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Sunday, September 25, 2011


It starts. Turn on the lights -let the party begin.

I just bought the NL East champions teeshirts and hats because I know this is as far as they will get. It was a fun year while it lasted. This is one of the worst collapses in the history of sports. Going from likely World Series Champs to swept in the first round by a hotter, hungrier team in a matter of weeks.

In Good news, Zagurski's been sent to Arizona for a likewise useless scrub to be disclosed at some future date.

And what's with this short attention span worrying? The Phils are fine. For goodness sake they've even climbed into 6th place in r/g.

Since the Phillies have already clinched the division, it's too late for them to achieve the worst choke in baseball history. But if they keep on losing right through the NLDS, they will definitely have achieved the most unique choke in baseball history. 40 years from now, whenever a team clinches its division, then goes into a 2 or 3-game losing streak, its fans will be heard to say, "On the one hand, these games don't matter; on the other hand, if we don't start taking the games more seriously, we might end up like the 2011 Phillies."

Metsblog isn't shoveling as much dirt on the Phillies as BL. Rollins was right about this "fanbase." It is largely made up of frontrunning whiners. If this losing streak happened in June, no one would even be talking about it. If the Phils do well in the postseason, it will be fun to go back and re - read the threads from the past week.

If this losing streak happened in June, no one would even be talking about it.

No matter how many posts are made today, none will be more inaccurate than this one.

Utley 2nd, Pence 3rd and Vic 5th today.

Interesting. Actually looks like the proper batting order.

If that's the real batting order, I really will be interested in how the offense performs today because if they hit, Manuel might stick with it in the playoffs. He might actually split the lefties? Finally!

"If this losing streak happened in June, no one would even be talking about it."

Huh? Of course they'd be talking about it--in June. Instead, it's happening now, so they're talking about it now.

"Utley 2nd, Pence 3rd and Vic 5th today."

Wow. Now we know what it takes for Cholly to stumble onto an insight -- 8 meaningless losses in a row.

"If this losing streak happened in June, no one would even be talking about it."

That might be the dumbest thing I have read here in a while.

So, if the Phils lost 8 games in a row in June and presumably, lost their division lead in the process, nobody would think anything of it?

The team has sucked for 2 weeks now. The VARSITY guys have sucked for 2 weeks now. Sucked against bad teams and mediocre (at best) starting pitchers. If I have to read one more time about this whole deal being because of a few callups or playing a few backup players, I am going to scream. And when Pelfrey mowes them down today, and its 1-1 in the 7th inning, then what? What excuse will we come up with then?

The best thing about this whole deal, is its happened now. This offense has been inconsistant all year. A lot of these guys are aging and oft-injured. This could very well of happpened next weekend and if it did, the season would quickly be over. Get it over with now and a warm stretch is probably right around the corner. Just hope it lasts for about 4 weeks.

It would be nice to see them get their heads out of their arses today.

So much for the best starting staff in the history of the known universe making losing streaks impossible. As much as I hate to say it, if this mess ends really early in the NLDS, RAJ should just do what he speculated about last year before the Oswalt pickup. Back up the truck...

In case anyone was wondering, the 1953 Yankees hold the record for the longest losing streak by an eventual World Series winner: 9 games. The Phillies will almost certainly lose their 9th straight game today, but I am quite confident they will not tie the Yankees' record.

I'm predicting a win today.

If this team loses one game people are ready to fire everyone involved. An 8 game streak whenever will cause cardiac arrest.

I am sure Hamels wanted to end the foolishness yesterday too. But he can't do it by himself any more than the great Halladay can.

That b_a_p is such a clever fellow!

If they don't win today, they should walk back to the 4 star hotel.

Reasons to worry:

On the plus side, Jayson Werth doesn't think there's reason to fret: "Right now, they're playing games that essentially don't mean anything. Guys are a little nicked up. We'll see what happens, but I don't think they'll have a problem turning it on once the postseason comes."

Ah, platitudes, Werthian ones at that. What could make one feel warmer or fuzzier?

Yeah, Zolecki hints that Charlie may have finally stumbled onto his optimal lineup -- all it took was an eight game losing streak.

Nice that Werth took time away from fighting the great social injustice that is the President's Race.


I beg to differ on the optimal lineup. That would have Utley hitting eighth. Of course, if we're referring to the Utley of old, he could hit literally anywhere in the lineup. But since he's become the new black hole of the offense, he should be in the Valdez spot behind Chooch. In fact, that would also "split the lefties."

The best hope the Phillies have is that Utley decides that no matter how much his knees hurt, in the playoffs he hits against that front leg that's been collapsing like a noodle for the last month or two.

At this point, I hope they get swept by the Giants in the first round so that they can fire the clueless manager and bring in Ryan Sanberg. They should also start trading away the higher salary guys while they still have value and start building for the future. They can get some good prospects for Holliday and Hammels. I'll take some losing seasons so that we have a chance to win it all not just make the playoffs and lose every game. That's what its all about.

It would be pretty amazing if the Phillies get swept by the Giants in the first round.

Primarily since they have already been eliminated from the playoffs.

Additionally, I wasn't aware that Holliday or Hammels played for the Phillies. I've also never heard of Ryan Sanberg.

Nothing worse than trolls who spell poorly.

Scott - I'm thinking Deb was joking. Look at the spelling of the players' names. In fact, she could be a pseudonym for Gary Matthews, who also doesn't know the current players' names.

Deb, the Giants were eliminated. Also, they're names are both spelled Halladay and Hamels. Trading them is simply stupid. They have been both great this year. Get your facts straight.

is "Deb" the infamous Debbie Downer herself?

If she were "Sarge," the post would have included "Oh Boy."

Yes, undoubtedly "Deb" was joking. It still seems as if the quality of the trolls has even dropped lately.

It's hard to tell who is joking anymore.

Do people even think before they type out this stupid stuff? The great thing about the Internet is that you can actually think about what you want to say before you click 'post.' Some of the things on here the past few days, especially the stuff about blowing up the team, are some of most insane things I've ever read anywhere. And people like BAP only encourage it by saying things they already know are stupid.

This is usually a place for intelligent baseball discussion, and a long losing streak shouldn't change that.

fire Charlie!

Since the quality of "The Fightins" continues to drop (I use the word "quality" loosely), I guess some people from there have found their way over here.

hey, if the Phils are allowed to stink up the joint why shouldn't we?

Given that I've never seen this poster before, that she named herself after "Debbie Downer" herself, and that the post contains misspelled names & errors about who is even in the playoffs, I think it's fairly self-evident that the post was intended as satire.

They also need a new ballpark. Maybe if they build a new park they will be able to sell it out once in a while and get some good free agents. Sitisins Banck Bark is getting old.

I'm hoping 99% of the posts these days are satire. Either that or fans are even more lame than I thought.



In the meantime, Jay and the next 4 generations of his family can play as weakly as they like.

"They also need a new ballpark. Maybe if they build a new park they will be able to sell it out once in a while and get some good free agents. Sitisins Banck Bark is getting old.

Posted by: Deb | Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 01:53 PM"

Nope. She's authentic.

Deb, show yourself! that I'M GETTING DOWN post was too funny. you deserve recognition.

Deb is obviously next in line to the throne.

Dream team Iggles are losing.


Cholly throwing a new lineup/order out there is revealing - somebody is feeling the heat.

Never mind.

Cholly breaking up the two lefties in the order, seems like he has been reading BL

I like when the Phillies get their scoring out of the way early. Now I can get back to watching the riveting 49ers-Bengals game.

hmm. guess they can just flip the switch. cool.

Patsy: More likely Charlie's having Beerleaguer read to him.

This feels like a win.

Too bad this team can't just turn it on and score runs. It would cool if they could.

Coincidentally, this game has the exact same score as the halftime score in the riveting 49ers-Bengals game.

Braves with bases loaded and no outs in the 3rd and get nothing out of it with top of the order up - sound familiar?

Yanks beating the Sox again 4-1.

This offense looks like it will be just fine, so long as it gets to face Mike Pelfrey every game of the post-season.

Talk about Rope a Doping in the 14th Round - the Red Sox have the Yankees ready for the knockout punch.

You want to see 2 teams headed in the opposite directions, catch any random 15 minutes of the Sox/Yankee game.

If anyone is worried about The Phils, watch the Sox and you'll feel much better. Talk about a meltdown.

You knew the Red Sox were in trouble when they sent Wakefield out there.

curt: 15 minutes of a Yankees/Red Sox game would only be about 3 pitches.

Boston/Braves - Epic Collapses or Rope a Doping in September.

Stark says it's the 13th time in September that the Red Sox have been down 3 or more runs in the first four innings.

Worse, Lackey is pitching tonight. They're screwed.

The Yanks are winning another meaningless game? Do they not understand how this works?

You'll miss me, b8tches!

So the Red Sox started the season horribly and ended it the same way - seems right.

The RedSox should petition the league for a chance to reply those first 6 games of the season that they lost. At the time, everyone's understanding was that the games were meaningless because it was so early in the season.

The difference with the Yankees is obviously that they can keep their rival out of the playoffs possibly by beating them. Considering the Red Sox have handled the Yankees pretty well this season that probably isn't a bad idea.

Braves not doing much against Detwiler today in DC.

Who is this young, fleet-footed Ibanez? Gotta re-sign that kid.

Raul is a gazelle. Polanco, a water buffalo.

Could Be Worse Department:

Mets Likely to Tender Mike Pelfrey a Contract


Don't mind Polanco being thrown out there. At least these bastards have shown up today and are trying to de-head their asses and/or arses. I wonder if Halladay slapped them all around a bit before the game.

Based on the facts of this game so far, Debbie Downer has cracked a smile.

Barves down 1-0.

This is the best bad good team in Phillies history.

Just got the official explanation of the Pridie single. The scorer thought both Utley and Howard deserved an error, and that it wasn't fair to give it to one or the other. So, base hit!

Are all you idiots back on the bandwagon now?

I went down to make a sandwich after Polanco got thrown out at the plate and, when I came up, the Mets' half inning was already over. That was like a Phillies inning.

Atlanta should most definitely change their name to the Atlanta Barves. It's got a nice ring to it. I'd even start to find them a tad less boring.

Jack: 4 decent innings in the past 18 games? Oh yeah. I'm convinced. Best team ever.

Yay, team!

Too bad this team can't just turn it on and score runs. It would cool if they could.

J-roll will attempt to steal 30 bags this week whenever they are not necessary.

All of a sudden, the leashes are off. The station to station stuff ended yesterday. Mercifully.

Even his broken bats exude power.

I know the Barve chant. Been there.

So, wait, I thought these were meaningless games and, therefore, the team shouldn't even be trying? What's with all the effort all of a sudden? Why bother?

Watching the Phillies these past few weeks has made me Barve w/ alarming frequency.

This is a weird game. I keep waiting for Gload or Martinez or Schneider to come up to bat, and these guys I remember from the old days keep coming up instead.

I see the $5 steaks at Tad's got the Phils back on the scoreboard.

EF: Desi Relaford is playing? Kill it! Kill it w/ FIRE!

I wonder how bad it is with Howard. Have the feeling we're not going to find out until the off-season.

Gotta admit that I'm not entirely happy at the prospect of the Red Sox missing the postseason. It'd kind of put a damper on the possibility of a classic Phils-Sox WS.

kruk - Have you seen Howard run lately? It's pretty bad.

Mets 1b coach Wally Backman wearing #86 in honor of their last championship, 25 years ago.

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