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Monday, September 19, 2011


Not surprised that Cholly trotted out the starters again tonight. As long as Halladay/Lee are going for the Cy Young, I expect he will trot out either all of the regulars or close to it down the stretch.

"The Phillies can clinch the best record in the National League with a win over the Cardinals tonight."

So, wait, you mean these post-division-clinching games aren't meaningless? Who knew?

Also, Gload will un-(G.)Load on the Cardinals tonight.

MG: For what it's worth, Manuel said yesterday he's playing the starters because St. Louis is still in the race, and we'll see some of the other guys against Washington.

CJ: "My inability to defend John Bowker proves that I'm not a blind optimist who will defend the front office in all instances!"

If John Bowker can cure CJ of his blind optimism, there's nothing he can't do.

"If John Bowker can cure CJ of his blind optimism, there's nothing he can't do."

I can think of at least one thing he can't do.

I can't be critical of Bowker because I don't know what he does.

DH Phils - Stand corrected then.

Bowker did a good job celebrating the NL East championship. Other than that, I got nothing.

Good for Charlie! He's playing the big boys so the Cards have to earn it.

Cushy leads get you this:

The Dbacks still lead by 5 games, even though the Giants have won 8 straight.

The fact that Bowker got to celebrate the East win is even more ridiculous than the likes of DeFratus, Savery, Brown and Moss celebrating the East win. At least those guys were playing for their own AAA championship before showing up. Bowker was just rotting away.

The five hour time difference in London makes these games annoying...

Bowker sucks. Big deal. He won't be on the postseason roster.

One of several veteran journeyman positional players the Phils took a flyer on just as every team in MLB inevitably does each season.

Who cares that Bowker celebrated?

Did you want him to sit on his hands next to Herndon in Cholly's office during the spraying and then come in later with a bucket to clean up?

I think it's great that the Phils don't really care. They have bigger things on their minds.

Also I very much don't understand the fangraphs power rankings - in the most recent edition, published today, Boston is still at #2, while the Phillies dropped a space to #4

"Did you want [Bowker] to sit on his hands next to Herndon in Cholly's office during the spraying and then come in later with a bucket to clean up?"

Er, yes.

"I think it's great that the Phils don't really care. They have bigger things on their minds."

This is true.

"Good for Charlie! He's playing the big boys so the Cards have to earn it."

Hopefully they put up more of a fight then they did last night.

Hopefully, this is the last time we see all the big boys/old guys in the lineup until Game 1 of the NLDS.

And MG...Kershaw is going to win the Cy Young. And deservedly so, I believe.

This is kind of crazy: Kershaw goes up against Lincecum tomorrow night, again. Here's hoping he gets blown up but that the Dodgers manage to pull it out.

One thing's for sure: Bowker is no Pete Laforest.

Maybe Bowker just needs some regular playing time and some more AB's, a la Francisco.

Both should be getting more in the coming week or so.

And I'd rather see Savery in the batter's box than either.

circus - it has nothing to do with how they feel about the teams. they put forth a formula before the season based on accumated (i think) and FANS preseason predictions. there really isn't anything to them.

denny b, I'm not so sure where your confidence comes from that Kershaw will definitely win the Cy Young award.

Lee and Doc both have comparably good numbers (and better in a couple areas), and they both don't pitch the majority of their games in A) Dodgers stadium and B) against the Giants and Padres.

Right now, I think Kershaw is third in the mix behind Doc and then Lee.

fat man - disagree. right now, with Kershaw leading the pitching triple crown categories, i would think he's in the lead. that can change though.

WP, Francisco actually got worse with more ABs. He started the season off on fire, and then hit a wall, and never got over the wall.

Fat, I couldn't find my "sarcasm font" for that post. I don't think more AB's does anything for either guy, besides create a black hole in the lineup.

The funny thing is, Bowker has had all of 8 ABs with the Phillies. Granted, it has been the worst 8-AB sequence in the history of organized baseball, but it's still only 8 ABs. With but one good game, his entire slash line would be better than Ross Gload's and no self-respecting member of the Moronocracy would dare make the case that Gload should be on the post-season roster instead of Bowker.

Great start.

Nice of the Phils to spot STL 1 run.

BAP, as a self-respecting member of the Moronocracy, I concur. Gotta go with Mini-Mart ahead of both.

This start is absolutely identical to last night's.

Wow, is this Doc's version of mailing it in?

Man, even Doc seems to have caught the don't-care bug. A double, homerun and a not covering first base.

Ummm, what's up, Doc?

Make that 2. Not sure the offense can dig itself out of this hole.

Hung a meatball to Berkman that he just crushed.

Well, now that Cy Young is out of the way let's give these Minor League kids a look.

Gload's new posse = G-load and Special Ross

2-0 is virtually insurmountable.

Cholly should get DeFratus and Savery warming, immediately.

This club has been looking flat. Flatter than a generic Dr. Pepper soda on a hot day. Players need to be retested an Cholly has to start to think of a way to wake them up. He also has to figure out his bullpen problems an address other weaknesses.

This feels like a win.

An inspirational song for Francisco:

Conshy Matt - I guess my point then was more that their system makes no sense

Alright, currently Lee 1, Kersh 2, Doc 3.

circus - yes, it makes no sense. it was a stupid idea, and i'm guessing they'll scrap it for next year.

Holy choke-job Batman, Boston is already down 2-0 in the nightcap of the doubleheader against Baltimore!

Just watched DVR'd beginning of game and let my kid put "The Piglet Movie" back on.

Isn't it patently clear what this team needs?

They need rest, except for the guys who don't prosper with too much rest. Those guys needs regular playing time. At the same time, Cholly needs to get the young guys some AB's so we can see what they have to offer. But not too many AB's, because he needs to keep the games competitive so that he can keep his regular 'pen sharp with some work. But not too much work, because they need some rest and the young 'pen guys need to get a few innings. Just not too many innings so that the team is cold going into the postseason, because there may or may not be such a thing as "momentum."

It's all actually pretty simple.

Boston losing makes me happy.

I feel it ought to make a difference to voters that Lee & Halladay pitch in a park largely mocked for being a "bandbox", while Kershaw pitches in a universally acknowledged "pitcher's park" in Dodger Stadium ... but I don't think it will. Voters will see Kershaw leading in Wins & ERA, & give him the Cy Young. On the other hand, both Lee & Halladay have already been Cy Young winners, & I think they'd much rather earn a WFC ring this season.

conshy, Boston losing makes us ALL happy!

Where is Heather?

So, last year they sweep the Padres which indirectly leads to Giants in the playoffs that bites them in the rear. This year, a lackluster performance against the Cards may lead to the Cards in the postseason and facing the Phils. Hm, Cards having a winning record against the Phils this season - Carpenter can match Halladay pitch for pitch against this Phils lineup .... anybody else a bit antsy?

I can't think of pitcher I'd rather not see on the mound when you're trying to get out of slump than John Lackey.

RE: Boston, so much for the theory that losing a bunch of games early can't make a significant difference.

Actually, I wasn't thinking that at all....

3-0 Orioles.


Kershaw leading in all the major categories .. he is clearly the leader for Cy Young at this moment. Weird that Kemp could get MVP as well. Two top awards on a team not even close to postseason.

Just wanted a kiss...

Yeah! Take that, Kyle Lohse!

The fact that the Sox have been playing like crap in the last 2 weeks has more to do with it. 3-12 in the last 15 games.

I wonder how much of that fly out by Utley can be blamed on the residue of Schneider's Patented Old Timey Scalp Elixir melting down from the inside of Schneider's helmet on Utley's saintly noggin.

See. All it took for the Phils to get someone one base tonight was a Gload.

Do we still want Nick Punto to fill the gap at SS until Galvis is ready and knows how to hit consistently?


May have been one of the worst throws to home from shallow right field I've seen all season.

They're at the part where they build Eeyore a house.

Speaking of worst, Doc has the worst swing in baseball, at least that I've seen.

Eeyore's a clubhouse cancer. Terrible attitude.

RG, be sure to explain to your kids why Eeyore is overrated. On the surface, he's a sentimental favorite, but when you look at the stats, he brings little to the table, and quite frankly takes a lot off of the proverbial table as well.

Grade A albatross.

Admit my closest Red Sox fandom. I lived in Boston for a long time, went to a bunch of games, and for some reason got hooked on them after the '86 series.

Who wants Nick Punto?

You look at the Red Sox and even the Yanks payroll and then notice that each team is in serious need of pitching. Phils have an abundance of starting pitching. Also, I'd hate to see the Rays in the WS.

"Here's your Paul Owens Award, Freddy Galvis. Now get the hell away from Citizens Bank Park. Martinez is super versatile."

OP, there were a couple of posts in the "former Phillies" thread last week who were advocating Punto as a stop-gap until Galvis was ready.

Phils finally score and of course Halladay comes out and is going to give that run right back.

Perhaps J-Roll can fill in at SS until Galvis is ready.

Don't want to say Doc stinks tonight, but he just grooved a nothing fastball to Lohse that looked like a little league pitch. I just turned the game on and I suppose we're watching Doc lose the Cy due to . . . lack of adrenaline?

But I'm glad to see Gload getting all the at bats at first against righties. Becuase it's inconceivable that Mayberry may have to ever hit off a righty in the playoffs.

Hasn't Gload proven enough?

I've already queued up several episodes of 30 Rock, while keeping a casual eye on the game. I can mail it in, too!

Per Gameday, 3 of those pitches were strikes.

Pooh = Howard
Tigger = Shane V
Eeyore = Tmac
Rabbit = Wheels
Kanga = Doc
Roo = Cole
Christopher Robyn = Pence

I'm torn. I'd love the see the Red Sox lose and miss out on the postseason with an epic collapse, as they've become rather insufferable.

However, I long for a postseason that matches up the Phils and Braves in the NLCS and the Sox and Yanks in the ALCS, to have the Phils rematch the Yanks in the series. That would be some entertaining baseball that would captivate even non-baseball fans.

Why hasn't TBag asked May what he thinks about inevitably starting for the Astros in a couple years?

Gives up a double to the pitcher, and then a walk to nick punto - wouldn't want to be within 50 feet of halladay right now

Ok, that was a gorgeous curveball.

Never seen Pujols hop around like that before.

Halladay is not on track to get a 'Looking Good' tonight so far . . .

"Perhaps J-Roll can fill in at SS until Galvis is ready."

My sentiments exactly. And in my mind, it's still "IF" Galvis is ready.

Punto moves as well as Gload these days

Is Halladay having a heat stroke again?

The Punto suggestion is the funniest one I've heard since the Valdez suggestion. Or maybe the Jason Bartlett suggestion.

Why don't we just put a scarecrow out at SS next year? I'm sure we can sign one to the league minimum.

One good thing tonight so far:

Polanco continues to hit and have some nice ABs the last few weeks. I would seriously consider moving him back up to his 2-spot but I like the Phils chances to do some damage in the postseason with the later half of the lineup with Polanco in the 7-hole and Chooch in the 8-hole.

Why don't we just put a scarecrow out at SS next year?

Bobby Abreu plays SS?

Quick, get Galvis out of there before Rollins infects him with pop up itis.

Galvis looks like he's 12.

The Red Sox have come roaring back to take the lead.

Watching Lackey pitch for Boston in a huge game is pretty funny. Unfortunately he's facing a guy with a 10.43 ERA, so he'll probably still get the win.

Maybe Galvis can teach Bowker how to hit while he's in Philly.

The Cardinals defense is our offense so far tonight.

NEPP - Had to talk any Sox fans down off the ledge yet? I spent most of my football Sunday convincing a group of them that this type of historic collapse just doesn't happen, so they shouldn't be worried. A 3 game lead with 12 to play is pretty significant, and they're going to play the O's. Should be wrapped up shortly.

After yesterday and today, I'm thinking I was completely wrong.

Furcal has been a real unsung hero for the Phils the past few seasons, always there w/ a key Error when one has been needed.

BTW, I'd take Galvis and/or May over Wheeler as color commentary any day, and twice on Sundays.

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