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Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Can you please get the post-game threads up faster? I mean, how long do we have to wait?

Wow, so everyone from the minor leages is sucking, all of our second tier players are sucking, and pretty much all of our all stars are sucking too. The trifecta of suckitude.

So, we lost the game that felt like a win. I can't wait to see how the game that feels like a loss turns out.

If it's gonna take this long to get the second thread up following a first game, you might as well just only do one. I mean, what's it been, like, 17.4 nano-seconds?

An embarrassing contest to say the least. Charlie Manuel should be fired immediately and Amaro should have a fire sale. Season=Over

Game Over. Let's bleat.

So no mention of the shortsightedness of the Phillies in-dugout braintrust to walk Espinosa to face "Flores"? Flores is in quotes because do you really think he was going to get an AB there with a runner in scoring position and Zimmerman and Werth on the bench?

Not saying it cost them the game, but it was suspect at the time and even moreso now.

Phils regulars were 4 for 9. If you include Mayberry, they were 6 for 13. Everyone else: 4 for 26.

I was actually encouraged today.

Now that they've been given a shot and everyone has written off Stutes and Schwimer, are we back to Mathieson as the AAA bullpen savior? I mean, who am I supposed to anoint as the better option in the minors?

Maybe Aumont?

This is what happens when you don't rest your guys like Martinez, Valdez, Orr, Disco Francisco. They look exhausted out there.


anybody hear any scuttlebut on pence?

Yeah, Stutes sucks. Makes me long for Baez.

Just kidding. I think.

Schwimer: "Hey, Stutes, I need a roommate for this 2 bedroom apartment in Allentown I'm looking to rent. You in?"

Shawn and Dickie Thong - haha

The takeaway from Game 1: There were more humorous comments than usual, some of which were really pretty funny. Without BL, this game could have been...well I don't quite know what it could have been.

More seriously, think about being a Nats fan. Today is as good as it gets. A meaningless game and a meaningless W. And now you have to watch your team most likely get slapped around by Cliff Lee. No postseason. Werth and Zimmerman already have their tee times arranged, and the clubhouse attendant is probably cleaning their sand wedges as we speak. It's a long time till pitchers and catchers report.

DH Phils - you're an sad excuse for a human. grow up. if ur encouraged by a loss, you're a disgraceful fan. you EMBARRESSS ME!!!!!

I really hope this last handful of games have been some form of Rope a Dope.

Chris Coste said he was texting everyone, incl. Phils' trainer, to take Pence out of the game. Said Pence is like Utley so if he's limping, he's definitely hurt, and who cares whether he wants to play or not. Baffled that Charlie said he's fine to play, even the nightcap.

Stutes tells Schwimer, "Yes, I may need an apartment in Allentown, but you need to look for one in Reading!"

Heather, at least Stutes is likely to get 2 outs before he starts falling apart, or mixes in outs with hits & walks.

Any chance we get to see Dom (with a capital "D" as in "defense") get a start in the nightcap? If anyone is rested on the defensive side of the game, it's him.

I just woke up and, pre-coffee, am too bleary to sort through all the carnage on my own. So, my question is this: where do things stand as far as home field advantage in the postseason and sewing up the best record in the NL are concerned?

Also, Lehigh Valley should change the team's name to the Piglets beginning next year. It's certainly better at least than the Iron Pigs.

Bake, we've got home-field.

And Pence is hurt - limping.

Much obliged.

Via twitter:
@magelb: "Pence has a sore knee. But he'll play Game 2 because it means a lot."

KK pitched well
Ibanez PH HR
Lidge successful (coming in w/runners on)
Mayberry had a few hits

I don't normally second guess Charlie, but pence should NOT play! Even were he not hurt, he should rest game 2. But limping? REST him!! We've got bigger fish to fry!

Stutes out for postseason. Lidge in.

Pence injures knee; will play in Game 2

Blah. Did Orr prove to b_a_p yet that he's actually not a better fielder than Martinez?

Also, Raul with 20 homers and 30 doubles is quite a haul for that pathetically overpaid liability.

GBrettfan - It is a mystery. Pence should have been lifted after he was noticeably limping after his 1st AB in the first game.

What the hell does "he'll play Game 2 because it means a lot" mean????

Means a lot to whom, Cliff Lee??

Give me a break. What can Brown do for Pence?

Uh oh, if I didn't know any better, the false sense of security on Brad Lidge is starting to kick in.

You'd think that we haven't seen this several times before...

WP: I think Gelb was being sarcastic with that comment.

Lots of the younger guys getting exposed including Schwimmer & Stutes.

Meanwhile Grilli continues to quietly pitch pretty well for the Pirates especially the last 6 weeks.

I would much rather have Grilli on the postseason roster at this point than the likes of Stutes or Schwimmer.

One of Amaro's few but more notable mistakes this season.

"Also, Raul with 20 homers and 30 doubles is quite a haul for that pathetically overpaid liability."

Very well said, Hugh, but I would add doddering old fool and ancient ex-Mariner to that description.

Yeah Ibanez has 20 HRs and 30 doubles but he let's not go crazy here. His wOBA is .306 which is the lowest of his career since he became a full-starter and he is a real liability in the field & on the basepaths.

He has been the disaster that some thought he might be after his rough start but he hasn't exactly had a great season either.

I would rather have Grilli too at this point on the roster in the postseason than Herndon.

Curious to see more of Blanton over the next 10 games to see how he looks because Stutes has been terrible since August & Herndon isn't a guy I want to see in a game in the postseason if possible either.

Didn't see the game, but just saw the highlights.

Stutes made a very good pitch to Zim. A good biting slider, that Zim went down and got. Didn't hit it hard, but just in a good spot.

That was a ball RFD needs to catch. It hung up long enough that he should have at least dove for it.

Obviously, Cholly didn't want the game going any longer then it did. It makes ZERO sense for Kratz to leadoff the 10th and not try and sacrafice him to 3rd with Orr. Cholly either wanted to win it or lose it in the 10th. Kinda like a spring training game.

Kratz made a couple of nice plays today, judging the highlights.

Francisco leaving 8 men on base, didn't help matters.

"Yeah Ibanez has 20 HRs and 30 doubles but he let's not go crazy here"

I'm not going crazy. I'm just noting these significant totals. I've said for a couple months now that Ibanez does alot of things poorly but, the one thing he does well is, if he hits the ball, he usually hits the ball hard.

Also looking at the gameline, it appears Cholly used his bullpen in a normal way today. With Savery coming in, as a situational lefty.

If anyone predicted that Kendrick could finish the season with an ERA under 3, I'd like to see it. He needs to be brought back next year, if at all possible. The role he is playing is one that not many could succeed at. He is a perfect swing-pitcher for this team.

Curious to see Worley too out of the pen over the next 10 days.

Madson/Lidge/Bastardo/KK/Worley and 2 others with the likes of Stutes and Herndon have the inside edge.

Hugh - Yup. He completely guessed 0-2 fastball today, guessed right, and hit it out.

I would still rather see Mayberry as the full-time starter though out in LF at this point in the postseason.

Ibanez is a pure guess hitter at this point...thus, when he guesses right, he will make good contact because he swings hard. No half swings at all for him.

He's also an .800 OPS guy with RISP this year.

MG- let me guess, you were the kid in kindergarten who told all the other kids that Santa isn't real? 'Yeah the idea of Santa is great but let's get real. No way does he get to all those houses in one night. And reindeer can't fly. Stop kidding yourselves.'

Iceman - Nah although I did try to build 'traps' to catch the Easter Bunny to prove he was real.

He hasn't done anything yet, but you have to like the swing that Moss takes at the plate. He doesn't get cheated. Cholly loves guys that swing hard and attack the ball, so he should like Moss.

Bowker needs to get some AB's in the next week. He has shown absolutely nothing so far. It would be nice (if Valdez is healthy) to not have to have Mini Mart on the post-season roster. But one of these LH OF's (Bowker, Moss and Brown) have to show something.

All of these LH starters the Phils see (in Game 2 and then again tomorrow with Asshat Lannen) hurt the cause for those LH hitters, looking to make an impression.

I'd look for guys like Moss, Bowker, Gload and Brown to get some starts, on Thursday and throughout the weekend against 3 RH Mets starters.

"Bowker needs to get some AB's in the next week. He has shown absolutely nothing so far. It would be nice (if Valdez is healthy) to not have to have Mini Mart on the post-season roster. But one of these LH OF's (Bowker, Moss and Brown) have to show something."

Show something? In Ohfer September Bowker's case, I believe it is "shown something'. As in "being shown the door."

I was one of the "Ibanez is Done" posse this year but I would sign him as a bench piece again next year for peanuts.

Hugh: Funny you should mention the subject because I actually wrote a post in the last thread, to formally memorialize my flip-flopping on the issue of Orr's defense vs. Mini-Mart's. Neither can field, but Orr has the additional problem of being unable to stay out of the way of the other guys around him who CAN field.

Nonetheless, Orr does run & steal bases very well & his hitting is slightly less hideous than Mini-Mart's. If we absolutely need 2 backup infielders for the post-season (and we probably do), those are good enough reasons to choose Orr over Mini-Mart.

If Ibanez would take a cheap deal (like 1 year, less than $1 million) , he'd be a good replacement for the 5th OF/LH PH role that is currently covered by a combo of BenFran and Gload.

Pence isn't allowed to rest for some reason.

Pence isn't allowed to rest for some reason.

No Pence in lineup, per Ricky Bo. Thank goodness. Hope he'll heal pretty quickly.


I think Raul has shown enough, that a AL team will probably give him a 1 year deal for 3-4 million and a starting spot (likely as a DH).

You look around and there aren't exactly a lot of 20 HR and 80 RBI guys available in free agency. And there are a lot of bad offensive teams out there that could use him.

BenFran gets another shot, in RF.

John Mayberry Jr. 3B


Tweet from Schwimer: "Back to back horsesh8t outings cost the team two wins. #toughpilltoswallow"

Felt bad for the kid, so I tweeted back: "1) Talk to Lidge. 2) Team hasn't exactly been tearing the cover off the ball at the plate, either.".

Pence, at least, gets the night off.

Polly is at 3rd. JMJ is at 1st.

Thanks, Buddy.

What's Dom gotta do to get a start?

Oh, I get it. I guess Francisco is more likely to make the postseason roster, so why not get him the ABs?

Yeah, especially since Benny Fran was great during his 5 at bats earlier today.

Maybe there's a most runners LOB in a single day record they want him to break.

Dom, Bowker and Moss won't be starting against a LHP.

I know "matchups" don't mean as much in these type of games. But you don't want to throw these new guys up there and have them strike out 3 times in 4 AB's against a LHP. Not when all them are just getting their feet wet or getting reacclimated to the bigs.

I'd look for probably two of them in the starting lineup on Thursday.

'I was one of the "Ibanez is Done" posse this year but I would sign him as a bench piece again next year for peanuts.

Posted by: Rauls grandpa | Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 06:16 PM'

Well, you are Raul's grandpa, so you can't just let the kid swing in the breeze, can you?

b_a_p: thanks for the update on your position MM vs. Orr. Only thing I like about Orr is his baserunning. Only thing I like about Martinez is his cool hair.

Time for another game. Go, Cliff Lee! Go, offense!

FU Jayson!!!


Only six more years on that contract for Jayson.

Dom woulda had that

Good effort at least by Raul.

He's gonna be one nice 5th OF next year.

***Dom woulda had that***

Dom would have dove, missed it by 5 ft, then watched it bounce to the wall. After that, he would have collided with JRoll on the cutoff throw from Vic and knocked him out of the game.

NEPP, don't forget "swing man on the cheap" Jamie Moyer, too.

Because guys at the end of their careers WANT to play sparingly for peanuts, for both the love of the game, and to help out the team.

Well, despite the sarcasm, some guys Thome taking pennies on the dollar from the Twins this year.

Remember back in April when we all thought that Polly would be healthy and hit .300 this year?

Those were the days.

An AL team has a little more to offer, in the DH role.

Strictly speaking regarding Raul, what we're advocating is diminishing both his role, and his salary, so that if he stinks, we can stash him away (like Francisco for much of the year) or just get rid of him.

I know Raul is a nice guy and all, but that's a bitter pill to swallow.

For all his offensive and defensive struggles, at least Dom Brown still has that hose of an arm (I think...).

So, Franny couldn't outplay Brown earlier this year but he gets the leg up on him now?

Everybody lines out, whoo hoo!

I can't wait for BL to implode when Amaro signs Ibanez to a two-year deal in December.

GFY, as long as Brown is still left handed, Ben Fran will get the nod with this pitching match up.

That's true, Preacher, but Raul isn't really all that attractive as a DH. There are a TON of better LH bat/no glove players out there for DH roles. Other AL teams have gone the route of using the DH to simply give veterans a day off (The Twins do this, the Yankees, etc).

If you're Raul, would you rather go to a team like the Royals (not them though as they have Butler) or a possible 100 win team like Philly?

Lee lost perfect/no hitter already - feels like a loss

Iceman, for all your undying optimism, your last comment probably made me more nauseous than any I can recently recall....because you're probably right.

NEPP, good question on Raul. Frankly, I have no idea what drives him. If he's like Ricky Henderson and just can't hang them up and wants to play the field, then sure, I could see him signing on the cheap.

The other side of the coin is how cheap would he sign. Clearly RAJ is banking on Mayberry and/or Dom for regular LF duty. Raul would have to consider a Gload type of role.

I'm beginning to see what it feels like to be a Mets fan.

Danny Espinosa - Lee killer.

I will gladly take Jay Money back once he clears waivers and the Gnats eat the salary. As long as he promises not to bang anybody's wife.

Braves 2nd and 3rd, no out, strikeout, strikeout, intentional walk, flyout.

I don't think I'll ever figure out how Lee freezes guys on strike 3 with that cutter.

Espinosa has really put together a nice Phillie-killer resume this year.

Suddenly our still-very-good pitchers are ceding HRs.

I would give Raul a 1 year, $1 million deal without much worry. Even if he blows in a PH/occasional start role, its not a huge loss.

If he gets a good deal from another team...say maybe Seattle brings him back, good for him but I doubt he'd get anything higher than that or a ST invite.

He'll have made $47 million in his career so maybe he'll just want to stick around for another year as a veteran.

Its probably worth looking into at least.

Ibanez in LF and Francisco. Vic gets to do his share of running tonight in the OF.

On the surface, it doesn't look like the Yankees are phoning it in - all the regulars appear to be in the lineup.

Boston up 1 run in the 1st.

Here are the names who have hit 20/30/80
This year. Raul is not there yet because br isn't updated. Certainly he'll have the lowest ops on there. But it's pretty good company.

Sad we'll miss the Phillies B Team against Strasburg this series.

Have we landed on who is going to start at 2B for the playoffs when Lannan predictably injures Chase tomorrow night? Please tell me Cholly is considering giving Utley the night off.

This game is over

Flyers vs Leafs on TCN - Love when Phils,Eagles,Flyers and. Sixers are all playing for about a two week stretch.

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