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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wow. Impressive. Most impressive.

Great job by Halladay to get out of that inning.

Polly has made up for the E. Great heads up defense that inning to get Doc out of a jam.

Bases loaded, no outs? No worries...

And a shout out to JW for getting a game thread up, though Drexel Lebow may want to talk about the lack of a plug in this one.

Also, anyone else having to verify their identity like every other post or so?

I'd give Halladay the Cy Young Award just for getting out of that jam.

WP: Maybe it's jw's way of getting rid of "They Call Me King of the BOP" -- by forcing him to write out his entire screen name every time he wants to post.

Bud settling in. 29 pitches through 3 innings. Phils showing some great patience at the plate.

lorecore: Re: The Phils draft list on last thread.

Since you credited some of the mediocre Phillie draft picks with being a success because of who they got in trades, shouldn't you use the same standard in reviewing the Yankees list?

Probably should also note those early in the decade Yankee picks were at the bottom of the round while the Phils were near the top.

So much of what has been wrong w/ this series is abysmal fielding on the part of the Phillies.

GTown, the offense hasn't been stellar, either.

I propose we give Mini-Mart the Error on the ball that Polly bobbled, since he was well within SS range when it happened and it was inevitable anyway.

Otherwise, Polly has played some fantastic defense already today.

Just think, one of those 2,000 people at this game is our very own Lake Fred.

I bet if he yelled loud enough, we could all hear him. How about something like "albatross" during Howard's next AB?

As per Old Phan's point, Howard remains 0-for-Houston.

WP: If he really want us to know it's him, he could shout out some Cole-Heidi dialogue.

Can someone post Raul's home/road splits?

8 pitch inning for Bud. Yeah, I'd have to agree that the offense hasn't been too stellar, either.

Phillies "hitters" have seen 17 Pitches in the past 2 innings combined.

12 in a row retired. Ryno ain't the only one not hitting.

BAP, or he could let us know how much he paid for parking today.

Not sure why this headline under the "Hardball Talk" links to the right here made me laugh:

Pablo Sandoval appears to have regained most of the weight he dropped last winter

I honestly can't believe that a sub-.800 OPS player can be the difference between a very good offense & a very bad one. But I still can't help noticing that the last time the Phillies' offense looked as ghastly as it has recently looked was the last time that they played multiple games in succession without Utley.

I don't put too much stock in Norris' dominance so far. It was inevitable.

He is Chuck Norris' brother, right?

Bud Seaver is throwing a gem so far today.

Raul IbaƱez ('11 Season, entering play on 14 Sept.)

Home - 257 PA .293 BA/.335 OBP/.536 SLG/.870 OPS

Away - 256 PA .203 BA/.258 OBP/.318 SLG/.576 OPS

Its almost as if Ibanez should never start a road game.

Imagine that, an Ed Wade GM'd team stockpiled with toolsy, speedy, athletic, hit-or-miss prospects.

It will suck to see Ed go. Otherwise, we could just wait to see who of these guys pans out and just pick them up for the Phils.

NEPP: I know. If only someone had pointed this out earlier.

Isn't he actually due to not suck this month?

Does the road game corollary trump the every other month corollary?

Gtown: So he's Mini-Mart on the road, and Howard at home?

Preacher: I'd say the Home/Road split is tops, as Raul had a similarly craptacular split in '10.

Jack: Roughly.

After last night's homer, I almost think we should be considering Clint Barmes as either a J-Roll replacement or an upgrade over the Three Stooges (Orr, Valdez, Mini-Mart).

The texas heat must have sucked the offense out of this team.

Looks like Halladay will need to throw a shutout if he wants another W.

MM down to .201. So close! He might get there in this game.

If the opposing pitcher has 51 Pitches through 5 IP, & that pitcher's name is Bud Norris, you're f*cking up.

SLO Phan: Going 0 for his next 2 will do it.

Mini should ask to be benched before he trips over the Mendoza line.
Raul will make a good Dh if only used against soft tossers.

I'm not gonna make it, McBain.

Stop talking crazy, Skowie

Do one thing for me...Get...Mendoza.


I don't know why any base runner would ever NOT try to steal 2nd against the Phillies. Arm strength is definitely not Chooch's strong suit.

Looks like the Phils will have to do this themselves. Cards won.


Please confirm the following: Did I hear Sarge just say that pitchers are taught to throw high and near the head, especially on the squeeze (bunt)? In other words, on a surprise bunt that presumably is not a sacrifice (not a surprise), the pitcher, who has no idea that a batter is bunting, is supposed, somehow, to guess that the batter, in fact, is bunting and, therefore, aims high?


THIS, Bud, is for you, says Doc twice in the last 10 minutes.

mainerob: I assume he means if the batter shows bunt early enough.

Just tuned in. Is Norris doing some head hunting?

I thought Polanco was a guy who did all the little things well and a perfect #2 hitter?

Polanco should be swinging away. He's one of the few Phillies hitters who hasn't been completely pathetic lately.

per Gamecast, the Phils have a 63.3% chance of scoring at least 1 run this inning. i just want to say good luck, we're all counting on you.

I sure hope so, DH, but the idea of a squeeze is the surprise element by not showing bunt.


Doc the Rally Starter.

Now there's a guy who just knows how to drive in runs.

Bases loaded. 1 out. Howie up.

Please, not the dreaded strikeout.


Way to show up, Ryno.

At least he didn't GIDP.

I heard Fred. I'm sure Lake has seats within scream shot of the broadcast booth.

Wow. This offensive absolutely blows right now. The only thing worse than that is bases loaded with zero outs and not scoring.

Awesome memories fellas, Polly gets a RBI single to start the game off and is then crucified because he didnt move the pitcher over to 3rd.

Bases loaded. 2 out. Ibanez up.

Please, not the dreaded weak chopper to second.

Oh well, at least it was a pop fly to center, for variety's sake and all.

What a fvcking joke of an inning.

The love/hate with Howard has come to its final resting place. I hate him. With a passion. He's the highest paid player on our offense and he's the last guy I want at the plate in a clutch situation. Sure, everyone says "But look how many RBIs". I'm sorry, but I don't give a crap about an RBI that's meaningless. I care about the clutch situations, because that's Howard's job.

What a complete sack of sh*t.

Strand runners much, Phillies?

AT: The question you need to ask about Barmes, who's a good fielder, is this:

"Do the Phillies need a low-OB, high-K guy with a bit of power? Or are they overstocked in that department?"

lorecore: I'm not crucifying Polanco for failing in a move that fails about as often as it succeeds. I'm crucifying Cholly for calling that bunt in the first place.

weekday afternoon games in the office are so damn tempting to break my gamechat boycott.

Luckily the normal douchebags help remind me to leave again - thanks.

Jack is posting under another name I see.

My previous, snarky comment notwithstanding, I'm ok with the offense sucking for a while - provided the bats get hot just in time for the postseason.

BAP: not directed at ur comment

BAP: not directed at ur comment

How does your user name indicate that you've been on the fence, in essence, about your regard for Howard, Trade Howard Now?

"Sure, everyone says "But look how many RBIs". I'm sorry, but I don't give a crap about an RBI that's meaningless. I care about the clutch situations, because that's Howard's job."

Classic. Clearly, in leading the league in RBI multiple years, all of Howard's RBI have been "meaningless."

Phlipper: You have just observed the quintessential Beerleaguer post. I just wish he'd used his regular name.

One Martinez gets another Martinez out. How bout that? I wonder whether we could just swap Martinez's around the league...just every now and then...and notice any difference in play? Just a thought.

This feels like one of those games which will cruise along at 1-0 until the bottom of the 9th, at which point Halladay loses it, Cholly leaves him in too long, and the Phillies lose 2-1.

Howard has better numbers in High & Medium Leverage Situations than he does in the (presumably meaningless) Low Leverage Situations, so the "not clutch" argument is pretty much bullsh*t.

86 pitches through 6...a CG SO is looking iffy for Doc. Though we know damn well UC will push him to 130 pitches if he can avoid using his BP the day before a DH and also get Doc his first SO of the year.

Yup, BAP.

Martinez on the precipice. Now exactly .200 BA (40-200).

"This feels like one of those games which will cruise along at 1-0 until the bottom of the 9th, at which point Halladay loses it, Cholly leaves him in too long, and the Phillies lose 2-1."

Yeah. It does feel like "one of those games." Because we've all seen that happen so many times in the past, right?


Cy Norris is at 72 pitches through 7.

Way to take pitches, guys!

What exactly IS a meaningless RBI? Doesn't that presume that the batter has the prescience to know, before he bats, whether the team will win or lose regardless of his RBI?

Michael Martinez, meet Mario Mendoza!

Howard leads the majors in Go-Ahead RBIs since the start of the 2006 season.

All meaningless go-ahead RBIs though.

How do you define meaningless?

According to B-Ref, only 14 of Ryan Howard's RBI have come with the Phillies ahead or behind by more than 4 runs.

Why hasn't Fangraphs posted its annual stream of "Adam Dunn is better than Ryan Howard" articles this year?

Oh...perhaps its because Dunn has a .577 OPS in 448 PA this year.

Only 3 more years to go on that contract, Chicago!

"This feels like one of those games which will cruise along at 1-0 until the bottom of the 9th, at which point Halladay loses it, Cholly leaves him in too long, and the Phillies lose 2-1."

They should take Halladay out now to prevent that very scenario.

I know what the Astros are trying to do, but pulling Norris seems like a bad idea to me. I guess they have to take their chance while they've got it, though.

Is this going to be one of those games where Cholly comes in with the hook, gets to the mound, sees Roy's death stare, and turns around without taking him out? And Halladay throws 135 pitches?

Crikey, it's the 8th inning already?

If Roy can get 'er done on ~120 total Pitches, I'm cool w/ it.

At least we know Doc isn't taking a working day off.

Here's one thing that Halladay has working on his behalf: he won't have to sit through any long half innings.

I don't know what is making me more upset:

1. Bud Norris;
2. The Phils' offense;
3. The Phils' defense; or
4. Three losses in a row for the first time since early June.

That goodness these games are relatively meaningless. It appears the Phils think so, as well.

I think that Halladay is severely overrated.

I mean everyone says "Look at how many batters he strikes out," or "Look at how few batter he walks," or "Look at how few runs he allows."

But how many innings that he's pitched have the Phillies been leading by more than one or two runs, huh?

Judging by the Phillies' run differential, I bet that many of his better innings have come when the Phillies were at least a couple of runs ahead - all "meaningless" situations.

Dude is overrated.

And while I'm at it.

Looks like the Phillies will finish well-ahead of the Braves for the division crown this year.

That means that many of their wins will turn out in the end to be "meaningless."

I'm sick of the Phillies coming up with so many "meaningless" wins.

Cardinals won.

Can the Phils hold on in order to lock in that playoff berth today? Man, I hope so.

Also, I have tickets for tomorrow night's game. Already dodged a bullet and am seeing Lee over Kendrick. Will Charlie rest the regulars for a day game after day game and start the regulars? That would be nice too.

This has been a goofy series.

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