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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Tigers - Cardinals - Great Pitching this year - Reminds me of 1968.

Rooting for Oswalt & our offense!

Is it 3 to clinch home-field advantage? Not sure if that changed since Zolecki tweeted it mid-game yesterday.

I say Brown bangs out a basehit before Bowker does.

Er... 8 of 9, not 8 of night. I'm guessing an autocorrect fail.

Meyer: I say Brad Lidge bangs out a base hit before Bowker does. Or better yet, I bet a dead cat gets a base hit first.

The Cardinals usually hammer Oswalt. I'm expecting a high scoring game with Dom Brown with the walk off PH.

Tie game in Atlanta going into the 8th. Looks bad for the Meta since the Braves have the best bullpen in the history of organized baseball.

and the Mets, too.

Hudson is at 8IP 10K so far.

His spot's up in the lineup though, so his day is probably done.

Braves lead 1-0. The good news: the phils can clinch it themselves at home.

I actually hope Atlanta wins. Clinching a division should be done by winning your own game.

I actually hope Atlanta loses, mainly because I always hope Atlanta loses.

I'd like the Wildcard race to tighten up so the Phillies would have the opportunity to knock Atlanta out of it on the last weekend.

Bowker's gonna clinch the division with his own bare hands.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Phils clinch by losing while Atlanta loses also.

First, the hand-wringing and bridge-jumping here at BLer will be hilarious to watch.

Second, I think that the Reds and Braves are equally dangerous (neither are very dangerous) so I don't care whether the Reds catch the Braves, but both teams needed to expend energy in the race until late in the season can only be to the Phils' advantage.

That would be a neat trick if the Reds catch the Braves as the Braves are 12 up with 11 to play.

Time to take Oswalt out. He looks tired.

Phlipper: I do think there's some indignity in clinching a tight division race because the other team loses. But not when you lead by a zillion games & you just happen to clinch on a day that you lose. So there will be no hand-wringing by me if that's the way we clinch. Nonetheless, as a matter of aesthetics, I'd much rather see us clinch the division by winning, rather than by the Braves losing.

Old phan s blind

Old Phan: He's not tired. He's lost confidence in his stuff.

Spitz, good point.

I enjoyed seeing the Phillies score what I assume will be their only run tonight.

Beerleaguer - resting the regulars for the playoffs?

Oswalt looks good.

Braves have scored 3 runs in 2 games vs the Mets.

utley doesnt look good

What's our success rate with RISP these days?

The Saint is pretty much the sorriest #3 hitter in baseball right now.

T-Bag says in a surprised voice after Westbrook walks the bases loaded "and I'm not sure if that's what he wanted to do, because he kind of snapped his glove there when he got the ball back from Molina."

Um really? Even Wheels had to call him on how stupid that statement was. I can't wait for the playoffs to hear some other announcers.

Nice to see that Oswalt has his fastball back. Now to work on his off speed pitches. What does it say that on a night when the phillies are about to clinch BLer is so slow?

Yes, Oswalt looks good.

Thst it's Saturday night?

It says a 5 year streak and a 12 game lead take a lot of juice out of clinching?

They didn't even hand out rally towels tonight.

"I can't wait for the playoffs to hear some other announcers."

Doesn't that kind of depend on which national announcers the Phillies get stuck with? I mean, loads of them are bland and grating as all hell. For instance, if the Phils make it to the WS, I'd much prefer their own TV announcers--however annoying they can be--to the cliche-riddled snooze-fest that would e Buck and anyone else.

Also, the Union just scored a very nice goal (it's about time) to go up 1-0 over Columbus.

Furcal couldnt hold the ball at all.

It's pretty alarming that the Phils offense the last week or so seems to expect pitchers to throw shutouts every night, as they seem unable to score more than a run or two per game. That our pitchers have actually done it several times is wonderful, but I do hope the offense shakes off whatever before the end of the season. We're not going to survive long in the postseason expecting straight shutouts.

That was a nice slide by Polanco to make Furcal lose the ball there, not that he should have. But I'll take it.

". . . if the Phils made it . . ."

". . . be Buck . . .'

It's quiet since Gtown is at the game tonight. I will try to fill in for him: Man, this offense is terrible.

Good stuff from Jimmy and Oswalt so far.

Man of third, less than 2 outs. Phils chance of scoring here: 10%

WIth Larussa out there arguing, I was sure that was going to end with some kind of obscure out call -- like runner interference or something.

That's it. The elite are at the game or are out buying champagne for the celebration.

A rally, Phillies-style: walk, error, seeing-eye single, walk.

There goes the (need for the) shutout.

LaRussa looks happy.

Bake: good point on national announcers...they are pretty bad too but I just need a change for a bit. Although yes, Buck is, in my opinion, the worst announcer to listen to.

Tony decided to walk Vic and give up 1 run to get to Utley.

It is amazing that the Phils have won all these games without scoring runs.

Utley's going to bust out of it here.

Utley fail.

regardless of what happens here, larussas overmanaging this early is so comical

Utley will bust out of the batter's box straight back to the dugout, that is.

That's craptastic.

LaRussa needs this game more than the Phils do.

A rally, Phillies-style: walk, error, seeing-eye single, walk, LOOGY enters the game for Utley and Howard, out, out.

split up howard and utley NOW. i've been saying this for a while now. these two back to back and righty righty in pence-mayberry after howard will be the death of this team in the postseason.

Dear Offense,


I anxiously await your response.

Much obliged,

Bake (who was here)

Now that everyone's healthy, can we start begging for this lineup again:


I was cheering for Oswalt and the offense. Very happy to have Oswalt doing well, at least. Offense...Well, still hoping the team will remember how to score runs sometime in the next 11 days.

phils and nova: At this time next year, Utley will be hitting .227 with 6 homeruns and 70 missed games. But he will damn sure be batting 3rd when he's in there.

At least this won't be the 4th inning tonight where our #3 hitter had RISP and a chance to do something useful.

Regardless of what we get stuck with for TV announcers, I plan on listening to Franzke and Anderson through the playoffs even if I'm watching with the teevee on mute.

Worked in '08 listening to Harry call 'em.

Chase's bat angle off. He's just acting goofy as wheels would say

There goes the (need for the) shutout.

Posted by: EastFallowfield | Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 08:21 PM

My quaking heart is soothed to sleep by the cushion of one run. Thank God.

Nice AB by Pence.

Not a strike

Not a strike

That first pitch to Raul was a strike, but the ball 4 pitch to Pence was not? Goofy.

Good at-bat, Hunter Pence.

The man seems to be a hitting machine. An oddly calibrated hitting machine, but a hitting machine nonetheless.

Ibanez flailing at everything tonight.

In Ibanez defense, ump helped Boggs that at bat. Called a strike 6" outside. Boggs went back there on the next pitch, forcing Ibanez to swing. Then, he busted him inside.

Pitchout? Don't the Cards have advanced scouts?

Phillies going for runners left on base record tonight.

Even Ruiz has been pitiful lately.

So, are we allowed to be officially worried about the offense yet?

Playing with no days off and a few doubleheaders can't be easy. That, and they're egregiously old.

"Playing with no days off and a few doubleheaders can't be easy. That, and they're egregiously old."

Yeah, these bastards just need to squeeze this one out tonight so they can chuck the scrubs on the field until the postseason and give everyone else a rest.

If we're not officially worried about the offense, I'd hate to read BL when it was official.

Roy puts a hammerlock on his #4 starter status.

thanks goodness for oswalt tonight. hopefully he can get through 8 and the phils wrap this up with a 2-0 win bc we know more runs probably won't come

Great job so far for Mr. Oswalt.

By the way, the Cards have the second most runs in the league coming in, and they've scored 4 runs this series, same as the struggling Phils. And two of those runs came against Schwimer.

This could be the 4th inning tonight where our #3 hitter has RISP and a chance to do something useful.

Dreckman is definitely calling a tight zone tonight.

Usually this is not a good thing for the Phils because they are so "aggressive." (Read: swing at damn near anything.) It's a credit to Roy that he's walked no one so far.

there we go shane!

Wow. He walloped that.

There goes the need for the 1 run allowed outing.

anything but a flyout to left, lets go chase!

10-year-old son just asked if McDonalds has to pay for that home run jackpot. After hearing the answer, he asked if the money smells like burgers.

Time for someone to post that that will be the last run of the night. Has worked twice tonight so far.

Oswalt's at 86 pitches, so he probably has one more inning left in him. After that, it will get interesting and, since that comment is coming from me, you've probably guessed that I don't mean it in a positive way.

For the year, more than half of McClellan's pitches (54%) have been two seam fastballs. Against the Phillies, just now, he threw less than a quarter of his pitches as 2-seamers. Instead, he threw curves, change-ups and sliders.

Garbage is our kryptonite.

shipsass - If it is from the register, it is a possibility. I used to work on the grill at a sandwich shop in high school.

Smelled strongly like steaks and onions (aphrodisiac only for dogs) and if I really didn't scrub my hands then guess things would be somewhat steak-and-onion scented including dollars.

Incidently, Shane's homer was one of the fastballs.

I hope that the Phils' pitching can make those 3 runs hold up - No way they're scoring anything else tonight.

I'm puzzled by the handwringing over the offense.

I get that the Moroncracy has no clue that offense has been down across baseball the last few years and even moreso this year. But you'd think they'd notice that the Phillies are 5th in runs per game and climbing.

Mr Roy and Dr. Oswalt - You have no idea which one is going to show up in a start including in the playoffs. My bet is neither does Cholly and Dubee. Just hope for Dr Oswalt.

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