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Friday, September 23, 2011


I think Gnome is warming up in the bullpen.

Donnerwetter noch einmal, Kratzie better play soon tomorrow in a game.

Postponed. They could use the rest.

"Game chat: Will the losing streak end tonight?"


Ha...nobody is gonna beat us tonight!!!

Tomorrow's Double Header will feature Hamels in Game 1 & Blanton in Game 2.

so you're saying they can't lose...

Strasburg pitching tonight. Might be interesting.

Red Sox v. Yankees is PPD, too, so MLB Network is airing Toronto v. Tampa Bay.

Phils finally get a day off, sort of.

Seth Everett. Arguing that a DH tomorrow is ridiculous, and Phils should play the Pigs in the 2nd game.

I didn't realize so much time would elapse before Halladay, Hamels, etc. get their next starts in the NLDS.

Braves are already winning 1-0. Strasburg getting hit.

3-0, Strasburg not fooling the Braves tonight

Strasburg is struggling with command of the ball on a muggy night. Also, 2 of the Braves hits were bloops, and another one was a line drive off Espinosa's glove. I bet Strasburg settles in and looks good from here on in.

And just when they were ready to flip the switch.

Glad to see somebody able to hit that steller National pitching staff.

I certainly hope Charlie goes all Pigs in the second game tomorrow.

I actually made a concerted effort to miss tonight's game, but apparently I failed.

Yo, new thread

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