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Saturday, September 24, 2011


These doubleheaders are brutal. I must have gained 20 pounds this month.

Phils must feel like they're living at the clubhouse these days. Oh well, just have to plow through it.

After cards choke job looks like we will be getting the snakes

Regular-season finale would be 3 days rest for Cole (in a meaningless game). Don't see it happening.

Cholly's 'I not screwing around' lineup for Game 1. He really wants to end that losing streak.

Glad that Utley is sitting. I hope he sits for the nightcap too and that if he PH he doesn't come into game. Need a legit day off.

I'm not exactly sure of this but I believe Zagursky is a spy.

Glad to see Bowker not in this lienup.

It's just not a "meaningless game" without Bowker in the lineup.

Dickey? Feels like a loss . . .

Picked up right where we left off. Wheels cont to bitch and moan about how good dickey is and how much trouble he gives the phils. Yes Chris point taken!

Dickey's knuckleball is jumping around today. Balls suddenly dropping into the strike zone. Tough.

Polanco could potentially set a record for weak fly balls to right field.

I see the farm club has shown up to play for the Phillies today.

Oh, gee, wait a minute...

This has become painful to watch.

The luck that set up the inning for the Mets just came back to take away their threat.

Oh, man, pitcher's best friend...

The only thing that matters in this game is how Hamels looks. I didn't even want to see any regulars in the lineup flailing against this knuckleballer- not exactly a recipe for getting out of a "slump." I'm still not sure what Cholly's trying to prove.

Wish he wasn't doing it against the Phils, but seeing a 36-year old knuckleballer dominate is pretty cool.

Iceman: I don't even really care how Hamels looks.

I'm sure it has been mentioned, but Howard's return start vs. a knuckleballer? Not loving that idea. Not loving anything I'm seeing from Hamels, either.

Geez. Watch Howard's foot be all f*cked up again now. So much for days off.

Howard with a great catch? Great.

Howard sliding into the wall there is why you sit guys in meaningless games, and why you shouldn't care if we lose these games with scrubs.

im convincing myself that the recent pitching is like preseason football. they're throwing vanilla stuff not wanting to give much away this close to postseason....

No need to try for web gems in an exhibition game.

Again, what is Cholly trying to prove here?

God forbid our manager try to win a game after the team has played 2+ weeks of the most wretchedly bad baseball in the history of the francise.

Alright, Cole is fine. Nothing to see here anymore.

Glad to hear the Mets' crowd gave the Medal of Honor recipient a standing O. Very nice.

Perfect game after 4. Not ready to anoint him the next Niekro yet, but wonder how Dickey would fare on a team with better run support?

What the hell was that? The Phillies haven't just taken a few days off, they've gone completely brain dead.

My God Sarge just STFU.

If we get no hit or perfected today, is it time to panic?

This game is furnishing strong scientific proof that, even beneath rock bottom, there lies an additional substratum.

I hope great pitching and good defense will somehow be enough to win a playoff game.

People were already freaking out. Imagine if we get no-hit today?

I actually just find it hilarious.

b_a_p: I believe theologians refer to it as "Hell".

Did Larry Anderson just yell at the ump on the broadcast?

I love that people were so confident we were a juggernaut a week ago, but now are convinced we won't score a run in the playoffs.

I'm sorry, but if you were too blind to see potential flaws two weeks ago, I don't take your doom and gloom predictions seriously now. Hell, at least BAP is consistent. The rest of you have just outed yourselves as dumb baseball fans.

Did LA just scream out the booth at Hirschbeck?

@Jack -- for over 3 months the Phillies were scoring the most runs in the National League. Dominating everyone and clinching the division over your beloved braves with 12 games to play, without breaking a sweat. And now because they have had a bad stretch for 7 or 8 games, you can pat yourself on the back???

Please, Jack. Crawl back in your hole.

Now it takes a f*cking conference to figure out the count? The only thing worse than the Phillies are the umpires.

Hamm: No, my point is the same as yours you dummy. The team is fine, it's the same team as it was two weeks ago. It has some flaws, which were apparent even when winning, but they're also still the best team in the league. Anyone changing their mind about this team based on a week of meaningless games is an idiot. Now stop talking.

I've been worried we wouldn't score a run in the playoffs since the '10 NLCS ended. It's been stored in a little part if my brain since then. But as the Phils began scoring well, the part of my brain that is more optimistic was louder than the pessimistic part. They are both filed in the "Anything can happen" section of my brain, but depending on how the Phils are trending, one part talks loser than the other.

Seems perfectly logical to me.

Rollins is making the worst contract drive in the history of business.

Ok, I'm out of here. I am absolutely confident that I will return to find that they have been no-hit.

"Louder", not "loser". And it should be "more loudly".

Have the Phils been eliminated yet?

It's nice that there's lots of football to watch. There was nothing more predictable than this debacle:

"This is the game where a Moss, Bowker, Francisco, Gload, Orr, MM, Schneider lineup would be fine. Flailing at Dickey isn't going to help bust any of the slumps.

Posted by: curt | Friday, September 23, 2011 at 03:30 PM

I am encouraged by some reasonably well-struck balls. I think those can progress to hits, sooner or later.

And Cole, while he appears frustrated, is pitching well, which is exactly what we want to see.

If Dicky throws a no-no, I'm going to become a Mets fan, and I'm taking Marv Polo with me!

Anyone have any problems with Cole Hamels? Didn't think so.

Hirschbeck is a disgrace. Great job by Hamels not allowing the antics of yet another clueless egomaniac in blue to rattle him.

the last six gms - my worry was minimal...

these next 6 will worry me.. knuckler or not..

It's a 0-0 game. Vic should bunt for a Hit.

Yay, Vic! Breaking up the no hitter! And out of his slump!

... or just get a nice, solid Double. Whichever.

Nice contact by Vic.

Farmer.. no need to leave or take Marv Polo, or Doan Calhoun

ryno!!! is the man

Our useless RBI man returns.


Welcome back, Howard!

1run to support Cole!

The pitcher is a human DICKEY now,

Just another worthless RBI. Good job Howard!!!!! Glad someone can drive ball with runner in scoring position. All Howard haters go play in traffic.

Please note the fact that Howard's Single would not have resulted in an RBI if Vic hadn't managed to get on base beforehand. It's a fairly simple concept many of you have been missing.

If Howard weren't a gimp, he could have scored.

3 hits! Slump buster!

Is anyone not crediting Vic for getting on base? Vic hit the ball hard.

Dammit. One Run doesn't seem like it's going to be enough.

all we needed was fly ball... damn ..

1 more run would have probably sealed it...

howard still doesnot look right... maybe he needs the second game off

Howard probably needs to be pulled every time he gets a hit, so as not to have to run on the heel. Doesn't help when he's fielding, but helps some, perhaps, while allowing him ABs to be playoff-ready at the plate.

Phillies take the lead on incipient Cy Young winner RA Dickey! They're a sure thing to take it all in the postseason!

Or whatever.

Nice to have Ryan Howard back in the lineup, what?

I guess the scouting report was wrong.

Saw that coming a mile away. F*ck.

Didn't they name a country after this guy.

Phillies give the lead away immediately! They're doomed in the post-season!

Damn it. A homerun by a guy who hasn't connected since 2004? We are snakebit.

Where are Val's Pals?

I don't understand how you throw a fastball hitting career minor leaguer two fastballs, when your best pitch is a changeup, which he could never have hit in a million years.

Don't know what Dubee told them, but I think it's clear he didn't know as much about Val as Wheeler did.


Hamels surrendered 10 HR in his first 26 GS. He has now surrendered 8 HR in his past 5 GS.

it;s almost like bowker hitting a HR..

it;s almost like bowker hitting a HR..

I'm not creative enough to picture that. I wonder what it looks like?

wish i knew..

did pence even take the bat off his shoulder?

That called third strike to Pence looked like a Worley special.

Was that pence doing his ryan howard playoff impression vs. sf?

oh goody - going to the 8th without a lead and lidge on the hill...

Lidge's regular slider looks fine. But he doesn't have that put away tumbler anymore.

terrific - a double

lidge is not an 8th inning pitcher..

Would have rather seen Bastardo in this inning than Lidge. Need to get get him straightened out.

Could a guy steal 2nd on Lidge with a limp? One-leg?

Wow, I walked away and Lidge has put them behind? This team looks awful. They're not hitting, and even when the starter pitches well, it's just not enough.

Thank goodness these games don't mean anything.

lidge should be limited to simulated games only. this is a complete joke.

7 in a row - this is total embarrassment...

hamels throwing a fastball to fal...when a ch/up would work

mayberry hits into a DP .. pence k's

I truly don't understand. The guy throws two pitches to Vic nowhere near the strike zone. A run behind. And Vic swings at the next pitch.

That's just stupid baseball.

ak - you are right

Just when I was feeling confident about Lidge....

That's just stupid baseball

... sums up the way the Phillies have been playing for 11 of the past 15 games now.

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