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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Also, apparently, "One & done would rival '64 for Phils":

"It is bad because you and your children, Generation WTF, are collapse virgins. You have a clean emotional slate and a closet filled with Phillies attire."

Someone asked who the Cards may pitch in Game 1 should they win the wild card?

It will be Garcia in Game 1 then Westbrook then Carpenter.

I really want the Phils to get Win 102, but I don't see it happening w/ the patchwork pitching. I also feel pretty strongly that the Cards will beat the Astros, & that Tampa Bay & Boston will both Win. So bring on the single game playoffs, & here's to each one lasting 19+ innings!

Pretty shrewed of old Cholly. He starts a righty (Blanton) for the first nine batters, then calls in his premier innings eater lefty (Hamels), pitches him enough to qualify for the win, then goes back to his righty loaded bullpen. The Braves are reeling and lose because they don't know where to expect the pitches to come from. Pretty simple for an old man.

Today is why baseball is so great.

the 2011 phillies patchwork pitching isn't exactly the 2011 red sox patchwork pitching...

"It's not real chicken salad, it's Mauch chicken salad.

Too much mayonnaise."

Now you're confusing Mauch chicken salad with Mayo Smith chicken salad.

I always enjoyed Connie Mackaroni Salad.

I'm just glad to see that we have a real LOOGY option in the 'pen tonight, in the form of Hamels. Bastardo must be nervous.

I'm a bit more partial to beans and Francona, my self.

Why did the chicken nugget cross the road?

To get to the other slider.

fred you might be on to the next thing in pitching.

If I want a really cheap meal I go for the Billy 3-Beane salad and Hamels' Famous Cole Slaw.

Old Phan, Not a bad dish, but every time I eat it, it always winds up coming back to get me in the Pujols.

Does anyone know the condition of the little kid who was hit with the foul ball last night?

Speaking of Mauch chicken salad, I'm surprised to see Charlie ketchup to Mauch's record for franchise wins.

whitey: Haven't heard anything further. Maybe they'll say on one of the broadcasts tonight. If not I'm gonna go w/ "No news is good news".

Yeah, taking one's self out of a game after an AB to win the batting title in a contract year is selfish. Though, this is a bit extreme:

"Reyes expects about 15 family members and friends at his home on Long Island on Wednesday night to watch the Brewers game.

"I've got a bunch of friends coming over," he said. "I have a lot of people call me from the Dominican, too. They said if I win that, they're going to do a parade in my town in the Dominican. I had a bunch of friends call me. I said, 'OK. You need to wait first and see what happens with the other guy.'"

How many "fans" will show up tonight at Turner Field of Nightmares? Maybe 20,000?

Old Phan, this is the biggest game the Braves have played in a few years now. I don't see how it's not a half-packed house.

Hope its not too serious.. i know they said it's not serious...but....

Shane Victorino was held out of Wednesday's regular season finale due to mild back soreness.
Victorino would have started if the game mattered for the Phillies, but he'll instead rest up for the start of the postseason. He'll be playing center in NLDS Game 1. Sep 28 - 4:29 PM


Rey-ass. No one's ever gonna confuse that guy w/ Teddy Ballgame.

GTown, not sure what you mean. I believe that Reyes was actually quoting Williams this afternoon when he said:

"A lot of stuff is going through my mind. At the same time, I understand what is going on. I'm going to be a free agent. So we're going to see what happens. In the next few weeks, we're going to see what's going on. Right now, I just need to sit down with my agent and discuss the plan -- what we're going to do for the offseason -- and go from there."

Not sure I'd bet on the Phils with Hudson on the mound in a must win but a historic 102 would be something else.

Not sure I'd be on the Phils with Joe Blanton pitching the first inning.

Why does Dustin Pedroia look like that Wolfboy trapeze dude from Jerry Springer fame? Are his eyelids the only part of his face that don't grow that straggly hair?

This has to be the longest AB of Jimmy's career.

Preacher: I stand corrected. It's like he's channeling the true spirit of sportsmanship itself.

The line for the game has the Braves at -177. That must be one of the worst odds the Phils have seen this year.

IF Rey-ass was smart, he would have at least faked a pulled hammy. Instead he looks like a selfish fool.


Meaningless games make for even MORE meaningless RBI. Howard sickens me.

Cripes the stadium is half filled for a win-and-you're-in game. Atlanta is pathetic.

Nice stroke by Howard!

Howard hit a really good pitch there. Dare I say it was a nice piece of hitting?

Another useless Howard RBI.

LH, to be fair, it's not technically a win-and-you're-in game. If anything, it's a win-and-you-get-to-play-another-day game, as the Braves can only clinch if the Cards also lose.

Still, no excuse for the half-filled stadium.

All that guy does is hit useless ribbie after useless ribbie. Quite frankly it's getting redundant.

I have showing 3 games at once (Phils, Rays, Sox).

I'm incredibly nervous as to how my computer will react if Nick Swisher, Pedroia, and Dan Uggla are all up to bat simultaneously. I haven't defragmented my laptop against douchey grittiness in a couple of months.

I know Atlanta crowds are generally pathetic, but I don't know that I'd spend money to see my team play if they looked as dead as the Braves have in the past two games, with their backs against the wall. They were just giving up in AB after AB last night.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised, because this is the same team that all but had to have a playoff spot shoved down their throats last year. Personally, I'd be too disgusted to buy a ticket.

Fatalotti: The Phillies had a situation similar to that in '07, & both the last regular season game & potential one game playoff sold out in no time. Atlanta sucks.

Bourn is FAST.

I think it's safe to say that Atlanta's trade deadline move for Bourn panned out quite a bit better than San Fran's move for Beltran.

Though, the Phils still had the best deadline move of all.

Perfect throw by Chooch, but Bourn had too much of a head start.

Dom's hose would have at least made it close...

I appreciate the effort Raul, but you had NO chance to throw out Bourn, there.

Blanton sucks, too. He should move to Atlanta. They can all suck together.

WP: Coming into today, Beltran's numbers with the Giants were .327/.373/.558/.930.

It definitely wasn't his fault that the Giants collapsed down the stretch.

Fata, you're correct, I misspoke. Win-to-survive is still a big deal.

And Blanton sucks.

Nice pitch for strike 3 to Uggla

I think we're being a bit tough on Blanton. He allowed 1 hit and, if it had been virtually any major league player other than Bourn who got that hit, this game would still be 1-0.

Pence with Phillies:

.320/.384/.562 (.946)

Suck it Beltran!

Also, Pence has played in 53 games for the Phils. Beltran has only played in 43 games with the Giants, as he missed 2 weeks in August with an injury.

Phils definitely made the right choice by a wide margin.

Fat: Pence was absolutely the right guy for the Phillies. I was just responding to WP's suggestion that Beltran hadn't worked out for the Giants. He worked out quite well. In fact, Pence, Bourn, and Beltran all worked out very well for their new teams.

I think we're being hard on Blanton, too. He still may need surgery, and he's gotta be rusty.

We'll see how he does this inning.

b_a_p: Nope. He sucks.

So, no to Blanton on the postseason roster?

I dont know why I questioned Blanton being on the post-season roster yesterday. Crazy talk.

Well, I think we've all seen what Joe Blanton brings to the table...

Which is to say that it's significantly less than what he devours off of it.

Ok, yeah, there are legitimate reasons for it right now, but he sucks.

BAP, I was more commenting on the overall plight each team's performance since deciding to become "buyers."

The fall from grace of Jason Heyward.

His team is in absolute desperation mode, and he's not in the game to face a righty in Blanton and then Hamels, against whom lefties fare slightly better (though, I don't expect Fredi Gonzalez to know this).

Although, to be even fairer, not only is he rusty & not 100%, facing a team playing for it's playoff life, but we're also spoiled by way of comparison, being used to Doc, Cliff, Cole & Roy O.

Pretty huge K there.

Great line by Willard.

Nice job working around a leadoff double.

Blanton's getting some pretty ridiculous movement on his he wearing his special hat?

Boston on the board first, via single from Wolfboy.

WP: Ah, ok. Never mind then.

Funny, I thought Blanton looked pretty good. A guy who can get himself out of jams with strikeouts is precisely the kind of guy I want in my bullpen. And David Herndon isn't that guy.

Yanks have 'em loaded with 1 out. Price is struggling a bit tonight.

What are the chances that Cole strikes out 7 of the 9 batters he faces tonight?

Come on Cole, do it!

And Granderson swiftly JRoll's out to third base. 2 out.

O's turn 2 to get out of their own jam. Still down 1-0.

Oops, O's not out of the inning. Just 2 outs and still runners on first and third.

Tex just hit a salami. Yanks up 5-0.

Teixeira grand slam. Tampa's in major trouble.

Looks like, much like in 2008, Cinderella just got bludgeoned to death by a better team.

If I'm a Sox fan (and I thank God every single day that I'm not), I'm probably flipping over to the Yanks game for a bit, just to calm the nerves.

And the sheer thought of a Sox fan pulling for the Yanks brings a smile to my face.

Yes, I must flip-flop again & say Blanton did not suck.

David Price pitching for the Rays. I can't believe the guy gives up any runs at all. From what I remember from the 2008 WS broadcasts, he's a descendant of Jesus.

Tex hit a Salami. Yanks up by 5.

Somehow I get the feeling Cole isn't getting win #15 tonight.

Important to remember it's not just Bourn. If pretty much any team decides to run on the Phillies, they're gonna have success doing so.


Seriously, Iceman. He's won the Cy Young every year since then, hasn't he? I mean that's what Tim McCarver assured me would happen.

Big play by Choooooch and Polly.


As talented as Michael Bourn is, stealing in that situation was flat-out stupid.

Was he out because of the initial tag or because his foot came off at the end while Polly still held the tag?

Unless the ump is a moron, that is. Which is a 50/50 proposition at best.

He was safe, I think. Would have an easy call with a lower throw.

6 more!

The Price is Wrong.

He looked ever-so-slightly safe on the replay but it was an extremely close play. Naturally, the Braves' announcers are making it sound like the worst call in the history of umpiring.

His name is Dan Uggl....oh, crap.

Douchey grittiness right there, friends.

Or gritty douchiness.

One or the other.


Note: Dan Uggla can hit a fastball up in the zone really far.

Blanton looked OK. I think he hit 93 with his fastball and had some decent movement.

Well, my confidence meter on Hamels, heading into the playoffs, is pretty damn low. He has simply not been the same pitcher since he came off the DL.

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