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Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Basically sums up the point of my Halladay/Lee comparison this year.

Lee's highs are higher than Doc's, but his lows are also much lower.

Doc has been Mr. Consistent this year, which some would claim is more valuable/difficult. Either way, happy to have both.

Well, the hourly forecast that said 100 percent rain from 7 to 1 now says 50% at 7, building up to 100% at 11.

Just heard that the chance of rain continuing all evening is 100%.

The NWS Hourly Forecast calls for a 100% chance of Rain from now 'til 8AM tomorrow.

This is not normal rain, this is the chubby rain.

7 pm
62° F

8 pm
63° F

9 pm
63° F

10 pm
63° F

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Cliff Lee has been named NL Pitcher of the Month for August. First Phillies pitcher to win award twice in same season."

Imagine how good Cliff could be if he ever got his tilt back!

What will they do if they can't play tonight?
a) Play a DH tomorrow
b) Reschedule the game to take place after the season ends, IF needed
c) Play a DH in ATL instead, at the end of the month

I doubt (c) is likely. I vote (b).

And if (b), then would Worley pitch tomorrow instead? Or would they skip his start and have Oswalt pitch as originally scheduled?

Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain
Chocolate Rain
A baby born will die before the sin

Chocolate Rain
The school books say it can't be here again
Chocolate Rain
The prisons make you wonder where it went

Chocolate Rain
Build a tent and say the world is dry
Chocolate Rain
Zoom the camera out and see the lie

Chocolate Rain
Forecast to be falling yesterday
Chocolate Rain
Only in the past is what they say

Chocolate Rain
Raised your neighborhood insurance rates
Chocolate Rain
Makes us happy 'livin in a gate

Chocolate Rain
Made me cross the street the other day
Chocolate Rain
Made you turn your head the other way

Chocolate Rain
History quickly crashing through your veins
Chocolate Rain
Using you to fall back down again

Chocolate Rain
Seldom mentioned on the radio
Chocolate Rain
Its the fear your leaders call control

Chocolate Rain
Worse than swearing worse than calling names
Chocolate Rain
Say it publicly and you're insane

Chocolate Rain
No one wants to hear about it now
Chocolate Rain
Wish real hard it goes away somehow

Chocolate Rain
Makes the best of friends begin to fight
Chocolate Rain
But did they know each other in the light?

Chocolate Rain
Every February washed away
Chocolate Rain
Stays behind as colors celebrate

Chocolate Rain
The same crime has a higher price to pay
chocolate Rain
The judge and jury swear it's not the face


Chocolate Rain
Dirty secrets of economy
Chocolate Rain
Turns that body into GDP
Chocolate Rain
The bell curve blames the baby's DNA
Chocolate Rain
But test scores are how much the parents make

Chocolate Rain
'Flippin cars in France the other night
Chocolate Rain
Cleans the sewers out beneath Mumbai
Chocolate Rain
'Cross the world and back its all the same
Chocolate Rain
Angels cry and shake their heads in shame

I heard there was a 110% chance of rain at 7 p.m.

Do the Phils or MLB have the decision to call a rain out prior to game time?

The rule is not real clear:

Weather Conditions

a.The home team shall be the sole judge as to whether a game shall not be started because of unsuitable weather conditions or the unfit condition of the playing field, except for the second game of a doubleheader. EXCEPTION: Any league may permanently authorize its president to suspend the application of this rule as to that league during the closing weeks of its championship season in order to assure that the championship is decided each year on its merits. When the postponement of, and possible failure to play, a game in the final series of a championship season between any two teams might affect the final standing of any club in the league, the president, on appeal from any league club, may assume the authority granted the home team by this rule.

I heard from a prominent meteorologist that there was a 74% chance of rain at 8:04 PM.

If it's Chase Utley rain, it will give 110%. If it's Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins rain, it will only give about 60%.

I am sure both teams would just take an 'L' instead of having to make this game up at some point later this season.

If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break.
When the levee breaks I'll have no place to stay.
Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan.

Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good.
Now, cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good.
When the levee breaks, Beerleaguers, you got to move.

I find Roy Halladay Rain to be slightly less impressive this year than it was in '10.

If it's Cliff Lee Rain, it will stop long enough to get the game in, but there will be long delays. If it's Roy Halladay, it will very steady all night and the game will be called. If it's Vance Worley rain, it will look like it's raining harder than it really is.

They just said on DNL that since it's the Braves last trip into Philadelphia this year the decision is in the hands of the umpires.

In continuing with the "wrong" theme, I'll admit to being wrong about Mayberry (I must have said 50 times that his minor league stats showed he would never be a major league contributor), wrong about Contreras (thought his resigning was a good idea), and wrong about the Marlins and Rockies (thought the Marlins would compete for the wild card and the Rockies would win the West).

Especially wrong about Mayberry, though, and I was pretty adamant about it.

If it's D. Brown rain, the game's a bust.

Raul Ibañez Rain falls every other month & covers a very limited area.

Placido Polanco rain falls REALLY hard early on, and then....just stops.

And never comes back again.

I heard the umps just called for a replay of this afternoon's rain because Charlie asked. The will determine whether it will be called or not.

Ruben Amaro is going to cancel the game but not tell anyone.

Jimmy Rollins rain will call any fan who doesn't show up tonight a "Frontrunner."

100% chance of Eric Bruntlett within the next 30 minutes.

Michael Martinez rain doesn't belong here and should be sent back to Washington.

Ruiz rain makes Mujica look like a dummy but the runner can move up to second and nobody really complains that it does get a single out of it.

CSN Philly rain doesn't fall on Directv subscribers.

Hunter Pence rain doesn't count as rain because Joe West said so.

After last night and watching the rain today, the Braves are humming to themselves, "The rain falls hard on a humdrum town. This town has dragged you down . . . ."

Juan Samuel rain tries to rain on your home but doesn't make it.

Antonio Bastardo rain is right there in front of you, but no one can hit it, no matter how hard they try.

Alex DiCandio rain tells you it's dry most of the time and you should just get over it.


Hurricane Schwartz>>>>John Bolaris

Charlie Manuel rain gets criticized when it rains, and when it doesn't rain.

If it's Cole Hamels rain, people will insist on calling it soft no matter how hard it actually pours.

At least we no longer have to deal with Jayson Werth Rain. That's the rain that only gets other players wives wet.

Chris Wheeler rain is just goofy.

Jayson Werth rain is a downpour when the ground is already saturated, but is non-existent during droughts.

A Dom Brown rain will poor in the outfield.

ShaneVictorinorainfallsreallyreallyreallyreallyfast, y'know.
There, fixed that for ya.

Brian Schneider rain barely ever falls, but somehow induces incredible plant and vegetation growth.

Did you make it rain?

grandpa - That's a lot of lyrics. But I can think of a poster who woulda cut and pasted them a bujillion times.

It's gon' rain!!

Of course, only love can make it rain.

Or gnomes.

So...Is it raining yet?

You want this dog?!!

If it's UZRain, measurements aren't valid for any downpour under 6 inches.

If it's WARain, it only rains on Ryan Howard.

Literally tens of fans have turned out in Washington to see Strasburg's return to MLB.

Also, & for what it's worth, (via Twitter): From worker at CBP "We were just told they're playing this game no matter what -- even if it means starting at 11pm."

If it's Ricky Bottalico rain, it spits vehemently all over the place.

If it's Pete Rose rain, it would be a good bet to be only on the home team.

If it's Ben fransico rain. It starts as rain then never reaches the ground.

Oh My God...all these horrible puns are driving me mad!! WHY DO I KEEP READING THEM!

This thread is already a classic.

Shane Victorino Rain gets suspended when Eli Whiteside Rain occurs.

If it's hustlin'-white-guy rain, it gets the job done and then gets the hell off the field.

If it's Bobby Abreu rain, a resurgence flowers immediately after it leaves.

If it is a Ross Gload rain, it pops up to rich field and then limps back to the dugout

Yankees/Red Sox Rain just goes on ... & on ... & on ... & on ...

It is a Ruben Amaro rain, it is traded to Florida along with a snowstorm for a full blown hurricane.

If it's a Matt Holiday rain, it probably hasn't touched your home yet.

If it is a Dominic Brown rain, then it is accompanied with a lot of thunder but then never rains like forecasted and eventually the storm moves off to the west and is never heard from again.

Jose Contreras rain has been around a lot longer than it leads on.

I'm just hoping it's not Ugi Urbina rain. That can be a real killer.

A Joe West rain is reviewed and determined to be just a brief shower.

If it's kung-pao-chicken rain, it . . . oh hell, I can't finish that.

A Garcia rain lasts only a few minutes and is horrible.

"If it is a Dominic Brown rain, then it is accompanied with a lot of thunder but then never rains like forecasted and eventually the storm moves off to the west and is never heard from again."

In other words, it it's Dom Brown rain, it's full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

An Adam Eaton rain lasts forever and causes a ton of damage and nobody ever forgets.

A Kung Pao rain drives me nuts.

This is why I love this blog. Btw, it never rains in sunny Maine...even at night!

A Jayson Werth rain is consistent but slows to a drizzle when runners are on base and pours on Utley's wife until it eventually moves north.

You could swear that Tom Glavine rain consistently fell 6 inches to the left of your home, but everyone tells you that it hit your home every time.

A Joe Buck rain hates Philadelphia.

Ollie Williams: ha, love it!

Atlanta Braves Rain is said to be fairly impressive, but no one ever shows up to see it.

Actually, Joe West just reviewed the tape and current radar and said it is not raining although he was never supposed to look at the radar.

If it's a Leslie Gudel rain, it's the kind of steady rain a fella can rely on.

If it was a Harry Kalas rain, the game would have already started because the rain would be Outta Here!

Headline on earlier today:

"Lee spawns tornados"

Bobby Cocks: actually, Joe Torre just said West was correct in using the radar.

"If it was a Harry Kalas rain, the game would have already started because the rain would be Outta Here!"

You just done stole my thunder, so to speak.

Jose Reyes rain isn't worth as much as Carl Crawford rain, apparently.

Charlie Hayes: actually, West said Manuel asked him to look at the radar so it's okay.

I think it's a 2007 Mets rain. Weatherman tells you all week how hard it's going to rain, then it starts off hard and fast and threatens to swell the creeks like and rivers before morning, then it stops suddenly and the Phillies splash gleefully through the puddles in the twilight.

Jonathan Broxton rain falls hard pretty much everywhere but avoids Matt Stairs.

Hugh: hahahahahahahaha

Pat Gillick rain hasn't fallen in Philly in years, but it's still taking credit for all the rain that has fallen since it left.

Pablo Sandoval rain is no-talent-ass-clown rain.

That should be DANNY Sandoval! Sorry

This explains it all; nothing like 1960s experimental music....

PS I wish I could copy and paste like the King.

I rained on your parade!

Showing the Mets 2007 collapse during the rain delay.

Old Phan, I just watched that with a huge grin on my face the entire time.

Also, a nice reminder of how lucky we are to have Jimmy Rollins part of our team this past decade.

Lenny Dykstra rain promises downpours but never delivers anything but a brief shower and then shows up naked and asks you to touch him.

Strasburg looks pretty damn ridiculous...doesnt seem to have missed a step from TJ surgery.

Steve Nebraska in the flesh.

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