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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Valdez conspicuous by his absence.

At least the minor league guys have the glory of a championship run to make them feel better about not being called up yet.

JW has been reading too much of his own blog. He's starting to sound like a Debbie Downer. I, for one, love it!

Gload will hit for the cycle tonight and earn the starting job at first going into the playoffs. Count on it.

Michael Martinez has 226 PA this year.
Wilson Valdez has 285 PA.

Maybe we'll get a real utility IF next year.

Looks like there are just enough backups in the lineup to avoid being intimidated by a "first start of the season" guy. I see nothing but rainbows and lollipops ahead.

Willard: Gotta find a storyline somewhere. Magic numbers and "greatness" get old after a while on Beerleaguer. But you know this. Time to zero in on players who stink.

I love that angle, J-Dub! Keep up the great work!!!

(as long as Martinez is on the roster, there's plenty of material, too)

An excellent post from b_a_p, so I'm re-posting it:

GTown: I've been following Phillies baseball since 1974 and the current FO's fascination with Martinez is among the more bizarre experiences I have encountered.

He's a 28 years old minor league journeyman, who only had 135 PAs above AA, had a minor league OPS of .683, and wasn't good enough to make the 40-man roster of one of the worst teams in baseball. He has played, I believe, 4 different positions this year -- looking average at 2nd, below average at 3rd, and downright horrible at SS & CF. He can't lay down a sacrifice bunt to save his life &, while he possesses decent speed, his base stealing skills are about dead average.

Yet, somehow, an organization that has done so many things right over the last 5 years has managed to convince itself that he's a plus defender at 4 or 5 positions, that he knows how to do the little things like bunt, and that his speed is some sort of important positive asset.

What's kind of ironic in all this is that they just happen to have a guy in Pete Orr, who actually does all the same things that they have deluded themselves into believing that Mini-Mart does -- and yet Orr has spent most of the year at AAA, while the guy who does all these things only in the Phillies' imagination has spent the full season on the 25-man roster.

b_a_p: You've laid out the argument against Martinez perfectly. I've got to believe injuries are the only thing keeping him on the field. Unfortunately, I'm almost resigned to the inevitability of his being on the roster not only throughout the Postseason, but in '12, as well. Someone w/ (dare I say it?) clout is being very obstinate about Martinez, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom.

I honestly think Charlie is just doing what fans wanted him to do coming down the home stretch. He realizes that they'll clinch the division in the next 15 games, even if he plays his second-tier lineup more often than not, and he's doing what he can to get as many of his guys some time to recuperate.

I don't really think there's any hidden agenda, like players that are more injured than we've been led to believe. I just think Charlie is being, gasp...forward-thinking in his managing right now.

It's one thing when a new thread wipes out my Ryan Howard rant & saves me from getting called pilloried by clout, phlipper, & CJ. But I had two really good Mini-Mart rants at the end of the last thread & now they're both going to go to waste.

The Phils have 3 players on their roster right now (Schneider, Mini Mart, Gload) who I don't know will be on Opening Day rosters next year.

Gload due to health and Schneider/Mini Mart due to their pathetic offensive numbers. I would imagine that Schneider has a better chance to stick though as a backup catcher next year on a 1 year/near minimum vet salary deal.

There is a budding hatred of Mini-Mart brewing at Beerleaguer HQ. Drew can verify.

Fatalotti: I'd be a lot more liable to buy into that explanation if Charlie had ever shown any inclination toward "forward-thinking" in the past. In fact, his mini-rant against the notion of resting players indicates quite the opposite.

Phils won another game that Schneider started. If he could just learn to finish the games, he might actually be worth the league minimum. Maybe.

If offseason surgery can fix Gload in time for April 1, he'll make a roster.

I don't get obsessed by post-season awards, but Kershaw has had a terrific year on a terrible team in a terrible situation.

The Cy Young is the "best pitcher," not the most valuable, right (see: Hernandez, Felix). Halladay's consistency had been invaluable to this team.; as has Cliff Lee's dominance in stretches. Clayton Kershaw is playing for NOTHING. And dominating. Good for him. I would give him my vote.

I love Roy and Cliff. Love this team. Clayton Kershaw deserves the Cy Young. Since the break, he has been terrific. Good for him. The circus against the Diamondbacks is irrelevant.

Kind of a non-sequitor, but when I see Cy Young contender in the lede, I really think people are just stirring the pot. Clayton Kershaw is the most deserving pitcher.

G-Town: Ah . . . so my rant won't go to waste, after all. At least one of them won't. Maybe I should send it to RAJ.

GTown, he also said that he wasn't platooning Ibanez and Mayberry.

Charlie doesn't like to actually tell anyone what he's doing. He just does it.

Given the lineup being trotted out there, I think I'll be watching the Phils during the half-innings when Lee is pitching, and the Rays-Sox game when the Phils are hitting.

Talk about "sign of the times."

Brewing at Beerleaguer? Seems about right.

NEPP: Valdez kind of is a real utility player.

Michael Martinez would probably be a below-average player at AAA, and maybe even AA. His presence on the best team in baseball will go down as one of the enduring mysteries of the universe.

(Just because I wouldn't want a new thread to start without a discussion of Howard)


Posted by: bay_area_phan | Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 06:35 PM

"Where exactly are you pulling this stat from?"



I'd post the numbers again that show him higher on that metric than "elite" hitters since 2006 (not to mention that he's driven himself in more in addition to driving "others" in more), but MG would get angry at me.

But it's higher - for all the hitters I've checked except Braun - and Howard also has knocked himself in more than any other player since 2006.

Fatalotti: That is true. I suppose we'll see how it all plays out.

Phlipper: If I thought Ryan Howard in 2006 and Ryan Howard in 2011 were anywhere close to similar players, I would LOVE Ryan Howard.

That Ryan Howard was absolutely a deserving MVP. Today's Ryan Howard isn't even close.

Valdez is a nice utility guy but I was thinking more of a guy that can really hit and maybe not play SS as Valdez is fine with that.

My prediction for ST 2012: JW boasts that he will buy a Michael Martinez jersey if he makes the club.

Birds - Kershaw has been pitching in a big ball park half the time, and against the Giants and Padres enough to make any other major league pitcher jealous. Add to that the fact that not one of his games since early on has included even a drop of pressure, and I don't see him winning the Cy.

When there are two guys with very similar numbers who have been doing it in a smaller park and against better offenses more often, and with the pressure of being on a team that's expected to not only win, but win all the time? I'd take those guys over Kershaw.

Kershaw may actually be the most talented of the three. His stuff is really amazing. But I'd take Halladay or Lee over him for the award.

Mini-Mart's season has basically given hope to each and every middling career minor leaguer out there. There's a whole plethora of guys toiling away in mediocrity just hoping to be left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft now, regardless of how ill-prepared they may be for big league baseball.

Know how we all say "it's a crapshoot" with all prospects? As long as stories like Martinez's exist, it will be even more of a crapshoot, and evidently talent is less of a differentiator than we ever even imagined.

Throw a Bowker into the mix and career minor leaguers all over are optimistic.

aksmith: Watch. This will be the one instance where the media decide to ignore their usual "CBP is sooooooo tiny!" BS.

I'd be more than happy to see Valdez long as we also got a legit bat that can step in when Utley and Polly inevitably go down to injury.

I think Howard is sitting more for his sore feet than a slump.
Vic is probably sitting for popping up a 3-0 pitch.
Hope Orr can show something at 3B to replace MM for postseason.

NEPP: I'm not even planning on anything from Polanco next year. I think there's probably even odds on who's more productive next year, Valdez or Polanco.

Notes: Here's your "sign of the times" lineup:

It's silly, no??
When the Phillies lineup blows.
And everybody still goes online.
Some say a fan ain't happy
Unless a fan truly whines.
Oh why, Oh why??
Sign of the times.

I can't imagine that the Mini Mart hate at BL HQ is met with any real argument. If nothing else, Mini Mart has me clamoring for a Galvis call-up for the offensive upgrade. Never thought I'd say that.

Scott: Many props for digging out an old Prince song.

"I'd post the numbers again that show him higher on that metric than "elite" hitters since 2006."

I'll gladly stipulate that the Ryan Howard of 2006 through about 2009 was an elite offensive player. But my argument was that he hasn't been particularly good -- let alone elite -- THIS YEAR.

Jack, that's unfair. Polly is pretty much guaranteed to give us one solid month until he breaks down again.

It's easy to grin
when you ship comes in
And you think you've got the stock market beat.

But a man worthwhile
Is a man who can smile
When his shorts are too tight in the seat.

Vic sitting for the 2nd time in the last 4 games? I know he is slumping but that's unusual especially for Cholly. Not like the Phils have clinched already either.

I do wonder if Vic isn't 100% and the Phils haven't disclosed it . . .

Once the Phillies re-sign J-Roll & J-Roll promptly breaks down, I expect Valdez will be getting considerable playing time at SS. They need to have a plan for 3B, 'cause Martinez ain't it.

BAP - Having an objective conversation with Philipper about Howard is like talking to your drunk friend who INSISTS on XXX. No point.

Lotta empty seats for a Cliff Lee game.

ak, I hear you.
what's harder: to deliver with a full house against the nationals and the marlins for a pennant or to deliver in a cavern of a stadium against the Padres for an "owner" who may not be around next year. Tough call.
I mean it. I think that Clayton Kershaw really displays a tremendous amount of character and talent when he pitches. Good for him. My vote. With all due adulation to our staff.

Wow, I'm actually surprised at the number of empty seats. Just a late arriving crowd, with the inevitable cluster with traffic parking due to the early game, perhaps?

Lee looks like he's taking tonight off as well.

Seriously, though, get used to the next two and a half weeks of just not caring.

No one should draw ANY conclusions from performances over the next two weeks. They just don't matter, at all. It's basically like ST again.

For example, even I won't care if Howard goes 0 for his next 40.

I will expect his normal performance come Saturday, October 1st.

WP: that little bit of verse brought the same thing to mind for me. What starts out sounding like Smails winds up in fact being Prince. That's a strange sensation.

At least Jimmy's already in Postseason form.

So a friend (more like an acquaintance) of mine just eloped with his skanky girlfriend. He met her when she was married to one of his army buddies and cheated on her husband with him. I found her 'website' via google that showed she was a stripper/escort but never got around to showing him...I wonder if NOW is a good time to send that email?


Nice hit, RFD!

Prince would be the logical choice to play Judge Smails if they ever remade Caddyshack.

Then again, if they ever remade Caddyshack, I'd probably dump formaldehyde in my eye sockets to not have to see it. Caddyshack 2 was embarrassing enough.

Great, another 'how bad is Ryan Howard?' argument.

The hand-wringing in the last thread is just fabulous. Might be a top-5 all time game thread. I have to say, in a season where offensive numbers are diluted across the board, BAP and GTown are having career years as evidenced by their PBI (Pointless B*tching Index) and their SS/RA ratio (Stupid Statement/Reasonable Argument). mainerob is a shoe-in for the Rookie Whiner of the Year award.

Are we all really pretending it's just a coincidence that this team rolled through Atlanta and Milwaukee, in games that actually had a bit of meaning, and now are seemingly mailing it in for games that have absolutely no meaning whatsoever? Yeah, let's get concerned that Madson isn't dialing it up to 96 in what amounts to a spring training game three weeks before the playoffs are about to start. And let's not forget some wrath for whoever this Bowker guy is.

These guys are checked out for the season and just waiting for the playoffs, and with the lineups Cholly is rolling out there every game, I can hardly blame them. They've accomplished their goals for the regular season- the only thing left now is to make sure they get there as healthy as possible.

NEPP, now's a good time. There's not much excitement for another few weeks. Might as well create your own where you can.

He might already even know.

So when is Utley going to start, you know, hitting again?

Iceman and I actually agree on something, which is that these games are meaningless and there should be no conclusions drawn from them.

Bookmark this thread. Might never happen again.

NEPP: Sounds like a swell gal, & a discerning gentleman. Might as well tell him now.

No, he thinks she's an angel and that her husband was abusing her/being mean to her. He has no fvcking clue. Granted, the husband was in Iraq when the friend met the wife and she had 9 months to leave but for some odd reason she didn't. She did have no problems staying in his house, using his car and spending all his money while he was deployed though. And she's been doing the same thing to this guy for 6 months too.

I think I might just bring it up tomorrow.

NEPP: They sound like a match made in Shea Stadium.

NEPP, if you don't want any blood on your hands (I'm going to assume this chick is probably bat sh8t crazy, too), you just need to find a way to get the link to the site to him anonymously.

Oh yeah, she's a nutbag.

NEPP: Why don't you post the link on BL and we can all take a look at it (strictly for research I assure you). Then, direct him to BL and have him click on the link from here.

Good to have the old school DP combo back together.

I will have to find the link wasn't a very professional shot. She used to live in Colorado (outside Fort Carson) and it was one of those blog type sites that you have to maintain.

NEPP - You should probably stay out of it. But if you simply have to do something, get a temporary email address from Yahoo or Google and send an email with a link to her page. Maybe get an email like "skank-r-us" from Yahoo. And make the link like a typical spam:

You simply have to see "insert her real name here." She'll do anything to please.

Make it look like a real spam. Then casually ask the guy if he got the same spam you did. Make believe it came from someone else.

You're welcome. (by the way, make sure to stay away from her yourself, as she clearly has a magical vagina.)

Just tuned in. What's wrong with Cliff Lee? He must have command problems having given up two hits in two innings. What's with that?

Is Gload going to need a map to find third base from second?

"Hey Wheels what do you think about this wind?"

"Wow, I tell you, you're gonna see some things tonight. I mean, you know, just wow oh man oh me oh my. Wouldcha look at that!"

Shea Stadium:

My personal favorite for 'weirdest place' in the US has to be Long Island bar none. Had a few roommates from their in college and got to know them & their LI friends & families so well from visiting LI a bunch of times.

From the strange, time-wrapped guidos (LI has more guidos stuck in the 80s than even Northern NJ) to the super Jewish enclaves to the areas that are pure hood all within a relatively short geographic distance from one another.

I would like to talk with the players who are "laughing about it (the wind), according to Wheels. He does that all the time. My guess is they were talking about banging broads after the game.

"Ooh," Wheels utters.

"I'd paint three of those murals for some of that ass"
-Mayor Nutter


Orr not.

Orr trying his hardest to catch MM and Schneider below the line.

In Orr's defense, strike two was about a foot outside. Hard to not swing when the ump calls that a strike.

Ryan Howard is hated so much in this town, that when the mayor decides to put together a Phillies mural, guess who's front and center?

I would like to sit Howard immediately after the Phillies clinch the works. Setting the record for most wins in a season matters not one iota to me. Having them rested and playoff ready counts the most.

My formula for getting Howard in peak form (the 2011 version) would be to get him back into no more games than it takes to get back into game shape. And then pray...hard.

Lee's starting to deal.

"in a season where offensive numbers are diluted across the board, BAP and GTown are having career years as evidenced by their PBI (Pointless B*tching Index) and their SS/RA ratio (Stupid Statement/Reasonable Argument)."

It's a contract year. In fact, my agent is currently at Beerleaguer HQ trying to hammer out the terms of my extension.

Howard's playing hurt. Ditto JRoll, Polanco, and Utley to one degree or another. None of them are 100%.

Phils will clinch the best record really early so Cholly will have plenty of ample time to rest them. He has also been doing a nice job of already mixing in some of his bench guys over the past week.

Just have to hope that the dinged up guys are as close to 100% as possible come playoff time, that the numerous off-days in between help them, and that they don't play in any really cold weather.

Just because the Phillies are mailing it in doesn't mean I have to. Besides which, if b_a_p & I stopped complaining, what would the supposed anti-complaining lobby have to complain about?

Mayberry may bury one here.

I'm just glad to see that the contract negotiations haven't been a distraction BAP. Shows real grittiness.

They've hit some balls hard off this guy, but the wind has been his best defender.

The problem with resting all these guys to let their injuries heal is that the next Phillie who comes back from an injury & immediately starts playing well will be the first one to do it this year.

Phils-Marlins feels like a spring training game. Red Sox-Rays feels like a playoff game.

Well, that's the second homerun the Phils have hit. Nothing to show for it.

The other problem with resting guys is that these guys NEVER get even a full games worth of rest.

Who is taking bets on whether or not Gload or Howard finishes the game at 1B? I'd like to be the first in line.

Well this is boring.

Jack, eerily quiet at Fenway right now? A sweep there this weekend would be pretty monumental. Baseball always feels better when Red Sox fans are in panic mode, too.

You shoulda signed long term right after JW sold out to "the Man". You could have cashed in and slacked off.

I think that based on his contract year performance, BAP does deserve a long-term contract.

But if we can't sign both him and Madson w/o going over the luxury cap - let him go and see what kind of a contract he can get somewhere else.

My guess is that his level of negativity will not play well in other markets.

Trade G-Town for a bag o' balls.

This is vintage Lee tonight. Painting both corners, using his cutter and fastball really effectively, getting lots of looking strikes.

Love to see this Lee in the playoffs. This is the guy that dismantled the Yankees twice in the playoffs, along with the Dodgers, Rockies and Rays.

What's with being able to hear individual nasty comments from the paying customers? This sounds like cavernous and empty whatever the stadium is in Miami. Joe Robbie?

I guess I would like to see the offense show up at least for Cliff. He might deal a great game and either get an L or a no decision. Right now, I feel like the Cy Young voters might be putting more weight on the W/L record since the three guys are so close together.

I love the Phillies mural for several reasons, not the least of which are (a) because I'll be able to see it as I drive to the games, & (b) it's a large, visual "Suck it!" to the Eagles & their presumptive stance as the city's #1 sports franchise.

Joe Robbie was 5 or 6 naming rights ago. Though I'm going to have to plead ignorance on knowing what it's called now.

With every scoreless inning, Lee is inching closer to being the Cy Young frontrunner.

Vonnie Holliday, Matt Holliday play for the Phillies, Sarge? Don't know this Roy Holliday.

SLO, it's pretty obvious that the Phillies have crushed about 3 balls tonight that have just settled into OFers glove about 50 feet from the wall.

Even if the Sox lose tonight they still are up 3 games. They are starting Wieland tonigh too. Have Beckett and Lester going on Fri/Sat night.

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