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Monday, September 26, 2011


Delgado's warm up pitches look nice. This guy could be trouble.

Tonight would be a great one for the Phils to grab, and w/Lee vs. Delgado, is a good shot. Say what you want, I can't imagine the Braves don't REALLY want this first game. Would feel really good to knock them further back on their heels.

The dreaded "Rookie We've Never Seen Before." And a rookie with really nasty stuff, at that.


FYI: I posted a response in the last thread.

Braves have a lot of really good young pitchers, it seems.

Chipper Jones would hit a golfball out with a chopstick if it was thrown by a Phillies pitcher.

Anytime Larry wants to retire is fine w/ me. He's the ultimate Phillie Killer.

First, boo Chipper!

Second, what a shock that Turner Field isn't full. Just can't believe it.

Great. Here we go. A 1-2-3 Phillies first, followed by a homerun by the opposing team in the bottom of the inning. That seems like it has been a recurring pattern of late.

And the Braves notch the win in the bottom of the first.

There's no way the Phils can catch up now.

Early fight in the Flyers-Rangers game. Rinaldo landed quite a few direct hits. Simmonds and Avery then started yelling at each other. Now there's a semi-brawl behind the Rangers net. Wonder if the whole game will turn into a slug-fest.

Hockey is back.

Ugh, not the start we wanted to see. I'm trying to stay positive and resist the siren song of bay_area_phan.

OK, who cares about preseason hockey?

Gtown - No. That would Rod "Is Another Name for Tool" Barajas. But Larry's a close second.

Scotch Man: It's more entertaining than anything the Phillies have done in the past 3 weeks or so.

How pathetic that a 90-win team (okay, 89, but still) averages 29,500 attendance in a 50,000 seat stadium. Outside of the two Florida cities, Atlanta is the worst baseball town in the United States, and might be the worst sports town in the nation.

That has to bug the Braves players, on some level.

Its not a walk but it'll do.

Touche GTown

To start with, I don't know why Howard was even swinging at that. I don't know how he reached it. I don't know how he hit it.

Just a typical Howard "infield" single.

Have the Phillies had to deal with a CB Bucknor strike zone this season before tonight? I keep thinking they've just missed him all year long.

Andy: Tool had his moment in the sun, but in terms of consistent destruction, Larry has been unbelievable --

18 Seasons, 229 G, 45 HR, 142 RBI, .335 BA/.447 OBP/.600 SLG/1.047 OPS

And you can add another HR & RBI to those totals already tonight.

Andy: Within a space of about 1/4 of one second, my response to that Howard AB went from:

"What the hell are you swinging at?" to

"Oh great, he swings at ball 4 & hits a weak grounder" to

"Way to beat the shift!"

Is Howard sporting a titanium necklace a new thing?? I somehow don't recall him wearing one.

and now the dreaded Matt Diaz

When did Pence become Francisco?

bap - Y'know if he did that about five times in April there might not be any shift.

Still. WTF was he swingin' at?

Offensively, Hunter Pence has been everything we could have hoped for. Defensively, he has been thoroughly underwhelming.

Phils coulda had Matt Diaz in the off-season.

Sometimes Rube knows what he's doin'.

So, now Pence is a butcher in right field?

Cliff not at his sharpest so far.

Get it out of your system now, Lee.

Braves offense is horrible so of course they are hitting Lee pretty good. This feels like a loss.

Well, this game is over. When Gonzalez is getting RBIs, it's not going to be a good night.

I'm no longer sure why I started watching this garbage. But Lee's location is just awful. He'll bee out of this game before the fourth is over. We've seen this from Lee before, but it's disconcerting to see it in his final start of the regular season.

When did Kenny Lofton start playing for the Phils again?

Don't worry. Every eight games the Phils score nine runs.

Someone just needs to go tilt Lee.

They didn't bunt Delgado?

Turner Field is not Cliff Lee's friend. This doesn't really surprise me.

Making the playoffs - priceless.

Getting a ticket to a Braves game with playoffs on the line - cheap and easy

It seems hard to believe they wouldn't have a packed stadium for this game.

Speaking of which, did everyone see that the Phillies had the best attendance in the majors?

Since I cannot watch the game, somebody please post when they spot Cocks in the crowd and talk about the great rivalry during his career.

Lee is going to settle down after this inning.

GBrettfan: yep and a quarter of tonight's crowd is Philly fans

Old Phan: Lee should be careful, lest his zombie teammates lull him right on past "settled" & into "coma".

Rays game is half-full too. Christ on a pony I wish they'd just ditch these terrible markets. Either put the teams in cities that actually want baseball or (better yet) contract the league. Just pathetic that teams in playoff races can't sell out stadiums.

Actually, it doesn't matter what Lee does. If the offense can't figure out Delgado, it won't matter.

Where'd all this pop-up-itis come from?

I don't have fielding stats, but my perception of Pence from when the Stros played the Phils was of a very capable - not gold glove caliber - fielder with a strong arm. The arm seems to be there, but WTF in the field?

Way to make him work, J-Roll.

Good to see Jimmy is in postseason form.

Pence is a good fielder who is prone to gaffes. Not quite Lonnie Smith, but on that order. He slips and slides when it's not slippery. He loses balls in the sun. And he just has some really whacky moves out there.

But overall, he's a good rightfielder. I'm not happy that he seems to have shied away from the wall there. But I've never seen him do that before, so . . .

Looks like the hitters are back to normal - zeroes forever. Anybody see them scoring tonight?

This is one of those games where Lee gets two strikes on a hitter, then throws one right down the middle.

He's an amazing pitcher, but sometimes he just does inexplicable things.

For those new to watching the Phillies, they don't always score early, even when they win.

Geez, Lee struck out Larry twice.

aksmith, yeah, I wish Pence would have run headlong into that wall. This game is really important for the Phillies to get.

This ump is the same one that was behind Vick yesterday.

Please make Delgado throw more than 10 pitches this inning

Fat - No, I'm not hoping he runs into a wall. But I would like him to play the wall a little better.

This game means nothing. Of course. Would just like to see him catch catchable balls. I watched Vic and Ibanez stop short on a little blooper the other day. If that happened in theplayoffs, I'd be upset. And so would they. Is it possible to just turn that switch in the playoffs? I sure hope so.

What aksmith is trying to say is that Pence can be "goofy, just goofy" in the field to quote a wise, toupee wearing baseball mind from Newtown.

FINALLY a good AB!

aksmith, big difference between "flipping the switch" and Pence, smarlty, deciding to make damn sure he doesn't run into a wall and needlessly risk injury.

Pence looked like he was actually trying during that AB.

Why would he invest himself in such a pointless endeavor?

Never fear, aksmith. If it turns out the Phillies are unable to "flip the switch" (or whichever idiom you prefer) I'm sure the usual suspects will soon appear to provide the usual excuses.

I think there is reasonable disagreement about the presence of an offensive momentum switch that can be turned on and off.

That said, does anyone think that the Phillies really cannot start diving for balls and running into walls again once the playoffs start? Does anyone think that if a ball is hit in the same spot next week, Pence will pull up again, forgetting that he's not playing in a meaningless game anymore?

Prediction: No Runs Score.

It would be nice if we could break this one open here against a suddenly struggling rookie pitcher.

GTown Dave: I'm sure if, say, the Red Sox or Braves back into the playoffs and win their first round series, there will be plenty of people who still believe in "team momentum" afterwards.

In fact, such people will probably point to the closely contested wild card races as some sort of motivation that caused them to band together and maintain their collective focus and will their way to a first round win over a complacent division winner or some other similar fairy-tale nonsense.

Dammit, Ibanez.

Here we f______ go again.

Wasn't September supposed to be a month when good Ibanez showed up?

Nice AB there, Raul.

Wow, great AB by Raul - make him throw a strike!!

Polanco turns on the next pitch inside.

Another instance where the old/slow/hurt lineup only gets 1 run when they should've had 2.

Alright, Polanco! (He really hates my negativity)

Oh.... STFU SARGE!Please!

Wow. Nice job by Polanco, but I think one of those staggering zombies from "Night of the Living Dead" could have scored from 2nd on that hit.

Professional hitter.

It was inside but he hit it up the middle.

DH, they won't be able to turn it back on. For a guy like Pence, nearly 20 years of baseball experience have been undone by the last 2 weeks of baseball.

It's an amazing phenomenon.

I expected an opposite field single. I'll take that.

Once we get that anchor off of third we can really start to score.

Wish Howard wasn't gimpy.

Wish Ibanez had hit a sac fly instead of a foul pop-up, too.

Thank *%^# for that

Just beat the damned Barves and help eliminate them so their indifferent fans can go back to sitting fatly around watching football.

I mean come on if Howard can't score on that why is he playing?

By the way, I'm not sure if Howard could have scored on that single by Polly, even if Howard were allowed to run straight from second base, directly to home plate. He's that slow right now.

I thought all that crap about the Phils not being able to turn it on ended yesterday...Oh, wait..

I mean if Howard can't score on that why is he even playing?

Not good enough.

Is there another play by play man in Baseball that loves pitch counts more than McCarthy....I don't think he's called a game in his career without giving pitch counts at least 5 times a game.I honestly can't recall HK ever bothering.

Thought Chooch was going to get a single for sure! At least they ran up his pitch count to 34 in that inning alone!

Howard's playing because he wants the ABs. And he's probably even slower than he has to be, because he's treating the heel gingerly. It stinks, but it is what it is. I wish he weren't hurt.

"He's clogging up the bases" Dusty Baker

DH Phils: Only ~32% of the teams who have made the World Series in the past 16 seasons have finished the regular season w/ a losing record over their final 15 games. Believe what you want, but the Phillies would be better off if they weren't playing such sloppy, indifferent baseball.

So you are saying we might see a Kirk Gibson style limp homer trot from 6?

Toward the end of the Braves string of league championships game day tickets were avilable for all their playoff games.Atlanta is a College Football town.

I mean if Howard can't score on that why is he even playing?

Posted by: bfpsu | Monday, September 26, 2011 at 08:18 PM

Surprisingly, Howard isn't in the game for his speed.

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