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Friday, September 16, 2011



Charlie loadin' up righties vs Garcia, but he has reverse splits:

vs RHB: .709 OPS
vs LHB: .772 OPS

Salisbury tweets: Ryan Howard says ankle is sore. Could play if had to. Cortisone shot possible before playoffs.


clout: I would have used the 1964 Dodgers instead of the 1966 Dodgers:

Koufax: 188
Drysdale: 149

Old Phan - About Fielder. I think it's a lot more likely he will be this productive over the next five years than Howard again becoming the hitter he was his first few seasons.

Fielder is fatter, but he's already a better baserunner even at that weight, and a better overall hitter. And he's 27, I think. So his peak years are ahead of him.

If you think Howard's peak years are ahead of him, I'd have to disagree. It would be anti-historical.

CJ, is that true? Cortisone shot? Lovely...

That said, when it states "could play if had to," it's about even money that we see Howard playing tonight.

Typical Cholly "off day."

Also, it sucks to have to count on the Mets for our clinch tonight.

Sorry, GTown, you should have grabbed tix to tomorrow's game.

Cortisone shots are fun!

Yeah, just ask Pat Burrell about how well they work, too!

Mine worked, but I didn't have to play baseball afterwards.

Preacher: I do have tickets for tomorrow's game.

GTown, in that case, you should be able to catch the clincher!

I'm hoping to catch win #100 on Sunday night.

Preacher: That's what I'm hoping for, although I have a suspicion it'll be Sunday, instead. Not loving the pitching match-ups the next two days, & even Terry Collins doesn't like the Mets anymore.

Howard's prowess as a pinch-hitter suggests that Charlie should sit him at the start of every game and bring him in during the second inning.

CJ: Good one. I was just looking at teams that won the pennant.

Interesting that the one season when their Big Two were at their best, the Dodgers finished 6th!

Old Phan, you asked about top3 pitchers, I think. There have only been 12 teams in baseball history to have 3 starting pitchers with at least 199 IP and and an ERA+ of 140 or greater, and only 4 since 1913.

2011 Phillies: Doc, Lee, Hamels
2005 Astros: Clemens, Pettite, Oswalt
1997 Braves: Glavine, Maddux, Neagle
1996 Braves: Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz

I used 199 IP and ERA+ of 140 because Cole is at 199 IP and a 143 ERA+ right now.

Our top 3 has been pretty historically good.

aksmith: "Fielder is fatter, but he's already a better baserunner even at that weight, and a better overall hitter. And he's 27, I think. So his peak years are ahead of him."

Fielder's body-type is therefore superior to Howard's since he's superior as a base-runner and hitter, no?

Solution: Howard needs to eat more junk food!

clout, Oreos are vegan friendly!!

Fat, thanks for the info. I assumed they would be on top.

Ryno needs to put down the Subways and pick up some Double Whoppers.

Is Fielder Vegan, or Vegetarian?

I can kinda sorta get my head around Vegetarian, but he must eat an absolute crap-ton of dairy (pizza, cheesecake, whipped cream, etc.).

I just do not see how he could be Vegan. If so, Cecil passed on some of the world's worst genetics. That, or he spends an inordinate amount of his free time eating bread and drinking sugar water.

If Fielder doesn't eat his way out of baseball, I'll be surprised.

Anyone know when the Phils will be giving out rally towels?

I thought Fielder was a vegan.

This should be fun: a crappy lineup, a offense that has been catatonic for the last week, and an excellent LHP with a 1.04 ERA against us in 3 career starts.

That means we'll probably wi -- oh, who am I kidding? It feels like a loss.

just wondering, is Ruiz ever going to catch Worley? or is the first time going to be in the playoffs

Phils M*A*S*H infield . . .


Speaking of old clinchers, I was trying today to remember the division clinchers I've lived through, and can't easily recall the 1977 or 1983 ones. Where did those teams clinch?

agroup: The problem with Ruiz catching Worley pitches is that, ever since Schneider figured out that Worley's 2-seamer is his best strikeout pitch, he has kept this information secret from Ruiz. Therefore, Ruiz would have no idea that this is the pitch to call when the opposing hitter has 2 strikes on him.

EF: '77 - 27 Sept. at Chicago (Game 157); '83 - 28 Sept. at Chicago (Game 160).

Mark Sakewicz (or however you spell it) of Folsam, PA will be counting on Pence or Mayberry if he wants to win his $100 in the HR Jackpot. I don't see anyone else in this lineup providing much long ball optimism.

anyone else's audio screwed up? when the ball hits the bat it sounds like a thud instead of a crack.

Plus Schneider poses with a half-glove 4" off hitters kneecap with said pitch called.

Oh yeah, now that you mention Chicago it comes back. I forget sometimes how we used to play them so many times a year.

People still think Worley's gonna start a playoff game? Otherwise it probably doesn't matter whether Chooch has caught Worley before, because if he's pitching it means the Phils will most likely be losing.

So, next year's rotation is Doc, Lee, Hamels, Worley, Blanton ?

What's the over/under on number of backward K's for Vanimal tonight? I'm calling 5.

Patsy, don't count out Jamie Moyer.

(actually, yeah, count out Jamie Moyer)

Schneider catches Worley and KK because the Big 4 told Cholly early on that there's no effin way that stiff is going to catch them. Seniority has its privileges.

The earliest the Phillies have ever clinched NL East was 1976 in Montréal (26 Sept., Game 156).

Preacher - I'm taking the under. He's missing with too many pitches.

If there is one position which seems to have a disproportionately high number of Phillie killers, that position is catcher. Yadier Molina, like seemingly so many other catchers, just kills the Phillies.

Preacher: Under

Why is he throwing curveballs well out of the zone with the bases loaded????

As the last remaining Beerleaguer who still thinks Worley has a shot at being the 4th starter in the NL playoffs, even I must concede: he hasn't exactly been making a strong case for himself.

So, Worley looks like total crap.

Cardinals have the right approach to Worley tonight. Don't take the bat off your shoulder.

Chooch would have never called Furcal like that. Someone take Schneider to the swamps of Jersey and lose him next to Bruce's machine.

Worley's just trying to give the Braves/Mets 735 game a chance to catch up.

Cliff Lee has walked 3 batters in his last 4 starts combined. Worley just matched that number in 1 inning.

EFF makes a good point. No sense winning the game, then having to wait around for 30 minutes or so to see if you can pop the champagne.

Thoughts on a Blanton sighting tonight?

Wow, Polly looked like a legit 5 hole hitter there.



Dom may have picked the wrong year to tell the Phils he was mailing in the off-season.

2-0 Mets over Braves.

Yeah, at this rate, Dom may be playing "left out" next season.

Can Schneider bunt so Worley has a chance to drive one in here?

For all the stat gurus how does big John may compare to that awesome RF j werth

I don't know what it is about Francisco's face that makes him look like a huge stoner, but it cracks me up anyway.

That's 2 Errors to me, & 0 Errors to MLB's "Official Scorer".

Okay. Comparison time. Bases loaded two out. Cards lead off hitter walks. What will ours do?

(And no fair claiming "pop up on the second pitch either.")

Andy, pop up to 2B.

Did anyone have even the slightest doubt that Rollins was going to pop up weakly there?

The hook: Favorably, in almost every possible way.

Doubt, no. Hope, yes.

4-0 Mets.

How low can Derek Lowe go?

4-0 Mets.

The Howard thing highlights the only real concern this team has heading into the playoffs, which is the fact that they're old and have a lot of nagging injuries.

bap, I did, but that's just me thinking Rollins is a pretty successful major league baseball player.

Ouch. Now it looks like Worley's convinced the ump he has no control. Forget the lower part of the zone, Vanimal. It's gone.

TB and BOS now tied at 2 in the 2nd.

Remember when we used to get all excited about the Mets losing updates in September?

I guess Kendrick isn't available.

Good thing we have those September call ups.

Wow, that was dumb by Pujols.

Polly juked his buddy.

Pujols is the best player of his generation, and a first ballot Hall of Famer, but that was an astonishingly stupid piece of base-running.

Thanks, Albert.

Entering Play On 16 Sept. 2011:

Werth - 526 AB, 25 2B, 1 3B, 19 HR, 56 RBI, 71 BB, 147 K, .232 BA/.332 OBP/.392 SLG/.724 OPS/ 99 OPS+

Contact Status - 6 Years/$126 Million

Mayberry - 232 AB, 15 2B, 1 3B, 14 HR, 46 RBI, 21 BB, 48 K, .267 BA/.332 OBP/.522 SLG/.854 OPS/ 128 OPS+

1 Year/$414,000

Not long enough

I'm still incredulous that Pujols actually believed he had a chance to be safe on that play.

ky j will pitch

Kentucky Joe

GTown, those stats are amazing. So far, anyway, not re-signing Werth was a fabulous non-move by RAJ.

We might as well just have Ibanez wear a Jenkins jersey and have JMJ take Werth's old number for the rest of this season, to really rub it in.

will we bring anyone up if the piglets lose tonight/

Preacher: I'm not esp. surprised by Werth's struggles, but if r00b saw this kind of break out coming from Mayberry, then he's every bit as smart as he thinks he is.

Vic is thinking,"Ump is calling everything a strike so I better swing at this one."

"So far, anyway, not re-signing Werth was a fabulous non-move by RAJ."

Especially when you consider that we took Werth's would-be salary & used it to sign a guy named Cliff Lee (even if clout thinks that paying $21M to Werth would have had no impact on our ability to sign Lee).

If you're not watching Sox-Rays, you should be. Only interesting race left in baseball.

Without Pence's steady bat in the middle of this very erratic lineup our clinch date would still be well into the future. Another good move by Rube.

As much as I would hate it if the game meant something, this "swing at everything and see what happens" Phillies b-team offense at least makes the games go a lot quicker.

Is it October 1, yet?

WP- That is hilarious. Did you guys see this tweet from Jayson Stark?

Anybody want to guess who leads the NL in slugging since July 5 (min.: 100 AB)? Correct answer: John Mayberry Jr. (who else?) at .651.

RFD is your starting LF I guess....I would still resign Ibanez to a one year deal as back up tho.

If you're not watching Sox-Rays, you should be. Only interesting race left in baseball.

The tears of Red Sox fans taste like sweet, sweet nectar. Tampa Bay vs. Boston is airing on MLB Network.

Clout - I guess they can't all be gems, eh? The peak years comment directly follows the fact that he's 27, not the fact that he's fat. But I suppose parsing sentences on BL is . . . really stupid?

aksmith: "Fielder is fatter, but he's already a better baserunner even at that weight, and a better overall hitter. And he's 27, I think. So his peak years are ahead of him."

Fielder's body-type is therefore superior to Howard's since he's superior as a base-runner and hitter, no?

Solution: Howard needs to eat more junk food!

Posted by: clout | Friday, September 16, 2011 at 06:23 PM

Must admit, I have a visceral dislike for all teams with incredibly cheap owners, and Tampa fits under that umbrella. On the other hand, I also hate the RedSox & think it would be extremely amusing to see them miss the playoffs after spending a gazillion dollars in the off-season. So, yeah, I'm rooting for Tampa to come back & win the WC -- though I really can't stand either team.

Schneider's not good enough to carry Mendoza's jockstrap.

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