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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sweet graphic. I liked PHL17's even better.

Five in a row! It really is incredible.

Five in a row! It really is incredible.

98 wins matches the season total for no other Phillies seasons. Only 2 seasons with a higher number.

Most consecutive division titles:

11 Braves, NL East, 1995-2005
9 Yankees, AL East, 1998-2006
5 A's, AL West, 1971-1975
5 Indians, AL Central, 1995-1999
5 Phillies, NL East, 2007-2011

No Daily News cover this year though, it'd probably be the Eagles anyway.

It's graphic making season.

How sweeeet it is!

5 in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shot of Jimmy and Chase tallking behind second base right after the last out was great. Loved that.

Nice play by Chase.

Also, that NL East winners hat is fugly.

5 in a row...just amazing.


Lets close this out with a WFC.

It's great.

Now just win the WS already.

Hard to say what is more impressive:

6 NL East titles from 1976-83


5 NL East titles from 2007-11

I would give the edge to the former because of the 7 teams in the NL East at the time. Either is still pretty damn impressive. Quite hard to be that good in baseball for a such a prolonged stretch.

Good regular season. Let's eat.

Better than the division crown? How great Oswalt looked tonight. The goal is the WFC, and having Oswalt pitch like this will go a long way towards getting us there.

Good game! Let's go drink!

Let's pop bottles!!

I'm glad the Phils waited until tonight to clinch so that the callups could participate in the celebration.

I have tickets for tomorrow

This really is the best time to be a Phillies fan. We should savor it.

Since Roy O is in the postseason rotation for sure now, do you drop WOrley from the rotation now and start getting him used to bullpen work?

Good for Hunter Pence.

I have tix for tomorrow night, too, Mike. But I don't care.

Howard with the Big Fly goggles.

Five in a row and it's a truly great core that's made it happen:

Chooch, Howard, Chase, J-Roll, Victorino, Cole, Kendrick, Blanton, Lidge and Madson.

10 players who have been a part of it all. And I'll enver forget that it began with a simple statement, "We're the team to beat in the National League East."

gobaystars: I don't think it was ever in doubt. Not to mention Worley has actually pitched in relief. I think the pen needs him since he's more reliable than the kids.

Worley could be a huge part of the postseason bullpen. Absolutely huge.

Those with tickets to tomorrow's game should get to see:

1B: Gload
2B: Orr
SS: Martinez
3B: Valdez
LF: Francisco
CF: Mayberry
RF: Brown
CA: Kratz

Oh Kutz, I don't care either. I'm still going. I got seats in the Hall of Fame Club for the first time.

Blanton could be a "huge" part of the postseason bullpen too.

Look fast at
and you'll see Roy Oswalt scheduled to go again tomorrow!

It cracks me up that going into the year Kendrick had made the third most starts during this run. Only Cole and Moyer made more. Explaining Kendrick's role in this golden era to your grandkids will be tough. "He well um he was just there. He didn't get hurt and ah yeah I think they let him on the postseason roster once."

Raul Ibanez: Good Phillie.

Great stuff. Go phils.

Phils have 12 games to figure out how these pitchers may or may not factor in the postseason bullpen:

Blanton, Worley, Kendrick, DeFratus, Savery, Stutes, Herndon, Schwimer

Feels like Madson, Bastardo, Lidge are locks. What four other pitchers make it?

I kinda hoped Utley would drink something other than Bud Light.

I'm not sure CJ, the Cards are still in the wildcard race, so I think Charlie will still run out a somewhat respectable lineup. Maybe I'm wrong. If so I don't care.

gobay - just them the kids he was almost traded to japan.

Mike - we're planning on tailgating, then partying during the game to celebrate the clinch. I think CBP is gonna be a big party for ESPN to show the country.

I always assumed Roy O was in the rotation, but shoudl Worley start bullpen training soon? Let kids start games and get Worley on a BP schedule. I can't recall a team ever doing that.

When the Phillies won the series in 1980, I ran out into the streets screaming and banging on pots and pans.

When they won in 2008, I done cried.

If they win this year, I'm going to drink some incredibly expensive, good beer--unlike Chase Utley.

All these pre-recorded congrats are weird. Nobody feared a jinx?

Awesome win, great clinch, I'm so glad I got back to home soil to see it. Friend of mine, Phil's fan in my platoon, won't be coming back to see this great moment. May have some dust in my eye, because they keep watering. Awesome job, and keep up the good work BL. Even the arguments make me miss home.

Mike: Yeah... he'll run out a real lineup. Wouldn't be suprised to see Howard out of the lineup and maybe Polly.

Gotta love the dudes from the other Philly sports teams congratulating the Phillies. You know they're thinking, "Yeah, great, thanks, Phillies. You're showing us up for the clowns we are. And that's what everybody who's watching us congratulate you is thinking about us right now."

Man, how do you think DeFratus and Savery feel? Their first day in the major leagues and they get to participate in this...

CJ, yeah I'm thinking he might rest a couple of guys. Probably Howard, maybe Chooch.

That list of players who've been on all five division winners - everyone saw Kyle Kendrick's name on that, right?

Come on. Let's get these comments cranking. Five-straight division titles since they traded Bobby Abreu's ass.

I can see a spiffey graphic with a giant KK head surrounded by his supporting cast.

I wondered why Abreu wasn't celebrating in the clubhouse.

I'll do my part, JW:

Anyone watching OU-FSU? Awesome game. FSU's quarterback has a name perfectly suited to NASCAR.

KK isnt a FA until the hell is that possible?

Talk about service time manipulation.

I was waiting for someone to mention Kendrick being on all five division winning teams. Figures it was you, Jason. I'm sure clout will post soon. Poor Kyle.

I just remembered that Happ sprayed me with champagne afterthe Phils won in 2008. I feel a little sad for him tonight.

It's kind of fun to look back at how we reacted on Beerleaguer when the Phils clinched the division in 2007. Here's the comment thread at the moment of the third out. We've become a lot more reserved as the playoffs have become more of a formality.

CJ,that's only because this time the Phils won with a lousy offense and a spotty bullpen.

Congrats phils, unbelievable season that I never imagined I would witness.

Beerleaguer had 1333 comments in the game post where the Phils clinched in 2007. We had just 276 comments today.

Do you think we're spoiled?

I'm guessing the magic number for HF is really 1, not 2. There's probably a tiebreaker, and the Phils won the series vs Milwaukee.

For someone that was young in the late 80's and throughout the 90's watching the Phillies- this run of 5 straight division titles is sort of surreal. I mean I grew up with Lance Parrish, Steve Jeltz, Chris James, Juan Bell, and Mike Mimbs.

Kids growing up today with this team are seeing nothing but success. And when they make the all time Phillies team- 3 of the infield spots will be filled by guys on the roster throughout this run.

On Ibanez- I know much was made of his 3 year, 31.5 million contract when it was signed. Most of the scorn was for the third year (and rightfully so). However, in his three years here he has a slash line of: .265/.331/.472/.803 with an OPS+ of 112. As of this point he has also averaged now 23 home runs with 84 RBI's. It may not be worth the contract he got but he isn't phoning in his effort.

Good point on the magic# EFF. It doesn't matter, except for bragging rights, but acording to my math the magic # for the best record in MLB is 6.

Great win....I had it on the radio with Scott and Larry.....Just trying to add to the post total. I must remember to not make negative comments about RAUL.

Yeah, give Raul that, if nothing else –– he definitely doesn't phone it in. Never has.

His skills may be declining, but the guy leaves it on the field every day. I'd much rather have that then some Manny Ramirez-type clown who half-asses it.

I'm guessing if the season came down to the final day there'd be a few more comments than in game 150. 12 game leads take a lot of suspense out of it.

I won't go as far as to say Raul is an inspiration but there is something really great about watching the old guy do everything he can to get a championship in the last flickering moments of his career.

IMO, this run is more impressive than the late 70s early 80s run. Those teams won three straight from 76-78 without winning a playoff series, and then from 79-83, they actually only finished first twice in those 5 years, with the other playoff appearance coming in that strange 1981 season when they had the best 1st half record, but only the 3rd best record overall in the NL East.

"I'd much rather have that then some Manny Ramirez-type clown who half-asses it."

I've heard more than one person say Manny was one of the hardest workers they've ever seen, at least when it came to hitting...FWIW.

He was also a clubhouse cancer and massive distraction, Heather.

The BoSox FO had to cover for him on countless occasions over the years.

CJ - Come'on man. 2007 was one of the most dramatic division races in MLB history. Final day clincher with a historical comeback.

Yeah people have taken the playoffs for granted but that is comparing going to a 5-star restaurant like French Laundry out in Napa and to a routine gastro beer pub. Hard to compare the two.

Kevin: It's funny you mention Manny in the Raul discussion. Every few times a year on BL names pop up as to who we should sign and often it is advocated that we sign guys like Manny or Milton Bradley. Simple fact is the Phillies have a type of guy they are looking for in their clubhouse. Ibanez was that type of guy. Lee was that type of guy. Halladay was that type of guy. Oswalt was that type of guy and so was Hunter Pence. Solid guys who are solely focused on baseball and busting there ass on the field. And the strategy has consistently paid off for the Phillies and their management.

NEPP, yes, but what was under discussion was not whether Manny was an a$$ clown but whether or not he worked hard at his craft. By all accounts, he did (at least at the hitting part.)

Speaking of which, if you ever get the chance, the French Laundry is worth every penny.

Thomas Keller has two other restaurants in Yountville that are pretty good too (Bouchon and Ad Hoc).

Fantastic chef.

EFF: In 2008, the Phils also clinched on the last day, but managed just 436 comments in that game thread. We'll never match the magic of 2007.

Bottalico seemed to be in a bit of a weird state on CSN a few minutes ago.

First, he let out some resentments about how there were a bunch of "jerks" on his team during his rookie year, one of which supposedly "hazed" him for that entire year (and I think he said also the first half of that next year). Anyone who knows who that was?

Then he sort of got pissy with John Boruk when Boruk asked him what this postseason might mean to Rollins, given that it might be his last year as a Phillie. Boruk had this little smirk on his face, as if he was thinking, "WTF, dude? Calm down."

Congrats, Phillies & fans! Watching the celebrating & the interviews is joyous!

Keep forgetting that Worley & KK will be in the BP. That should help quite a bit.

I agree with CJ, it was huge to see Oswalt pitch so well.

And Raoul's grand slam was icing on the cake.

I'm so happy. I love baseball. Raul's grand slam was a great way to go out on this regular season.

Heather: The hitting? Yes. Every other part of his game? No.

***And Raoul's grand slam was icing on the cake.***

Or, as Sarge said, icning on the cake.

It's always been my theory that teams who take on "clubhouse cancer" types almost never win. And those that do almost always have someone in a leadership capacity who has such a force of personality that they force that guy to fall into line. See Belichick, Bill and Moss, Randy.

I think that's one of the best things that the Phillies' management has done over this stretch –– not getting guys who won't put the team first.

Tip of the cap to Amaro. He went out & signed the best FA available last year in Lee from under both the Rangers and Yankees.

Phils might have won the NL East without signing Lee but it certainly would have been a real dogfight with Atlanta. Instead they only struggled for a little bit of the season in May and early June and running away with it since August.

Basically has rebuilt this team entirely from one that was based on a lineup that could bludgeon teams with their power and patience to one that is based on one of the better rotations in recent NL history including one of the best 1-2 punches in MLB history.

Should we note that Moss never won a SB with the Pats and Belichick...

Good post, TTI. That's the kind of stuff that can't be measured in stats and is generally ignored in BLer contract talk. "Replacing" a player is a lot more complicated than swapping out an OBP.

I love this team!

You really do have to hand it to the Phillies management during this run. Very, very few truly bad signings -- Adam Eaton comes to mind -- and the ones that have been bad have mostly been poor luck health wise, etc. (Freddy Garcia).

You could, possibly, make the argument that the Phils have had the best FO in MLB during this run. Certainly top-five, I'd think.

'Clubhouse cancer' stuff and chemistry stuff is so overrated especially in baseball. Cream often rises to the top especially over the course of a 162-game schedule.

Every now and then you get a team that comes out of nowhere to win a pennant but they are the exception in MLB history especially before the recent realignment with only 4-5 teams in a division.

I shouldn't say 'rebuilt' because this offense still has been good/very good over the 5-year stretch. Just one that has a different core strength.

Chemistry matters when you get guys will to take less money to play for your team...

How many times has a guy said he'd go to the Yankees and play for less than market value. We had both Doc and Lee do that among others.

We had guys like Thome and Giambi both openly say they desperately hoped to be traded to Philly during this season.

That's huge for a team that was a national joke less than a decade ago.

Honestly couldn't remember if he did or not, NEPP. I don't really follow the NFL very closely anymore, and I was too lazy to look it up ;p

Point being, he was mostly on good behavior during is time in NE, mainly because Belichick has such a force of personality that he won't allow any BS. It kind of reminds me of Jordan/Jackson with Rodman, etc. Unfortunately, I think it's kind of rare that teams have the sort of guys either on the team or running them that have a strong enough personality to rein-in those types of guys.

I'm sure someone on here will go back and see who the playoff teams would've been if MLB hadn't re-aligned divisions to three per league instead of two. Am I right?

My postseason roster guess?

Lineup: Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Pence, Raul, Polly, Ruiz

Bench: Mayberry Jr., Schneider, Gload, Francisco, Valdez (or Martinez if Valdez isn't yet healthy), Brown

Rotation: Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt

Bullpen: Madson, Bastardo, Lidge, Worley, Kendrick, Stutes, ? (Do the Phils hope Savery emerges as a 2nd lefty? Will Blanton get a shot to be that last bullpen piece? One of the young guys?)

Chemistry stuff is not only important, but crucial. Just throwing a bunch of guys in a room doesn't mean you'll win.

Can you imagine a pitcher on the Phils complaining right now about their role on the team? Simply put, it wouldn't happen. The team wouldn't let anyone get away with it.

****Jordan/Jackson with Rodman, ****

Jordan was a force of nature. He would have ripped Rodman's heart out and eaten on the court if he stepped out of line. Nobody has ever had that type of passion/will to win/determination.

Couldn't disagree more, MG. If anything, I think it's *underrated* in baseball, because of the length of the season. 162 games + playoffs is a looooong time to put up with a jerk.

I always hate people that try to say stuff like chemistry is overrated. Simple fact of life is- jobs are much more enjoyable, and thus more gets accomplished- when you like those around you.

Sports is littered with teams that just brought in names and didn't worry about how things meshed.

The 2007 thread is fun to read. Thanks, CJ. Also, pretty far down on that thread, CJ listed the Phils' rotation and BP for the 07 playoffs. It's worth checking out. We are truly spoiled.

Team chemistry will only be acknowledged when Fangraphs comes up with a formula for measuring it.

Just adding to the post total and pointing out that CJ's "10 players who have been a part of it all" should really be 8. Lidge and Blanton weren't with the team in '07.

Great clinch, let's go eat.

We started Kendrick and used Kyle Lohse in the 2007 playoffs.

How crazy is that?

I kinda disagree w/ MG--it must be hell to play 162 games with a really jerky teammate or two. And I think the positive attitude among these core players, and especially Manuel, has helped them on some level to main this great run of success.

Also, thanks for posting that game thread from 07, CJ! How nostalgic.

Listen to the guys talk about each other and tell me that it doesn't matter.

Such an unbelievable time to be a Phillies fan! Love the graphic about the core of the team - the 8 players who have been on all 5 division winners - Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Ruiz, Hamels, Kendrick, and Madson. Let's win a 2nd ring and bring that core back to win a 6th straight division title next year!

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