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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Just the facts, Ma'am:

1. Hits by Rollins and Victorino

2. Still on a 7-game losing street

The fact-based feeling:

1. Not bad so far.

2. Worry slightly, tentatively easing ever so slightly, but still present.

"Feelings," that is.

See what I did...the BL reverse jinx already at work.

Just get a win and hit the ball again. That isn't asking too much, is it?

I am guessing Blanton followed by Kendrick, Herndon, Savery, Stutes, Bastardo and Madson tonight?

The Phillies' running game -- namely the grotesque lack thereof -- is an increasingly big issue. Too many old folks & cripples clogging up the base paths.

It is going to be exceptionally humiliating when no runs score.

WIth bases loaded on and 0 outs in the 1st inning, we're about to find out if this is going to be a game where we leave 8 zillion men on base & manage just 1 run, or if it's going to be a game where we score 2 in the 1st and never score again.

Ah, the picture is becoming clearer already.

The Mets have Satin at 1st?


1. Pence hit into a very bad DP.

Fact-Based Feeling:

2. Not f______ again.

If you didn't expect that outcome you have not been paying attention. Brainless.


1. Bases were loaded with nobody out. Now there are three outs with no runs scored.

Fact-Based Feeling:

2. Where's Debbie Downer when you need her? Oh, there she is, over by the facts.

It's in their heads now.

It's in the fans heads now.

Yes, this issue will ripple into the post season.

The Rangers somehow scored 7 runs and got 14 hits today, with 7 backups playing and with nothing to play for.

Wonder how they did it?

I'm actually surprised that Blanton is starting considering that he, himself, said he wouldn't be starting any games. I imagine he may only go 4 or 5 innings.


At least Blanton doesn't look too too bad so far.

Considering the caliber of that lineup the Mets are fielding, I guess this game is the functional equivalent of a minor league rehab start for Blanton. Of course, that AA lineup will undoubtedly outscore us.

Ross Gload, professional hitter.

This is like watching a Senior Citizens Only version of the Summer Olympics.

I wonder if that was just Gload's playoff PH-ing switch switching on.

Oh no, I smell another frustrating inning...

How many Runs have the Phillies lost due to OLD today? 3? 4?

There's no way the Phils aren't getting a run out of this.

Per Franzke & L.A., the Phillies have scored in only 8 of 65 Innings Played since clinching NL East, & have scored a total of 38 Runs in their last 16 Games. Phillies' Pitcher's ERA in that span? 3.01

You need more than pitching to Win. This pathetic Offense will not cut it.

Phils been eliminated yet?

Franzke says only 2 IP for Blanton tonight. This should be fun.

Figures that the first time he has pitched well all year, he only gets to pitch 2 innings before giving way to Schwimer.

Herndon up in the pen.

Joe looked good.

why not give blanton another inning?

Coupled with competent pitching, run-producing hits sure do have a magical way of making losses seem less than a certainty.

what was m'berry swinging @?


Time to get Pence out of the game.

Please launder Gload's jersey and drive it to Cooperstown.

The problem with using multiple pitchers is that it only takes one guy having a bad day & the Mets will be right back in this game. And, with the likes of Schwimer, DeFratus, Herndon, Stutes, and Bastardo all likely to appear tonight, the odds of one of them having a bad day would seem extraordinarily high.

In other words, that rundown was goofy.

Really too bad the Phils didnt take more of a look at Blanton this Sept as a possible addition to the pen. Thats on Cholly and Duber.


Oh brother.

So much for competent pitching (and fielding).

just amazing......

OK, Pence is now a certified adventure in right field. One more thing to worry about. Crap, crap, crap. This damn team had better get it together or they are going to be toast in round one. It's happened before.

Hunter not having one of his better games.

Meaningless misplay.

who is this guy posing as the Hunter Pence. Can't be the same guy we have been watching since the trade.

Hern Done.

Please note that Pence's wretched game follows immediately on the heels of several days off -- you know, the things that everyone on Beerleaguer believes our starters need more of.

To be fair, it looked like Herndon was robbed of a strikeout by the ump.

Herndon not looking good. What the f*ck else is new with this team? I can count one, yes, one bullpen operative that I have confidence in, and even he (Madson) is no longer a 1-2-3 certainty.

How did this happen?

Am I saying anything that anyone here does not know if I express my confidence that David Herndon blows?

I have been out all day. Just caught up on things. Let me just state that I hate seeing Brad Lidge pitch for the Phillies.

mg - I think they are still looking at blanton. gotta be better than herndon, schwimer, maybe even stutes.

Herndon doing his best impression of being the latest Phils reliever not be able to locate his fastball with any consistency. Bullpen is full of them right now.

That defensive gaffe does not absolve Herndon, who was absolutely wretched. Based on past performance alone, I'd rather take my chances with Blanton than with either Stutes or Herndon.

What do you mean by that, Meyer? What does a meaningless misplay mean? This is a major league team with the best record in all of baseball, and yet...

The end of the season cannot come soon enough.

That was a really sorry display from Herndon, who ought to be bearing down in hopes of making the Postseason roster.

Loved the guy in the crowd who yelled "Keep him in! He's doin' good!" as Charlie came out to make the change.

Blanton had to leave early to prepare for Rosh Hoshanah.






L.A. has finally lost his mind. Quite frankly I'm surprised it took this long of a stretch of ... whatever this is that we've been seeing.

OMG, I am now officially nervous...

Holy moly. This is the eighth game in a row for this sort of crap. I'm beginning to feel like a Pirates fan.

Pence absolutely should have caught that ball, but this inning is on the pitchers.

I've seen this play enough times that I can finish writing the script at this point: the Phillies' bats go into a coma for the rest of the game & and we end up losing 7-3.

The good J-Roll 2-2...

@BAP: You and I are in total unanimity on the current state of this unwatchable team. I cannot stand to watch them play. They are being spanked with their pants down.
They deserve their fate. The Nats, Mets, Braves, et al are loading up with confidence for the start of the 2012 season.

Will someone, anyone, take the bull by the horns and shake this team up?

I question Manuel's ability to pick this team up. He is the consummate front-runner who has not the slightest clue how to summon excellence out of a fading team. What a complete dolt.

Cholly is trying to make us feel humble about this team.

The only sane conclusion that can be drawn from this game: bring on the rise of the machines, because the humans blow.

If pence is hampered in RF due to the knee and Ibanez is in LF, this team is back to being one that makes plays on balls they get to but unfortunately has a problem getting to them in the 1st place.

It looks more and more like the bad news f&cking bears. wTF are we watching the crap goin on here has to stop in all seriousness. No more dreaming. Every time I watch that TBS commercial I get pumped up with doc then I see this turd pushed on field and I get upset.

OK, had to look in after watching the Mets score and score and score on the ESPN ticker. Figured Big Joe didn't have it - no big deal...but no, it looks like Joe was fine, while half of our actual playoff roster contributed to yet another clusterf8ck.

I'm no longer a fan of clinching in August.

Excellent, J Roll.

When I see Rollins lay down a bunt like that -- which he does about 75% of the time that he bunts -- I find myself absolutely infuriated that he only bunts about twice per season.

I blame Bochy.

There's proof positive the Phils really really want to win a game: a Jimmy bunt, followed by a Jimmy SB attempt.

What is happening here i just cant watch who gave up 5 runs.......

Rollins' putting that bunt down was his way of saying to the rest of the team, "Come on, you f___ers, it's time to get your heads out of each other's asses and win a f______ game for once." His attempt to steal was his way of saying, "For crying out loud, do I have to do everything myself?"

Consequently, I'm not too bothered that he was thrown out at second.

At least up to this point, Kendrick is actually managing to make David Herndon look good by comparison.

btw - KK is pitching like dodo..

if this continues - they may become the NL version of the bosox ( if though the phils have clinched)

The Phils just haven't been the same since they DFA'd Drew Naylor.

Hopefully Cholly will have Doc throw about 140 pitches tomorrow just for the hell of it.

Why is Kendrick even in this game? He pitched 6 innings only 4 days ago.

Looks like it was Cy Young Herndon out there. The Phils have to realize this kid is probably only going to be a injury call up AAA reliever at this point. They should of stuck him in AAA all year long. That was the plan right but they didnt. Its best if they just give their own guys a call up next year see if they fare better.. They keep thinking they going to score another Shane on the rule 5 draft.

Pence and Vic have both been working with BenFran on their fielding.

i think the switch -that they need to turn on is broken...

Catch the damn ball, man.

Arizona somehow mustering the effort to swing the bats tonight, with "nothing to play for".

by the way, the d-backs look pretty good if anyone is looking forward to next saturday.

nice to see Chase stroke one.

Every time I see Tejada -- whether at 2nd or shortstop -- he's making great plays.

People on here can keep saying the games are meaningless but I bet that Cholly & the players would beg to differ.

My concern level will only really get raised though if they continue to play like this and lose Game 1 next Sat night at CBP.

This is an team right now though that due to the injuries they have isn't shift on the basepaths and looks like one that might be a bit limited range wise especially in the OF.

Oh yes, sitting on a 7 game losing streak the games have become meaningful. Jimmy just showed you that, if you doubted it.

i think pence is hurt worse then he is letting on... and it would have smarter to sit a few more games - so he ready when it manners

0-12, 6K. Shrewd pick-up, r00b.

bowker is worthless

This Bowker guy can't hold my jock.

BenFran in for defense. 'Bout time.

why is victorino out?>

Superstition might be the best way to break this slump. One of the boys needs to take one for the team and shag a massive fat chick for a week.

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