue? Our lack of hitting is what ultimately kept us from beating the giants in the NLCS and could be what keeps us from attaining the ultimate prize this year.

-Attending tonight's game was like paying for a vacation to the North Pole only to spend the entire time watching baby seals get clubbed to death.

-Rollins, Vic & Utley are still 0 for their last 1,000 combined ABs. KILLING THIS OFFENSE.

-Bowker is the worst late season pick-up in history. Whatever the Phillies gave up to get him was too much.

-The poor bastards near me got an earful when Charlie didn't pull Oswalt when he should have. It has been obvious that he's done at ~95 pitches. Ruined an otherwise fine outing.

-In my opinion the best Phillies team ever was & remains the '76 club. If not for the Big Red Machine ...

I think there have been some posts on the topics of Utley and our lack of offense, yes, Jeff L. Just a few. ;)

Our top 3 batters went hitless the entire 4-game series! They had 3 walks (2 for Utley - I think one was HBP; 1 for Vic). Just pretty awful. I still think Rollins and Victorino, at least, will turn things around. I hope.

Most succinct thing I have seen written about the A's and Moneyball:

"But the main reason the A's were successful in the early 2000s was that four of the high draft picks they were awarded after lousy seasons in the late 1990s all turned fairly quickly into top-notch players. Hudson, Mulder, and Zito I've mentioned; the fourth was Eric Chavez, a third baseman who was the 10th player drafted in 1996 (like Hudson, he was signed by Oakland before Beane became general manager), when he had just finished high school and was widely regarded as one of the best prospects in the country."

It's getting crowded up here.

I anticipate even more folks after we win the World Series but fail to win more than 102 games.

@Shawn: Excellent post and I share the same abiding concerns you express. To those who claim that the Phillies lineup will turn it on just as the first series starts, you should know that it ain't that simple. If it were, there would be no slumps. Batters could simply ratchet it up anytime they wished and all those paltry offensive funks would magically disappear. How long did it take for this "juggernaut" to emerge from the abyss early in the season? Much longer than one five-game series, for sure.

The team I would hate to face is the one that had to play with urgency to get into the playoffs. I don't care who they are. They will have big MO on their side. Best recent example is the Rockies in 2007.

I am complete disgusted with the poor play of Rollins, Victorino and Utley in particular. Others to a lesser extent. I want this team to break 100 wins to be sure, but I (we) need for this team to play with a renewed energy and intelligence. They are distracted for some reason and they need to get back their focus, or it will be one series and done. These last six games are critical. They need to get on a roll. They need to win both series and then I'll have some of my faith restored.

I was there in 1964. I know, trust me.

I don't think we can learn much about the Phillies in these post-clinch games but we are learning a lot about some beerleaguer posters. Wow! We have got some miserable people and on here. But I don't mind. Fans are fans. Everyone enjoys the game differently. If 2 weeks of bad baseball adds to it for them then good. Enjoy.

I think there is a general concensus on Beerleaguer that is totally correct. Let Oswalt give you six or if lucky seven good innings and then take him out. Almost all pitchers in baseball are pitching only about seven innings - even when they're pitching well. Check out the complete games of the other excellent starters in both the NL & AL. I know Lee and Halladay are totally different pitchers from the others in that they fully expect to complete every game - but I'll be very happy with 6-7 very good innings from Oswalt and lets hope the Pen can hold if we are close, tied, or leading.

The above is a link to Victorino's emotional speech to open his Boys And Girls Club today.

There is one thing this team has in common with the 1964 team-The city they play in. That's it. Period.

People bringing up 1964 in respect to this team are just begging everyone not to take them seriously. It's like when BAP compares this team to the 2007 Mets every year when they lose a few games in early September.

Iceman, indeed.

I love that I'm usually considered so negative, and I'm the one reminding everyone that NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

If the Phillies lose, it's because they had a bad playoff series, not because they lost some games a week and a half before when some dude named John Bowker started. Who the hell is John Bowker? Seriously, if you didn't know who John Bowker was before last month, then you can't complain about the team losing right now. If the team cares so little as to put that guy out there, why should I care about the result?

Jack - what happened? Did you run out of bourbon and now you're left to drinking Phillies kool-aid?

Phlipper, don't look down.

Short and to the point: I'm not happy about losing the last six games at home.

Oh Cholly your old fool why did you keep Oswalt in that long..

If only the Phils had momentum like the Giants have right now...LOL.

Why am I not surprised to read that G-town would consider spending money to vacation at the North Pole?

I have no idea what the 1964 Phils have to do with this team.

I don't post a lot and generally think BLers seem to be miserable about a lot of stuff. But after tonight I have to say I am gravely concerned.

The hot team in each league entering the playoffs is the most dangerous team. I have been confident that this Phillies team could beat the "hot" team regardless of who they are.

Until tonight.

I expected they would come out and hammer home a win tonight, just to show us that nobody in our division can sweep them at home and everything was fine. Didn't happen. They are sleep-walking out there. Listless.

I don't believe in "turning it on." Either you want it or you don't care. This team acts like they've already got it in the bag and they don't care. But they look like crap out there.

It's the kind of funk that can just mysteriously stick around and suddenly put them down 3-1 in the NLDS before someone stands up in the locker room and gets mad.

They are back to being a team that won't be able to beat a hot-hitting team in the NLCS like last year. That's what this is starting to feel like.

Please, UC, kick someone's ass in there.

@Marc -

If they're down 3-1 in the NLDS, they're out of the playoffs. There will be a lot of people mad - bith inside and outside the locker room!

Thought Utley's bat was coming around shortly before getting beaned. Since getting beaned, he has not been the same player, not even close. Starting to wonder if he's hiding something.

I have no idea what the 1964 Phils have to do with this team.

Absolutely nothing. This year's club is going to forge its own unique infamy by getting swept out of the playoffs after winning 98 games & clinching a Postseason berth faster than any team in Phillies history.

Yeah they aren't hitting and their starting pitching was kind of mediocre this week. The lineup is also half-full of guys who either won't even be on the postseason roster or will have almost no PT in the postseason. Same with some of the guys who have pitched this past week out of the pen.

Health is and has been this month the real issue with this team. Hopefully get Howard & Pence back in the lineup by Monday at the latest. Giving Utley & JRoll a day off between now and next Thurs would be a good idea too.

Please no more 'playing the splits' either by giving any more starting PT to Gload or Bowker.

I guess you can argue that Gload need the PT and ABs. Mabye. I would still rather see Mayberry and Francisco in there even with a RHP on the mound.

I dont remember Bowker's starting before this game. Why does anyone care that he started. IF he makes it on the post season roster (which is highly unlikely) he won't get an AB unless the game goes to 19 innings.

Let's get back to reality for just a moment:

The Phillies have clinched the division.
The Phillies have home field advantage throughout the post season.

The remaining regular season games are absolutely meaningless. I'd rather see them lose every game since the clincher by double digits than to see someone go down with an injury and sit out the post season as a result of playing a pointless game against the Nationals in the third week of September.

We're starting Gload and Bowker. Don't ask for miracles, folks. It is what it is. We're running out the clock and giving some rest to a few banged up guys who have certainly earned a break.

Wow, two peeps about LEO, Juan Carlos Oviedo, I would have expected a firestorm by this point.

I have the feeling that other sports organizations would force the Marlins to forfeit/vacate the wins he participated in for ineligibility, but it's not likely to ever come to that in baseball.

With the playoff history of the 1976 and 1977 teams, why do we need to go back to 1964 for a season to gloomily and doomily claim deja vu all over again for?

EFF - If this team fails in the NLDS, it is much more like 1976 and 1977. Dominant teams that flamed out in the playoffs. I would like to see them win 102 games and set the franchise record but, would gladly watch them lose the next 6 if they follow with a win in the World Series. To be safe, though, I would go with the ritual blood sacrifice on teh field. Perhaps we can lure Larry Jones north after the series in Atlanta.

Phillies righty Roy Oswalt's agent, Bob

Garber, said that the 33-year-old is no longer considering retiring after this season, according to Todd Zolecki of Oswalt and the Phils have a $16MM mutual option for 2012, although Zolecki writes that it's unlikely the Phils will exercise their end of that deal. The Phils could bring back Oswalt on a lesser deal, however. In February, Oswalt, who has dealt with back injuries in recent years, said, "I'm going to play this year and see how it goes."

You people are making me agree with Jack. Do you know how dirty that makes me feel? I'm sure it isn't a picnic for him either.

Couple thoughts on the topics discussed here:

1.) Charlie's not an idiot. I don't believe that he'll push Oswalt in the playoffs. Right now I think he is trying to stretch him and see what he has. If Oswalt shows he can go longer he'll get a longer leash. In the playoffs you'll most likely have Oswalt go 6 and then you'll see Worley or Kendrick for 2 innings leading to Bastardo/Lidge/Madson.

2.) It's not the worst thing in the world that Gload and the like are getting good playing time down the stretch here. Someone off the bench is most likely going to need to come up with a big hit in the playoffs and it's good to get them a ton of swings now.

3.) When I see Moneyball (probably not til next weekend) I hope they pull a Tarantino in Inglorious Basterds and just change history. Somehow the A's win the 2002 World Series.

“We’ve got six games left and we’re going home,” Ian Desmond said. “They’re going to the playoffs. So it’s not that important. They didn’t have their full lineup out there one game we played against them. Obviously, it’s nice to beat Philly. I don’t want to be disrespectful of the guys they had in there. That’s not what I’m trying to do. They’re going to the playoffs. We’re going home. Next year, we’ll see. We beat them next year, then I’ll be happy.”

Desmond not drinking the Nats kool aid on how totally awesome their September sweep was.

My turn to do the italics thing?

Seriously, is it a week from tomorrow yet?

This is getting boring.

Yeah, I really can't believe this issue has brought TTI, Jack and I together. This issue clearly goes beyond ideological lines.

If you went back to the beginning of the season- or hell, even two months ago- and were asked if the Phils clinched home field throughout with 10 games to go, would you care about the results of the last 10 games?- nobody would have said they cared. Nobody. This is all the typical knee-jerk crap that happens from game to game, only this time it has normally rational people saying completely irrational things that I think even they know to be irrational.

I mean, Marc up there says that he didn't care about losing the first 5 meaningless games, but last night's meaningless game now has him worried. Someone is going to have to explain the logic of that one to me.

Deep down, I think the wet blankets are actually happy that this gives them a reason to rain on everyone's parade going into the playoffs.

a question and an observation.

Are the Phillies charging full price for these games?

it would be cool if Matt Kemp got the Triple Crown, it's been so long since anyone has done it.

Here's what Brewers manager Ron Roenicke had to say about the Phillies' recent tribulations:
Brewers manager Roenicke:

"Look at their schedule [33 games in the last 31 days of the regular season]; it's brutal. It's a time of year when they should be resting guys and they're playing them in two games. I look at their losing strictly because of the number of games they've played."

Kemp gets the triple crown, he wins the MVP.

Kershaw will get the Cy Young.

Jayson Stark will have to tell us if there's any lousy team that's ever come close to having those two trophies.


Good post @7:37.

To which I would add:

Believe it or not, Charlie is actually as concerned as BLers about how the Phillies are playing; he said he was concerned last night. Oswalt confirmed this, saying the team had some things to be paniced about. But Charlie's managing a difficult balancing act.

Do you push your A-team harder, hoping to establish momentum? Even though every study says it has little if anything to do with how a team will perform post-season? Charlie's "gut" knows this. Again, he said "I've seen it go either way."

Or do you stay the course, not panic, and take it a game at a time. You rest guys like Howard and Polanco, who need it, hoping they will be closer to 100% come playoff time. You keep giving guys like Jimmy, Vic, and Chase as many ABs as possible, hoping they will play out of their slumps (although Utley may have injury in play, who knows?). In short, you manage a very tough situation as best you can, day to day, keeping the larger prize in mind, and resisting the temptation to panic.

I'm as sick of seeing these losses as anyone, but after thinking about it, I can't fault Charlie's process too much; it seems rational given the variables and the "unknowables".

And if we're getting sick of the losses in these games that don't impact the team's position, consider how sick we would feel if Ryan Howard or Hunter Pence aggravated an injury trying to nail down a win against the Nats and was lost for the post season.

I'm concerned about the "Can the team flip a switch and turn it on?" thing too. Hanging in so far, but I reserve the right to panic and flip flop completely at any moment. That is one of our inherent rights as Phillies fans and as BL participants.

"That is one of our inherent rights as Phillies fans and as BL participants."

I forgot to add, "and as members of the BL moronocracy."

With the playoff history of the 1976 and 1977 teams, why do we need to go back to 1964 for a season to gloomily and doomily claim deja vu all over again for?

Posted by: EastFallowfield | Friday, September 23, 2011 at 06:42 AM

because fans, particularly on this blog, board whatever you call it, are stupid

Dickey was straight dealing last week. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see the slide continue through tonight. Vegas Scotch Man says reach into the young one's college fund and book the Mets tonight. There's easy money to be made.

Fans on this particular blog are a smarter breed of stupid.

I refuse to write in italics. I am a manly man.

Sometimes I get really annoyed when I’m scolded for being part of the reality-based community; that is, one who is very much concerned about the L-6 streak heading into the playoffs. Regardless of the stellar pitching, this is no longer an “epic season”; it’s a grueling march to the finish line with a boatload of inured players:
• Rollins (Recovering, but will he hold up? He’s hitting .212 over the last 7 days. Can he turn it on at will?)
• Utley: (anecdotal? Regardless, just watch him at the plate)
• Howard
• Hunter Pence (Prior to the visible injury, he was pretty good.)
Pence’s patellar tendinitis is a shocker – I forgot to mention Hunter was hurt in yesterday evening’s post. Adding insult to these injuries, Shane Victorino is just clueless right now. And the vaunted bullpen is in tatters.

Face it folks, it’s not 2007 anymore. I sincerely wonder if Jimmy, Chase, Ryan Howard and Shane to boot have enough left in the tank to show by example, and to provide a shred of confidence to a team psyche that’s really hammered right now. Regardless of the logistics of the team’s situation (clinched everything), this year was the year to grab the brass ring and post a really gaudy win total. Now the Phillies will really need to scramble. Depending on how Charlie plays it, they might not win 101 games. 10 days ago, I would have thought that was unthinkable.

To those who state that none of these games matter, as a matter of fact, they do. Bowker, ET al are being run out there for the simple reason that a ton of established players are either hurt or tired. Hurt and tired players romping to the World Series? Good luck.

why bother watching if you feel that way. it's pretty dumb if you ask me. and what's with the ridiculous italics.

As a long time Vic trasher, I was happy with what appeared to be some progress in the baseball smarts department earlier in the season but I suspect his long term problem is that he turns off his brain after July.

The Phils get two days off before starting the playoffs, they will be get their rest.

I agree with BAP about winning 102 games. As a huge fan of the team you want to be following them when they set these kinds of records, it is what makes being a fan so fun. When you know this is the best Phillies team you have ever seen, it would be nice to see them set the franchise record for wins as well.

I wanna know what JW thinks of this skid

"EFF:"Jayson Stark will have to tell us if there's any lousy team that's ever come close to having those two trophies."

In 1987 the last place Cubs(76-86) saw Andre Dawson win the MVP and Rick Sutcliffe fall just 2 pts behind the Phillies' Steve Bedrosian for the CY Young.

No one has ever accused Charlie of not being a nice guy and great with players but no one ever accused him of being smart either and these last couple of weeks have certainly shown that.
Yes it was time to rest those in need of a rest--Howard and Polanco particularly--but it also did not call for hibernation. What it called for is alineup filled with others who are going to the playoffs not those who will never be in teh Show for real.
In particular Charlie's love affair with Bowker borders on the insane. Since we know he will take Gload to the playoffs it i s approrpriate for him to get as many AB as he can but these other jokers: Bowker, Orr are a bizzaro.
Bastardo should be asked topitch an inning every other day just so that he gets his comfort level back and the idea of letting our staerters go beyond 6 or 7 innings now is ludicrous beyond belief.

As a result of UC's bizzaro lieneup the opportunity to sharpen the pen and some bats have been totally squandered and instead we now have everyone up in ams about the crumbling Phillies. Nice job manager.

For anyone reading... how many pitches does CM let RH and Lee throw in their last start of the year?

I agree 100% with cut. I know there are plenty here who don't think "momentum" matters, but baseball is a game of repitition and routine. By the time the playoffs start, the regulars will have either been resting or playing half-speed for 2 weeks. As we usually see with players coming off the DL, it takes a few games for them to get back up to speed and get their swing back. They won't have that luxury once the NLDS starts and Game 1 counts.

"Momentum" may not carry you all the way to the WS, but a hot team could easily take out a lumbering giant like the Phillies in the first round.

I am not worried, nor do I care about this losing streak. It means nothing. Bowker? Francisco? Orr? Gload? You mean to tell me those guys couldn't get the job done?


Winning a team game is tough when half your team is not on the field. Now, if they play the Braves series with starters and get swept? Then, I'll panic.

well, we've learned a few things over the past 6 games:

1. Bowker may not be a good option to start a playoff game this year.

2. Despite his gaudy Win/Loss record, Schneider does not appear to be as good as Ruiz.

3. Some of our regulars seem prone to slump from time to time.

4. We need more meaningless RBI's.

5. Hell has indeed frozen over (Jack, TTI, Iceman on the same page).

6. Cut_Fastball could be the King of the Debbie Downer club if he would only change his handle to "Cut_Wrists".

7. Chase Utley has been secretly replaced by a de-caffinated Chase Utley, let's see if anyone notices...

8. Oh, since Chase is slumping, he must be hurt. That's breaking news around here!

9. Meaningless losses have different degrees of sucktitude depending whether:

a) you were at the game
b) it is fan appreciation night
c) a sweep is at stake
d) you're on your period

10. BL is more fun when there is chaos!

My guess is that the Phillies play their regulars for the last series against the Braves to get everyone ready for the playoffs. I think Howard just got an extended rest because of the heel.

howard is playing tonight. pence is back tomorrow

Make all the excuses RE: meaningless games & chumps such as Bowker & Orr getting a few more ABs that you want, it's the top half of the order -- & 3 regulars who have been playing regularly -- that have absolutely killed this team offensively the past 2+ weeks.

Sept. Lines:

Rollins - 0 HR, 1 RBI, 2 BB, .196 BA/.229 OBP/.239 SLG/.468 OPS

Vic - 2 HR, 8 RBI, 10 BB, .163 BA/.245 OBP/.272 SLG/.517 OPS

Utley - 1 HR, 1 RBI, 3 BB, .175 BA/.257 OBP/.286 SLG/.543 OPS

Additionally, Rollins, Vic & Utley are a combined 0-36 over their last 4 GS.

Those are the guys that will be at the top of the Phillies' batting order come 1 Oct., & if their complete lack of production doesn't worry you, nothing ever will. Because you're delusional.

Yo, new thread

closing italics in 3, 2, 1...

I don't worry about the pitching going into the playoffs whatsoever. From a pitching perspective, the Philles SHOULD win 2 out of 3 of the first three games, and with Oswalt, Halladay, and Lee starting the second set of three games, we should go 2 for 3 there as well. Regarding Oswalt: no team heading to the playoffs have a pitcher of his caliber starting game 4.

That being said, the Phillies will have to actually score runs, since we cannot expect the starters to hold the opposition to 0 or 1 runs per game.

What concerns me right now is that the Phillies have crept into a culture of losing, after an amazing season of winning. No one can deny that baseball requires momentum, and right now, the Phillies don't have it. Personally, I wouldn't have sat the starters so much. They can rest when they're dead. It was more important to keep scoring and winning going into the playoffs.

If there's one team on earth that I think hasn't gone into a "culture of losing" after six games, it's the 2011 Phillies, the winningest team in the NL over the last 8 season and the 5-time division champs. These guys know what they're doing.

And yes, the team being old and banged up IS a concern. But that's a concern regardless of whether we won or lost the last few games. How do you people not see that?

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