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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm hoping the Phillies carry a new approach into the remaining 4 games of the regular season. Namely, not continuing to suck the life out of what had been a fine & enjoyable year. Watching this team is like watching 'Major League' in Reverse.

Said it in the previous thread but it is going to be a shame that they might have to push Halladay tomorrow because Cholly really wants to get a win. Mixed feelings on that but they do need to get off this off their backs.

They were pressing tonight in the 2nd game offensively pretty hard. Lot of impatient ABs and some poor swing selection.

Dickey has been a really good pitcher of late, has been really tough at home, and is a knuckleballer who has given this team fits since last year. It is one thing to get shut down by him.

Another to only score 3 runs against a scrub like Gee who has been hammered since August 1 with an ERA well north of 6. Especially since he had nothing tonight. Did have great command nor was sharp with any of his offspeed stuff.

I am sure Halladay will show up with his 'A' stuff tomorrow. Lineup needs to actually score more than 2-3 runs total tomorrow though.

Wake me next Saturday.

Oh, GTown's kinda right about "Major League" in reverse.

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I find it ironic that the guy who said the team's play was embarrassing a few days back ended up with an embarrassing game for himself. But Pence is a good guy, gives his all, and I expect he'll get on track both in the field and at the plate. Just noting the irony, that's all.

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Great to know that JRoll and Chase had hits!

And Gload - But geez, will it do much good if he has to limp around the bases? Him and Howard both, and maybe Pence too. We won't be killin' 'em with our speed in the postseason, not that we were anyway, but it's worse than ever right now.

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Herndon...Yeah. I know he turned it around for a good while after coming back up from the minors...but he's back to underwhelming me again.

Schwimer of the 6.35 ERA had a clean inning, right? Whew. Not that I expect him to really be on the PS roster.

Stutes also did well, and I do expect him to be on the PS roster, so that was good news. A relief.

KK out of the 'pen...Not good tonight.

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In conclusion, the offense might possibly be about to bust out of the slump. The BP is still tenuous. And we're going to be playing PS baseball with several injured players. Thank goodness our SP is good.

Chico Ruiz will be throwing out the first ball tomorrow.

Vanimal will be in the pen so don't sweat it. It's all good.

Lineup needs to actually score more than 2-3 runs total tomorrow though.

The Phillies have only managed such a feat twice in the past 17 Games. Over that span they're averaging 2.4 Runs/Game.

Apart from sinking feeling that teams on major losing streaks to end their seasons rarely advance in post season, my biggest take away from this second game loss was to see that Pence's knee injury seems to be affecting his play - on the base paths and in the field (as I think it played a role in his error). Phils need to win tomorrow and take 2 of 3 from Braves to get on track.

"First off, some of these call-ups are totally useless and I'd just as soon send them away and get back to business."

I don't think Moss (who has had about 6 AB's), Brown (who has had 0 AB's), Kratz (who has about 4 AB's), DeFratus (who hasn't pitched in a meaningful situation yet) or Savery (who has made 2 appearances total) have ANYTHING to do with the current suckitude of baseball.

The issues are largely with the "everyday 8" and a few of the guys in the bullpen (Bastardo and to a lesser degree Lidge and Stutes).

Bowker has sucked, but that was a Rube trade. Not a callup.

I see that the Brewers & D-backs are winning & the Yankees & Rangers both won already. How on earth do they do it, when these games are totally meaningless to them?

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 09:58 PM

They are still jockeying for home-field advantage.

Yeah, but GTown, they're about to bust out of that. Jimmy had 3 hits and Chase had that double. A W is coming, I just know it. It's Halladay v. Pelfrey.

I think they just saved up their losses for the last two weeks of the season. Don't want to make it look too easy. Fool all those other NL teams into thinking the Phils are enfeebled.

It looks like you've changed your tune since your last pie in the sky intro a few days ago, JW. It actually encourages me that you're seeing the direness of what is going on in the last eight games. To imply that they can suddenly turn it on when the postseason arrives is naƮve at best. Slumps take time both to develop and more time to overcome. That's why the last four games are vitally important.

If the Phillies continue to hit abysmally, field indifferently and show no shutdown swagger in the bullpen, I don't care what they did in 162 games. They will be meaningless, and 2008 will become an even more distant memory. We cannot abide going the way of the Braves when they won 11 straight division titles and delivered only one WFC.

GBrettfan: Almost nothing on Earth would make me happier than for your feeling to prove true. I dropped $650 on Postseason tickets, & I didn't do so in anticipation of having the bulk of that money counting toward my '12 partial season plan.

Colorado has 9-game losing streak, fwiw. #ReachingForABrightSide

David Hale's blog has Charlie's talk to reporters, and a clip from The Simpsons. "Pray For Mojo." I'm not a Simpsons watcher (I have a bias against ugly cartoon characters), so I'm sure many of you have seen it already. It made me laugh, and laughter is a good thing. Especially when one feels like crying over their team's losing ways!

Although I must admit, hearing even Charlie say he doesn't know if the team has time to get back in sync - It's disconcerting. And concerning. ;)

I don't care how unrealistic it sounds, I prefer him to be optimistic when we're a week away from the postseason.

GTown - Yes, I hope I'm right, too.

Well, at least we won't feel so devastated when they get swept out of the Division Series. There's a positive.

If you ever doubted that Cholly is making it up as he goes along, all you need to do is listen to that PC. The only "advantage" he has over you is that he's been doing it a lot longer. Like you, he is utterly clueless about what do do next.

Mark it down. No repeat.

It's funny the only people on beerleaguer tonight are the ones who bitch the most and blame uc and tge front office for everything short of cancer in children. It's a nice Saturday night. There's a correlation there I think. Probably a strong one. But I'll just say that and leave it hang out there.

I am shocked Werth knew the Bull Moose affliation. He seems way dumber.

All we can do at this point is pray the Phils tank in the playoffs so Ruben has an obvious excuse to put Charlie out to pasture (LONG overdue as he never should have been hired in the first place). The nightmare scenario of another WFC validating that doddering madman's insanity is, frankly, too much to bear.

That error Cholly made in right tonight was egregious.

As were all those horrendous ABs Charlie had.

"All we can do at this point is pray the Phils tank in the playoffs so Ruben has an obvious excuse to put Charlie out to pasture (LONG overdue as he never should have been hired in the first place). The nightmare scenario of another WFC validating that doddering madman's insanity is, frankly, too much to bear."

Yeah, that's why I watch baseball.

Time to call the team in shower, start throwing bats and scream "Lollygaggers!"

Reading that last thread was uglier than watching the actual game, which is saying something.

I still have faith, but I'll tell you what .... the Phillies have had the hearts and minds of all Philadelphians now for 6 or some odd years.

If the Phillies take this slump into the playoffs and get bumped out in the NLDS - people in Philly will scream for blood. For the first time in many years this Phillies organization will have to deal with what the Eagles dealt with when McNabb choked in the Super Bowl.

I hope it doesn't happen, but if it does it will surely be more ugly then anyone in the organization ever dreamed of.

the biopic of grover cleveland alexander is on at 8 am on TCM. Made in '52 and starring ronald reagan, it features many cameos by old ballplayers. it's a fun flick.

curt - Yup. There was little coherency in Cholly's PC comments including why he decided to start Pence in Game 2 or pull Vic.

Cholly hasn't done anything to be desired to be fired & absolutely should be brought back regardless of what happens the rest of the way including the playoffs.

I just find it kind of laughable though that regardless of what he does there are some on here who will just give him a complete pass.

How hard it is for him to provide a semi-coherent answer to basic questions on why he did/didn't do something during a game?

So I guess this is what 1964 felt like, only much, much worse.

I really don't think there is much to do next either. Phils just need to win a few games like JW said and then they roll the dice with their regulars next Sat.

Pence's gimpiness in RF looked pretty bad last night. Hope that a little more rest will help him to look a bit more comfortable by next Sat.

The only real debate is whether you think Mayberry should be in the lineup in LF and the starter for Game 1. I do. Just will be Ibanez though.

still not worried.

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