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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Feels like a loss (and an injured hit batsman or two).

If/when presumed loss comes to fruition, it clearly won't be the fault of Brian Schneider, due to his near spotless record. Therefore, we're due for a Worley "regression" start, with a side of woeful offense.

Seems the Phillies have lulled me to sleep. They've lost four games in a row? It was just last week, when I was pissed that they lost three in a row for the first time since June of this year. Piss poor, Cholly, get out the whip and put the fear of Cholly in these players. We need a win tonight.

I'm feeling confident. I think the offense will score 2 runs tonight.

The words "Lannan" & "Doctor" are a bad omen. As if the pic of Lannan by itself wouldn't have been enough ...

Phils lose 1-0.

Good point, Dave. I didn't realize that they had used an opposing player in the pic. The outcome of this game has already been decided.

Talk about a dead team, I just watched the Brew Crew stink up the joint. Braun/Fielder went a combined 0-7. They faced a half decent pitcher like Garza though and not an ace like Ross Detwiler.

The Phils always need an extra doctor around when Lannan pitches...Feels like a win and at least one HBP.

"...and not an ace like Ross Detwiler."

Tonight will be tough then for the Phils because they face a true ace, not some pretender.

From Jim Salibury's article: "Phillies officials announced late on Tuesday that Pence is suffering from from patellar tendinitis in his left knee. He left the first game of Tuesday’s doubleheader against Washington with a limp in the sixth inning.

“It’s going to be fine,” Pence said on Tuesday. “I’ve had it forever. It just flared up a little. This is the first time it flared up since I’ve been [with the Phillies]. I don’t like to talk about it because there’s a difference between being injured and hurting. It’s a non-issue. Pain is something you deal with in this game."

Wow! Lemme in coach. I'm ready to play...every day! You gotta like this Pence guy.

so Pence is out for just this season or all of next season too?

Pence on the doc's table wearing a paper robe.
"Look, just don't tell the Phillies."

"When the Phillies don’t hit, it is VERY ugly baseball."

Unlike what team?

(Pence impailed on the hood ornament of Clark Griswold's car)

"It's just a flesh wound..."

Glad I shouldn't worry yet.

I always appreciate when some random cyber-stranger is able to help provide me direction as to whether or not I should worry about something.

Between that, and all of the expert help teaching when and whom I should and should't boo, I'm not sure what I'd do without the internet. I'd probably be a completely confused mess.

If they're planning on stinking the joint up (a la yesterday) why is Charlie even subjecting the regulars to Lannan's propensity for throwing at Phillies' hitters. It's what he does; and we do not need any broken bones.

Rest Utley and Rollins and Polanco and let him take aim at MiniMart, Valdez and Orr.

conshy - Nice conflation of funny movies.

Care less about the score or the outcome of the game. The most interesting about this game is whether Lannan plunks any Phils' hitters.

What I do find kind of odd is the insistence I heard on the radio today that this over reactionary opinion that this team is better than last years team. Funny but I see almost identical teams for several reasons that will be the clear favorite again regardless of who they face in the NL playoffs.

Some are concerned that the Phillies can't "flip the switch." But that's pretty much what they did during that stretch against the Braves and Brewers.

9/3 Marlins (loss 8-4)
9/4 Marlins (loss 5-4)
9/5 Braves (win 9-0)
9/6 Braves (win 6-3)
9/7 Braves (win 3-2)
9/8 Brewers (win 7-2)
9/9 Brewers (win 5-3)
9/10Brewers (win 3-2)
9/11Brewers (loss 3-2)
9/12Astros (loss 5-1)
9/13Astros (loss 5-2)

I think I'd sit Utley just because Lannan's pitching. Last thing this team needs is another injury. Should be starting all the scrubs. I'm not enjoying the losing streak, but I know health is more important than winning for the rest of the month.

Oh . . . just realized the Phillies are about to come on. Looks like I picked the wrong time to quit drinking.

Ankiel really does need another shipment of Vitamin S.

BAP, you picked "10 minutes ago" to quit drinking too???


Random off-topic... a new filter in the popular iPhone photo app Instagram came out today. The special effect is called "Amaro."

I never knew Rube was such a photog!

WP: Something tells me I'll fall off the wagon before this game is even over.

"Carlos Ruiz, in last night's nightcap, had something go wrong with his ankle, but he's fine." - TMac


I need a backward K on my keyboard for when Worley pitches.

So, Davey Johnson is taking the credit for this team playing above expectations this year, even though his predecessor left abruptly when he wasn't given an extension for the team playing above expectations this year? Got it. Thanks, TBag.

This game is eerily quiet in the broadcast booth, in the crowd, and most importantly, on Beerleaguer.

Do they keep stats on pop-ups? Jimmy Rollins must surely be on pace for some sort of single season record.

Has Vic been taking batting lessons from Rollins? Every other out with him now is a pop-up.

I guess all the terror fans are feeling is keeping them quiet.

I'm already feeling an overwhelming urge to reach for a bottle.

Good inning. No one got hit.

Well, the 3 best hitters in the lineup just went on 10 pitches. Feels like a short game.

Old Phan, maybe they should read that pulitzer-worthy blog about Phillies fans not having to worry....yet.

BAP, order up two. Next round is on me.

Another bomb off of a starter - same old song tonight, and we know this game is over given this (lack of) offense.

Well, this was fun. Try again tomorrow.

What will we hear more tonight?

A Worley "called strike three"


"...and the Phillies go down in order."

Nats announcers are giddy - said the Nats would be in top 3 HRs in the league if they played full time in this stadium.

Well, game's over. They should just call it before someone gets hurt by Lannan.

Well, I suppose the good news is that with the 2-0 lead, we can all flip over to Survivor, or whatever, and not have to worry if we're missing anything.

Ugh, meant "deficit," not "lead."


WP, I think some fans could use a rest before the playoffs.

I'm pretty sure Ryno stands closer to the plate in the Powerade commercials.

Okay, everyone exhale now. Utley appears to be in one piece.

He's still sucking up the joint, but he didn't get beaned.

What the hell was Utley looking for? Something more down the middle?

Cholly finally realized that Utley was miscast as a #3 hitter and moved him to his natural slot.

Good inning. No one got hit.

Posted by: Old Phan

Got a hit**

Chase Utley at 85% looks better taking strike 3 than Pete Orr at 100%, though.

Mayberry is the best hitter on the team right now.

Mayberry is the best hitter on the team right now.

NEPP, if Ibanez guesses correctly, he's right there with JMJ lately (assuming it's a home game and still September).

Alright! Benny Fran to clean it up!

Guessed right.

Ben Fran got a hit??

That would explain the voicemail I received from Satan asking to borrow a shovel.

We scored!!!

Wow...not even a throw home from Ankiel (who has a very good arm).

Oh...he bobbled it...never mind.

The Phils must lead the league in singles that do not score a runner from second.

Ahh...The Natinals are back.

Now that they've scored, they have a chance to win the WS.

Entering play tonight --

Rollins (since returning from injury): 13 G, 0 HR, 1 RBI, .237 BA/.256 OBP/.289 SLG/.546

Utley (since returning from injury): 8 G, 0 HR, 0 RBI, .240 BA/.321 OBP/.240 SLG/.561 OPS

Vic (in September): 21 G, 2 HR, 8 RBI, .179 BA/.258 OBP/.298 SLG/.556 OPS

And they're a combined 0-3 so far tonight.

OP, they have to take the lead before they have a chance to win the WS.


This station to station stuff drives me crazy. Are we that slow all of a sudden?

***Are we that slow? ***


Thanks Jimmy.


What was that about Vic popping out all of a sudden?

Those were two awesome at-bats by Rollins and Vic.

Haha. Rollins and Vic kill the rally.

Love this team.

I hope Victorino turns into July/August Victorino when the playoffs start.

I don't like September Victorino.

Old Phan: Of course: Now they have momentum, guaranteeing wins from here on out.

WOw....what a load of crap from our 1-2 hitters.

I saw someone speculating that Jimmy would get 4 or 5 years somewhere. Good luck with that.

In Vic's defense, at least it made it out of the infield.


curt, there are lots of independent league teams that would be more than happy to lock up JRoll for 4-5 years.

The Lancaster Barnstormers, for example, likely need a SS.

In a rational world, Rollins would only get a 2-year contract at about $8M per year. But irrational exuberance reigns in free agency so he'll undoubtedly get 3 years, and probably somewhere between $10 and $12M per year.

"I saw someone speculating that Jimmy would get 4 or 5 years somewhere"

For what, grand larceny?

Worley the name - called K's my game.

The old/slowness of some of these players has cost a few runs lately as they go station to station.

Interesting to hear boos from the crowd after JRoll's popup.

How does he do it...

Carl Crawford was safe at third. Safe and secure with New York Life.

Wheels might love Zimmerman more than he loves Reyes, and at least 3/4 as much as TMac loves the Phanatic.

Is there anyway we can take the notes away from TMac. He can never offer any insight and finds everything interesting. It's brutal.

OP --

I rate that (7:50) post a ++

If I got to select one player off any major league team, and make him a member of the 2012 Phillies, Ryan Zimmerman would be pretty close to the top of my list.

I know that the Phils have lost 4 in a row because the offense has been in the crapper, so it's unlikely that CJ will be on BL today, but someone might want to send him a text to tell him his highly sought after Utley-bashing is about to pick up some steam.

b_a_p: Same here.

I can't wait until the playoffs so we don't have to watch these AAA guys at the top of the line-up anymore.

Utley just flat out sucks right now.

He'll remain there, but he should probably be moved from the 3-hole in favor of Pence and/or Victorino.

GTown, BAP - not me. Nick Punto.

Only 2 years ago, we thought that Utley was better than Cano. That was a very long time ago.

Nats announcers just said the Phils offensive woes this year are directly related to them not keeping Jayson Werth. Also, they looked around the stadium, commented on it being full, and wondered why they couldn't afford or wouldn't pay Werth. Does somebody want to show them Werth's stats? Show them Pence?

I know Cano. Uts is no Cano.

Runner at 3rd with 2outs - get ready for the weak ground out.

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