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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Everybody hits!

( a 9-hole hitter)

Kratz & co. already do (have homefield advantage throughout the postseason), I believe.

What? No Sardinha? Wtf is going on in the FO? Rube, you better get your head on straight, mister.

I think this is the kind of lineup to break out of the slump the old guys are in. I see 5 runs, easily.

Don't they already have hf adv due to the series tie breaker with the brewers or are the backs stil in contention?

phils already locked up home field per todd zolecki and david murphys tweets.

i believe they can lock up best NL record with a win, but they already have home field throughout bc they won the season series with the brewers.

Yes the best record was clinched w/ MIL loss last PM

this lineup doesn't look much worse than some of the early season lineups.

We might have 3.5 major league hitters in this lineup but, we also have our No. 7 starter. Chalk up another win.

And so begins a stretch of 10 literally meaningless games for the Phillies.

I'm taking a Phillies break for the next week. I'll tune in for the final ATL series, as there will be some intrigue there, since the Braves likely won't have a playoff spot sewn up going into that series.

Phils & nova is right. I misspoke about clinching best record.

Isn't it time to sit Pence for a minute? I'm sure he takes some pride in playing every inning since his trade, but he's probably earned a little rest.

Worst line up in 4 years? This might be the worst line up since 1999!

Ross Detwiler isn't starting for the Nats. It's Tom Milone.

Unleash the Kratz!

Long afternoon for KK? Mezza mezza support in the field, lightweight hitting (not that it has been heavy for a while) and a new catcher to deal with. Life truly can suck in MLB.

Must suck making $2.45 M to play a kid's game. =)

This has the feel of a spring training game.

A new catcher that all the pitchers raved about in spring training.

As bad as the phillies lineup is, it matches up well against the equally atrocious nationals lineup

KK is ridiculed on this site, but a team like the Red Sox would love to have him at the backend of their rotation right now since he's better than Wakefield or Lackey.

Since backup catcher is the most important position in the postseason other than backup to the backup utility player, shouldn't Kratz start the majority of the remaining game? I'd hate to go into the postseason without knowing if we have the correct backup catcher on the roster.

This game actually feels like a win.

Game two feels like a loss, though.

I like Mayberry

Whitey, haven't you seen the Phillies' record when Schneider starts? Hell with backup catcher, he should be getting the lion's share of starts.

Pence limping after running to first?

Oh yes, the Phils are getting an earlier start on leaving runners in scoring position.

The Phillies' record with Schneider has actually started to revert to predicted norms. I think they've lost like the last 3 or 4 times he has started.

I think the Phillies are going to take a Kratz in this game.

Lovely, of all of the guys in today's lineup to get dinged up, Pence is gimpy already.

Cholly, as much as we would all hate to see it, send Bowker or Brown out there now, please?

BAP, yeah, but we're blaming those Schneider-started losses on the offense and the team mailing it in.

Maybe we can start Schneider in left field and catch with Kratz?

So, the plan is for Kratz to be the backup next year?

WP: True. My bad.

Fata, probably like most of us here, when I was in my early 20s, if I'd had two nickels to rub together, I would have paid the Phillies to ride the bus and play in the deep, deep minors.

Jose, just to clarify, I was being tongue in cheek above. I have nothing but respect for KK. He quietly does his job, year after year, to the best of his ability, and for the most part, does it well. Sure, I wish he could pitch like Cliff Lee, but hey, you can't have everything.

6 up, 6 down.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that this is probably the lineup we should take into the postseason.

Kratz's pitch calling is the real story of the first 2 innings.

Good point, BAP. If Kendrick has a good outing, we can all thank Kratz.

"He's hit a little bit of a rut." - TMac, on Mini-Mart's recent struggles at the plate.

Proving that Tommy doesn't read Beerleaguer.

Kratz should be trade bait to get another #1 pitcher

Discussion on the radio: Fraske "not sure what's in the coffee today but it's making my eyes burn." LA "got some mud in it."

Saying that Mini-Mart is in "a little bit of a rut" is like saying that World War II was a little bit of a skirmish.

Selfishly, I've been ordering some Goosewurst for the better part of the last 2 months or so. I suppose I can settle and just take a Kratz.

"Kratz's pitch calling is the real story of the first 2 innings."

And don't forget, KK seems to "like" him. In short, the man is a fully-qualified backup catcher.

BAP, what does the Bay Area seem to think about Moneyball. In particular, about Brad Pitt in Moneyball? By all accounts, it should be a decent movie, but I wasn't sure if they were particularly polarized up your way.

Ben Fran ruined KK's no-no? Go figure.

Forget Moneyball, what do they have to say about Bill Neukom leaving the Giants and their ongoing effort to drive the A's out of the market and/or out of business by refusing to cede (or return) territorial rights to San Jose?

Raul would have had that.

Ben Fran starring in the Butcher In Left today

I don't expect TMac to be overly negative or over dramatic but it does get a bit annoying how he never has a negative thing to say about the Phils' players or voices his opinion about a terrible call. Even Wheels is a bit more objective and expressive at times.

WP: There does seem to be a lot of hype, although a lot of the more cynical columnists have noted the irony that the movie is coming out at the absolute nadir of Billy Beane's career as a GM.

Francisco had 34 ABs in the 2nd half coming into today. Even Orr had 28 ABs.

Francisco really has been the forgotten man on this team this season.

Victorino is mad that he had to play today

Actually, the scuttle-butt on Neukom is that the 10-person group that owns the Giants was unhappy with what they viewed as his profligate spending. If the scuttle-butt is true, then perhaps they won't be making the run at Jimmy Rollins that everyone expects them to make.

Surprising, this lineup looks just like what we've seen the past few games.

The whole Moneyball thing would have made for a better book and movie had it actually produced any real sustainable results.

Pence still limping, why don't they put Moss out there?

Willard - it did produce sustainable results...for other teams with bigger payrolls who promptly copied the philosophy

Can Orr stay out of everybody's way?

I would feel much better with this lineup in the post-season.

Afterall, it is more youthful and athletic than their regular lineup. Plus, KK isn't all worn out from Charlie pitching him too many innings so he can pad KK's stats.

Hell of a play there.

Phlipper, I agree. Just so long as Cholly doesn't leave KK in there too long, just to try to get him a Win.

We have Savery and DeFratus out in the bullpen for a reason.

Kratz for Verlander sounds good to me

Do we even know if Cholly is there for this game, or did he just turn it over to Sandberg so he could run some errands this afternoon?

Lee needs a CGSO tonight to stay in Cy Young race.

I love the Phils, but these games are brutal. October can't come soon enough.

Lee might win the Cy Young with a CGSO. Kershaw is pitching against Lincecum tonight. Assuming Lee doesn't pitch a shutout, Kershaw could probably wrap it up by outdueling Lincecum, again.

"Lee needs a CGSO tonight to stay in Cy Young race."

Lee also needs a CGSO for the Phillies to have any chance of winning.

At least a crappy offense leads to quick games.

The couple in the diner booth next to me this morning looked to be about 90. He explained to his wife that because of the Phils record, they didn't need to leave Philly for the entire playoffs.

The team may have time to grab a helicopter and catch an hour or so at the tables in Atlantic City before the start of the second game.

Man they are pushing those ugly-a$$ NL East title hats hard. 3rd time mentioned on the radio broadcast already today.

This is the kind of game that if it is still 0-0 after 9 innings, they should just call it.

MM wishing he had as good a BA as Mr. Mendoza.

Tom Milone = Cy Young.

SLO Phan - He's now 5-40 (.125) this month. He will still probably be in the mix next spring for a roster spot but his pathetic performance the last 2+ months (10-78 or .128 since Aug 1) has to cast some serious doubt into Amaro's mind that he is a viable bench player at the MLB level.

Victorino can snap out of his funk at any time ....

MG, I'm holding out for the "best record in NL hats." Might even grab a "best record in baseball" hat, after that, to hold me off until I can get an NLDS champion hat.

BOWKER sighting!!!

He owns a glove!

The only reason I imagine that Vic even started today is that Cholly wanted to give him some more ABs to try to break out of his slump.

Didn't make sense before the start of the game and puzzling why he was lifted after 5 innings today.

I still don't understand what is the nature of Charlie's infatuation with Bowker.

I'm guessing we might see some of the regulars tonight -- not that the regulars have been hitting any better than the cast of characters we're seeing right now.

Tanner Boyle impression by Orr?

Orr making the case to not be on postseason roster - no surprises.

Pete Err.

KK looking good today (so far). Too bad the offense can't help him out a little.


Clearly Kratz knows how to frame a pitch, which is why Kendrick has 4 K's today already.

This game is confirming that once you get past our starting 8 1/2, we got nothing.

This game should have been played at Coca-Cola Park.

I'd like to make a small correction to yesterday's post, in which I said that Orr does everything Mini-Mart can do, but better: Orr cannot field at all. He is even worse than Mini-Mart, who also can't field at all but at least knows how to stay out of the other guy's way.

Of course, their fielding is academic since, if either is ever asked to play defense in the playoffs, we're in dire trouble. Hence, I'd still rather have Orr, who at least brings excellent speed & base-running & is not quite as embarrassingly bad a hitter as Mini-Mart.

Kratz and Kendrick hugging in the dugout - KKK!!

The fact that this game is the 201st consecutive sell out at CBP says a lot about Phils' fans.

So, at this point, KK is #2 starter in the playoffs? He may be number 1 if Lee craps the bed tonight.

Valdez looks like he's running better.

So, there's that.

"The fact that this game is the 201st consecutive sell out at CBP says a lot about Phils' fans."

I think what it probably says is that all but a small handful of the tickets were sold long ago, before anyone had any idea that they were paying to watch Pete Orr, John Bowker, Ben Francisco, & Erik Kratz against an equally bad Nationals roster.

The Phils are undefeated in Kratz' starts this year. Demote Schneider NOW!

curt - What do you think the over/under on the moneyline would be a Phils' bench player to have a PH during the postseason?

Franske is right to wonder why Pence is still in the lineup after looking a bit gimpy earlier.

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