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Sunday, September 18, 2011


good on ya, Charlie

Charlie respects the game too much to put a split squad lineup out there today.

I'd really like to see Cole shine on ESPN to remind folks we have three CY Young candidates.


well sh*t

Well, so much for that. It was the reverse jinx the wrong way.

Silver lining? I like seeing Braves fans sweat.

Agree w/ CJ. But that is a tough way to start.

With all due respect to Cole, I think his Cy Young chances have sailed. It's probably Kershaw's to lose (to Halladay) at this point. It would be nice to hear the ESPN stooges finally remark on how odd it is that the Phillies' pitching staff as a whole could manage a 2.70 ERA & 1.090 WHIP at Home in such a joke of a ballpark, however ...

Phils blow on national tv during the season - feels like a loss. GO EAGLES!

I'm still concerned about the jump in HR balls from Hamels pre-to-post injury.

Honestly, he's been so unhittable, the AL and NL Cy Young should just go to Verlander.

Gtown - that's probably too much to ask for

Ishmael: I wouldn't even bother arguing that. Verlander is insane.

GTown_Dave =you're right

look on gsameday - the pitches to craig was in the middle the plate and puljos was fastball right in his wheel house..

he needs to really bear dowb

Hamels kind of drew the short straw in having to start the day after the clincher.

All I care about is Hamels getting through the start injury-free.

If he throws every pitch 90 and over the middle with no movement, I could care less.

I want to give congrats to ESPN for rolling with a short video of a dope eating a cheesesteak the wrong way (obviously not even a local) as the lead in to tonight's prime time game. They didn't even lead with a NL East f-ing Champs thing? Way to phone it in, why not just have Joe Morgan on and talk about JD Drew and people throwing snowballs at Santa?

I'm really starting to get concerned about Hamels' velocity.

Really, who started this cheesesteak BS? Nobody I know eats them. Is it just a myth perperuated by ESPN and the like?

the espn announcers just admitted that they are just "filling the air."

Oh, ESPN, why so many ads?

Really? No one you know in Philadelphia eats cheesesteaks, even occasionally?



Here's a "Complaint of the Privileged" for ya:

How friggin' hideous are the hats this year? A half-assed team logo slapped on front, almost an afterthought to the generic -- & garishly ugly -- "MLB Playoffs" script, w/ no distinction between Division Champs & Wild Card teams? I've bought a hat every year & worn it throughout that season's playoffs, but I'll be passing this season. At least the shirts are decent.

I eat cheesesteaks far too often.

gobay is obviously an elitist.

I love cheesesteaks. On the other hand I don't go up to people in other places & introduce myself by saying, "Hi, I'm Dave! I'm from Philadelphia & I love cheesesteaks!" Show a damn Tastykake or a Soft Pretzel every once in awhile, ESPN.

Dave: I feel ya. This year was the first that I started really getting back into baseball, so I was eager to get my hands on one of those hats buuuuut...... I do like the shirts, though. Wish the gray one had the roster on the back like the red one.

I think the caps are ugly, too, GTown.

Can one of you remind me what Hamels' injury was? I remember he took time off but I thought the injury was sort of nondescript, and I can't recall what it was - Shoulder?

ESPN (paraphrase): "This is like a taste of playoff baseball; the Phillies' offense is going to have to learn how to rise to the occasion."

Did I really hear these guys right?

GBrettfan: I believe the official explanation was "shoulder inflammation".

"Show a damn Tastykake or a Soft Pretzel every once in awhile, ESPN."

Or a Yards.

Or a flash mob.

Bake: Exactly! Or the spotlight from a PPD helicopter in my courtyard. Cheesesteaks are great, but Philly has a lot more to offer.

Thanks, GTown.

I heard today (MLB Network) that Verlander is 24-5, while the rest of the Tigers staff combines for 45-40. Wow! This by way of arguing in favor of him receiving not just the Cy Young, but also the MVP. I think it was Joe McGrane (sp?) making the argument.

"pence wears those high socks, so it looks like his calfs go all the way, to somewhere other thn his calfs" -espn

You can't really show a soft pretzel on ESPN, because they don't sell real figure-8 Philly-style pretzels inside the ballpark. They do occasionally show the generic superpretzels on sale in the ballpark, though, which is sad.

@Bake - My favorite thing about the concessions at the Bank is that a good beer (Victory, Yards, etc.) is the same price as a Bud/Miller/Coors. It allows me to silently (or vocally) judge my friends with poor taste, because there's really no excuse to drink a bad beer at the ballgame.

Mike: I was remarking earlier today how the sight of someone drinking a Bud Light Lime sends me into a rage. Not mere anger, mind you. Rage.

"Or the spotlight from a PPD helicopter in my courtyard."

Or footage of the bombing of the MOVE house.

Nutter outlawed cheesesteaks 3 years back. These are holograms foisted on the drugged tourists. They are injected at the airport and served rolled copies of last years' bad selling Daily News editions with velveta on it.

Rauls GP: Have you ever had a DN with velveeta? Don't knock it, if you haven't tried it.

Rauls grandpa: Mayor Nutter is real? I thought he was just a myth perperuated by the Inky and the like.

Cakalacky is a beer snob. O don't like those holly beers. Give me a miller lite.

"My favorite thing about the concessions at the Bank is that a good beer (Victory, Yards, etc.)"

Same here. I remember the first time I went to CBP and was more than pleasantly surprised to discover the good beer selection. Having a Yards Pale Ale while watching the Phils play, at long last, in a nice park with a grass field made me think, "This team is going places." And that was before 2007 when they had yet to go anywhere.

Hamels should be batting 7th.

I saw a brilliant t-shirt the year CBP opened. Their pitch at the time was "Real Dirt. Real Grass. Real Fun." (or something to that effect). The shirt read "Real Dirt. Real Grass. Real Bad."

I also remember an Opening Day where the theme was "Phillies: Believe", & someone had a huge banner in the upper deck at the Vet which read, simply: "Make Us Believe".

My all-time favorite, however, was sometime in the 80s when the marketing slogan was "Phillies Phever: Catch It!" My Dad had a shirt that read "Phillies Phever: We Dropped It."

You can get an Anchor Steam Beer at CBP.

Which seems wrong.

Is it too early to say Hamels is getting shelled?

Clout: You wouldn't let one playoff series get in the way of enjoying a diversity of beers, would you?

@conshy - It's not a matter of being a snob. It's just that I like beer, and you apparently like bottled fermented urinal water from Shea Stadium. And the typical "But it's cheap!" excuse can't work at the ballpark, because it's just as expensive to drink bottled piss as it is to drink an actual beer.

That wasn't the worst pitch that Craig just hit out, but still... Can we just let Hamels long toss for the next 2 weeks?

As I have been saying ...

Who was complaining about the rise in Hamels' allowed home runs post-injury?

Who cares? Honestly, wake me up when it's October 1st.

Hamels has surrendered 7 HR in his past 4 GS (inc. tonight). He only surrendered 6 HR in his prior 19 GS combined.

Pretty sure I just heard LA say he's not worried by that, however.

Speaking of beers, I miss Piel's Real Draft in the big mouth bottles. Even better were the Piel's Real Draft big mouths that were 8 oz. The glass bottle was like a little keg. With the big mouth, they were good for about 3, maybe 4 absolutely ice cold sips/gulps.

I m worried If he will continue to do this inoctober

Great business of beer article on Big bad Bud.

I loved the Real Grass media stuff when the Phils started running with it and I had an interview of some muckety muck or another in an extended trailer park they were using as a business office (they were sharing it with CB) and in the bathrooms they had tile printed with photographic patches of real stadium grass giving one the illusion that the floor was turf. I would have purchased this at HD or Lowes if they sold it.

When rAul is good , he's reAlly good, but when he misses _- he misses

"Speaking of beers, I miss Piel's Real Draft in the big mouth bottles."

Here's an alternative, a worse one, but still . . . :

Are we allowed to be officially worried about Hamels yet?

Thanks, Bake. I'll keep my eye out for that one...worth a try.

Bake: Why? Just because his velocity has been declining steadily since late June, & now he's regularly hanging pitches for opposing batters to tee off upon? Nothing to see here ...

This is gonna be one of those 2 hr 20 min NL masterpieces better served up with fireworks.

Whoa, I've just been kicked off the last unoccupied TV in the house by my wife and am shocked, in a good way, to discover that the game is being shown online on ESPN3.

Rauls grandpa: Never underestimate Tony LaRussa's ability to use 6 pitchers w/ 2 Out in the 9th.

My general rule is that if the team doesn't care about the game, I don't care. And regardless of what they say, they don't care right now. Everything that needs to be clinched is clinched (for all intents, homefield is clinched). So you can be worried about Hamels all you want. But this is now like Spring Training to me, which basically means good or bad, it means nothing come October 1st.

Not exactly a burning issue, but Bowker continues to be absolutely hapless.

thanks for the link, rauls grandpa. the newest beer marketing fetish is this "ice cold" crap with the color bars. as my german friend likes to remind me, americans like their beer overly cold to mask the sh8tty taste.

Angels and St. Louis, put the kids' braces money on it.

Not exactly a burning issue, but Bowker continues to be absolutely hapless.

I love in the last thread that Jack did a run in to say I was partially wrong about something YET agreed with the thing I said even essentially re-stating my comments.

I guess the pull of being a flaming douchebag got the best of him just because I said something.

For the record- I never purported to be in the Phillies locker room and I never once slagged Manny Ramirez's ability as a player. I simply said that the Phillies front office looks for a specific type of attitude and player and that is almost always what the go after. I didn't realize that was so controversial a statement.

And also- people do have some clue about how the players interact in the clubhouse because we have this great thing called beat reporters that do that work for us. It's called reading.

TTI: Was Brett Myers that kind of player?

I am the most indiscriminate sake drinker and have been known to buy a local (as in made in a local state) brand and drink it cold while watching games on the road if I have to call it an early night. I always keep it cold as to mask the flavor. My Japanese friends aren't even offended anymore when I come over. They will never offer the best and they chill it for me.

GTown: You should definitely worry. There's no way Hamels can get out major league hitters without a 95 mph fastball. It's impossible to be successful if your best pitch is a changeup.

Good call.

Clout: I'm not worried in any way, but you and I both know Hamels is more effective with a better fastball.

Moreover, it's not the velocity itself that matters. A drop in velocity is usually a signal of arm trouble, meaning a guy isn't totally healthy. You know, like a guy who recently went on the DL with shoulder soreness, or something.

As I've said repeatedly, I don't care about these games and am not reading in any concerns. But to pretend like a drop in velocity is totally irrelevant is just to be stupid.

clout: You can live w/out a plus fastball, or exceptional control, but not both. Hamels happened to have both & the beginning of the year, & now he has neither.

The point isn't whether you can succeed without velocity.

The point is that going from 94 MPH to 90 MPH in the span of a couple weeks IS a concern, and every single baseball person in the world would say so.

Jack: You are the leading proponent of the theory that high velocity and K/9 are the only way to succeed at the MLB level, but let's review the record on Hamels: He's had 5 starts since coming off the DL. In the first 3 starts he allowed 1 run, 3 runs and 2 runs.

Since then he's had 2 starts, 1 at Houston and 1 tonight, and pitched poorly. In both games his command was poor. Velocity had nothing to do with it. Tonight especially he was hitting the fat part of the plate frequently.

Can we conclude from this that Hamels has arm trouble? Might have arm trouble?

Here is what we can conclude: You are a moron.

I just love that, to market their beer, each of the big 3 has ridiculous tactics. For instance:


Ad man: "We've produced a label that will tell you if your beer is cold. Because if you're drinking our beer, you're probably not bright enough to know that the beer is cold without the help of a high-tech label."


Person with brief epiphany: "Wait a second... All light beer tastes the same!"
Moron friend: "No it doesn't! If you don't drink Miller Lite, you're not a man!"
Person with brief epiphany: "Hmmm... I guess I'm NOT a man if I drink a different beer that tastes exactly the same as Miller Lite..."


"Our beer is awful, but we have horsies! And an aircraft carrier full of gold doubloons! Therefore, you'll do whatever we say!"

vely intelesting, raurs glandpa.

Boy I'm glad that's not the usual lineup. It's gonna be a long 2 weeks.

he's not hurt. he doesn't pitch hurt. he has said that himself

further, if he was hurt, he'd lose control and start walking guys and not striking out guys as well

one last point. i checked pitch f/x his last three starts. his fb went from 89 avg to 91 avg in his last three starts with max of 94. so his velocity is improving. he is just not crisp with location. it's not a question of injury. it's a question of precision. i actually thought he threw ok tonight. that 2nd hr was not even a bad pitch

Hardly surprising, but this seems like it could be the lowest number of comments in a game thread since...?

especially if you don't count the beer/cheesteaks comments.

Is this the first game that Schneider started AND finished?

Good to see that Bowker absolutely blows. I mean, this guy couldn't possibly be on the playoff roster, right? Didn't Charlie and Rube say that they liked his power? Maybe he does have power when he hits the ball; the problem is that he can't hit the ball so we'll never know.

I didn't notice that Shane did not take part in the festivities...

from Leslie Gudel,

While Manuel’s office is on one side of the clubhouse, the weight room is on the other. That’s where Shane Victorino could be found after Saturday’s game.

The Phils center fielder didn’t take part in the celebration and instead lifted weights and headed home. This isn’t the first time Victorino has slipped out the back door. He’s made the same move after the last two division clinchers, as well. Why? Shane told me he has his eye on the bigger prize, it’s that simple. Until then, he’s perfectly happy just preparing for a long run through the month of October.

gbrettfan. in light of that, it's odd that espn interviewed vic before the game about waiting for pence, to start the celebration.

Did they, bullit? That is ironic. I'm sure he knew the team waited for Pence, and I guess he doesn't publicize not celebrating with the others.

It's interesting to me because he's not the one I would have pegged for working out in lieu of celebrating. Utley? Yes. Halladay? Yes. But Vic? I would think he'd be right in there with the others, making merry.

So, 9 homeruns given up my Hamels in his last 8 starts, and an incredible 7 homeruns in his last 4 starts.

I know we've clinched everything in the known universe, but Cole Hamels is an integral part of the Phillies postseason chances.

5 G, 34 IP, 3.71 ERA, 7.68 K/9, 1.6 BB/9, .94 WHIP, 1.4 HR/9

Not terrible, but hasn't been ace-level either. The homeruns are just disconcertin.

clout is right on velocity, but do you people really expect him to dial it up to 93-95 in a meaningless game? There's no way he's pressing himself right now. Sorry. You're just looking for something to worry about to get you through these next two weeks of meaningless games.

Iceman, Hamels is going into his final arb year this winter. No game is "meaningle$$" for him.

I expected the boys to come out flat after celebrating the division crown and they did not disappoint. This game meant nothing.

Did the Pujols HR land yet?

maybe vic was worried that his hyperactivity + a heavy champagne bottle might hurt someone.

but you are right, gbrettfan. yet hallady looked happy as a clam splashing the bubbly. i didn't see saint. chooch's interview was touching. he said that back in panama he never could have imagined this. he's had quite a journey since his "mommy, i'm coming home" phonecall.

Because they had already clinched, last night was one of the first nights that I chose the Eagles over the Phillies -- I did watch the Phils during commercials and halftime, though.

I wish I watched neither.

This could simply be the chickens coming home to roost. By which I mean after letting these guys pitch one complete game after another it would hardly be a surprise that they might be tired by now. Pity, this is definitely not the time to get tired. There are miles to go before we sleep.

See gmen getting real hot hope braves at least win a few games. I don't really want to face them in first round. Only 4 games back

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